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  1. Leg Pain?
  2. steroid injection in si joint
  3. Was your problem the result of injury or aging?
  4. please help in understanding these xray results `
  5. ISO info' on epidurals 4 back pain
  6. SI Joint Rhizotomy
  7. In pain and very depressed with severe depression
  8. calf & foot pain 2 months post op fusion question.
  9. AxiaLIF CLass Action?
  10. Lumbar Fusion or?
  11. needing help back problem
  12. I finally saw the specialist...
  13. Chronic neck/lumbar pain
  14. please help, ive made 3 back surgeries till now,still suffering severe leg pain
  15. Rhizotomy Yay or Nay?
  16. Weight
  17. Does anyone have this spondylitis?
  18. Any advise please - Back, hip and ankle probs!
  19. can someone please translate my MRI findings where i can understand whats going on?
  20. Recent mri results
  21. 2wks post spinal fusion with Aspen Device
  22. new doctor
  23. Daughter has severe back and neck pain and more.
  24. Disc's Protrusion's and Congenital Fusion
  25. Leg and back pain 7 months after microdiscectomy
  26. t4 t5 t7 compression and what exercise I can do
  27. just fell down the stairs
  28. Scared & Confused!?!
  29. Severely Bad Posture+Pain
  30. Can't sit or stand for long after DIAM fusion
  31. X-rays or MRI for Kyphosis Diagnosis?
  32. ACDF C4/C5 8/2011-screws loose year later
  33. Please read.. 1 thing after next. Need input!!
  34. Anyone diagnosed with radiculitis?
  35. Need some advice!
  36. back problems
  37. Transitional Vertbrae Question
  38. Does anyone have any information or experience with INR?
  39. yes, we are all different, but how about carerers that are working well for everyone?
  40. Explanation of MRI results
  41. Buzzing sensation along back spinal muscles
  42. Need help understanding my MRI Please!
  43. disc replacement soon? kind of nervous?
  44. What next when pain is bad, doctor says disc not that bad
  45. Pedicle Screws Problems
  46. Neurontin --clumsyness and quiting
  47. Educators with Back Problems
  48. 13 days post-op & feeling great
  49. can i go back to work after surgery
  50. Two level fusion of the cervical spine
  51. Herniated disc - could it be?? With positive reflexes??
  52. Microdiscectomy 3 weeks ago and pain just got worse! Help.
  53. Please Help ME!~
  54. Tired of the pain!! :(
  55. massage or tens or ultrasound ever again after fusion?
  56. Mri results
  57. Sciatic type pain - no back pain?
  58. Following up
  59. difference between mckenzie, physio, and regular ot/pt?
  60. Lower back muscle pain nearly two years after surgery
  61. Two back surgeries can i return to work as a cop.
  62. questions about pain management and procedures
  63. Spine Surgeons in Boston
  64. disc bulges and bone lesion in sacrum
  65. Looking for help/advice before next doctor visit - MRI results
  66. Can I walk without my back brace?
  67. Sciatica and swollen lymphnode? Help please
  68. MRI Results - Feedback Wanted, Please!
  69. CONSTANT leg, buttock pain
  70. Can I walk without my back brace?
  71. In need of help please!
  72. have a day just so tired? 6 weeks post fusion
  73. MRI Results after fall & coccyx fracture.
  74. plif surgery
  75. Leg Problems
  76. spinal fusion
  77. Lumbar Fusion vs. ADR... also question on recovery
  78. Vertigo After L2-S1 Fusion - Any Thoughts
  79. A fall backward
  80. please help..
  81. back, neck, arm pain - right side only??
  82. brand new
  83. disc - shaky legs when wake up
  84. brand new
  85. front of leg above ankle area - cramping
  86. Disc hernia , buzzing
  87. Please Weigh-In For Those Who Have Had a Laminectomy?
  88. Just had a epidural steriod injection
  89. Cramps in lower legs
  90. Selective Nerve Root Injection, Left L3 and Left C6
  91. Problems with pain in the butt
  92. Confused - Doc says injuries not that bad
  93. Something does not seem right... MRI report
  94. Lumbar epidural question (for the ladies...)
  95. Questions about an MRI
  96. Need advice back surgery.
  97. C6/7 spinal fusion
  98. released from dr and still not better...
  99. slip disc of the neck
  100. Military Neck/Back??
  101. Need Hope I Guess...
  102. what one thing are you looking forward to doing when you fully recover?
  103. Post-Op Numbness in Leg & Foot
  104. Comfortable shoes after fusion?? Are there any?
  105. Painful spot on spine and stiff dull burning pain middle of back
  106. side of lower leg/ankle cramping
  107. Upper Back Pain (Right Shoulder)
  108. Herniation x2 maybe 3 now?
  109. fusions: when released to drive?
  110. New here and having Lumbar Laminectomy next week
  111. A long story but maybe someone can give advice...
  112. Back spasms 2 wks after Microdiscetomy
  113. back pain from hell
  114. Questions About MRI Results
  115. Total cost of endoscopic microdiscectomy
  116. Reversed my curvature in neck, need help!
  117. MRI scan results
  118. So sick of living in pain
  119. Dynesis and fusion
  120. Need Some Advice - Laminectomy - Should I Seek Third Opinion
  121. lower legs very swollen
  122. Radiofrequency Abliation
  123. Can anyone explain?
  124. Back surgery (L4/5 discectomy) Please could anyone help??
  125. Spine Specialist SF Bay Area
  126. therpy after back fusion
  127. Scar tissue and drop foot
  128. metrx discectomy
  129. MRI Help
  130. Nerve Pain and Stenosis
  131. Nerve Pain and Numbness
  132. Need help !
  133. Scoliosis Dx at 39??
  134. Can something be done about this?
  135. denied ssi and need help with mri report
  136. Terrible leg spasms... anyone?
  137. Pain
  138. Discogram,,,,
  139. Bone Scan
  140. Just need some support/advice ?
  141. Hematoma after PLIF
  142. 7 weeks post op /questions
  143. fusion, post surgery
  144. small posterior bulge of L5-S1 disc indenting anterior epidural fat
  145. Sts - no feeling even after adjustments
  146. Scs battery out of pocket
  147. disectomy question
  148. what can I truly expect after surgery?
  149. Questions for the surgeon
  150. 27 days post-Microdiscectomy... problems!
  151. Excruciating back pain after DIY work
  152. Sacrum pain
  153. Hi, need some advice
  154. L3-L4 Facet Joint Block
  155. Just got my MRI report back and I don't know what it means ?
  156. Very Confused
  157. surgery or no surgery"????
  158. 3-week post discectomy questions
  159. what to do when epidurals don't work
  160. Help needed. MRI L4/5 abnormal report
  161. severe lower spine pain
  162. Depression/Anxiety after fusion??
  163. Anti-Inflammatories
  164. Backaches
  165. MRI Results**URGENT anyone know what this means?
  166. re-injuring disk after disectomy
  167. New Back Pain After Interbody Fusion
  168. You Know Your Back Hurts When...
  169. walker or cane post op ?
  170. fellow fusionites I have a few questions
  171. Pain in leg and weakness and numbness and some tremors, I need help and suggestions.
  172. Bursts of severe pain in foot as nerve regenerates?
  173. Decision time and I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!
  174. Killing nerves to eliminate back pain
  175. Pain Pump: Notice a Diff. During 'Bridge Bolus' Time?
  176. Nerves that Cause Upper Leg Pain
  177. Confusion about DDD. Can someone explain?
  178. Need help understanding MRI results
  179. Pain after Surgery
  180. T7 t8 fusion with titanium cage (original surgery april 2010)
  181. Injections and Ablation
  182. gleam of "hope" has returned
  183. One Week After Fusion
  184. 360 s1 -l3 fusion Sept. 2012
  185. Now doing Psychotherapy...
  186. disc replacement
  187. spinal sugeonóDr. Frank Cammisa nyc
  188. MRI results
  189. Help with deciphering MRI results
  190. Fusion City
  191. C5 and C6 artificial disc replacement - now have probs need help
  192. saddle anestesia, unable to ejaculate but...
  193. Been a long time, still dealing with daily pain, but have learned to live with it, th
  194. cervical disc herniation... again!!!
  195. Sex after ALIF fusion
  196. Ive been in pain and I think my doctor minimizes my suffering and he keeps doing it!
  197. Doc says PT is not needed.
  198. 21 years post fusion
  199. Curvature 30 years post fusion
  200. PLIF surgery - Need Feedback
  201. hip and leg pain 3 weeks out
  202. Question about medications??
  203. Fusions: at what week did you feel marked improvement?
  204. anyone emotional after fusion?
  205. Exercise Options for L4/L5 herniation?
  206. recovery?
  207. Discogram next week... NERVOUS!
  208. Should i get a second opinion?
  209. 1 week out of revised spinal fusion and having pain
  210. Trouble deciphering cervical MRI results
  211. hip labrum tears and back pain
  212. Can sciatica pain travel upwards?
  213. L5 S1 fuison at age 27
  214. ? About ESI
  215. Infected incision
  216. New to site and concerned about upcoming ACDF surgery
  217. Lower Back pain
  218. Tens unit and spinal cord stimulation implant....Questions
  219. pain after second back surgery
  220. S-bone sacroiliac fusion failed
  221. Severe DDD L5-S1
  222. New Member, Back Issues, looking to talk.
  223. Severe Back Spasms HELP
  224. upper back and neck pain.
  225. Averting a Nightmare
  226. Please help w/ct report. what does it mean?
  227. Anxiety and Depression and back issues ???
  228. L5/S1 Fusion
  229. help do not understand report
  230. Piriformis Syndrome?
  231. Questions for doctor at 6 mth post surgery...
  232. Help understanding my MRI
  233. finally relief!!!
  234. Is moderately severe spinal stenosis dangerous?
  235. multilevel lumbar fusion
  236. I just had my ssd hearing and need advice!
  237. l5-s1 fusion
  238. Bent after ALIF back fusion
  239. later listhesis of L2 ON L3.
  240. Post Surgery Frustrations
  241. Newbie introduction
  242. Just found out I'll need ACDF surgery and it's scaring me
  243. C1-C7 Neck Fusion Surgery
  244. Neck Surgery - Help Please
  245. My CT report, will surgery help?
  246. Somebody help me decipher mt MRI report...
  247. Vertebrae not repairing/growing back
  248. hardware being fixed 2 wks after spinal fusion
  249. Remedies to back/leg pain after ALIF
  250. Back Pain!

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