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  1. Questions after Fusion
  2. 8 days post SI/Facet joint injections, and I still feel awful...Why?
  3. Lumbar fusion Hardware
  4. Anyone with neural foraminal narrowing and facet disease at L4-L5?
  5. 5 months post surgical L5-S1 at Barrows
  6. A question for those with DDD.....
  7. thoracic pain after 360 lumbar fusion
  8. Nucleoplasty Surgery Scheduled for June 16th..Help I am scared
  9. Post nucleoplasty pain
  10. a story about Percutaneous disc decompression procedure
  11. Shout out to HNPatL4L5 NEED INFO PLEASE
  12. usefull site link
  13. The New Guy
  14. Numb...But How Does It Hurt??
  15. Post 2 Level Fusion Surgery...AGAIN.. But Weird!
  16. IDD (Internal Disc Decompression) Therapy???
  17. Trial Stimulator 5/14 @ Noon
  18. New Question
  19. Buzzing in my leg
  20. what is IDET???
  21. I got some answers at the spinal clinic
  22. Percutaneous Rod Insertion
  23. Best meds for mild-moderate DDD?
  24. lower left back
  25. degenerative spondylethesis
  26. Sciatica-Benign fatty tumor in buttock
  27. for the girls
  28. Back Surgery is NOT a good idea
  29. HELP post operative thoracic disk infection
  30. I'm at a loss
  32. Been trying to get some answers...
  33. any advice for the new kid on the block?
  34. 2 Laminectomies and a fusion in my Lumbar, please help!
  35. Help ! My Husband is Hopeless !
  36. Lumbar Hemilaminotoy
  37. new idea on might what be wrong??
  38. POST DISCOGRAM - Now What?
  39. Burst Fracture - Anyone Had This?
  40. Baxter, I'm back from the SI injection..
  41. anyone out there tried pilates?
  42. back problems...more BM's?
  43. UPDATE:2 months post fusion with cages surgery
  44. Replacement Disc surgery with ProDisc
  45. Has anyone used "Trigger Point Therapy"...
  46. 16 year old lower back pain upon standing/lying down
  47. Fisher?
  48. L5/S1 surgery
  49. Hi, new here - but not to spine pains
  50. I'm scared, can you guys help?
  51. Inversion Tables-Who here uses them?
  52. update from Sunny D
  53. nucleoplasty
  54. leg length difference and effect on Psoas
  55. Who is right for a Microdiscectomy????
  56. Grabber
  57. Still Hurting
  58. TomV and others who had the MED
  59. Fusion in Lumbar Region vs. Stair Climbing Question
  60. losing it
  61. L2 Cage Fusion
  62. Bad enough for Surgery?
  63. Lumbar fusion- What happens when after?
  64. Advice?
  65. Sciatica
  66. Help - Epideral Injections
  67. Baxter, thanks for your post on the Spinal Board
  68. Anyone had L4/L5 Lam w/ Fusion?
  69. Dermatome Map Web Site
  70. Had IDET and feeling better!
  71. question-?i have shot in the a.m.?
  72. To L5S1 and all Re: Tinkrtoy's Brother
  73. message to wbaker68
  74. Lumbar Spinal Fusion
  75. Fusion questions-please!!!
  76. haven't posted in awhile
  77. fusion after effects
  78. Pending back surgery
  79. Question about diskogram
  80. Appeals Board Hearing
  81. I am going for it!!
  82. Looking for advice/suggestions
  83. Doctors Walking Out!!
  84. ur few minutes can help me a lot?
  85. Hi CNA Sandy
  86. Hi Out2lunch
  87. spondylothesis and spinal stenoisis
  88. Bcorica
  89. agonizing decision...
  91. John Se: How did your 3rd ESI go?
  93. introduction and a question
  94. trouble posting my Thanx
  95. Where do you fit in this scale?
  96. Hi L5S1 (Update)
  97. Considering new Non-invasive fusion at L4-L5
  98. Spinal fusion
  99. Question Re: Topamax
  100. to go*big*red
  101. pain after fusion
  102. Considering Surgery
  103. C-Spine causing Arm and hand pain...help?
  104. Perineal / Buttock / Pelvic / Sometimes Low Back Pain
  105. Fusion of the L-4 L-5 L-5 S-1 Lumbar region
  106. Workmens comp/pre-existing injury?
  107. question about neuroplasty
  108. Spasms in Stomach - Flexeril prescribed
  109. Hi L5S1 (Advice Please)
  110. Can't Post
  111. L-4 L-5 360 degree fusion
  112. Surgery lenght
  113. back surgery...help?
  114. Discogram app set/Scared of Outcome!!
  115. Health Insurance and Beds
  116. Attn: SUCCESSTORY
  117. L5-SI fusion w/(rhBMP-2)
  118. Mylegram question
  119. Anterior/Posterior fusion to L4/L5 & L5/S1
  120. Question about Laminectomy?
  121. Husband Driving Mad and Kids are ****** they have to do more chores....Help
  122. Worker's Comp
  123. my husband is going in for test....i have Q's
  124. Surgery for Spondylolysthesis
  125. Discogram Questions
  126. Question about scoliosis in 8 year old
  127. at my the end of my rope need to talk
  128. Laminectomy Questions
  129. Neurostimulator? any success stories?
  130. Can anyone recommend a great spine MD in the SF Bay Area?
  131. Si joint injection(info on si fusion)
  132. Spinal Stenosis questions
  133. Hurting Bad
  135. fusion graft site
  136. Successtory I need your help and some advice please
  137. odd after anterior/posterior fusion
  138. Injections wo/steroid???
  139. How does back pain affect your life?
  140. Question for Biff on MED
  141. Legs are feeling week
  142. Muscle Specialist?
  143. Stupid Doctors!
  144. Lev, question for ya................
  145. Follow up from Discogram today
  146. Could this be back/muscle problems?
  147. Dr. told me L3 L4 are narrowing
  148. Success Story
  149. Neck pain and bad headaches..help!
  150. Eight wks post-op, second surg in 12 months
  151. Hi everybody and Happy easter
  152. Anyone remember hubby & I ??
  154. (new member)Help Pleaze! bulging disc
  155. Spinal stenosis; bulging lumbar disk; bone spurs
  156. Help me please
  157. BAK Cage in plain english!
  158. lower back pain
  159. HELP! Swelling and numbness in hip and thigh
  160. Is anyone here a workmans comp injury?
  161. Medical Reports in - Questions?
  162. A positive BAK cage story
  163. Hey Baxter........
  164. sway back
  165. 5 months post op plif l5-s1
  166. Working having to stand long time.....
  167. Fusion - Can I have some good news?
  168. pain on top of the foot?
  169. Endoscopic Disectomy vs. Microdisectomy
  170. Spinal Stenosis
  171. spondylolisthesis
  172. L4-L5 disc causing abdominal internal pain?!?
  173. new and I might belong?
  174. What is wrong with my hip?
  175. Anyone out there with Scoliosis - Please HELP!!!
  176. Highschooler, Recovery when?
  177. Pain after fusion
  178. Constant, light pain.
  179. Pain Managment and Medication!!
  180. Pain Mgmt? Puleeze!
  181. baxter
  183. spondy grade 3 surgery required need advice
  184. Thigh burning
  185. Is this a pinched nerve?? Help!
  186. Discectomy
  187. truck driver with back problems
  188. Hello all.
  189. can disc problem affect collarbone?
  190. new here with questions
  191. Post-Op Butterfly Tape??
  192. VAX-D Anyone???
  193. Baxter
  194. bad neck pain- seeing a chiropractor
  195. I need some answers and advice please!
  196. Chiropratic warning
  197. Well, here I am again...Post 2-Level Fusion Flared UP
  198. Sore neck...I need input pleeease
  199. There can be life after fusion
  200. wandering - leg pain?
  201. im young, bad back pain
  202. Winsor Pilates
  203. Please Help!
  204. medication
  205. buldging discs
  206. Surgery is my next step...I'm alittle scared....
  207. Approved for IDET
  208. Norco anyone?
  209. Help!! i need info
  210. doc said to keep trying epidurals
  211. what is degenerative disk disease?
  212. Carrington!!! How are you doin!
  213. Lumbar Fusion Question, Instrument Removal
  214. Scholiosis and The Military
  215. Post op low back
  216. is there always pain w/ disc problem?
  217. surgery this week... help
  218. HELP corpectomy w anterior n posterior decompression/fusion
  219. Lol, the muscle spasms are terrible
  220. Stimulator after IDET????? Help
  221. Spinal fusion hardware removal
  222. im 16 and i need some big advise!!!!!! please help
  223. need advise surgery soon failed fusion
  224. Supplements
  225. Anyone heard of VAX-D?
  226. HI ALL!!!
  227. Back surgery question
  228. bulging disc...neck and shoulder blade?
  229. brace readjusted yesterday
  230. L-5 Compression Fractures
  231. Have DDD & hopefully IDET need advice
  232. shuddering back - can anyone help?
  233. Help with Schuermann's disease
  234. Shoulder blade discomfort
  235. Discogram Today
  236. Anyone feel fire by buttocks and outer hip?
  237. Ugh! Doctors say surgery too risky in thorasic.....
  239. fushion of L3,L4,L5?
  240. What kind of doctor do you see?
  241. L4-5 and L5-S1 radial & annular tear.. Need Advice and have a few questions
  242. hi all well now i have to have emg done on arm
  243. Nucleoplasty
  244. nucleoplasty
  245. Cancer & Sciatica - is this possible?
  246. meds for pain and antidepressants
  247. Baxter
  248. Narcotic pain relievers just after surgery
  249. Back from surgery!!
  250. Scoliosis question

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