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  1. Back Pain Still
  2. Are 2 discectomy's possible
  3. Argghh the agony.....
  4. Can't live without Vitamin C
  5. Spondylolithesis/ anterolisthesis questions
  6. C2-3 problem w/headache.....anyone every have a Disc-O-Gram ???
  7. Can anyone explain this
  8. Can anyone explain this
  9. Anyone else with Cauda Equina Syndrome
  10. L4-L5 Ruptured disk need help
  11. need some info on Neurontin!!!
  12. Epidurals
  13. Frustrated w/ a T-11 Compression Fracture and then some
  14. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion
  15. Checking in
  16. Pain Meds not working
  17. After surgery problems
  18. IDET - How Long for Approval?
  19. THANX L5S1
  20. Need advice
  21. Pre-fusion mega jitters...help!
  22. W/C hearing date set!!!!!!!!
  23. an update sorry for not posting for awhile
  24. Best remedy for backs is not to rest
  25. Have appt. w/dr to discuss IDET and Nucleoplasty..what to ask??
  26. disavowed, I'm still here!
  27. Jasonswife, are you there?
  28. Stormy, Best of Luck to You!!!!!!!!!
  29. right side lower back and right groin pain
  30. post op problems
  31. information on doctors?
  32. cervical and lumbar story
  33. Post Nucleoplasty Physical Therapy?
  34. Hi, I'm new and I Need HELP!!!!
  35. hope someone is listening
  36. severe lower back pain
  37. diabetes after epidurals
  38. need advice
  39. just an update
  40. duragesic patch
  41. Decompressive Lumbar Laminectomy
  42. Fusion Surgery - Recovery
  43. variations in pain
  44. Fusion Recovery & Leg Pain
  45. Vitamin/Mineral supplements to assist Fusion recovery?
  46. morphine sulfate kadian
  47. Trigger Point Injections??
  48. weird question............pinched nerve??
  49. ~~~~~daubie~~~~~~
  50. Help someody! I need encouragement!
  51. Sked for microdiscectomy plus hemilaminectomy
  52. Braces for your back..........
  53. MRI showed nothing. Now What?
  54. The lingering sacroilliac joint paint
  55. any students??please help.......
  56. Pain meds.....
  57. ali_moran, please read
  58. post op flare up ???
  59. thoracic pain question
  60. newbie - sudden, sharp back pain
  61. New......with lower back problems
  62. New and desperate for any help
  63. Pregnancy so need alternative pain killing methods
  64. results of my mri
  65. Itching?
  66. looking for advise
  67. ****dylan0041 or Cindy******* IDET - Tears
  68. Discogram question
  69. back pain with groin pain and shoulder pain, please help
  70. 2nd back surgery failed
  71. t12-l1 l1-2 microdiscectomy
  72. One Second Opinion down and another scheduled
  73. One Second Opinion down and another scheduled
  74. How do you feel after back surgery?
  75. si joint / work comp
  76. Bone Scan Results
  77. fatcat - The "Maverick" Disc
  78. si pain and accupunture
  79. Torn Disc L4 - Please Treat This!?!
  80. new to forum and looking for info
  81. Has anyone had PLIF L5S1?? Please help
  82. Well it's almost time....discogram in 4 hours
  83. "oh my achin back"
  84. Does Medicare pay anything on Prodisc surgery?
  85. court with WC this Wednesday
  86. PLEASE, anyone who has had a discectomy .............my doctor suggests a discectomy
  87. syringomyelia
  89. ACCUPUNCTURE..........?
  90. Spinal Fluid (Dura) Leak
  91. Posterior Lumbar Fusion and Screws
  92. Anyone had Hardware Removal?? Post Fusion?
  93. question for those who have had both anterior/posterior cervical fusion?
  94. Spinal Fusion- How long will the pain last?
  95. low back injury and Bextra
  96. success stories!!??
  97. Are back prob d/t lack of growth hormone??
  98. Kali M - how are you doing?
  99. Can intercourse hinder or hurt your progress?
  100. Severe Pain, Please Help...
  101. Wide swings
  102. I'm afraid
  104. Answers for PTweety/HELP from 1's who've had hardware removed...My surgery MONDAY!
  105. To Our East Coast Friends
  106. Fantastic Fusion
  107. update
  108. Update for hardware Removal
  110. i need a doc for sacroiliac joint dysfunction in PA
  111. finally im covered be wc
  113. Newbie with old pain
  114. another newbie
  115. Is an endoscopic discectomy as simple and effective as it sounds?
  116. New here. Would like advice or sympathy
  117. back pain meds??
  118. Results from dicagram
  119. Question for TOMMOROW
  120. hurt back at work and need advice
  121. About meds
  122. ultracet......anyone????
  123. new member - microdiscectomy in 2 days
  124. DRX9000 Yes or No?
  125. questions about hospitals, doctors, & distance
  126. New Drugs
  127. Myelogram and graft collapse questions
  128. Nerves behind ear associated with shoulder blade pain?
  129. Helpful Recource for Report Interpretations
  130. Disc disease - what are your symptoms?
  131. UGH! Doctor's office is driving me NUTS
  132. Pain management??
  133. Caudal Injection - I'm back!!!!!!
  134. Banking blood for surgery
  135. dicagrahm this morning
  136. Pain Pump surgery went great
  137. ESI Side Effects
  138. ESI Side Effects
  139. Annoying Groin Pain????? Is this common?
  140. Anterior lumbar surgery, any one had it?
  141. Sciatica down front of the leg?!
  142. Surgery Day After Tomorrow
  143. MRI on the HIP
  144. back ache near right shoulder blade?
  145. numbness in back
  146. diagnosis - finally! SIJ dsyfunction
  147. Good Fusion Outcomes Wanted
  148. Medical Terms
  149. Bonati Institure
  150. New member with back problems
  151. Sciatica and sex?
  152. What can a CT scan show that an MRI can't?
  153. Fusion scheduled
  154. How long does everyone think the numbness will last?
  155. Prolonged Problem
  156. Fusion
  157. pelvic pain
  158. pelvic pain
  159. Epidural injections and burst vertebrae
  160. ortho or neuro surgeon?
  161. Mokita/Linda, where did your thread go???
  162. L5-S1 Hemilaminectomy with microdisectomy 2
  163. Recovering from Two Level Discetomy/Laminotomy
  164. spine fusion? What does pain feel like to you?
  165. Back Strengthening Exercises?
  166. Buzzing in Back?
  167. post-op MRI someone say a prayer
  168. Surgery without........?
  169. Ladies Only!!!!
  170. Success with Prolotherapy???
  171. KTBOXLER / surgery
  172. My appt. today
  173. I had a laminectomy and spine fusion, when does the pain end?
  174. Does anyone else's lower back pop?
  175. Good and bad ESI outcomes wanted
  176. Good Fusion Outcomes Wanted 2
  177. chemo-nucleosis
  178. ESI Pain
  179. Message for CMacl
  180. Question About Pain Med and Side Effects
  181. Is there anyone out there over 60?
  182. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!!
  183. L5/S1 degenerative disk questions
  184. How does the weather affect you and rant about Drs.
  185. Had Second Coblation Nucleoplasty last night
  187. Surgery August 13 - It's Me, Twinkie!!
  189. Doctors Attitude change re., 2nd Opinion
  190. hi guys
  191. same old crap at check up....
  192. sacroiilitis/ sacriiliac problems
  193. Problem with lower back/upper butt, and it hurts.
  194. How did your back surgery affect your marriage
  195. I"M back had nucleoplasty !!!! wow
  196. Laminectomy
  197. Whiplash victims or anyone else with cervical issues
  198. 18 and already developing a hunchback?
  199. New-Spondylothesis ?-(long)
  200. ruptured disc question......
  201. stimulator in place
  202. which type of PT is good after nucleoplasty??
  203. I finally saw a shrink!
  204. after back surgery
  205. a really bad situation
  206. possible malpractice case????
  208. New and introducing myself
  209. fusion and having a baby??
  210. Recommendation for a good TENS unit?
  211. spinal fusion
  212. Newbie :)
  213. Physical Therapy Post Op Flare Up
  214. ATTN: SuccessStory
  215. what is nucleoplasy and where can i get it
  217. personal TENS machine
  218. nerve damage after ESI?
  219. Microdiscectomy L5-S1
  220. L5-S1 Microdiscectomy
  221. had spine fusion L4-L5, how long till pain in leg goes away
  222. Twisting and Squatting post op ???
  223. T12
  224. Sorry I've been gone ......times have real bad
  225. Lumbar Stenosis & Micro-endoscopic laminotomy
  226. DOCBRI!!!!!
  227. Post Caudal Injection - Uh-oh!
  228. Curiousity Question....
  229. After back surgery
  230. After back surgery
  231. Post Op Distress
  232. How did you decide between orthop surgeon & neurosurgeon?
  233. ****TENNISNUT - are you out there???How are you?
  234. Birthcontrol,Hormones and the Sacroiliac Joint
  235. steriod injection/nerve damage???
  236. aroberts - please post for new person jboynton
  237. Just diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease!
  238. Post-op recovery and sex
  239. New Medication question
  240. anyone had nucleoplasty does it hurt as bad as discogram or worse!!!!
  241. Yooo Hoooo BAXTER
  242. Does caffeine intake increase pain?
  243. Sciatic pain after fusion
  244. ESI's and vomiting???
  245. long term back problem
  246. What exactly can an MRI tell you?
  247. PLIF ?? info and support needed..very scared now
  248. Yes, there are angels!!!
  249. Is there a way to treat scar tissue related pain?
  250. A long sleepless night

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