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  1. Chronic Back Pain only
  2. Back Pain Neck Pain
  3. MRI Results
  4. Lower left side back pain with leg pain/Sciatic
  5. What is the difference between an annular bulge and a posterior bulge?
  6. FELL OFF HORSE IN JULY back pain still? no health care..dr please?
  7. Burning Toe - 1 week after L5 s1 disectormy
  8. C-Spine triple fusion with disc...
  9. Second Opinion Blues
  10. thoracic syrinx
  11. Weaning off lumbar brace after 3m... tips?
  12. post T6-L2 spinal fusion activities?
  13. Levoscoliosis found on MRI AFTER my lumbar fusion? heres my MRI Help plz
  14. lower back pain
  15. after effects from pain killing meds like percosect
  16. Fusion Issues, Again
  17. 24 Hours post Discogram.
  18. My clothes make my back pain much worse. Anyone else?
  19. sciatica not going away with PT
  20. I'm very happy with my decision!
  21. New symptom
  22. Lower back spasms + sciatica
  23. Does Exercise Help FBS at all?
  24. Good News 5 days out Total Disc Replacement S1-L5
  25. Hip and Leg pain after L5-S1 360 Fusion
  26. sciactica/ depression
  27. pilf scheduled for 11/18/2011
  28. swelling
  29. Bulging Disc and DDD
  30. advice on what's next?
  31. Can you become paralysed from herniated disc?
  32. update - 3m post-ALIF
  33. X-ray results
  34. A success story for Sacro-iliac pain
  35. Help for Chronic Back Pain
  36. need some honest answers - urgent - lumbar radiofrequency ablation
  37. Something Wonderful
  38. D.d.d.
  39. Update
  40. Lower back pain at night - my solution SHARED
  41. disco gram
  42. chiropractor causing a facet joint fracture??
  43. Help with MRI of C-Spine....
  44. Gratitude
  45. L5S1 Herniation Calf Weakness
  46. Artificial Disc Replacement S1-L5 Tomorrow
  47. Back pain after car accident, have questions
  48. My spinal fusion is done.
  49. neck surgery
  50. On my back all week, :(
  51. Back/shoulder "knots" are the bane of my life...
  52. Surgery to Remove Scar Tissue!
  53. L5-S1 Fusion DONE!
  54. Bulging disc pain killer not working
  55. confused and in pain
  56. Someone please explain this pain
  57. spine ,back problem
  58. back problem
  59. Mri results! Help!!
  60. Is there help for the pain?
  61. Injections and possible fusion? updated.
  62. back and shoulder trouble
  63. reherniation
  64. T6,7 herniated causing deformity to spinal cord
  65. Injections again?
  66. return of pain
  67. back,shoulder and neck pain.....need help please !!!!!!
  68. back shoulder
  69. Denial of Physical Therapy charges ~
  70. Fractures in sacrum and coccyx
  71. No fusion for me now, bad news...:(
  72. MIR Results - MORE HELP NEEDED PLEASE...my mother is seriously not getting NHS answer
  73. Relief!
  74. weird sensation
  75. 10w post ALIF...pain question
  76. MRI pain
  77. A straight thoracic?
  78. Chiropractor
  79. Back Pain Help!
  80. Doctors say nothing significant, but I hurt.
  81. Horrible back problems
  82. Post op Drugs - Why am I still in so much pain?
  83. PLIF complications & screw placement issue. Please help!
  84. Does my MRI look THAT bad??
  85. back and shoulder pain(chiropractor???)
  86. I finally did discogram yesterday, but the doctor didnít get a result as he expected
  87. fusion on nov 18
  88. Need back pain help
  89. Considering Back Surgery
  90. How fast back to sports after L5-S1?
  91. Open discectomy on 10/27.
  92. New SCS, possible migration?
  93. SI Joint dysfunction question
  94. New Here - Thoracic Spine Pain / MRI Results / Advice
  95. Fusion Surgery on the 31st.
  96. Taking care of drop foot while sleeping?
  97. totally confused about mri report
  98. Compression Fractures
  99. L5-S1 disc is totally gone - fusion next?
  100. back pain and dragging sensation in rightleg
  101. Possible pelvic fracture?!?
  102. how long out of work after a fusion?
  103. How long for PT?
  104. Pain getting worse not better - post TLIF
  105. Pain - should I be having it? Please help!
  106. Back Problems
  107. Scheduled to have L4-5 TLIF
  108. Need Advocate for severe back pain
  109. Don't tell me I can't do it...
  110. L5 S1 sciatic nerve pain
  111. MRI results - what does it mean
  112. Upcoming L5-S1 Spinal Fusion
  113. Severe back and leg pain
  114. Please help me (rare spinal condition)
  115. Any dr's do a Discogram in house not in a hospital?
  116. Excruciating Back Pain
  117. Back pain
  118. 2 days post op
  119. has anyone experienced this?
  120. Broken Back T6 T7 & T8
  121. Disc damage
  122. sunburn like burning pain from pinched back nerve?
  123. Help and advice needed for severe disc pain
  124. Pain around left shoulder blade
  125. Can you permanently injure your back from stretching?
  126. lower back pain
  127. I need help understanding the results of my MRI
  128. neuro vs ortho spiney
  129. Stabbing pain in mid-left back...what might it be?
  130. Fractured T6 T7 & T8 Vertabrae
  131. HELP! unknown intense shoulder pain
  132. 54 female never had back pain before
  133. soreback
  134. hip and back related pain
  135. hip realted back pain
  136. Are we done yet?
  137. one question before doing discogram
  138. Back Pains
  139. back pain
  140. AFO fitting
  141. Micodiscectomy 3 months post op pain
  142. Titanium rods
  143. Piriformis Syndrome
  144. medtronic stimulator
  145. Cymbalta dosage
  146. L5-S1 Fusion through my stomach area
  147. Reading MRI
  148. 2 issues: bad weather & tightness
  149. CT Scan Results
  150. T6-T7 Thoracic cause burning pain in Upper back?
  151. thoracic pain; 20 years old.
  152. A thought...
  153. Back problem
  154. Racz Procedure or Lysis of Adhesions
  155. Back Pain
  156. Fluid Build-Up Next to Spine
  157. hi everyone
  158. self payed MRI need some help please
  159. Operation tomorrow :(
  160. Fractures around back Hardware
  161. Progress? Really? Progress?
  162. Looking for friends in Wi with similiar problems
  163. 3 days post-microdiscectomy L5/S1
  164. looking for input on a lumbar MRI
  165. Trying to cut back pain meds
  166. Numbness after surgery
  167. Aqua therapy - - really?
  168. MRI Results, help with understanding
  169. confusing CT result and medical opinions
  170. Running in Aqua Therapy...
  171. Failed fusion?
  172. Nerve block
  173. interesting finding in medical records
  174. Aqua therapy
  175. Silly complaint - but maybe someone has a great idea
  176. 26 year old with herniated discs in c-spine, need advice, please help me!
  177. Lumbar MRI - Would someone please assist me?
  178. 26 year old with 3 herniated discs in c-spine seeking advice
  179. Upcoming Surgery
  180. Scary Future
  181. After lower back muscles injury, My back keeps clicking w/out pain
  182. Signs of hardware problem?
  183. 2m post-alif (L5/S1)
  184. DId I herniate a disk please help
  185. herniated disc
  186. 9 Days post TLIF
  187. 2 weeks now since back surgery
  188. nerve damaged caused by herniated disc
  189. burst fracture L-4 April 2011
  190. 9 weeks post discectomy - lump on incision
  191. PT Question
  192. numbness and tingling feet and legs
  193. Staving off the blues as time slowly goes by...
  194. Any positives to Nerve Root Injection??
  195. Burning in my left shoulder blade
  196. Mid to Upper right back pain since pregnancy
  197. back pain
  198. Why does my back crack and hurt all the time?
  199. I think i got disc injury.. how to safely move sit... and can i ride car?
  200. mr
  201. Please help me- Back/Sij problems
  202. Please help me
  203. silly excitement
  204. So confused! Horrible pain in legs
  205. 4 days post op TLIF
  206. Spinal fusion with low back problems
  207. Am I icing or heating too much?
  208. Fiancee's ALIF L5 S1 in a week, the right choice?
  209. chronic pain from herniated discs in thoracic, cervical & lumbar spine
  210. Second Surgery
  211. i need help understanding my MRI, for military medical
  212. options?
  213. L5/S1 front and back surgery
  214. Severe upper back pain
  215. lower back problem
  216. Post TLIF spasms - ideas
  217. Have you found your core muscles???
  218. Post fusion ALIF L5_S1
  219. Final Report from Mayo and other thoughts on fusion problems
  220. Popped my back now I'm scared. HELP!
  221. Not new to back pain but...so tired of dealing with everyday struggles:(
  222. About to have cervical epidural...info please!
  223. Degenerative Disc Disease
  224. Day one post op TLIF L4-S1
  225. Pain after ALIF L5/S1
  226. Fusion failed, Rods broke
  227. L4/L5 Herniation - Surgery Only Option Spine Doc Says
  228. AFO Suggestions?
  229. facing 3 level fusion with Lupus
  230. Alif
  231. Surgery delay - why?
  232. What can I expect??
  233. C3 - T1 Surgery Questions
  234. pain management in charlotte nc
  235. Returning to work after spinal fractures
  236. pain after surgery
  237. Laminectomy Recovery
  238. dynesys
  239. Dollar cost of Facet Joint Injections??
  240. Facet shots and Medicare
  241. Bone tuberculosis disease, is this curable?
  242. Final countdown to surgery!
  243. Pain Management
  244. Need advice Iv suffered enough please help. mri and ct scan results
  245. mri interpetation
  246. to good weekends
  247. lumbar MRI
  248. vertebral hemangiomas
  249. Another Question about Fusion
  250. Return of nerve function: How does it feel?

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