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  1. Uncomfortable for years
  2. Back feels better when pregnant why?
  3. Multi level spinal problems. Advise please help.
  4. undiagnosed low back injury
  5. Random lump!
  6. Scheduled for an L5-S1 fusion via anterior.
  7. Tlif fusion 11 months ago and im in more pain now help
  8. Back problem could be a colon problem
  9. Can antibiotics cure back pain?
  10. Pain in upper back, Rib and Chest
  11. Sedation for SI Injection?
  12. Chair back brace
  13. Back Pain Due to Weight Loss?
  14. No Answer's and Frustrated
  15. First epidural
  16. 12 mm herniated disc
  17. Acute pain in front rib and upper back
  18. Please advise for 58 year old female.
  19. Waking up with nausea off and on ... back problem?
  20. Ball in back?
  21. nerve pain
  22. New symptoms :( New Meds
  23. New here with DDD
  24. Need advice please
  25. Is this normal for Mild scoliosis?
  26. Gluteal Pain, Ischial Tuberosity Disorder
  27. 22yo LCBP, Needing 2nd Surgery, Herniations/Stenosis/More
  28. Need advice on ALIF L5/S1 Fusion
  29. Back Pain can be a colon problem
  30. Spine pain
  31. Trigger Point Injections, very scared
  32. Sciatica question
  33. What do you think - See NS on 26th
  34. Can't wait to know what I've done!
  35. New here... Constant pain and want my life back
  36. Did I break my back? NEED ADVICE
  37. Sciatica flare up years after Microdiscectomy
  38. Spine answers needed
  39. 7 weeks out of surgery
  40. Neck pain from working on laptop
  41. Living with two buldging discs and nerve damage
  42. Sciatic nerve pain in leg
  43. Please your two cents
  44. Very sensitive under feet
  45. Post Fusion L5-S1 1 yr. caused symptoms
  46. compound fractured t5-t8
  47. Piriformis syndrome/sciatica
  48. Back After Inactivity
  49. Pain!!
  50. Spinal Stimulator trial tomorrow morning
  51. Back pain with numbness down right arm
  52. Failed back surgery and Fibromyalgia flare up
  53. Decompression Surgery L2-S1
  54. backbone
  55. Low Back or Hip Pain?
  56. New ... back pain after car accident
  57. Lumbar spine x ray
  58. Lumbar microdisectomy
  59. Severe Siatic Pain down Right Leg
  60. Help with understanding!
  61. Should I have the epidural?
  62. nucleoplasty candidate seeking help!
  63. back pain disorder treatment
  64. Back pain after epidural shot/changing to Opana?
  65. Lower back problem, inflamed nerve, and hard to walk help!
  66. For those with multiple surgeries ...
  67. Mystery back pain and side pain
  68. Pain areas: Lower back, feet, spine & neck
  69. Back pain - contemplating surgery?
  70. Epidural and allergy to contrast dye
  71. Any ideas?
  72. Help me
  73. 19 months after back surgery and it's so swollen
  74. Back pain and swelling
  75. Inversion table for sciatica?
  76. MRI help please!
  77. Herination L4-L5-S1 and now both legs. Did injection *advice*
  78. New guy here with lumbar pain and sciatica
  79. Atlasprofilax treatment.
  80. Post XLIF Operation
  81. Herniated L 5 S 1
  82. chronic back pain
  83. Ache in lower back and both legs
  84. Electric simulation prior to therapist
  85. Back pain and work
  86. Back pain advice
  87. Gluten Allergy or Spine?
  88. Osteochondrosis Help. Who else has it?
  89. MRI Help
  90. Help understanding MRI results...
  91. Dumb question
  92. Pain in Butt Cheek
  93. painful lump/bulge left "mid" back
  94. can anyone help explain what my mri results mean
  95. lower back pain with bulging disc.
  96. Floatation therapy?
  97. 3 level lumbar fusion now 3 level cervical
  98. Have back pain when i seat for an hour
  99. Hello Everyone
  100. Lumbar fusion now sacroiliac joint pain
  101. Very Strange Lower Back Question
  102. I don't know what to do
  103. I'm 14 and I have INSANE back pain
  104. Back pain/no relief: no answers, help please
  105. MRI help
  106. Pulled Back Out Twice at 21 Yrs
  107. Synovial cyst resection
  108. Question regarding RTW
  109. Please help ... How to sleep with back injury?
  110. Cold back
  111. Infection at triple lumbar fusion
  112. Back pain
  113. Spinal cord stimulator (SCS): worth it or not?
  114. Kyphosis? Dowagers hump? What is it?
  115. traction therapy sciatica + contradicting therapists
  116. Pain in tail bone area
  117. Lower back pain, black stool
  118. Upper thoracic spine and left shoulder
  119. Cervical Radiculopathy???
  120. Back pain and mri results
  121. back pain and meds
  122. laminectomy & fusion
  123. Herniated disc
  124. Could this be a pinched nerve or a lower back strain?
  125. Foot Pain After Microdiscectomy L5-S1
  126. Pinched nerve or strain/sprain in lowerback?
  127. Bilateral Foraminal Stenosis Due to Disc Bulges
  128. Nervous L3-4 L4-5 TLIF then Foraminotomy
  129. 3 wks post op microdiscectomy l5-s1 nerve pain, scared
  130. 2 Wks Post Op Microdiscectomy l5-s1
  131. Can't walk :( need slipped disk advise pls
  132. Help understanding my MRI
  133. posterior cervical discectomy c7 t1
  134. Herniated Discs, Now What?
  135. Muscular Imbalance - QL/Psoas problems
  136. Muscular Imbalance- QL/Psoas problems
  137. misaligned back and hips
  138. Laminectomy Surgery and Chiropractors
  139. New developments on ongoing back injury
  140. Right flank pain since October 2014
  141. New issue following XLIF
  142. 7 weeks post op L5-S1 fusion, pain status
  143. Searing pain in my back
  144. Suggestions??
  145. l4 l5 microdiscectomy and laminectomy
  146. help reading mri...
  147. What Is Causing My Back Pain?
  148. Urinary Incontinence after laminectomy w/bone fusion?
  149. Post op RLS after Microdiscectomy??
  150. NeverEnding Back Pains
  151. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
  152. Has anyone used the MECA back wedge?
  153. back pain puzzle
  154. Help with MRI Results
  155. Pulled back muscles
  156. L4-5 S-1 spinal fusion and drop foot
  157. Spinal tilf bone fusion l4 l5 S1
  158. Spine completely straight
  159. is this normal
  160. Having a 360 L5-S1 Fusion
  161. Having a 360 L5-S1 Fusion
  162. Exruciating Lower Back Pain
  163. Help with MRI and back pain
  164. TLIF L5-S1, 4 wks postop pain?
  165. My back
  166. How to ask my doctor for more time
  167. Post-op 6 weeks, spinal fluid leakage
  168. Dry Needling
  169. Chronic back pain
  170. Back pain at shoulder blade, nerve pain and what to do.
  171. MRI results back injury
  172. Help post op 3 weeks still can't keep food down
  173. On my third back surgery
  174. Replace screws to use adhesive
  175. Serious back pain
  176. Thoracic Issues
  177. T7-8 Disk bulge and surgery through side?
  178. Slipped disc and sitting pain
  179. Back and Knee problem
  180. Nerve Pain on Upper Back
  181. Discogram Results
  182. Update on my last post :)
  183. Dish
  184. Exercising on vicodin
  185. Numerous back problems
  186. Help- Tight hamstrings with Scheuermann's
  187. need help understanding my mri
  188. Physical therapy question
  189. An interesting case of upper-middle back pain?
  190. lower back pain
  191. possible partial diskectomy...
  192. Rib Hump Removal Years After Scoliosis Surgery?
  193. Laminectomy.
  194. Groin pain
  195. HELP! Please make sense of my MRI
  196. Upper back discomfort
  197. MRI results help
  198. Numbness etc. after disc herniation
  199. Working out post fusion
  200. Exercise after microdiscectomy
  201. I don't understand my mri results. Please help
  202. 4 months post op after a microdiscectomy
  203. Neurofororaminal Narrowing
  204. Neck pain
  205. MRI Results in plain English
  206. Slow getting over lower back spasms...
  207. Neurontin for nerve pain after fusion
  208. LS spine large disc extrusions
  209. Intense sudden pain along waistline above buttocks
  210. Decompression and Fusion L4 -L5
  211. Low-back-ache
  212. Does this mean surgery, because it is painful!
  213. Seeking advice or help
  214. this sciatic pain is crippling
  215. Spinal Injury
  216. Back is popping in 3 different spots after full spinal fusion.
  217. Spinal Cord Compression (Acute)
  218. Can some one explain what my Lumbar MRi means?
  219. Neck head & shoulder
  220. L1 to L5 with S1 spinal fusion
  221. artifical disc replacement - 6 months post op
  222. Spinal Headache - Odd Head Symptoms
  223. Upper back and upper chest pain
  224. 5 mm anterolisthesis of L4 on 5 as detailed. Elsewhere, mild generalized
  225. help my back!
  226. Anxiety after Surgery
  227. Lower Back Pain
  228. intense pain like an electrical jolt
  229. Back Pain and sleeping
  230. spinal fusion
  231. upper back pain
  232. Mri & x-ray report for back pan
  233. C6-C7 steroid shot causing intense pain in neck, arm pit and arm 2 days out.
  234. Can someone help interpret MRI results please
  235. Spinal Fusion Surgery Experience, yak. I am still receiving
  236. MRI FINDINGS, what does it mean?
  237. Finally got a straightforward answer
  238. Neck pain from back pain?
  239. Back Problems triggered by a fan
  240. New problem from old back fracture
  241. PILF L5 S1 Post Op Spasms
  242. New MRI - terrified - impingement on thecal sac from osteophyte c5/c6
  243. MRI Results - Spine and Brain After MVA
  244. what is causing my back pain?
  245. Struggling After Thoracic Fusion
  246. Week 5 L5 S1 fusion
  247. Back Pain
  248. Waist and back tingling and tightness
  249. T3 T4 Issues
  250. Broken Titanium Rods - Failed Fusion

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