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  1. Pm Doc Says They Cant Mail Scripts Any More...
  2. Ike update pain levels slow steps
  3. Update and sitting here with lots of questions
  4. Lasting Cronic Pain
  5. Pulsating body pains for 4 months-pls read
  6. PM Luncheon & update on new med.
  7. Had my 3 month CT scan
  8. Pain - is there anything else out there??
  9. Chronic Pain Rehab Program??
  10. I hurt
  11. Brother's Surgery Today, Prayers Please??
  12. I am overwhelmed too
  13. Mri Tomorrow, Sorry Ive Been Awol~
  14. CSF Leak at Pump Site?
  15. PM followup today, Just in time
  16. Too hard on yourself?
  17. Myofascial Pain
  18. CMP question
  19. Curious
  20. Newbie with a question
  21. Next it's a CT scan of the ribs.
  22. Hi and update....
  23. OH-NO!!!!! What do I do???
  24. Back From Vaca..... Good and Bad News
  25. First Post-Op appointment today! Also a small report of how I am holding Up.
  26. I have a question - very confused...
  27. Weight Gain On Pain Meds~
  28. My struggle with pain
  29. When you sleep, does you pain enter your dreams??
  30. Izzzzy Update! ~
  31. chronic pain from Tarlov's cysts.
  32. Pain/Burn Between shoulder blades! Neck? Hemangioma? Bursitis? Maybe Nothing!!
  33. X-ray results...
  34. Leaving for a while . . . pain is out of control
  35. watson sandoz patches
  36. Pain not worse, but getting worn down by it
  37. Ribs really hurting today...
  38. 3 weeks after sub decomp. on shoulder can not move arm
  39. Transition stories?
  40. Need suggestions please
  41. want to go back to PM ~ Pains up and down from surgery More activity than in a long t
  42. 3 level lami....anyone have experience?
  43. Chronic wedge fractures
  44. Can't raise arms above my head, Desperate
  45. I'm still around. Back with an update.
  46. dealing with abdominal pain
  47. ~!~ Becky ~!~ Update---Still in Pain--Missing My HB Friends
  48. Frustrated...pain is up...
  49. When [under what conditions] do you contact your PM and how easy is it?
  50. TF ESI later this month
  51. Went through procedure yesturday
  52. I am still here just not posting threads until now.
  53. Now what the heck do I do?
  54. Chrissy had surgery
  55. I'm So Spent and Exhausted Right Now... Please Help!
  56. Update - Sorry for being M-I-A
  57. X-rayed every which way and now more waiting...
  58. Time to say NO to any more injections?
  59. Breakthrus
  60. Surgery is tomorrow! I hope all the finances are in order! very nervous!
  61. Pain, Depression, Fatigue
  62. Some Prayers For My S-I-L, Please??
  63. Moldova, how are you doing.
  64. Shelby - your experience w/ med change?
  65. My GP visit, finally up to discussing it.
  66. Need a pain doctor
  67. Constant back, buttock and leg pain (both legs)
  68. Stress and Pain from Surgery "Money" mess...sorry for going MIA
  69. Med change and depression?
  70. Glad To Be Back, And Could Use Your Support Now More Than Ever! Izzy~
  71. Pain Clinics
  72. Marcia (feelbad) what is your status?
  73. CMP, any topicals help you at all
  74. Frustrated and kind of scared
  75. Hey Guys....need some advice
  76. Quick question: How many hr's between each LA medication???
  77. New here
  78. Good relief from the pain at last.......
  79. New here and need advice
  80. Tip / Reminder for CPers
  81. Dealing with work...
  82. Good Pr-op appr. w/surgery center--But Very very bad pain day!Hard time W/controll
  83. Type A personalities - with Chronic Pain.
  84. Update on change over of pain medication's:Pepper, you're in here too!
  85. Pain meds and chronic pain...how do you come to accept this?
  86. No pain...........No Brains
  87. Dealing with CP and privacy issues at work...
  88. I am back
  89. How much pain is too much?
  90. Meds and keeping tabs on the progression of conditions/diseases
  91. Sammy01
  92. Hi Everyone!!!
  93. Pain changes so quickly
  94. Help, Nausea
  95. My ER experience yesterday!!
  96. You are not going to believe this
  97. Butranz patches or Oxycontin.
  98. Chronic Neck (and widespread body) Pain
  99. Pharmacy denied filling my new script, so I guess I don't start the new meds yet!
  100. not so good day w/ pharmacy! But she was nice!
  101. GOOD Pharmacy story for a change!!!!!
  102. Steve...Did you come up w/ a solution for your meds?
  103. New Here - Introduction
  104. No more subutex?
  105. Quick Question and Update
  106. Sense of Smell - Overactive.
  107. This is whats up with me...
  108. Jon (Conductor) is going on a short vacation!
  109. Todays PM Appt - 8/20
  110. I'm changing from Mscontin to Oxycontin, need a little help please
  111. Yesterday's visit - back to the drawing board...
  112. I think this is really hitting home
  113. Is it normal to have a pain management dr. tell you this?
  114. Hello all.....
  115. help for chronic leg pain ?
  116. Cmpgirl - Question about myofacial
  117. Anyone notice help with chocolate?
  118. PM appt Tuesday..
  119. Some of the Psychological Effects of CP...
  120. Nerve Block
  121. Cmpgirl, Music47, Aver, SpinalMalady and others...Thank You!
  122. Fred, I hope all is well
  123. Monday's Dealings canceled by me
  124. Steve~
  125. Kidney/Back Pain
  126. DAW or "do not substitute" and insurance question
  127. I'm still around....
  128. Hey Steve . . . insurance
  129. Hi, a little about me. New here
  130. neurontin for nerve/back pain
  131. Chrissy.........Checking In
  132. Hi From Izzy!
  133. Caffeine - significant painkiller for anyone else? Reason?
  134. Steve - check insurance post
  135. Hi Everyone........
  136. As a Cper How much medication........
  137. Brian
  138. I need support..don't know where to start, or where this post goes!
  139. Ortho Surgeon Appt. Thursday. What should I ask and say or not say?? Please Help!!!!!
  140. PM visit update: a little shocked, a little bizarre
  141. please send good thoughts
  142. Finally
  143. Pain still increasing, calling PM today
  144. Fabby - are you doing ok?
  145. Migraine
  146. Izzy, how are you doing?
  147. Worst neuro appt. ever!
  148. Ex, how are you doing?
  149. Round1...
  150. Not treated at all with MRI proof?? Help
  151. Pain Mgmt Appt - August 11th
  152. appiontment today
  153. Update From Izzy! Dont Know Where To Start! Xoxoxox~
  154. very bad PM appointment - so upset
  155. Hey Pepper....accupuncture
  156. How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Get Each Night???
  157. Aug 6th 2008 Office Visit Update
  158. Developing Arm Pain
  159. Had an app today about my arms/hands problems...
  160. Botox injections?
  161. Results of my doctor's appointment
  162. Out
  163. PM appt. today. Here is the plan!
  164. Sciatica Pain
  165. chest pain
  166. How did you come to accept your chronic pain?
  167. How do I start my life over with exceptance of chronic pain?
  168. My Pain is CRAZY, the wedding is today, and I haven't slept for weeks! :(
  169. Is This What It Comes Down To?
  170. sure could use a buddy
  171. Going to Disney- Any tips?
  172. Where did my old life go?
  173. I got out in the world today !!!!
  174. Yesterday was a crappy day for me, too.
  175. Do we all realize the SIGNIFICANT quality of our family here?
  176. Please Read If You Can...my Dad Passed Away This Afternoon.
  177. Did you review/discuss PM contract w/ your doctor?
  178. My doctor visit
  179. Help, rapidly losing use of left hand
  180. Pain & working & disability
  181. ER Visit
  182. Pain Update
  183. Please Prayer for Me and my family!!
  184. Overdoing it on the week-ends
  185. Depression/Irritability-Apologies
  186. Pain~Sadness~Waiting~Isolating!~Where and what Now??
  187. Arrggh!! Here we go again.....
  188. Chronic Abdominal Pain and Trouble Sitting
  189. family update
  190. Just Got Home,
  191. Just pray for me
  192. pain in my side
  193. Your Children
  194. Having a difficult time
  195. Anyone see a pain psychologist but not depressed?
  196. Me Too!
  197. Burning pain is Bad! I will post MRI results later today. PM out of town!
  198. Im Out Of Here For 3 Days Too~
  199. I'll Be Away From The Board for a Bit, Be Back Soon
  200. Who knows about your CP?
  201. Really bad day!!!
  202. Back to work and struggling
  203. Hey, Hey, Hey
  204. Can someone advice... need help!
  205. Need prayers !
  206. Adios.....For a bit
  207. Who Has Pets And How Do They Help In Dealing With Cp?
  208. Your Support
  209. Need some support - my status/condition
  210. Bad news, just keeps coming..........:(
  211. chronic pain
  212. Does your family question your judgement
  213. Can you relate to this?
  214. Gossip on spinal fusion
  215. Tired of being treated like Im lazy!
  216. chronic pain and parenting
  217. Need Your Support
  218. Been Pretty Sick....Hopefully I'll Be Back Soon!
  219. Update on appointments.
  220. Hi all, small update
  221. Bye
  222. Ex... how are you?
  223. Shay's back....!
  224. Update on Me and Good Luck to Others!!!
  225. Friday Neuro Appt. Met a lady with the same Neuro and same Surgey I need.
  226. Why do these things happen when you are doing good.
  227. Still here lurking but have nothing of interest to say
  228. Anyone suffering CP with ADD/ADHD
  229. Need your help and support
  230. Cherir
  231. Checking in...........Pain as usual..........
  232. Exercise and CP
  233. Tonight it is Accupuncture and Hot Parffin Treatments
  234. Chronic shin pain - please read
  235. Need a little support please - pulled hamstring today
  236. Besides Meds what do you do to cope with and help bad pain flares. Been bad 4 me late
  237. fiance' doesn't understand
  238. Do you have your families support when it comes to the health boards
  239. Pain Psychologist appt was good. New Neuro appt in 15 days
  240. Deperate Times & Chronic Pain
  241. Because of Neck pain & injuries I......
  242. Update: Just Wanted to Catch Up
  243. CP and Hot Weather
  244. I'm home, and will catch up on my reading...Conductor
  245. Vacation as a Cper
  246. Coping Mechanism? or Have I Stepped Over the Edge?
  247. Only two days back, and I want to quit! :(
  248. Sooo many posts....so little time....
  249. To much pain for mom and me, & to much wind Coming home
  250. Gulity over having ANOTHER illness

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