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  1. Sciatica and dermatomes question
  2. Help needed...desperate mum
  3. minor disc bulg/sciatica
  4. MRI Lumbar Spine results
  5. 3 level lumbar fusion receommendation
  6. What's causing no strength in legs?
  7. continued leg pain 2.5 months after spinal decompression
  8. Health
  9. Microdiscectomy Post op - Hamstring Tightness, Stretch or No Stretch
  10. Spinal Stenosis
  11. massage chairs?
  12. MRI Results - Need Help Understanding it All
  13. What kind of doctor should I see?
  14. Plain English?!
  15. Dr's stumped
  16. Is there a name for this injury?
  17. Torn muscle/tendon/ligament?
  18. New here. Had a L4-L5 fusion 4-21-11
  19. Hurt back CT questions?
  20. Tarlov cysts on back/sacrum
  21. Post-Op L2 L3 L4 L5 Revision Laminectomy and Fusion with instrumentation and B-Graft
  22. Numb like feeling in back/abdomen
  23. arthritis or spinal problem?
  24. MRI results- reherniation I presume
  25. Co- joined nerves- what does this mean?
  26. New to the Forum--In need of help bad!
  27. Sharp low back and hip pain if standing still
  28. Trying to understand my Cervical MRI
  29. Extreme back pain
  30. neck pain
  31. Abouth to have 3rd spine surgery and I only just turned 30
  32. I decided to try the DRX9000.
  33. My spine.
  34. I have issues !
  35. back brace
  36. Should I get surgery??
  37. scheduled anterior and posterior cervical surgery for c4-c7
  38. SSDI Approval
  39. Unusual (rare) alternating leg sciatica
  40. Can someone help?
  41. Please respond
  42. Problems straightening leg...
  43. Spinal Cord Stimulation Surgery
  44. Driving evaluation after lumbar fusion
  45. Lower disc back pain help?
  46. Unbearable Pain from L5-S1 and Sciatica
  47. MRI Help
  48. new surgery suggested
  49. Problem with neck and head? Clicking, pain, dizziness etc.
  50. Doing Epidural injection needs to rest remainder of the day?
  51. neuromuscular therapy ..
  52. story of a partner not with the pain but feels it all
  53. Question about types of disc issues
  54. Lump on lower back
  55. Leg pain returning 2 weeks post discectomy.
  56. Translating spine MRI results
  57. back pain
  58. Have developed Foot drop after laminotomy/discectomy
  59. Sacroiliitis
  60. Back Dimple Protrusion
  61. partial sacralized l5... anyone have this?
  62. Spinal cord stimulator
  63. Skin Patches for Back Pain ??
  64. update on chiro that screwed me up!
  65. Returning back pain...what could it be?
  66. returning to work after Lumbar Fusion
  67. Low back pain, rectal pressure
  68. upper back pain 2 years after cervical fusion
  69. Cervical pain
  70. Back, neck, shoulders, and sciatic pain
  71. 6 weeks post microdiscectomy
  72. Any medicine good for nerve pain?
  73. mid right back section, in pain
  74. PLIF surgery coming up!
  75. Remaining nerve problems annoying
  76. Back Problems please help
  77. post op microdiscectomy 5 days
  78. Update on two level fusion
  79. new member
  80. partial l5 sacralization, is this really bad?
  81. Two words to fix your back pain
  82. MRI please help...referred to spine specialist
  83. Schmorl's Nodes in Young Adult Female
  84. L4-L5, S1, herinated disc, Sciatica pls help...
  85. Has anyone tried theraflex before ?
  86. spondylosis with son
  87. Can a muscle imbalance cause scoliosis?
  88. Back Problem
  89. What to expect???
  90. pain weeks after discectomy
  91. Do I need a second opinion?
  92. frustrated, growing impatient and pain meds don't seem to be working anymore...
  93. Don't let fusion scare you ! It can be great
  94. Tingling/prickly feeling down spine
  95. Chronic Pancreatitis,Liver Disease
  96. Sciatic Nerve help
  97. Does anyone else feel this way about their pain?
  98. While Sleeping - I'm pulling out my back. Any Suggestions?
  99. First Post
  100. HELP...Scheduled for a Discogram
  101. SOOO sad/frustrated with SI Joint Pain!
  102. Dynesys® Dynamic Stabilization System...experiences anyone?
  103. Update on my back
  104. Random localized butt pain
  105. Fusion surgery, pain meds and depression
  106. Tramadol is the devil
  107. Need MRI Report Translated
  108. Someobody please help!
  109. 3month post ALIF no fusion but take life back as long as comfortable?
  110. Weight loss after back surgery
  111. gastric bypass and long acting meds
  112. Slipped disc, please help?
  113. severe left leg pain following laminectomy
  114. Pain worse than before surgery
  115. Finally...after nearly 10 years
  116. sexual/control/mental issues ? not sure - please help
  117. Post L5/S1 Micro Discectomy Leg Strength Issue - HELP!
  118. T12 fracture
  119. Need acdf
  120. New here...PM dr referred me to neurosurgeon
  121. Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS)
  122. Dentists' chair and back pain
  123. Chiropractic Care
  124. epidural lipomatosis & Moderate degenerative disc space narrowing & desiccation
  125. Is this sciatica?
  126. Back Pain and Breathing probs
  127. spinal fusion, success!
  128. Info on ALIF surgery ???
  129. sex after spinal fusion?
  130. 9 weeks post-op L3-L4-L5
  131. update on back problem,
  132. 5 months post surgery L4L5 fusion/Laminectomy
  133. Herniated disc dilemma
  134. update.. on more pain and numbness after surgery
  135. Sharp Pain in Thoracic Region
  136. numbness in my heel
  137. Upcoming L2 L3 L4 L5 revision laminectomy and plif fusion with instrumentation
  138. Levator Ani Syndrome
  139. Post laminectomy consultation questions
  140. New here - Considering L4-L5 microdiscectomy, need advice
  141. My husband's back
  142. MRI results
  143. Another "bulging" disk thread!
  144. Question regarding Radiologist Report
  145. 23 year old with DDD
  146. Very light pain in lower back(on waking up in the morning)
  147. acupuncture
  148. Hi new here any advice??
  149. i think my chiro made things WORSE!
  150. Absolutely desperate!
  151. Levator Ani?
  152. Very good news!
  153. post surgery limited motion and stiffness
  154. back pain
  155. hemilaminotomy/microdiskectomy
  156. Post lumbar fusion 3-4 4-5
  157. Alif surgery.
  158. Possible Broken Tail-bone ???
  159. "the Medico-Legal Roundabout"
  160. Info on ALIF surgery. Anyone please!!
  161. Pain Receptors
  162. Now what, post laminectomy syndrome , epidural firbosis what does this all mean?
  163. Foot Buzz
  164. Strange feeling in my head, please help!
  165. Multilevel DDD - Too Advanced for Surgery ??
  166. MRI Results-Cervical-Help
  167. Laminectomy recovery
  168. L5/S1 decompression operated on on Friday
  169. Anyone have radiofrequency neurotomy, how long does pain last afterward?
  170. nerve pain after lumbar surgery
  171. Botox injections (medical)
  172. schedule l5-s1 fusion surgery for may 5th, starting to doubt my decision. please help
  173. Sciatica but only when standing
  174. X-Ray, clear. MRI, clear. EMG, clear - yet excrutiating pain still!
  175. Headaches, cracking, and now severe neck pain
  176. Massive pain 1 year after fusion L5 S1
  177. Leg numb after 2+months
  178. Desert Ins for Spine Care / SquawPeak Fac.
  179. Back issues
  180. L2 spine fusion fracture and collar fracture
  181. Walking Pain Away?
  182. Epidural Steroid Injection and Headache
  183. compression or decompression
  184. Back pain
  185. Anyone else experienced this with their scar?
  186. newbie looking for any advice
  187. when will the pain stop!!!
  188. Hip joints
  189. Have no clue what the problem is :(
  190. Back/Neck Issues
  191. Strange back pain
  192. Lumbar spondylitic disease & severe foot pain
  193. how long till sent to pain mang
  194. T7 Compression Fracture, 4 Months Out
  195. Hyperacusis: Spine Related?
  196. XLIF for Spondiolythesis - 2 Month Post-Op Update
  197. painful constant neck popping
  198. spine fracture could use some input
  199. Rhizolysis
  200. Lumbar surgery a success or failure?
  201. Toradol 5 day max of use
  202. 2 back surgeries later and still in great pain!
  203. Vicodin.... Strong Pain Med, not for my pains?
  204. Herniated Disc: Healing Without Surgery
  205. Disectomy after old fusion
  206. Weird Lower Back Symptom...what is it?
  207. middle backpain
  208. Kissing Spine
  209. Has Anyone Had a Rhizotomy ?
  210. MRI report, need help understanding it
  211. Disc herniation input- LONG -
  212. Medical procedures instead of pills
  213. can you have an open MRI without the contrast for the thoracic spine ?
  214. Chronic pain-and intimacy
  215. Another question .....
  216. Piriformis syndrome
  217. upper back pain
  218. What's wrong with me?
  219. 11 weeks post L4-S1 two level lumbar fusion...
  220. Decompression and instrumented fusion
  221. MRI help...
  222. To ALIF or Not to ALIF, That is the question
  223. Continued pain, numbness, burning, weakness, after surgery???
  224. Sciatica and sleep?
  225. desperate in the desert
  226. Groin pain is worse today
  227. Dr. John Sarno & Healing Back Pain
  228. ALIF Surgery in 10 days
  229. back pain
  230. 4 months after surgery
  231. SI Joint Pain
  232. MRI being done: Does it matter how I lay?
  233. low back & rectal pain
  234. L3 L4 L5 S1 fusion
  235. Newbie - L4-L5, L5-S1 -Pain for 2+ years - Positive Disco-gram - HELP!
  236. pain rotating to jaw
  237. Lower Back Pain from sitting to much with ankle cast
  238. Trigger point injections
  239. Throbbing/Pulsing Pain in Lower Back When Sitting
  240. Had 4 facet joint injections
  241. Bracing
  242. Personal Spinal Cord Stimulator Question
  243. time to decide
  244. injections/pain management/meds/spondylolisthesis.
  245. Have a screw loose!
  246. What is wrong with my back?! (Picture)
  247. MRI - Don't understand the results! Help..hurting!!!
  248. Orthodics for lower back pain
  249. Groin pain from back? Need help please!
  250. Weird Spine Related Symptoms

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