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  1. MRI Results
  2. Back agony :(
  3. Mri questions!
  4. Can't sit, can't stand, confused post ALIF
  5. Back Surgery Recovery time? L5-S1 Fusion
  6. Burning off Nerve Ends
  7. frustrated
  8. Got Myelography Report Back - NEED HELP!
  9. When will this go away!!!
  10. 1 week post L5-S1 ALIF, no back pain, but leg pain
  11. MRI report, any ideas please?
  12. Now 1 week post-fusion and going crazy
  13. Severe lower back pain a year after surgery
  14. Totally Frustrated with Back Pain
  15. Sciatic nerve or hip issues? Trouble walking and sitting..
  16. HELP Me Please l4 l5 discectomy Active Military
  17. Back muscle knots/posture correction ???
  18. mri results please help!
  19. Fushion
  20. 3 Weeks post op from microdiscectomy L4-L5
  21. MRI Results, any help is appreciated
  22. SOS/MUA Manipulation Under Anesthesia
  23. Surgery...
  24. For teteri66 AND other SI joint sufferers
  25. MRI results
  26. I am having a XLIF and a PLIF Compo
  27. Tell me what Im in for!
  28. I am getting ready for my first back surgery
  29. 3 level ACDF 7/11/12, then lumbar fusion
  30. Prolotherapy for Sacroiliac pain
  31. 24 hour's post-op
  32. spinal stenosis and right foot pain
  33. 1 week out
  34. After alif
  35. 1st Post! Upper Right Side of Back PAIN
  36. Having a Total Hysterectomy and taking out ovaries which is making my nerve pain craz
  37. Neck/Back/Shoulder Pain, Muscle Ache, Skin Hypersensitive, Eye Trouble
  38. lower back pain that radiates down front of right leg
  39. Upper back pain across my shoulder blades
  40. ALIF Spine Surgery
  41. SI joint pain
  42. New to this what should I do
  43. Cortison Shot/Coccyx/No medial branch block needed
  44. Sciatica in Right Leg
  45. Spinal cord fusion of L4-5 and L5-S1
  46. My doc recommending fusion surgery
  47. Nerve damage will it heal
  48. total lumbar fusion.
  49. Going to Holland tomorrow! Help!
  50. back pain numbness in limbs and back
  51. Looking for relief
  52. total knee replacement
  53. 4 days after L 4-5 L5-S1 microdiscectomy
  54. Slippage between the vertebrae? Help!
  55. TPI and ESI's... Who had them and does it work, any side effects?
  56. HLA-B*27 positive. Ankylosing Spondylitis???
  57. 4 months post surgery, nightmare returns
  58. steroids and more pain
  59. 7/2/12 l5-s1 tlif
  60. MRI-CATscan reports
  61. Dr's ditching me
  62. What to do ?
  63. thoracic back pain/ burning
  64. Failed Discectomy??
  65. Please help me!
  66. Back Pain after Surgery
  67. Post Sugery CTLSO, Few questions not found elsewhere?
  68. advice please/flare up vs reherniation
  69. t7 compression fracture
  70. M6-C disc replacement
  71. I am going to SCREAM!!!! Please Help!
  72. Spinal Bleeding?
  73. Need help with MRI results
  74. advice on cleaning floor/post microdisectomy
  75. Tightness post microdiscectomy
  76. Thoracic fusion, pain pump, now new problem?
  77. Need help please
  78. Possible Cervical Issues?
  79. Newest MRI...
  80. any ideas?
  81. Help me please...
  82. Bone on Bone
  83. MRI results need help
  84. Active healthy 25 year old man, back injury at gym, 3 weeks now and still not 100%
  85. l5/s1 microdisectomy and lyrica
  86. Help!Desperately Needing advice RE: Disc Bulges in Neck
  87. fusion on L4-5 (1level) ????
  88. Suggestions for comfortable furniture
  89. Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Herniations & 2 MRI's stating different opinions???
  90. severe cramps in calves
  91. New to the board
  92. advice/abdominal pain when accidentally bent over to far.
  93. 7 Weeks Post MIS TLIF
  94. what is Pseudoarthrosis L5-@1 mean
  95. Post pain after surgery.
  96. Anyone in the same situation or had a similar experience?
  97. Shortest MRI report in history I'm assuming
  98. ALIF scheduled next week
  99. Pain only when standing!
  100. back surgery
  101. looking for acupuncture without needles
  102. Back pain MRI result questions
  103. Upper back pain
  104. newbie surgery in a week help!!
  105. Myelogram Results. .Need help knowing what it means
  106. Pain In/Running Down Left Leg When Standing
  107. On and Off severe lower back pain
  108. pain in lower back
  109. chronic sciatica/microdisectomy, hemi-laminectomy
  110. Relieving 60 years of pressure.
  111. Getting closer to a solution
  112. How often are your "flare ups" and how long do they typically last?
  113. New to Sciatica, any advice appreciated!
  114. annular tear
  115. Mri analysis
  116. Worried and need advice
  117. anyone have these symptoms going nuts with leg weakness
  118. can't get comfortable
  119. plane flight after transforaminal injection
  120. Surgery tomorrow
  121. Microdisectomy
  122. Doing better, and what works
  123. MRI Results showing Lumbar Spinal Stenosis??
  124. Questions about Back MRI what next?
  125. MRI explanation of herniated discs
  126. Multi-level Fusion
  127. EMG Results
  128. SI block and Radiofrequency Ablation
  129. Can someone help me understand my MRI results??
  130. Don't understand the results of my MRI...Please help!!!
  131. fusion
  132. Sports after Lumbar Fusion?
  133. Thoracic Herniations at Every level
  134. 27 year old /w back pain when bending forward/backward
  135. Don't know what or where to go from here?
  136. Cronic Back Pain for 4.5 years and no answers
  137. evidence of disc desiccation at L5-S1
  138. Lump on Back
  139. Back pain
  140. Been a while
  141. Numbness above kneecap (cause ??)
  142. Ouch my Back!
  143. Post SCS Weakness!
  144. Help with MRI interpretation
  145. Hip and groin pain after discectomy
  146. spinal fusion l4-s1 questions
  147. post lumbar nerve radiofrequency ablation pain
  148. back pain
  149. Right middle back pain, pain under right rib cage
  150. Too many back surgeries
  151. Cervical disc herniations (3)
  152. Post-surgery Low Level Laser Treatment?
  153. Cortisone in Tailbone (coccyx)
  154. Spinal Fusion L5,S1
  155. microscopic lumbar discectomy L5 S1
  156. New, and facing PLIF surgery
  157. Favorite Foods for Post-Surgery eating!
  158. T11 T12 Thecal Sac compression
  159. Post PLIF
  160. Post Op Pain
  161. Tlif s1-l4
  162. saddle numbness and disfunction but not diagnosed CES
  163. Sciatica pain, very bad
  164. does er give surgery?
  165. Another MRI translation...
  166. surgery
  167. Lower back pain
  168. Lower Back Problem
  169. Back and leg pain. Had discectomy 10/2011.
  170. have to cath and problems with bm after l4 to s1 lapendectomy discetomy & TFIL
  171. replacement or fusion?
  172. MRI Translation please
  173. Thinking about getting spinal stimulator
  174. Fusion on a 20 year old.
  175. Anyone else have returned symptoms after Discectomy?
  176. Leg twitch - anyone else?
  177. Numbness of Leg after Slipped Disc Op
  178. Difficulty walking following lumbar fusion
  179. Crack my back now have numbness in arm when i sleep
  180. Mild procedure
  181. swelling
  182. SI Joint Pain, Sciatica and Sacrowedgy
  183. Backache - Cephalexin
  184. Plain English MRI explanation
  185. Pain 6 months post microdiscectomy
  186. Mri interpretation please... lumbar spine
  187. has any one had a rhizotomy done
  188. Chiropractic therapy with previous cervical fusions?
  189. Sciatica, low back and down the left leg and foot pain with numbness in left calf
  190. Plz Help ASAP!!!
  191. Trying to decide what to buy
  192. nerve burning
  193. still not feeling better
  194. Please someone help ??????
  195. insomnia 6 weeks post op l4/5 l5/s1 fusion
  196. Proposed L sided L3,L4,L5......(kinda long)
  197. 6 months post op - MED now new herniation
  198. Acupuncture, ultrasound, laser therapy, micro current therapy...
  199. Acupuncture...
  200. help comparing MRIs
  201. S1-L4 spinal fusion
  202. Help!! this pain is getting worse and spreading
  203. Advice on dealing with back pain...
  204. CBS Story-Is this the end for fusion and ADR?
  205. Good news and bad news
  206. 3rd discectomy or should I just go for a Fusion?
  207. Post op discectomy pain
  208. MRI results
  209. Experience from Hydromorphone patients...
  210. Anterior Cervical Fusion W/ Bone Graft (installed Atalanti Plate System)
  211. Radiofrequency Ablation
  212. umbar facet jojint injection procedure
  213. Question about surgery
  214. Just had an Anterior Interbody Lumbar Fusion
  215. Does this sound like Sciatica?
  216. Please help! Have herniated disc
  217. Can someone please tell me if my symptoms are from my back/neck
  218. Continuing Saga, New Diagnosis
  219. back muscles very tight
  220. Back pain
  221. C4-T4 Fusion: From Bad to Worse-Now What?
  222. Ozone Injections for Disc Problems
  223. 4 disc fusion
  224. Air Pocket in Spinal Cord
  225. sciatica pain
  226. Need help with MRI results please
  227. HELP! Having a Lumbar Fusion: HOW MUCH PAIN SHOULD I EXPECT?
  228. help with a MRI reading
  229. Any Feedback?
  230. Any Feedback?
  231. I can't sit
  232. Lumbar spine microdiscectomy
  233. I need advice!!!
  234. Finding a job while on strict restrictions
  235. neurosurgeons in nc or surrounding states?
  236. MRI SCAN foraminal stensis and posterior disk bar?
  237. Discogram Today.
  238. Back problems
  239. Dad has 'broken back' from motorcycle crash
  240. Help please!! Trying to understand Xray results
  241. Slight scoliosis muscle imbalance
  242. MRI - Report - please help
  243. L3/L4 Spinal Stenosis-Systemic OA-severe facet arthritis
  244. just starting recovery
  245. Back brace
  246. Back Pain
  247. Chronic back pain
  248. Low back pain 6 months after lifting injury.
  249. For,AngelaJ74
  250. Need to hear from someone regarding severe stiffness in legs and back.

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