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  1. Pain Pump Drug Test Question
  2. Early AM hands are like cement
  3. Dr. did a 180 on me
  4. back fracture makes left leg hurt
  5. pain
  6. 19 with undiagnosed, chronic pain
  7. back and hip pain
  8. Teen with Chronic Pain
  9. First post, need advice.
  10. Neck Pain
  11. not feeling well
  12. 1st post pain pump complications
  13. So tired of it!
  14. persistent facial pain sinus and forehead region
  15. chronic pain
  16. Life after chronic pain
  17. Life After Chronic Pain
  18. Stiffness and Cramps on legs despite max. of pain meds.
  19. Need Help Living With Chronic Pain?
  20. Any suggestions on how to avoid waking up nightly with severe muscle spasms in back?
  21. Doctors ignoring me - what to do?
  22. FYI - OxyContin ER Generic
  23. Time to introduce and vent.
  24. Insurance company denied appeal for spinal cord stimulator trial
  25. Insurance company denied Spinal Cord Stimulator - waiting on appeal
  26. Trying to have a normal day with chronic pain
  27. Liver Transplant recieved 25 years ago - Morphine for Pain
  28. Urine test, Invokana and alcohol result
  29. Miss my life before chronic pain
  30. Nerve Block went wrong !!!!!
  31. Saying hello
  32. Tired of being treated like a drug seeker
  33. Need Reliable Source of Medication?
  34. Mylan Fentanyl Patch
  35. Long Term Nerve Blocks for Foot/Ankle Pain
  36. Do you wonder if or are you a burden to your family?
  37. we have to shut up don't we... dont we?
  38. Another thing that really irks me!
  39. 3-4 hours sleep nightly, at intervals, due to pain. So exhausted!
  40. Problems with Prialt
  41. Pain Management in South East Michigan?
  42. New finally
  43. Help, please
  44. What NOW???
  45. Chronic pain triggered by sleeping??
  46. Ways to cope and also a little update
  47. Chronic pain/withdrawal
  48. another surgery help... scared...
  49. Getting ready for a pain pump trial- question about weaning off oral meds
  50. Chronic back and neck pain
  51. Am I right to not want to change up my meds?
  52. ms-contin vs methadone and edema
  53. Fentanyl Patch Shortage??
  54. Feeling lost today
  55. Do you ever have moments...
  56. 26 and a hot mess!!
  57. Anybody take Mexiletine
  58. How do I get off this drug Lyrica ?
  59. Should I post this on ******** and Email friends and Family?
  60. Made a big step today!
  61. I want my life back ... how about anyone else?
  62. lupus and pain relief?
  63. Undiagnosed flank & abdominal pain ANSWERED (kinda)
  64. Chronic Pain Healthboards Newbie
  65. My Pet Peeves: And It's RUINING Good Doctors Forever
  66. Swapping from Hydro to MS Cotin
  67. One thing people just don't get...
  68. One thing people just don't get.....
  69. Do I have myofascial pain syndrome??
  70. Several health issues
  71. Bad news from my Pharmacist.
  72. Mysterious Nerve Pain - Intersection of Shoulder and Neck
  73. I just need help :(
  74. Ms contin ER
  75. Advice appreciated!!!
  76. Do family and friends give you endless advice?
  77. Where to go next
  78. need major advice
  79. Inflammatory Foods?
  80. newbie with broken harrington rods!
  81. New here
  82. Severe Pain 16 weeks post op hip revision
  83. Chronic Pain - PLEASE HELP in a very dark place!! Need HELP
  84. Very anxious about next taper step
  85. Hello, I'm Mad As Hell..Blah!... Blah!... Blah!... LOL
  86. Anyone on subutex (buprenorphine) for pain?!
  87. Sometimes you just need to let it out!
  88. Chronic neck pain - no help - lousy treatment
  89. getting a diagnosis
  90. So done with the winter!
  91. Didn't Know SSDI Credits Expire
  92. Telling Pain Doc Personal Info?
  93. Pain Doc Says I Got Script, But I Didn't
  94. Back Home and doing ok
  95. constant pain
  96. Anti depressant meds while on Oxycontin and Percocet
  97. Advice Please?
  98. Daily Pain & Tired of it!!
  99. Pain Mgmt. Appt. Question
  100. Hydrocodone cause lymph node swelling armpits?
  101. Anyone having trouble getting pain medications
  102. We don't get no respect!
  103. Chronic neuropathic and back pain
  104. Breaking my Tailbone Chronic Pain Story
  105. hydrocodone for breakthrough pain
  106. Ho-Ho-Hope?
  107. Ways to sleep better
  108. Doesn't Chronic Pain know it's a holiday!!!!!
  109. Oxycodone. Question
  110. Happy Holidays
  111. new pain doctor
  112. Advice Please -- How Do I Ask My Doctor?
  113. Chronic TMJ Pain -- Not Taken Seriously?
  114. Fentanal Patch not working
  115. Chronic pain.
  116. Oxycontin op extended release
  117. some one help me please.
  118. Fibromyalgia and Pain Management
  119. Spinal cord stimulator
  120. Will I ever walk without pain again?
  121. Chronic Pain, major depressive disorder, GAD and PTSD
  122. is there a "normal" tolerance?
  123. I'm Tired
  124. new job in georgia, need help finding pain dr.
  125. Chronic Severe Leg Pain Every Day
  126. So Much Pain... So Little Hope
  127. Looking for guidance/advice
  128. 1st night with out Percs
  129. Neuro stim problems
  130. pain that never ends, treatments FAIL
  131. What the heck has happened to me
  132. In a confusing place
  133. Light throbbing stabbing pain near my sternum and right ribcage.
  134. Oxy vs. Hyrdo - LONG TERM
  135. Loss of identity
  136. All over body pain
  137. Mylan Fentanyl Transdermal Patches
  138. Moving to VT, need help with doc in Burlington area!
  139. Equianalgesic Conversion Calculations
  140. HELP! In Chronic pain and pregnant
  141. Supplements
  142. BuTrans patch
  143. Multi symptom non dx
  144. concerned about taking Cymbalta
  145. Losing My Doctor
  146. Is the pain really that bad?
  147. Needed to Go back to the meds after suddenly intense and excruciating pain
  148. I'M new here but do need some help
  149. Severe chronic pain 10 years!
  150. Hello, I am new here.
  151. Other Med Alternatives?
  152. Spinal Issues
  153. living with constant pain
  154. For my Dad - Chronic Chest Pain (heart patient)
  155. Another bad night
  156. nothing helps the pain
  157. Recent Diagnosis of CRPS
  158. Hi , I am new here, but with a 20 year problem
  159. I am in so much pain
  160. Lyrica causes me side effects?
  161. Can you take narcotic with Lyrica?
  162. New to HB and struggling with pain
  163. Using 2 bt meds to add to my 100 micrograms of fentynal
  164. TENS Unit for chronic neck pain?
  165. Shot myself in the leg.
  166. Hello new here
  167. Alcohol and pain meds
  168. Memory problems and Chronic pain
  169. Help dealing with chronic pain, how to get out of bed
  170. The fight just gets harder and harder!
  171. 1st post concerning man taking 30mg oxycodone (he was curious about the side effects)
  172. pain and walking and numbness etc
  173. Hi New Here
  174. Please, can someone help with this?
  175. MRI results. Not a clue what this means!
  176. Total Body Pain with Numbness & Tingling in My Arms
  177. Avinza vs morphine sul er
  178. Any difference in pain control between Duragesic patches?
  179. Fentanyl patch issue
  180. Switch from Oxycodone to Opana ER. HELP!!!
  181. New to the site
  182. close to 3 months after ankle surgery and working out
  183. pain pump
  184. Weight management
  185. BEWARE you may be next. Denied drugs Dr. says I need... PLEASE HELP!
  186. Pain, you win! New to board.
  187. Relistor injection for opiate-induced constipation
  188. Hemodialysis patient in constant pain
  189. Advice needed!
  190. Unbearable pain
  191. body pain
  192. Raw food style and chronic pain
  193. Can pain make you be vegetarian?
  194. Taking Fentanyl patches with a power port
  195. Marijuana and heartburn?
  196. Don't you get fed up going to the doctors?
  197. Oxycodone 40 MG ER ?
  198. Voltaren gel and stomach pain
  199. pain for song long... now i feel slowed down
  200. Hi, i'm another newbie
  201. Hello New to the board
  202. Cp
  203. new to site
  204. any ideas?
  205. Radiofrequency Ablation
  206. My brother has major problems with pain management
  207. Cymbalta for pain and sleep
  208. Help communicating with doctor
  209. Spinal issues and pain
  210. Help ms cotin increase kadian an option
  211. First post. Looking for support I guess-
  212. chronic pain- pain management first visit
  213. Max dose of METHADONE?
  214. kinddebj (new to tread) Hey message
  215. Help with Lyrica...
  216. New to Board but not CRPS
  217. Narcotic Pain Relief without Tylenol or Ibuprophen
  218. Multiple spine issues with chronic pain
  219. i lost everything because i cant deal with pain
  220. Oxycontin causes me to throw up
  221. I messed up and not sure what to do?
  222. Did chronic pain change you?
  223. Chronic Leg Pain
  224. new medicine, ms contin, then fell down stairs
  225. first Pain Dr apt
  226. Stimlator for Adhesions
  227. Pain Management in Michigan (Mid-Thumb)
  228. Oxycodone: How Long Will It Remain Effective?
  229. What's wrong? Should I see a doctor? (Lasting rib pain :/)
  230. switching to pain patches
  231. Chronic pain
  232. has anyone found a reason to live on through incredible pain?
  233. Spinal cord stimulator surgery
  234. New Member
  235. what to do when percocets arent enough?
  236. worsening Chronic Pain + Fibromyalgia
  237. klonopin for neuropathic pain, etc.
  238. best prescribed med for yourself for pain?
  239. new, please help... acute flareup from hip injection
  240. Undiagnosed throat pain- getting worse
  241. Suicidal thoughts? Here is some help.
  242. Need mri translated
  243. Hi, new here, couple questions
  244. Myofascial Pain (Surgical Trauma) and Injections
  245. PM Doc In the Northern VA, MD, DC area
  246. In VA cant live like this anymore!!!!
  247. arm pain and tingling
  248. Fentanyl Patch
  249. Unexpained Abdominal/ Pelvic Pain
  250. Pee test question

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