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  1. counting down (ALIF)
  2. L5/S1 discectomy - post op 2 days. Walking advice!
  3. Need support!!!
  4. L5/S1 disc prolapse:Will my back be weak for life?
  5. Mckenzie physical therapy
  6. Intolerable Upper Back Pain when Sitting
  7. What to do?
  8. Is there any way to exercise muscles not being innervated by nerves?
  9. Anyone here had a discography?
  10. bulging disc and other issues
  11. Back pain questions..
  12. In-depth EMG/Nerve Conduction = Very Bad News
  13. Lower back muscle lumps
  14. Thoracic Syrinx
  15. Need fusion and very nervous
  16. has anyone had percutaneous disc decompression?
  17. Piriformis
  18. 8-mos Post-Op Microdiscectomy & Laminectomy - recurring lower back pain
  19. Bruised/Broken tailbone?
  20. How does a damaged peroneal reveal its healing progress?
  21. Braces and Shoes (Sandals) for Drop Foot and Nerve Pain
  22. neurostimulator vasovagle syncope
  23. Discography
  24. Need help w/MRI results please!
  25. Lower back pain question.
  26. Need advice about L4-5 disc herniation
  27. cost of microdiscectomy?
  28. New CT Myelogram- Not Great News???
  29. Broomstick for a spine
  30. Back Again!
  31. L5 S1 Back surgery questions
  32. Update on my L5-S1 Surgery and after effects =( it's not good
  33. Spinal fusion medical tourism
  34. First week of vertebral fracture recovery
  35. On going L5-S1 Discectomy problems and pain
  36. Lower Back pain -Spinal Cord bone problem
  37. Trigger point withdrawals???
  38. Can't walk in mornings!
  39. How long does It take to become addicted to fentanyl patches (50 mcg)?
  40. exploratory surgery
  41. Sijd
  42. Sijd
  43. spinal cord stimulator, does it feel like a tens unit does?
  44. just out of L5/S1 microdidcectomy/decompression
  45. sciatica. microdiscectomy. still in pain.
  46. L4-L5 fusion needed and have questions!!!
  47. L4 Disc Degeneration/severe Sciatica
  48. Injections while on Naltrexone??
  49. Nerve healing -- How can you tell?
  50. Screening for lumbar implants-feel like it's too much of a business
  51. Introducing myself
  52. My husbands back pain
  53. Disc bulge symptoms alarmingly worse sorry long post please help!!
  54. Canadaian Experiences?
  55. Home Traction for Sciatica
  56. it's been yrs since I have been here
  57. Had back pain for 2 months then leg swelling?
  58. What you wish you knew (ALIF)
  59. spinal fusion/hardware removal
  60. large herniated disc L4L5 in 15 y.o. athlete
  61. More Drop foot after surgery
  62. cervical facet injectons
  63. Thoracic ruptures, legs falling asleep when lying down????
  64. Micro Disco Coming up, Need Advice
  65. Compression fracture info?
  66. Epideral causing slipped disc??
  67. jolting
  68. MRI confusion
  69. bruise on back
  70. No relief for my back pain?
  71. Im going nuts,,,,after 3 back surgeries
  72. Daughter with congenital abnormality
  73. EMG/Nerve Conduction Results after fusion
  74. Mystery back pain
  75. Spinal Fusion
  76. spine problems
  77. Loss of cervical lordosis-muscular spasm
  78. Any feedback on pain in leg during sleeping
  79. 6 months out from L5-S1 PLIF...still have pain from standing
  80. One week out from lumbar fusion!!
  81. Cyst on my spine?
  82. Spondylolithesis
  83. Decision - L4-S1 Fusion or wait?
  84. I have a lot wrong with my back need help for some tips.
  85. Exercise after fusion (short-term and long-term)?
  86. 4 Months Post Microdiscectomy......HELP!!!
  87. Back lockup
  88. Severve shoulder pain and burning
  89. Moving to Houston, any Doctor recommendations?
  90. Back
  91. Help understanding Cervical MRI
  92. ouch! Bad pain after physical therapy"
  93. hi, I'm new
  94. Steroids and/or NSAIDs after fusion
  95. Hydromorphone/Dilaudid
  96. What is postsurgical magnetic artifact on MRI?
  97. lower back pain
  98. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation?
  99. Wide spread, horrible pain, no diagnosis.. help!
  100. new with back problems question!
  101. Microdiscectomy 5 days post op
  102. Newbie here, awaiting ALIF surgery for DDD/stenosis
  103. backpain
  104. i'm crying, i just need an answer...
  105. Does any one know Lumbar discogram and intradiscal injections of glucosamine and dext
  106. Sciatic pain, no diagnosis?
  107. Help. Lower back pain kills me if I stand too long.
  108. fusion or wait??
  109. Alif and digestion
  110. Left SI joint not working. Possible causes?
  111. spine surgery if you also have fibromyalgia and neuropathic pain
  112. 4 weeks post anterior lumbar fusion
  113. Considering a sacroiliac fusion? I had one...
  114. DDD C3-T8, started at 33, now 45...anyone else this bad?
  115. bone breaking leg cramps
  116. Searching for answers for burning the nerves in lumbar area.
  117. Lower back pain
  118. Back pain
  119. New burning pain in all of legs and buttocks and feet. hurts to walk
  120. What is a facet injection into L5/S1?
  121. 4 Level lumbar fusion
  122. L5-S1 Discectomy done in April now experiencing extreme pain in my back and right leg
  123. Synovial Cysts
  124. Microscopic Decompression L5-S1 (Synovial Cyst)
  125. Piercing pain in the lower back after microdiscectomy
  126. Contemplating L5-S1 Fusion
  127. Foot Drop After Fusion?
  128. 16 herniated discs!!!!????
  129. Is Epidural the only way which P M doctor treat pain is caused by disc herniation?
  130. Back pain and sleep
  131. L4-L5 Fusion Complications
  132. The back pain problem
  133. Realistic Time Frame Relief from Pain/Numbness After Fusion
  134. TLIF.. 2 early to be FBSS?
  135. Oxycotin vs Hydrocodone
  136. I am still in PAIN!!! Advice?
  137. Concerns about Functional Capacity Exam outcome
  138. Do I need a lawyer
  139. bad, painful back
  140. YOWSA!! EXCRUCIATING SCIATIC PAIN!! Electric shock sensations!
  141. Back Problem Again!
  142. Why am I in agony?
  143. Bad Back
  144. Uneasy feeling all over the body
  145. Is it possible to restore a lumbar curve?
  146. Post ALIF surgery with severe leg pain
  147. Transition from walker to cane - Suggestions?
  148. MRI Results...what does it mean?
  149. Degenerated Disc at 30 years old
  150. 18 Y.o. 24/7 pain failed surgery
  151. Help please!!
  152. back pain
  153. popping in the mid back
  154. dizziness from c1 and c2 atlas and axis?
  155. 1 year post fusion surgery
  156. Lots of problems, 2 surgeries to choose from
  157. Lots of problems, 2 surgeries to choose from
  158. so i have 2 options...help!
  159. 3 months post surgery
  160. How long after L5S1 micro disectomy surgery can I resume my active life.
  161. Microdiscectomy - Positive Stories
  162. Sick of it!
  163. Help! MRI report results - what does it mean?
  164. Last resort operation?
  165. suddenly intense sciatic pain after 3 weeks
  166. hip slightly raised??? is this normal after spasm?
  167. Front of thigh & knee pain
  168. Failed fusion, advice and questions.
  169. Flying after lumbar fusion
  170. DDD Disk replacement or fusion? or both?
  171. SI Joint Therapy Confusion
  172. Bulgin with bonespurs also some mild to moderate closing
  173. MRI report opinions please.
  174. Yesssssss
  175. Maltluver: Welcome Back!
  176. what causes compression of the thecal sac
  177. Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion
  178. Compression fracture 5 months ago
  179. Newbie
  180. My fusion story begins!
  181. Bilateral L5 pars defects with grade 2 spondylolisthesis. Severe bilateral foraminal
  182. Pain in the back
  183. Translate dictation help
  184. muscle spasms in back
  185. steroid weight gain
  186. Looking for statistics on success of S1-L5 fusions
  187. 17 days Post PLIF Succeses & Frustrations
  188. 20 year old girl, 24/7 back pain
  189. question regarding rods being put in??
  190. Upper back and ribs
  191. pins and needles in legs, feet and abdomen
  192. sciatica problem?
  193. Pain after back surgery
  194. sciatica
  195. Going off the patch or any opiate after surgery.
  196. New to board-Post ACDF and Microdecompression
  197. Dread 4 o`clock
  198. Correcting posture - tingling?
  199. Help understanding MRI results for lower back pain
  200. Post L5/S1 Micro Discectomy Leg Ache Issue - HELP!
  201. I have questions
  202. L4-l5 hematoma
  203. can anyone help me interpret this MRI report the doc gave me?
  204. Thinking about surgery..
  205. Finally had the surgery
  206. Reflexes
  207. neck and back trouble with weakish left leg
  208. Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion -- What's the Scoop?
  209. Another Fusion L5-S1 this time....
  210. Undiagnosed and unexplained back pain
  211. Electro-stimulator
  212. Low Intesity Laser Treatment
  213. Need help understanding MRI report
  214. Wife considering back fusion
  215. Lower Back pain when walking for
  216. Lower back pain/pinched nerve - What helped me
  217. Lumbar and now cervical pain
  218. How to decide on fusion?
  219. Fusion advice if anyone wants it
  220. Never any back pain until 38 years old
  221. Still struggling 5 months later
  222. Severe lower back pain. Need advice.
  223. Chronic Low Back Pain
  224. Alif
  225. how do you sleep?
  226. Lower back & Hip pains, please help!?
  227. Back pain therapy?
  228. oh no....back hurting/foot..toe numbness??
  229. i need help pls....
  230. Severe Lower Back Pain/Discomfort.
  231. Lower Back/Leg Pain
  232. Anyone have this pain reoccurance
  233. Can anyone figure this out????
  234. Should I trust my Pain Management doctor or a surgeon I havenít seen yet ?
  235. Choice: Lumbar Fusion vs. Spinal Stimulator vs. stay the course
  236. Here we go again!!
  237. Discectomy of L5-S1 Post op questions
  238. Help me understand mri
  239. Thermoskin and tens unit
  240. EMG Question
  241. Severe pain in Right Shoulder Blade area
  242. Back pain...
  243. Newbie herniated disc surgery story
  244. discectomy above old fusion
  245. Post ACDF Progress
  246. Paranoia Over Re-Injury Following Surgery
  247. Sciatica
  248. Very worried.
  249. Hi, I'm new!
  250. Many questions post spinal fusion

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