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  1. Feel an internal lump
  2. Spinal Fusion
  3. ALIF L5/S1 on 8/8....follow-up and ramblings
  4. NO problems with 2 Myelograms within 48 hours of each other.
  5. Worrying but bizarre pain
  6. Piriformis ??
  7. Withdrawal from Fentanyl Patch to Dilaudid Pain Pump?
  8. Newbie with ? about SI Joint dysfunction/Fusions
  9. Drop foot -- the saga continues
  10. Back and hip pain
  11. Calcification at age 35
  12. sciatic nerve problem... help!
  13. sciatic nerve problem... help!
  14. sciatic nerve problem... help!
  15. I need help reading my MRI results..PLEASE!!
  16. With two Laminectomies under my belt...
  17. L5-S1 Fusion on January 3rd 2012
  18. alternative beds for neck/back pains?
  19. Husband's L4-S1 fusion surgery 3 weeks ago
  20. Chronic neck and back pain, unexplained nerve symptoms--what next??
  21. Nerve Pain
  22. Annular Tear,HELP!!!!!
  23. need help for a friend
  24. Major Back Problems
  25. weight lifting limit
  26. need help with MRI results
  27. Peirod
  28. DR. says MRI not bad
  29. Nerve Pain in Legs & Feet after Epidural Steroid Injections
  30. Problems following a lumbar puncture?
  31. Extreme pain after first use of bone stimulator
  32. just had a MRI please help on understanding!!!
  33. Can anybody interpret this MRI for me?
  34. t8 compression fracture
  35. Disc Herniation or Pain from Scapular Winging?
  36. Swelling of legs
  37. blood work
  38. Chiropractor
  39. Back hypertonic / work related injury
  40. Back spasms that never stop!
  41. Pain to the right of my right kidney before a BM
  42. Mri readings of the lower back
  43. Told I need an L4-L5 diskectomy. What can I expect?
  44. update - 5.5m post-SLIF
  45. Radiculopathy
  46. mystery problem
  47. L5/S1 Herniation Question
  48. Scar tissue after microdiscecomy
  49. Broken fusion hardware
  50. Lumbar Laminectomy
  51. new here, microdiscectomy next week
  52. So glad to have found this forum!
  53. t7 hemangioma
  54. please help me understand
  55. 2 Years post Surgery Now getting worse
  56. MRI results
  57. Help with X-ray results
  58. L4-5 herniation. I am 20 years old and considering surgery.
  59. Having microdiscectomy tomorrow1/16/12
  60. Compression fractures to T5 and T7
  61. Nervous About XLIF
  62. 2 Surgeries,heavy medication and still in pain
  63. Low Back pain, understanding MRI
  64. Nothing Found But Same Problem
  65. Bed/Mattress Suggestions for Back Issues - Herniated Disc
  66. spondylolesthesis
  67. I'm worried the pain is too much
  68. Norflex
  69. Fell on the back and pain
  70. need some help understanding what is wrong with me
  71. Throbbing Back Pain around left shoulder Blade
  72. Sorry if this is TMI, guys might not want to read
  73. allergic to titanium?
  74. neuro stimulator
  75. neuro stimulator
  76. Husband had Three level fusion,12 days ago
  77. Please help..What does this mean...new MRI results
  78. back numbness..cracking..popping..painful
  79. Anybody been really helped by one ESI
  80. PLIF surgury in the morning 1-10-12
  81. Drop Foot Risk from fusion
  82. Sciatic nerve pain switching sides! Agonising pain!
  83. S/O on Scoliosis test
  84. Mri
  85. Back or hip problem ?
  86. MRI report for LS Spine
  87. Still Hopeful..In search of help! Struggle provides strength<3
  88. Effacement-Cord Deformity, bulges, spurring
  89. new here and needing advice...
  90. Severe pain to normalcy after microdisectomy on L4,L5s1
  91. Could Really Use Some Advice.....
  92. Doing better, and what works
  93. had my 2nd ESI.. ouch :(
  94. Microdiscectomy Recovery----HELP
  95. disc herniation at c5-6 and c6-7
  96. L5/S1 Laminectomy/Discectomy
  97. Discogram...
  98. Feeling Low
  99. Hip socket pain post fusion surgery
  100. Inversion tables for herniated discs
  101. Post discectomy symptoms
  102. Sciatic tightness after MicroDiscectomy
  103. Grabbers??????
  104. Back Surgery and Puppy
  105. Microdiscectomy soon..should I have it?
  106. reoccurring panic attack after microdiscectomy
  107. What can this pain be?! Please help...
  108. work injury
  109. MRI of Spine lumbar wo Contrast
  110. I would love to hear some helpful advice...
  111. Question: anyone have chronic foot and leg pain due to L5-S1 rupture?
  112. Question: anyone have chronic foot and leg pain due to L5-S1 rupture?
  113. Medial Branch Block - Info
  114. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, anyone?
  115. I am new here and trying to find people who I can relate to.
  116. TENS unit
  117. A Happy & Healthy 2012
  118. Lump near incision site/other ?'s
  119. trying to find and answer
  120. what side efffects are there?
  121. Removal of hardware??
  122. Optimesh spinal fusion failure
  123. Three months post TLIF - pretty good so far!
  124. I need opinions!
  125. Skiing after recent back injury
  126. micro-disectomy for herniated disc
  127. Hi everyone
  128. Annular Tear at L5-S1 and radiating pain
  129. Nerve root injections
  130. Healthy Holiday To All
  131. Lower Back Pain - the curse
  132. Old Compression Fracture
  133. Holiday Greetings
  134. L5-S1 Disc almost completely gone...
  135. could someone translate this?
  136. Drop Foot treatment? IVIG
  137. back problems and MRI results
  138. Can anyone offer any insights?
  139. child with back pain
  140. neurostimulator
  141. Scar tissue, Sharp back pain after Laminectomy/ Discectomy
  142. new herniation 1 year after lumbar fusion
  143. L-5 S-1 Hardware Removal 12.20.2o11
  144. new to this site
  145. sacrum
  146. Weaning off my turtle shell back brace
  147. Anyone used IFUSE for SI Joint fusion? Surgery 2-8-12
  148. Please Please Help
  149. Need Help Understanding MRI, Pain Management, What Specialist to see next??? Please.
  150. Leg pain after microdiskectomy
  151. Another fluke procedure
  152. Prolotherapy or Regenokine
  153. weaning meds... help/advice/sympathy
  154. 2nd day post op PLIF
  155. Back pain when swallowing
  156. Help with back situation
  157. Bone island within L3 vertabrea
  158. Upcoming surgery
  159. Cervical nerve test
  160. Help
  161. Low back pain
  162. Confused over it
  163. Continued pain 1 year post two level lumbar fusion
  164. When to be concerned
  165. Recent spinal fusion and doing well
  166. Unknown back pain
  167. Update On ESI Before Spinal Cord Stimulator
  168. back problem
  169. Day 2 after PLIF Surger
  170. 2nd fusion in two years
  171. 3 Months Post Op (ALIF L5-S1) Nerve Pain Returning
  172. Should I need to see the Neurology now? three years right leg pain
  173. Extreme PAIN.. Lot's of test NO Answers!!
  174. Facet Joint Problems and RF Ablation
  175. PLIF tomorrow morning 630 am
  176. not sure whats wrong anymore ???
  177. ALIF L4-S1 May 2010 & PLIF L4-S1 11/28/11
  178. Thoracic Herniations
  179. Right flank/hip pain
  180. Lower back pain update
  181. Feeling/hearing fluid in neck after Cervical Epidural
  182. Back/ Lung pain only whilst sleeping
  183. I have back pain, where can I get this done?
  184. I,m on Methadone ,No Doctor will treat me
  185. help with mri results
  186. Need help with interprretation
  187. Would Large Central Disc Protrusion Cause Pain?
  188. Right side pain with Left side herniation
  189. More surgery to fix a fusion
  190. Thinking about getting a lumbar support
  191. Still confused as to what is going on with me! Replies wanted!!
  192. "loose" clicking and grinding in Neck
  193. Best shoes both dress & casual for severe back painp
  194. Anybody have this happen? Consulting Dr tells you one thing but your Surgeon another?
  195. Morning lower back pain
  196. update PLIF reschuled
  197. confused about diagnosis and treatment
  198. MRI-marrow signal heterogeneous
  199. back pain
  200. post-op PT
  201. no surgery yet
  202. bilateral hip injections helping!
  203. Severe back pain
  204. disk bulgement and sleeping
  205. Disk Herniation and genital Herpes
  206. Pre testing
  207. Cervical Spine Surgery
  208. ESI before Spinal Cord Stimulator!
  209. L5-S1 Surgery in January 2012
  210. Tingling...what does it mean?
  211. Old T12 Burst Fracture
  212. Lower left back and leg pain...please comment!
  213. Best chair to use when returning to work? (teacher)
  214. Lumbar fusion prognosis....now what?
  215. Severe Chronic Back and Leg Pain :(
  216. Herniated DISC!!!! HELP!!!!!
  217. Newbe with upcoming PLIF
  218. Returning to work?
  219. tingling where screws are?
  220. 28 year laborer humbly seeks info about protruding vertebrate
  221. Left foot drop, spinal stenosis, 2 surgerys
  222. neurologic deficit
  223. Valsalva maneuver
  224. Questions
  225. 5 days post anterior/posterior lumbar spinal fusion surgery
  226. info on leg strengthing,please
  227. Facet Joints
  228. Cracking/Clicking sound in left side of lower back when doing sit ups
  229. Everyone seems to have different opinions on my back problems.
  230. possible complications with back surgery and dizziness?
  231. Odd pain/numbness spreading from upper neck to shoulder blade?
  232. Pain in middle of back, beneath both shoulder blades up into neck and down left arm
  233. Pain in middle of back, beneath both shoulder blades up into neck and down left arm
  234. Can't Hardly Walk
  235. Scheduled for XLIF in January 2012 in Hamilton, NY
  236. Football, Turkey and Walk, Walk, Walk
  237. Pain in where torso and leg meet
  238. Sharp Pain Left Shoulder Blade
  239. Increased pain years after L1-L4 fusion
  240. Pain in leg 4 weeks after l4/l5 discectomy
  241. L4 Damage possible cause of drop foot?
  242. Numb Toes!
  243. can someone help me understand my MRI
  244. Post Surgery altered taste and smell 9 months later
  245. Bulging disc/spinal stenosis?
  246. Post ADR Scar Tissue
  247. Is it too late for physical therapy?
  249. Chronic Back Pain only
  250. Back Pain Neck Pain

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