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  1. Good news, ins co will pay!!!!
  2. Good news, ins co will pay!!!!
  3. Baxter, how did you make out?
  4. Surgery in 2 days......
  5. Anyone been to Nassau?
  6. advice re: rotten receptionist - in pain
  7. New Member
  8. cj sparrow
  9. Stenum Hospital Germany (Artificial Disc Replacement)
  10. system back up sorry!!!@#%*
  11. thank you all, better days ahead!
  12. thank you all, better days ahead!
  13. thank you all, better days ahead!
  14. thank you all, better days ahead!
  15. MEDIATION TODAY!! " I'm scared"
  16. Horrible Back Pain only at night--Im scared!! Help Please.
  18. young with lower back problems
  19. C1 stabbing me in the brain...chiro success?
  20. Foot pronation and functional long leg?
  21. New trauma: how much more can I take?
  22. New trauma: how much more can I take?
  23. New trauma: how much more can I take?
  24. New trauma: how much more can I take?
  25. Neck Pain
  26. leg pain after fusion surgery (5 mos post op)
  27. Vision problems after years of back pain.
  28. Hi Everyone!!
  29. Questions about Alcohol???
  30. ssi and the disability people...
  31. spondylothesis & degenerated disk surgery
  32. Left foot totally numb now, related to back?
  33. Baxter: we are behind you, I will sign up!
  34. McKenzie exercises
  35. We need to unite! Stop disability abuse!!!!!
  36. Exercises, help ! what do you all do?
  37. He's Back UPDATE
  38. Nucleoplasty and epidurals
  39. Kyphosis Correction
  40. Fell and made it worse, surgery ???
  41. Horrible news.......
  42. I Hate Insurance Companies !!!!!!
  43. Lung pain or Rib/Back pain?
  44. I fell and last night. Made it worse????
  45. Pain 24/7 Need Your Help Please
  46. Spouse dealing with pain
  47. what a terrible ride !
  48. Are these connected?
  49. Question about heat and back pain
  50. surgery number 2....
  51. BEXTRA anyone taking it ???
  52. Lots of back problems at a very young age....very worried...
  53. New to the group
  54. mri read myself , reply
  55. will I ever be right again??
  56. Now my Mid Back is Tender??? What's That?
  57. Server Problem Update
  58. He's back..........PLIF went great
  59. Caudel Injection
  60. sorry this thing was back upped!@#$%*
  61. Got my mri to in hand, questions?
  62. Got my mri to read myself, questions?
  63. Just wanted to say hi
  64. Just wanted to say hi
  65. Hi L5S1
  66. Prodisc or Charite??
  67. Idet and nucleoplasty ?
  68. Needtofuse, Good luck tomorrow!!!!
  69. L-4 L-5 S1 fusion with SEXTANT proced
  70. L-4 L-5 S1 fusion with SEXTANT proced
  71. back pain - not sure how to stop it from coming back
  73. need info please
  74. Been in the hopsital for a week
  75. IDET / disc replacement
  76. What do I do?
  77. Snacking during Recovery....
  78. Endoscopic Discectomy?
  79. Question about discs
  80. yoga and back problems?
  81. Any suggestions?
  83. Post Surgical Pain---how long should it last?
  84. Help Backproblem
  85. Anyone had surgery in Middle Tennessee?
  86. 6 month's post idet ! cj how are you doing ?
  88. Clicking in lower back
  89. My wife's pain
  90. herinated disks
  91. SKSAPP: Question for ya!
  92. my serious back problem
  93. Noninvasive surgery comparison: PLDD v. Endoscopic Discectomy (laser/probe)
  94. Fusion/Unfused?
  95. Scoliosis? How serious is it?
  96. ....Kinesiology....
  97. Strange question re: bowel movement and back pain (sorry)
  100. Hey Towman :)
  101. Degenerative discs, pain?
  102. to help those fall asleep take benadryl but not if you take other meds that dont mix
  103. wc update, and stuff
  104. update wc and stuff
  105. Does anyone have a clue about this???????
  106. Does anyone have a clue about this???????
  107. Opinions wanted on my situation now.
  108. Zoeyanth..how'd you make out?
  109. Burning the nerves?? what is this??
  110. Pain From Bottom of Neck to Left Shoulder Blade
  114. meds used for back pain
  115. On the lighter side...
  116. thank you baxter
  117. And another thing.....I want these metal things out of my neck!!!!! screws and all
  118. And another thing.....I want these metal things out of my neck!!!!! screws and all
  119. how long before permanent nerve damage
  120. thank you all.Wanna wait for prodisc but why do i have to wait for so long???????????
  121. thank U 4 the advice on prodisc-Now which Dr's in the USA will do it and at what cost
  122. Back pain/BT meds-question?
  123. Back pain/BT meds-question?
  124. IS IT TIME TO FOLD ???
  125. Shoes and Sciatica
  126. Saying Hi
  127. does anyone know what a 'severe lateral recess' is?
  128. prodisc or fusion?
  129. Lumbar fusion surgery is Tuesday
  130. Epidural Nerve Block
  131. Swollen right foot
  132. 2nd round of ESI over
  133. Questions about MRI report
  134. Pain Management Problems
  135. mouth and face numbness?
  136. Facet Joint Injections?
  137. PLIF on video
  138. SSD Question For Anybody ?
  139. post op advice please
  140. Considering Surgery
  141. I am home
  142. I'm HOME!!!!!!!!
  143. can anyone help? dr's are clueless!
  144. Last minute cancelled surgery
  145. Need help understanding MRI results
  146. need fusion?
  147. another newcomer
  148. Message for Dar2003
  149. successtory re: WC
  150. to pgourley
  151. MRI different readings?
  152. Numerous disc problems
  153. Muscle cramp & spasms
  154. Backache
  155. frozen tendon?
  156. Thanks-Love- Chopped Liver
  157. Wish me luck!
  158. Crazy Results........
  159. BAXTER? ANYONE? HELP..................
  160. Shout out to Backwoes Lisa !!
  161. zoeyanth..how'd you do yesterday??
  162. Results are in, I need some advice
  163. Question about spasms
  164. Question about Ambien
  165. Towman, good luck with your surgery today!
  166. ADR Update
  167. Interesting article on back surgery
  168. Is Sciatica a lifelong sentence?
  169. Pain free so far post-IDET
  170. working while getting disablity
  171. epidural steroid side effects?
  172. i can finally exercise again!!!
  173. epidural vs steroid injection
  174. Selective Nerve Root Injections???
  175. I'm going to quit smoking!!(with your help)
  176. Pain After a Lumbar Fusion
  177. background of back pain
  178. sciatica
  179. Daubie
  180. My Opinion on Intra-Discal Injections
  181. Question about Severe Back pain
  182. questions about transitional vertebrae...
  183. Michaela, good luck tomarrow with your surgery...
  184. Pain around Shoulder Blade
  185. Help with ProDisc info
  186. DRX 9000???
  187. DRX 9000???
  188. Emtshirl
  189. more shots in back!?
  190. Question
  191. Baxter
  192. Daubie
  193. Lumbar Fusion Success Stories
  194. Thursday will be 1 year
  195. W/C.....grrrr...... Time to get a lawyer!!!
  196. back pain-muscular?
  197. Lumbar Fusion?
  198. To Ali-Moran
  199. Severe Back Pain
  200. My fiancee fell off off a ladder
  201. My chance to ask an expert about IDET
  202. Sacrum ache diagnosed
  203. Maria2003
  204. Bcorcia, what was your decision?
  205. Some sorely neede advice please.
  206. Anterior Lumbar Fusion
  207. Problems After Hemilaminectomy/Decompression of the Spine
  208. Pregnancy after a Lumber Fusion
  209. Myelogram vs. discogram ??
  210. hi there
  211. Reinjury while on Wrkers'Comp-SStory?
  212. Do calcifications or bone spurs always show on xray
  213. Morphine dripping on the spine?
  214. what is cauda equina syndrome ?
  215. frustrated with functional scoliosis
  216. New here - sort of
  217. 3 days till my Laminectomy discectomy??
  218. Leg pain/Adivice anyone??
  219. To All The MEN Out There !!!!!!!!
  220. Hernaited Discs
  221. Hurts so bad I could cry
  222. Thoracic Strain
  223. To All, especially Linda Re: Living In Chronic Pain
  224. Pain over the top:ER or Not???
  225. Questions from a Newbie on recovery
  226. Back Pain after Epideral
  227. Back pain without radiopathy: good & bad news in my search for treatment options
  228. Disk decompression
  229. Understanding MRI'S I'm New
  230. Q for thos of you who have had Dr. Jho Surgery
  231. Pain
  232. Shout Out to "I'm Only 18!"
  233. Did my Surgeon mess up?
  234. update on tlw47
  235. can some one help me?
  236. I Have Questions and Need Some Advice...Please!!
  237. Could I have somebody's wisdom?!!!
  238. 12 more days
  239. Does anyone suffer shaking during exertion?
  240. ??Nucleoplasty??
  241. I'm mad as HE** & I'm not gonna take it
  242. Baxter or Anyone????????
  243. Recommended exercises?
  244. Question regarding spondylolythesis?
  245. Hey Telzey!
  246. Leg numbness/heaviness
  247. Mokita(Karen)discogram results(beenlooking for you)
  248. Extreme Back Pain
  249. Pain under ribs
  250. How long is stay at home after discectomy?

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