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  1. Neck pain from back pain?
  2. Back Problems triggered by a fan
  3. New problem from old back fracture
  4. PILF L5 S1 Post Op Spasms
  5. New MRI - terrified - impingement on thecal sac from osteophyte c5/c6
  6. MRI Results - Spine and Brain After MVA
  7. what is causing my back pain?
  8. Struggling After Thoracic Fusion
  9. Week 5 L5 S1 fusion
  10. Back Pain
  11. Waist and back tingling and tightness
  12. T3 T4 Issues
  13. Broken Titanium Rods - Failed Fusion
  14. Long Time Back Pain
  15. hardware removal
  16. nothing working for me really
  17. Feet feel like I have walked 20 miles
  18. two days after shot si pain
  19. Xlif l4-l5
  20. Bad pain, really stiff !!
  21. headache day after si joint injection
  22. Upper back pain :(
  23. Help
  24. Chronic back pain.
  25. Post op pain
  26. Help me better understand my MRI report
  27. Low-mid back pain - suggested exercises?
  28. understanding MRI Lumbar spine
  29. Pain below back of neck
  30. Chronic Muscle Pain, Limited Results
  31. going BACKwards
  32. Exercise post spinal fusion
  33. Will a surgeon work off a year old MRI?
  34. Back and Neck Pain after accident. need help with MRI results
  35. Cervical foraminal Question
  36. unilateral night shoulder muscles twiching
  37. disk bulging, stenosis, osteophyte complex, what are these?
  38. Is it normal to still experience tailbone pain three years after an injury
  39. Cold laser therapy
  40. Bulging Disc leading to Sciatica with Head to Toe Body Numbness [HELP]
  41. Multilevel degenerative changes
  42. Getting Frustrated
  43. Can I be helped with Surgery in this case? L5
  44. Persistent lower back strain!!!
  45. Re mri
  46. MRI Results
  47. Small Lower Back Pain That Refuses to Go Away
  48. Desperate for help (MRI results included)
  49. CT vs MRI
  50. Access to my MRI files
  51. Compare two MRI-s
  52. Fatigue post-op spinal fusion
  53. Spinal MRI
  54. Mix of Symptoms - Tailbone pain
  55. Lower Back Pain
  56. Reaching out for help
  57. What can it be?
  58. Middle back pain in 18 year old! Help! :(
  59. Bulging disc, pain if standing or walking for longer periods
  60. Lower back pain. Hard to walk. Low options.
  61. Am I a wimp for needing pain meds?
  62. MRI Severe Stenosis?
  63. MRI Interpretation of Cervical and Lumbar Spine
  64. Leg numbness recovery
  65. L4-L5 microdiscectomy
  66. depression before spine surgery
  67. Lower back/buttocks pain and nerves
  68. Pain will not leave
  69. spine exam complete, What does all this mean?
  70. Has anyone tried the laser therapy for pain?
  71. Mri help
  72. TLIF two level lumbar fusion
  73. Rfd
  74. Trying to stay Positive!
  75. What is a good back strain book?
  76. Back pain
  77. low back sharp pain one side
  78. Spondylosis, great deal of pain
  79. Fusion failing again
  80. Leg numbness, post Car accident.
  81. lower Back Pain or kidney?
  82. Anybody else with partial fusion as a partial fix
  83. Back surgeons
  84. First time post
  85. MRI and EMG results
  86. Ischial Tuberosity Bursitis aka Weaver's bottom pain
  87. When back feels better, how should one "rest"? sit? stand? lay flat?
  88. back pain
  89. after a fall - mri help !!!
  90. After care when back is "healed"??? not sure what to do :(
  91. Continuous Back Pain
  92. Sit pain - not tail bone
  93. MRI Interppretation Help
  94. MRI help and treatment options
  95. Ischial sit pain
  96. I need some advice
  97. Lower back pain
  98. L1-L2 & L2-L3 disc protusion
  99. 360 spinal fusion will NOT fuse
  100. 8 months post op PLIF - questions
  101. Lower Back Pain from Auto Accident
  102. Upper Back Pain/Arm Pain
  103. Back Pain Years after Surgery
  104. Had foot reconstruction. Could l4-l5 caused all of this?!
  105. Prickly pain from neck to groin....
  106. Cold bones and pains in left leg and hip
  107. Spinal cord simulators
  108. back problems sciatic
  109. Zorvolex Causing Excessive Hunger?
  110. lower back and cocyx pain after fall
  111. Intercostal muscle strain? Please help.
  112. Looking for feedback re: Microdiscectomy - surgery 1/19/15 - no leg pain but weakness
  113. Pain in Lower back / Perineum
  114. Strange pain in hip/back/groin?
  115. 5 Months Post-Microdisectomy toe pain/calf ache
  116. What would you do?
  117. lower back pain after many strenuous activities
  118. Microdiscectomy 13 weeks post op pain
  119. Pilonidal Cyst
  120. Tailbone Pain
  121. Pain
  122. Newbee here, Just went through Discogram.
  123. Mystery diagnosis ... please HELP!
  124. Undecided Microdiscectomy L5/S1 Left
  125. Disc protrusion
  126. The right hand side of the sciatic nerve
  127. spine tightness when I lean forward
  128. Strange symptoms
  129. Lethargic after laminectomy and fusion
  130. Help with MRI & XR & question about "Back Mice"
  131. Accute Lumbar Radiculopathy
  132. SI Joint Injections
  133. Back 'Popping' and 'cracking' following spinal fusion
  134. PLEASE help - tell me what these results mean
  135. Newbie/Hubby's Myelogram
  136. Pulled muscle in upper back - now pain has moved
  137. Inversion Therapy
  138. BEWARE of pain meds anytime
  139. Consistent muscle pain between Shoulder Blades
  140. new here, introduction
  141. Going back to work after fusion
  142. loss of bladder/bowel after lumbar laminectomy
  143. 2nd Spinal Fusion
  144. revision scheduled
  145. Back Issues and MRI Questions
  146. Need assistance understanding MRI results
  147. Lump on lower right backside
  148. Neck stiff tight muscles
  149. Fractured spine x2 and nerve damage
  150. difficulty in straightening thoracic spine 7 months lumbar fusion
  151. bone growth stimulator for fusion
  152. Radiating back pain - Please help
  153. The Whiplash Injury that just keeps giving
  154. severe facet anthrosis
  155. Smoking before fusion surgery
  156. MRI results and concerns
  157. L5/S1 anterior fusion
  158. Not Feeling Awesome, lam, fusion
  159. doctor's not willing to dig for answer, please help.
  160. 24 years old ... troubling back pain?
  161. Laminectomy or not?
  162. back to work after back surgery
  163. MRI Report
  164. Back, Neck, Rib, Shoulder Pain
  165. What does my MRI results mean
  166. When to get an MRI for lower back pain?
  167. Sudden Herniation Type Pain Caused by Arthritis?
  168. Too Young to Give Up.
  169. Having spinal fusion and foraminotomy
  170. back, shoulders and neck popping more
  171. New Diagnosis - long story short
  172. Low back pain
  173. Low back pain
  174. Low back pain
  175. kill nerves in back
  176. ALIF Cold foot
  177. Can someone help me in translating this Dx?
  178. MRI vrs CT Scan?
  179. acdf c5 c6 3 months and still painfull
  180. Microdiscectomy and smoking
  181. L5-S1 Fusion surgery
  182. Thoracic disc protrusion
  183. Grinding in Spine After Fusion
  184. revision to fusion - recovery outlook?
  185. why does sciatic pain come back with a vengence?
  186. GREAT Story - L4-S1 Fusion w Discectomy
  187. Lower abdominal pain and sensitivity post surgery
  188. L5 confused with L6 in fusion surgery
  189. L3 thru L5 laminectomy/discectomy with fusion
  190. Discussion, ideas of MRI results
  191. back itch and pain
  192. weak legs and pelvic pain after back surgery?
  193. two weeks after a fall
  194. Continued leg pain
  195. L5/S1 Disk herniation, On/off pain,Whether to have surgey or not
  196. L5/S1 Disk herniation, On/off pain,Whether to have surgey or not
  197. back pain
  198. Cold feet?
  199. Pain Below Right Shoulder Blade
  200. Questions on spinal fusion one month out
  201. Retrolisthesis L5-S1...
  202. Interpreting mri results of cervical spine
  203. MRI help?
  204. Help deciphering MRI with Contrast
  205. Back ache.
  206. Fayetteville, NC - severe back pain medication
  207. Upper back pain
  208. Microscopic discectomy common question
  209. Emotional/depressed after 3 level Fusion
  210. Seeking a diagnosis
  211. What could be causing my back pain?
  212. lower back pain
  213. MRI findings, please translate to english :)
  214. What to expect during recovery after PLIF L3-5 With Instrumentation
  215. Severe back pain, on medication, no help.
  216. My back
  217. please
  218. nervous about postoperative xray
  219. Serious Back Pain
  220. Spine??
  221. Back pain in the morning and thru the day?
  222. hip buttock pain when standing straight and walking
  223. help me with this please!
  224. Pain after third fusion instrumentation T12 to S1
  225. What do these mri results mean?
  226. Need help interpreting MRI results
  227. New here concerned
  228. Chiro sprained my lumbar region ... BADLY
  229. nerve pain after surgery
  230. Lower Back/Hip Pain - When walking
  231. More back problems!!
  232. 1 Month Post Op - L5/S1 360 Fusion
  233. Facet Rhiztomies side effects and how many is too many (i am at 25 plus)
  234. Lumbar MRI
  235. New here, any help appreciated
  236. Insurance refused Spinal Cord Stimulator - waiting to hear from appeal
  237. My injury confuses chiropractors ... any thoughts?
  238. Looking for suggestions/encouragement following 180 fusion
  239. I do not understand my MRI report can anybody help?
  240. Sciatica and red feet?
  241. hip/groin pain
  242. Ant/pos spinal fusion
  243. Can't stand for more than a few minutes w/o pain
  244. Tail bone pain help pls!!!
  245. Piriformis vs L4/L5 vs SI Joint - S1 pain pattern
  246. hip pain after fusion surgery
  247. L3-S1 fusion looking for info
  248. Retrolisthesis and nerve block injection
  249. Cervical + Upper Thoracic pain
  250. Pain medications..What are you taking and does it work?

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