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  1. Dr Prescribed Skin Patches For Pain
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Anybody know what is wrong with me?
  4. Am I doing permanent damage?
  5. Dr. recommends Microdiscectomy
  6. ALIF of TLIF?
  7. help ,i need advice
  8. Lumber cushion can ease pain heaps
  9. 4 days post Lumbar ESI: Pain all over?
  10. Newbie
  11. unbearable sciatic pain
  12. Back Pain Problems
  13. Can't sit - post op lumbar fusion & instrumentation.
  14. anyone with scar tissue?
  15. Post micro discetomy
  16. 2 Bulging Disc... ugggghhhh then why does it hurt
  17. I'm a newbie to this board, Facing Pelvic Fusion sugery..
  18. pain after a microdiscectomy
  19. Back Surgeries
  20. Any thoughts on MRI results?
  21. Back, leg and chest problems
  22. Fusion in Nov, in pain and depressed
  23. L3/4 fusion 9 years after L4-S1 fusion
  24. Mornings are such a bittersweet....
  25. picking a mattress when you have myofascial pain
  26. Piriformis problems
  27. Last Minute feedback on Lumbar L3/L4 ESI injection
  28. Lower Back Pain/Sciatica
  29. Back Pain: Bad Work chair?
  30. 6 months Post OP Pain Coming Back
  31. No insurance... discectomy?
  32. L4-S1 Fusion
  33. Left Foot Swelling Post-ALIF
  34. Do I need a new bed?
  35. Concern and confusion
  36. more painful than before surgery
  37. 7 Weeks post microdiscectomy still pain and tingleing
  38. Does This Sound Like Sciatica?
  39. Help with an MRI
  40. Mother of 4 young Children- Told NEED Back Surgery
  41. Low back pain and eating correlation?
  42. ALIF May 2010 and TLIF November 2011
  43. Groin and leg pain questions?
  44. Need help understaing MRI results for Mid-back pain
  45. Update - return/worsening of pain 7m post ALIF
  46. l5 s1 fusion - terrified - should we?
  47. Tlif last week
  48. RF Ablation for SI Joint Disorder
  49. please help the whole body burning
  50. Before having back surgery consider do your homework
  51. Suggestion for laptop users with low back pain
  52. Chronic Back pain
  53. tips for posture problems
  54. Facet joint injections after microdiscectomy
  55. Neck injury and numb pinky fingers (both sides)?
  56. Thoracic sprain?
  57. Neurontin post micro-discectomy?
  58. Back pain, no idea what to do.
  59. back pain
  60. Epidural steroid injections
  61. Lower Back pain and Knee pains and right leg tingling
  62. What happened?
  63. Severe lower back pain
  64. Cortione shots then surgery
  65. Cortione shots then surgery
  66. pain in legs 5 months after microdisectomy(decompression)
  67. I CAN NOT stand up straight! Anyone else like this?
  68. synovial cyst - thoracic area
  69. Continued pain 5 months after microdisectomy
  70. Has any one else experienced these types of low back pain symptoms
  71. Help, please? MRI interpretation on my neck & back
  72. Back nerve pain 3 days post-op?
  73. Considering Anterior Posterior Spinal Fusion
  74. Lower-back problem. Looking for some answers.
  75. annular tears
  76. Reptured disc in Neck
  77. How long before increase in pain pump is felt?
  78. Stop Supplements Before Surgery??
  79. Young man with back pain and sciatica, please help!
  80. Can anyone help? Feel like crying.
  81. Chronic sciatica is now Acute
  82. more back surgery or not?
  83. Can't stand this back problem and tired of getting no where!!!
  84. L5-s1/ddd
  85. 1 week post L4/L5 discectomy/laminectomy
  86. 3 weeks until my surgery
  87. Lumbar Facet Joint Replacement
  88. L5-s1
  89. Severe lower back pain and left leg.
  90. Understandng MRI Results
  91. Lumbar Microdiscectomy
  92. need advice on asking about SSD- back pain and also fibro
  93. need advice on asking about SSD- back pain and also fibro
  94. Sciatica pain that is agonising.
  95. L5 Radiculopathy foot pain and steroid injection
  96. Lowe back, spine, & s.i. joint
  97. Very achy fatigued low back muscles
  98. Initially...
  99. Boyfriend possible sciatica?
  100. DELAYED Pain after Discography
  101. Expansion of fusion & osteotomy of T10 - What to expect?
  102. sciatica return
  103. 3 months post-op a lumbar fusion and frustrated!
  104. To have 3 level lumbar fusion in April--scared
  105. Problems after Transforaminal ESI
  106. Problems after Transforaminal ESI
  107. Trapped nerve in lower spine help please
  108. New to this...
  109. New MRI
  110. Back/ rib pain
  111. MRI-Results
  112. Fusion?
  113. Also having nerve pain return after fusion at L5-S1, anyone else?
  114. L5S1 micro-discectomy advice.
  115. Issue's with sex.
  116. Has anyone had an Epidural for back pain?
  117. Hardware removed after fusion
  118. Working with back pain hernia & sciatica
  119. Simplify MRI, please
  120. Multi-Level Fusion Surgery Scheduled for Late April (2012)
  121. Upcoming surgery has me scared :(
  122. Lumbar MRI Results: Questions/Ideas?? LONG POST!
  123. L2 S1laminectomy, L2 L5 medial facetectomy
  124. c5c6 c6c7 t11t12 and l1l2 help with mri
  125. Can someone tell me more about my mri results
  126. What is a Pelvic MRI 3T Neurogram?
  127. What is a Lumbar 2D Reconstructive CT ?
  128. Mri help please
  129. Pain following 5-level spinal fusion
  130. 2 surgeries L4-L5 blown disk again
  131. Lumbar mri results ,what does it mean ?
  132. What to do?
  133. Conflicting MRI
  134. 2 Car accidents within 6 months (Hit from behind)
  135. Help With MRI Results
  136. Scheuermann's Disease
  137. do others suffer from the same condition?
  138. synovial cyst L4-L5
  139. Surgery update... SI Joint Fusion!!
  140. Can I have some help with this MRI result please?
  141. finally got some answers
  142. 2 level fusion... am I a failure?
  143. Physical LImitations after Additional Spinal Fusions
  144. Lower back pain radiating
  145. Cervical fusion experience
  146. BMP - complications with ALIF?
  147. pain.....
  148. Contemplating PLIF surgery
  149. Please help me with MRI results!!
  150. Nothing Left To Do But SCS!
  151. Long time back issues, and fed up
  152. Laminectomy with synovial cyst removal
  153. Out of ideas. Someone give us a direction to go!
  154. 25 year old needing l4/l5 disc replacement
  155. Input on My Recent Diagnosis - L5
  156. Recent Diagnosis - L5
  157. Please help decipher this MRI result
  158. Weak Urine Stream and Ejaculation 40's
  159. Valve replacement surgery and back issues
  160. Heart surgery and back problems
  161. Radio frequency ablation for neck
  162. Interthecal pain pump
  163. sciatica pain back again
  164. Two weeks post-microdiscectomy questions
  165. SI Joint fusion 28-8-12.. Very nervous..
  166. pillows
  167. chronic back tension
  168. Vitamin D Study
  169. irismflower
  170. L5/S1 herniation- less pain, more tingle (good or bad)?
  171. Results - inflammatory response/myofascial pain
  172. Help - Can't get comfortable w/Sciatica pain/herniated disc
  173. back pain management
  174. disc bulges, protrusion in cervical & lumbar, Dr disagrees with MRI?
  175. several disc bulges, deccication, protrusion cervical & lumbar; new dr doubts mri?
  176. Post discectomy Spondylolisthesis?!
  177. Spinal Fusion Ahead for Me???
  178. Neck 4 level fusion
  179. life long restrictions?
  180. Feel an internal lump
  181. Spinal Fusion
  182. ALIF L5/S1 on 8/8....follow-up and ramblings
  183. NO problems with 2 Myelograms within 48 hours of each other.
  184. Worrying but bizarre pain
  185. Piriformis ??
  186. Withdrawal from Fentanyl Patch to Dilaudid Pain Pump?
  187. Newbie with ? about SI Joint dysfunction/Fusions
  188. Drop foot -- the saga continues
  189. Back and hip pain
  190. Calcification at age 35
  191. sciatic nerve problem... help!
  192. sciatic nerve problem... help!
  193. sciatic nerve problem... help!
  194. I need help reading my MRI results..PLEASE!!
  195. With two Laminectomies under my belt...
  196. L5-S1 Fusion on January 3rd 2012
  197. alternative beds for neck/back pains?
  198. Husband's L4-S1 fusion surgery 3 weeks ago
  199. Chronic neck and back pain, unexplained nerve symptoms--what next??
  200. Nerve Pain
  201. Annular Tear,HELP!!!!!
  202. need help for a friend
  203. Major Back Problems
  204. weight lifting limit
  205. need help with MRI results
  206. Peirod
  207. DR. says MRI not bad
  208. Nerve Pain in Legs & Feet after Epidural Steroid Injections
  209. Problems following a lumbar puncture?
  210. Extreme pain after first use of bone stimulator
  211. just had a MRI please help on understanding!!!
  212. Can anybody interpret this MRI for me?
  213. t8 compression fracture
  214. Disc Herniation or Pain from Scapular Winging?
  215. Swelling of legs
  216. blood work
  217. Chiropractor
  218. Back hypertonic / work related injury
  219. Back spasms that never stop!
  220. Pain to the right of my right kidney before a BM
  221. Mri readings of the lower back
  222. Told I need an L4-L5 diskectomy. What can I expect?
  223. update - 5.5m post-SLIF
  224. Radiculopathy
  225. mystery problem
  226. L5/S1 Herniation Question
  227. Scar tissue after microdiscecomy
  228. Broken fusion hardware
  229. Lumbar Laminectomy
  230. new here, microdiscectomy next week
  231. So glad to have found this forum!
  232. t7 hemangioma
  233. please help me understand
  234. 2 Years post Surgery Now getting worse
  235. MRI results
  236. Help with X-ray results
  237. L4-5 herniation. I am 20 years old and considering surgery.
  238. Having microdiscectomy tomorrow1/16/12
  239. Compression fractures to T5 and T7
  240. Nervous About XLIF
  241. 2 Surgeries,heavy medication and still in pain
  242. Low Back pain, understanding MRI
  243. Nothing Found But Same Problem
  244. Bed/Mattress Suggestions for Back Issues - Herniated Disc
  245. spondylolesthesis
  246. I'm worried the pain is too much
  247. Norflex
  248. Fell on the back and pain
  249. need some help understanding what is wrong with me
  250. Throbbing Back Pain around left shoulder Blade

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