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  1. Records?
  2. Back Aches
  3. Cost for facet blocks?????
  4. spinal c.t.
  5. Experience with spine specialists in the SF Bay Area?
  6. getting a nervous
  8. discogram before nucleoplasty
  9. steroid injections/how many?
  10. Question about meds
  11. mattress recomendations
  12. Question about a back problem
  13. depressed..pain..two years before Ican have an operation
  14. I did something stupid
  15. is Discogram covered by insurance(Blue Cross PPO)
  16. Painful Spot on Spine??????
  17. sciatic
  18. knees hurting..what should i do?
  19. MicroLaser Discectomy
  20. Social Security Disability
  21. new here, loking for help, still severe pain 9 mos. after surgery
  22. What is what?
  23. If Disc is Torn/leaking -is that Rupture?
  24. My surgery
  25. Is the dura painsensitive?
  26. New Info - More depressed than ever - Need 2 level lumbar Fusion
  27. Prodisc on the 29th and feeling great on the 31st!!
  28. hi there spine probs?help please
  29. T2 vertebrae replaced with fatty tissue
  30. I'm back, thank you all so much for being there for me
  31. 6 Month Post-IDET Update
  32. Home from Prodisc ADR
  33. so sick of this pain
  34. Lower Back Pain
  36. Discogram Done!!!!!!!
  37. calling those w/artificial disks,, esp from Virginia area!!
  38. Feeling sad and scared!
  39. Thank you all so much, I'm still fighting, not giving up
  40. New user need info (please) L4 L5s1
  41. IDD Therapy is administered through the Accu SPINA Systemô
  42. Neurontin & weight gain?
  43. accupunture for degenerative disc?
  44. To isillyme
  45. NEED ADVICE - L5-S1 Microdiscectomy Post Op Pains
  46. Baxter, Hang in there!!!
  47. Scoliosis @ 26??
  48. SEVERE butt and leg pain from degenerative disk
  49. etoile du nord or anyone who knows...help
  50. sex after surgery?
  51. Smoking and back pain
  53. Ali moran pls tell me about ur fusion
  54. back problems L4,L5s1
  55. Pain and Sweating
  56. shooting pain in back!!
  57. bulge at L4-5, help!
  58. posterior lumbar interbody fusion question.HELP
  59. Baxter
  60. Fusion and exercise
  61. Off to see the wizard
  62. Dr. Bacon in Tucson AZ?
  63. reversing disc narrowing
  64. How often?
  65. new member here with questions
  67. Doctors Appt. Tomorrow - Advice?
  68. MsSquirrel re: IDET
  69. 5.0 MM.
  70. odd pain in spine...
  71. Baxter - Good Lucl Tomorrow
  72. To Mokita
  73. Advice Please :)
  74. Back pops a lot
  75. BMP
  77. Coxal Inflammation
  78. Can't stop
  79. My story, questions and advice please?
  81. ATTN: Froyden (Bev) Question For You Please
  82. had to change my email so i re registered
  83. "The Site's 'Welcoming Party'" to me
  84. "TMJ Vet" needs help with back questions...
  85. myelogram before lumbar surgery??
  86. Need Advice
  87. What can you do to get better?
  88. Microdiscectomy 6/6/03 (l5/s1), questions?
  89. Just wanted to check in and say hi to everyone
  90. perineal/buttock pain,,mild bulging disk????
  91. Taking into my hands
  92. MRI with or without contrast?
  93. Sports after lumbar fusion
  94. YAHOO!!!
  95. Oh, I'm such a girlie girl!!!!
  96. I was drawing at my desk and I hurt my back...
  97. Anyone unsucessful in Microdisection???
  98. Need advice on having 2nd SI/Facet joint injection done
  99. Lortab Use
  100. Myelograms??
  101. Night sweats and "C"
  102. After fusion and at home
  103. L4 protrusion, advice sought
  104. PRODISCS an alternative to fusion?
  105. Can't lift my foot
  106. Hemilaminectomy/discectomy lifting question again
  107. What do you guys think?
  108. Getting off Pain Killers
  109. Lortab Use
  110. Hey Twinkie!!!
  111. Beginning of w/c issues?
  112. To Numbfoot
  113. Cervical and Lumbar back exercises or suggestions?
  114. Menses & Lumbar Spinal Fusion
  115. Had My Pre-op,,,,can someone please explain??
  116. S1-L5-L4 (27 YEARS OLD)
  117. Changing insurance, will back be covered?
  118. Anyone hear about Paula Abdul?
  119. lumbar fusion
  120. Numbness more in left leg after post op in March
  121. one shoulder sits higher than the other
  122. Night sweats?
  123. Bad to crack my back?
  124. Anyone have these problems?
  126. what does it mean?????
  127. Surgeon's in So. Florida?
  128. If I ever needed help, I need it now!!
  129. negative affects of sitting?
  130. New Member with Spinal Problems
  132. siatic nerve pain...
  133. how do you all deal with the frustrations
  134. ADR Progress!!!
  135. Fusion operation cancelled
  136. has anyone tried these?????
  137. Hey, Baxter - MRI results?
  138. What is pHLD?
  139. Lifting things after hemilaminectomy
  140. Hi W Baker (Decision Time)
  141. To Baxter
  142. Not sure what's going on!
  144. excercises to strenghten neck and back?
  145. Sciatia question
  146. spine shots, last resort, any input?
  147. newly diag c6-7 hern c5-6 spurrs impinged nerve
  148. 25 days postop
  150. fusion,laminectomy,harware
  151. New Problems/Help
  152. New Problems
  153. I Am Worried
  154. Disc Tear...can they heal themselves?
  155. PNT
  156. Collapsed Lumbar Disc
  157. Couldn't take the pain anymore...Went to ER!!
  158. SO FAR .. SO GREAT .. Post-Friday Surgery !!
  159. labs
  160. Question for HNP.....
  161. What we should all do!
  162. ADR 5/27/03
  163. Thank you, Jdog =)
  164. Pelvic Pain
  165. Too young for surgery?
  166. pain in feet
  167. back pain
  168. Your all such a blessing! My Story
  169. half-hearted EMG testing
  170. Please hop over to the spine board and post your prayers for Mel..
  171. The fusion day looms
  172. had bad reaction to Vistiral
  173. Husband's chronic back pain
  174. New to the block
  175. Surgery sceduled 7/01/03 for an anterior/posterior (360) fusion to L4/L5
  176. Fusion
  177. Attention W Baker
  178. Question
  179. EMG-does it hurt & how accurate?
  180. Bromelaine good for back pain?
  181. nucleoplasty or fusion help someone
  182. Questions after Fusion
  183. 8 days post SI/Facet joint injections, and I still feel awful...Why?
  184. Lumbar fusion Hardware
  185. Anyone with neural foraminal narrowing and facet disease at L4-L5?
  186. 5 months post surgical L5-S1 at Barrows
  187. A question for those with DDD.....
  188. thoracic pain after 360 lumbar fusion
  189. Nucleoplasty Surgery Scheduled for June 16th..Help I am scared
  190. Post nucleoplasty pain
  191. a story about Percutaneous disc decompression procedure
  192. Shout out to HNPatL4L5 NEED INFO PLEASE
  193. usefull site link
  194. The New Guy
  195. Numb...But How Does It Hurt??
  196. Post 2 Level Fusion Surgery...AGAIN.. But Weird!
  197. IDD (Internal Disc Decompression) Therapy???
  198. Trial Stimulator 5/14 @ Noon
  199. New Question
  200. Buzzing in my leg
  201. what is IDET???
  202. I got some answers at the spinal clinic
  203. Percutaneous Rod Insertion
  204. Best meds for mild-moderate DDD?
  205. lower left back
  206. degenerative spondylethesis
  207. Sciatica-Benign fatty tumor in buttock
  208. for the girls
  209. Back Surgery is NOT a good idea
  210. HELP post operative thoracic disk infection
  211. I'm at a loss
  213. Been trying to get some answers...
  214. any advice for the new kid on the block?
  215. 2 Laminectomies and a fusion in my Lumbar, please help!
  216. Help ! My Husband is Hopeless !
  217. Lumbar Hemilaminotoy
  218. new idea on might what be wrong??
  219. POST DISCOGRAM - Now What?
  220. Burst Fracture - Anyone Had This?
  221. Baxter, I'm back from the SI injection..
  222. anyone out there tried pilates?
  223. back problems...more BM's?
  224. UPDATE:2 months post fusion with cages surgery
  225. Replacement Disc surgery with ProDisc
  226. Has anyone used "Trigger Point Therapy"...
  227. 16 year old lower back pain upon standing/lying down
  228. Fisher?
  229. L5/S1 surgery
  230. Hi, new here - but not to spine pains
  231. I'm scared, can you guys help?
  232. Inversion Tables-Who here uses them?
  233. update from Sunny D
  234. nucleoplasty
  235. leg length difference and effect on Psoas
  236. Who is right for a Microdiscectomy????
  237. Grabber
  238. Still Hurting
  239. TomV and others who had the MED
  240. Fusion in Lumbar Region vs. Stair Climbing Question
  241. losing it
  242. L2 Cage Fusion
  243. Bad enough for Surgery?
  244. Lumbar fusion- What happens when after?
  245. Advice?
  246. Sciatica
  247. Help - Epideral Injections
  248. Baxter, thanks for your post on the Spinal Board
  249. Anyone had L4/L5 Lam w/ Fusion?
  250. Dermatome Map Web Site

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