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  1. My Back is a Huge Mess - HELP!
  2. Thrown out back?
  3. Reasons for Backache
  4. Axialif Jan 11 2011
  5. Frustrated - help
  6. ACDF Revision Surgery
  7. Understanding MRI Results?
  8. Water retention after surgery (microdissectomy)
  9. Lower Back Pain/Hip Displacement
  10. Private Disability Insurance
  11. ALIF surgery 4/4/11.....walking?
  12. can anyone help me? Depression with the patch?
  13. L3-L5 Fusion and Recovery
  14. spine problem
  15. Back problems & Knots
  16. Tailbone Numbness
  17. L4L5 microdiscectomy at 6 weeks
  18. Prolotherapy for SI joint?
  19. Any suggestions?
  20. 1st physical therapy appt after L5-S1 microdiscectomy
  21. Back pain increasing since nerve burning
  22. Help with MRI results
  23. Shoulder pain on walking
  24. Back of Knee pain
  25. Is this back problems in son?
  26. Neurology appt coming up
  27. Need help...Herniated Disc (L4,L5) still causing 'soreness' and pain
  28. 6 month check up after lumbar fusion - help
  29. Two 8 inch rods, other hardware, 12 hour surgery, and 7 weeks later . . .
  30. I need advice...4 months post fusion
  31. Totally confused
  32. Thoracic Facet Joint Nerve Syndrome
  33. Cycling after microdiscectomy
  34. BAck and Neck Pain
  35. talked to WC today
  36. Spondylolisthesis Consensus Question?
  37. back pain for 21 years
  38. Disc surgery Belfast nhs anyone had it? How long to wait?
  39. Born with spina Bifida in 1962
  40. Has anyone had Radiofrequency Ablation (Rhizotomy) done
  41. do I need a lawyer?
  42. L4/L5 herniated disc
  43. Post L5/S1 surgery pain
  44. Newbie getting ready for PLIF surgery L4-5 on 3-28-11
  45. Pete Egoscue method, recommend any other good books?
  46. Morning numbness in hand, spine problem?
  47. Back problems looming surgery
  48. Am I Deteriorating or is This Normal
  49. Proprioreceptors
  50. I hope someone cam recommend a good Pain management in DC/VA area
  51. How to taper Clonazepam and Baclofen?
  52. Spinal endoscopic/laser surgeons in northeast?
  53. Recurrent Disc Herniation
  54. OMG, I fell
  55. recovery from L1 fracture
  56. MRI report, need help understanding it
  57. ONE DAY POST-OP!! Feeling g-g-r-r-e-e-a-a-t-t!!
  58. Fellow ALIF patients, can you help me?
  59. First PT Session
  60. Need help understanding MRI Report -ASAP
  61. need a 3 level fusion
  62. Bulging Discs--Prognosis?
  63. Left lower back and front pain
  64. Compressed Nerve Root
  65. Possible Kyphosis - Postural or Structural?
  66. MRI Results, Lumbar & Cervical-- for Jennybyc
  67. continued complications from discectomy
  68. TLIF and 4 weeks post-op pain is back & worse.. WHY?
  69. ACDF Surgery in less than 2 weeks
  70. I have a backpain from the last six years?
  71. spinal surgery should I have it done
  72. Doctor Minimizing
  73. XLIF for Spondiolythesis - 1 Month Post-Op Update
  74. Non surgical spinal decompression
  75. non surgical spinal decompression
  76. Can cervical issues cause headaches
  77. Spondylolysis and spondylolysthesis help
  78. Herniated disc/ shifted pelvis
  79. help
  80. sciatic pain
  81. back ache in the night
  82. ACDF & PCF I now have Herniations in L4 L5 S1. What to do ?
  83. Bertolotti Lesion
  84. L5 disc replacement
  85. im in bad pain; where do i go?
  86. Myelopathy
  87. First PT Session--Epic Fail
  88. New MRI Show's Re-Herniation after Microdisectomy
  89. Re-herniation after Micodiscetomy L4,L5 L5,S1
  90. Severe shoulder blade pain in alternating shoulders while breathing in
  91. Minimal broad based disk bulging posteriorly
  92. my neck really hurts
  93. Should I go for nucleoplasty?
  94. Bulging Muscle
  95. L5-S1 fusion: increasing pressure in buttocks and hamstrings 3 weeks post-op
  96. Severe Akathisia or Anxiety - Confused.
  97. Dr. refuses to give me pain meds for chronic back pain! help!
  98. Major Depression after spinal fusion anyone?
  99. C-spine rupture nerves twisted
  100. Spinal Fusion and Laminectomy TOMORROW
  101. Pain meds interfere with sleeping?
  102. Need help interpretting MRI.
  103. 2 weeks post op microdiscectomy Left side, now sciatica Right?!
  104. Back pain sufferers: Two muscles you can't live without
  105. Spinal Fusion and Scuba Diving
  106. went to the docs yest
  107. Microdecompression for herniated disc failure?
  108. Severe Muscle Spasms after spinal fusion
  109. Epidural injection gives me Aniexty
  110. Confused re-back pain's origin
  111. L4/L5 Instability
  112. Question about lower back pain. Bonati Spine Institute.
  113. Med Change Update
  114. Synovial Cyst
  115. About to do the PLIF procedure
  116. Lower back pain, tingling in foot, GP dismissing it!......
  117. back pain
  118. Toradol
  119. Nucleoplasty
  120. Chronic Back issue, please help
  121. Fusion C4 to C7 anterior and posterior, now lower back issues, anyone experience this
  122. Understanding the results for my MRI
  123. Cervical MRI: "Just" Arthritis & DDD
  124. neck pain and numbness....
  125. Considering two trials- Intradiscal rhGDF-5 or Biostat
  126. No Spine Doc Until PT is Finished
  127. Help With CT Scan Report
  128. Please Help! Upper back pain
  129. Help with MRI
  130. Laminectomy
  131. Pre-Op Testing Done! Guilt?
  132. possibly ruptured the same disc a third time?
  133. Contemplating Fusion of Lower Back?
  134. NS vs PM
  135. Help what to do
  136. left shoulder and back
  137. can a L5 slipped disc lead to foot problems?
  138. SI joint problem on both sides
  139. The name of the shoes with the spring heel.
  140. Pre-op Pain Treatment
  141. CT scan
  142. Self Doubt
  143. Annular L5S1 Fuse with Discectomy Pre-Op/Post-op
  144. Back pain / sciatica gone but many other symptoms
  145. Cervical Diagnosis Confusion
  146. Herniated/Deg. disc L5-S1, was told i need major surgury asap
  147. Can this really happen? Reherniation after fusion
  148. Follow-up on sciatica - EMG results - now supposed to train for marathon
  149. Advice
  150. Question to my lady friends...
  151. Back and Leg Problems
  152. Lump on lower left back with pain, not sure what to think
  153. I am back to say hello..
  154. ALIF/Posterior: L2-S1 Fusion w/2 cadavers & multiple decompressions
  155. Spondy W/Myelopathy--Lumbar
  156. degenerative discs, back pain, both legs shake, any one else have the same?
  157. menstrual cycle and back injury
  158. Not sure what's wrong
  159. [b]new m.r.i results in alot of pain tell me what you think[/b]
  160. L5-S1 Hemilaminectomy Discectomy
  161. Physical therapy after microdiscectomy
  162. Severe tailbone pain...
  163. Bad Night!
  164. Intimacy post fusion?
  165. Back Pain with radiculopathy: Need help with MRI results
  166. Regaining orthopedic stability
  167. Back & Neck Pain for 3 Months
  168. How do you know when it's time?
  169. New m.r.i. What do you think?
  170. In alot of pain new m.r.i please read and reply
  171. Whats this Mri report mean?
  172. TLIF 1-27 ANd have fallen!!!!
  173. New Dx From PM
  174. back problems and nerve damage left leg
  175. L4 rear half broken off during XLIF?
  176. Lumbar Fusion - scared to death
  177. 1st Visit to Physical Therapy after Lumbar Fusion
  178. Daunting upcoming L3-S1 spinal fusion
  179. Fibrouse Dysplasia????
  180. First PM Visit : (
  181. Scar tissue - can we influence its development?
  182. smoking cigarettes and lumbar fusion
  183. Mri help....please
  184. Upper back problems/ with pain in leg
  185. Neck crackles and pops
  186. Terrified of my L4-L5-S1 spinal fusion
  187. HELP! Not sure of back pain!!!
  188. XLIF - 1 Week Post-Op Update
  189. I gave up on Gps and went to ER ( BINGO )
  190. Best thing to do if flaring up? (while waiting for doctor's appt)
  191. Saw pain management dr for the first time..
  192. Cold feet
  193. What To Take For Pain? No More Oxycodone ER?
  194. Kenalog injection Sinus/Resp infection after
  195. Nerve Stimulation vs Anterior Fusion
  196. Update/Dr's appt
  197. Sciatica pain
  198. L3-S1 360
  199. Advice, help needed
  200. Anybody have reactions from MRI contrast agent?
  201. I need some advice and help please
  202. Has anyone had endoscopic surgery after microdiscectomy?
  203. L5-S1 microdiskectomy update
  204. I have multiple problems noted on my MRI
  205. Help
  206. Looking for Pre-op tips
  207. new neck pain and numbness in arms and hands
  208. tooth ache
  209. Swelling after TLIF surgery :-s
  210. can you get steriod injections from your primary care doc?
  211. Spinal stenosis
  212. Axialif Procedure/Trans 1 procedure
  213. TMS treatment
  214. Foot Drop Recovery after s1/l5 laminectomy/disectomy
  215. how will I know if this "worked"??
  216. Tired Of My Neck And Back
  217. right side thigh joint and right side back pain
  218. Bilatteral Facet Injection
  219. Kinda confused about walking?
  220. back pain
  221. Is there something wrong with my joints?
  222. Very conflicting information - Level 2 fusion
  223. spine stim implant??
  224. MRI results - surgery recommended
  225. Looking for some reassurance with regards to lower leg numbness after L4/L5 fusion
  226. Is this normal? I'm thinking not!
  227. Having l4-l5 spinal fusion with hardware and needing some reassurance!
  228. Herniated disc
  229. bone on bone
  230. confused?
  231. Great spinal fusion in '94....but have started to have issues...
  232. DISH disease
  233. Out pouching disc # L4
  234. Dr. Sandhu - Hospital for Special Surgery NYC
  235. TLIF fusion update!!!
  236. Syndesmophytosis
  237. L4-l5 microdiscectomy/l5-s1 laminectomy
  238. Swelling much better!
  239. What is facet/pars block?
  240. Translation Please, More MRI Results
  241. Using a walker, post-fusion?
  242. Synovial Cyst info
  243. New - Looking for answers!
  244. Injections that help
  245. I have pars defect and workmans comp is screwing me over.
  246. Hi- New here, need some suggestions
  247. Are there risks from having too many MRI's?
  248. Time for the Medtronic implantable drug pump.
  249. Need help deciphering medical terminology
  250. Pain Med Withdrawls?

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