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  1. What To Take For Pain? No More Oxycodone ER?
  2. Kenalog injection Sinus/Resp infection after
  3. Nerve Stimulation vs Anterior Fusion
  4. Update/Dr's appt
  5. Sciatica pain
  6. L3-S1 360
  7. Advice, help needed
  8. Anybody have reactions from MRI contrast agent?
  9. I need some advice and help please
  10. Has anyone had endoscopic surgery after microdiscectomy?
  11. L5-S1 microdiskectomy update
  12. I have multiple problems noted on my MRI
  13. Help
  14. Looking for Pre-op tips
  15. new neck pain and numbness in arms and hands
  16. tooth ache
  17. Swelling after TLIF surgery :-s
  18. can you get steriod injections from your primary care doc?
  19. Spinal stenosis
  20. Axialif Procedure/Trans 1 procedure
  21. TMS treatment
  22. Foot Drop Recovery after s1/l5 laminectomy/disectomy
  23. how will I know if this "worked"??
  24. Tired Of My Neck And Back
  25. right side thigh joint and right side back pain
  26. Bilatteral Facet Injection
  27. Kinda confused about walking?
  28. back pain
  29. Is there something wrong with my joints?
  30. Very conflicting information - Level 2 fusion
  31. spine stim implant??
  32. MRI results - surgery recommended
  33. Looking for some reassurance with regards to lower leg numbness after L4/L5 fusion
  34. Is this normal? I'm thinking not!
  35. Having l4-l5 spinal fusion with hardware and needing some reassurance!
  36. Herniated disc
  37. bone on bone
  38. confused?
  39. Great spinal fusion in '94....but have started to have issues...
  40. DISH disease
  41. Out pouching disc # L4
  42. Dr. Sandhu - Hospital for Special Surgery NYC
  43. TLIF fusion update!!!
  44. Syndesmophytosis
  45. L4-l5 microdiscectomy/l5-s1 laminectomy
  46. Swelling much better!
  47. What is facet/pars block?
  48. Translation Please, More MRI Results
  49. Using a walker, post-fusion?
  50. Synovial Cyst info
  51. New - Looking for answers!
  52. Injections that help
  53. I have pars defect and workmans comp is screwing me over.
  54. Hi- New here, need some suggestions
  55. Are there risks from having too many MRI's?
  56. Time for the Medtronic implantable drug pump.
  57. Need help deciphering medical terminology
  58. Pain Med Withdrawls?
  59. Pain/opioids after PLIF
  60. Help! Starting to freak out...
  61. Additional lumbar fusion surgery.
  62. L5-S1 Problems
  63. buttock nerve pain following IM injection
  64. MRI Results--Vent!
  65. 2nd microdiscectomy
  66. Help understanding MRI result of L5/S1 HELP
  67. New, and in need of some advice please
  68. Need advise asap.. Thrush and surgery 1-27-10
  69. Pain keeps changing - getting worse
  70. Degenerative Disc and Fibro?
  71. Spine Surgeons at Hospital for Special Surgery - need advice
  72. What is post op like after PLIF of?r TLI
  73. 3 days out TLIF.. Getting nervous
  74. 11 days post L4-5, L5-S1 lumbar lateral fusion
  75. Mystery onset of low back pain - HELP~!!
  76. What can I do to address my back issues? MRI results included.
  77. Pain and other symptoms dr says everythings normal?
  78. Scoliosis, rotated rib cage, and weird spasm
  79. Sciatica Problems - looking at fusion
  80. Pain now on other side?
  81. Back pains after falling out of a tree
  82. sleep positions L1 fracture
  83. CT scan results, what do you think?
  84. Lumbar spinal stenosis + osteoporosis (80 year old mom)
  85. Please help me understand MRI results!
  86. UPDATE: Corrective Surgery Scheduled for March 23rd
  87. Hi need advice about back fusion
  88. Furniture, Recliner Recommendations
  89. help translate these MRI/Xray results
  90. Edema after surgery & a bit scared
  91. Sciatica
  92. ACDF Success story
  93. DDD at L4-L5 and bulge L5-S1
  94. backpain
  95. 2 weeks post-op fusion - L4/L5...update!
  96. Degenerative disc's
  97. middle to upper back pain
  98. Groin Pain after L4/L5 Fusion
  99. Exercises and stretching after fusion
  100. Coblation neucleoplasty...post op sciatica.
  101. How Is Prolotherapy Done On The Back??
  102. Can you have sciatic nerve pain w/o it going down the leg
  103. EMG Questions
  104. Re: Racz Procedure
  105. Too young?
  106. Three days post op lumbar fusion
  107. New disc fragment 1 week after microdiscectomy
  108. Has anyone on this board ever heard of or tried Etanercept injections for pain?
  109. Laminectomy and spinal fusion.
  110. any other options before multi-level fusion?
  111. Spinal anesthesia complications
  112. Tempur Mattresses - do they help?
  113. Spondylolisthesis--Grade III--Treatment?
  114. Soooo much pain!!!!
  115. Cervical nerves and numbness
  116. 360 surgery 5 level fusion
  117. Failed laminectomy in severe pain
  118. Back, hip, and leg pain
  119. Norco VS. Oxycodone
  120. Need advice on how to manage my pain...
  121. hip/leg 1 yr. post op fusion L3-4-5
  122. spina fusion vets, please tell me if this is normal
  123. Lumbarization
  124. Rare T12 L1 surgery option or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  125. Back problem
  126. Disceptomy- 2 weeks post op and still nerve pain
  127. my painful life in a nutshell......:(
  128. Acupuncture???
  129. Best back test/exam
  130. Slipped disc followed by erectile dysfunction
  131. buzzing in legs due to degenerative disc desease
  132. Prolotherapy
  133. Spinal Injections
  134. Just How Many Levels Is This?
  135. Need Advice
  136. MRI of Lumbar Spine....
  137. having a real scare
  138. MRI Results
  139. Hardware Block?
  140. New to this forum
  141. Sore Back
  142. 3 years after herniated disc... numbness worsening
  143. Longer Lasting Relief From Name Brand Fent. Patch Than Generic?
  144. had "microdisk" surgery, worse pain now
  145. How do I deal with the difficulties of Physio?
  146. Class Action Against Nuvasive??
  147. L5-S1 with minimal leg pain, but major back pain, should I have surgery?
  148. Discogram help
  149. Numb legs and low back pain can it relate to cancer?
  150. Wake up with Backache - Any way to cure this
  151. Failed Back Syndrome & Exhausted
  152. Should I get a kyphoplasty?
  153. Post Op Concerns
  154. Severe buttock pain
  155. Need suggestions
  156. Have Back Pain, got MRI, what now?
  157. Discogram RESULTS
  158. L4-5 Fusion w/ titanium rod
  159. discogenic pain, results
  160. discogenic pain, results
  161. Ddd?
  162. Anterior/Posterior L4-5, L5 S1 Fusion from failed fusion
  163. Back pain goes away while pregnant--why??
  164. help to understand findings CT scan
  165. Morphine withdrawl
  166. CT Scan DiscoGram
  167. MRI shows synovial cyst on facet joint
  168. back pain
  169. What are the chances or re-herniating after Hemi-laminectomy?
  170. Backache
  171. had a aspen fusion done (L5-S1) in December
  172. This is my story about Lumbar disc. any has the same experience?
  173. Pain Pump
  174. MRI results
  175. Many Questions
  176. post-surgery symptoms???
  177. What has happened to my back!
  178. back surgery
  179. Staph after Back Surgery??? Micro-Diskectomy
  180. Microdiscectomy 12/20/10
  181. 23 years old, need advice
  182. What is causing this? Pain & limping after sitting
  183. What are the chances of back pain relief from L5-S1 Hemi-laminectomy?
  184. TLIF Jan27th.. Have questions!!!!!
  185. SSDI Review - Spinal Stenosis
  186. best mattress for back pain?
  187. HELP! Back Locked Up.....
  188. 3rd time a charm hopefully?
  189. 3+ Weeks Post PLIF - Need Help
  190. 7 months post fusion ?'s
  191. help lower back feels punched
  192. A little advice on my symptoms please
  193. 20 year old female with back problems
  194. Bulging disc in my neck.
  195. L5-S1 Hemi-Laminectomy scheduled for February 25th. Here are some MRI pics..
  196. Please help me to understand CT lumbar results
  197. My son's back??
  198. back and severe leg pain
  199. Sciatica from L5-S1, could symptoms be present in both legs?
  200. Severe low back pain and slight leg pain/emg?
  201. Back to work .........after two level fusion...
  202. Microdiscectomy tomorrow L4-L5
  203. 1st time having a fusion (L4/L5)...
  204. Pilonidal Cyst Questions..
  205. Epidural today
  206. Thigh Pain after back injury
  207. lower back pain radiating to legs, especially right leg
  208. Help please, lumbar fusion, sitting pain and 5 hour flight
  209. fusion T12 - L5
  210. Need help understanding MRI results
  211. Scoliosis: Is it a problem if there is no pain? X-Rays required?
  212. Discogram update!!!
  213. Recovering from laminectomy and L4/L5 Microdiscectomy: Leg pain and drainage?
  214. I have an option for Hemi-Laminectomy, should I do it?
  215. I need advice! lumbar spine/WC/SSD
  216. constant back pain
  217. Cancer/lower back pain
  218. Sciatica question
  219. Back pain causing me agony !!
  220. MRI results alot of pain Help what does this mean???
  221. Pain Depression
  222. Back pain/stomach pain
  223. Calf pain
  224. PLIF in Jan l5-s1.. Need help with MRI
  225. Anterior fusion at L5,S1 surgery
  226. Frustrated! Is There ANY Excercise That Won't Cause More Pain?
  227. has anyone else had the same issues with disability being denied ?
  228. georgia doctors
  229. Please help Mylogram results!???
  230. MRI results, can anyone help interpet?
  231. 2 level lumbar fusion and confused
  232. Slow recovery & it's no wonder!
  233. weak back
  234. back pain
  235. As scary as it is, will pursue new MRI
  236. Mysterious back problem
  237. MRI result, 3 herniated discs, nerve pain in right leg HELP!
  238. Is this a good sign that I am healing from herniated disc?
  239. S I Injections in less than 4 hours!! NERVOUS!
  240. Scared of reherniation
  241. Is exercise harmful to post discectomy?
  242. Chiropractor or Epidural after two discectomies??
  243. lumbar fusion after discogram.. Help I have questions
  244. Seeing my Dr today ... Quite Nervous
  245. 14 yr old w/Spondylolisthesis
  246. Nerve Pain
  247. Sciatic Nerve - Can someone read my MRI?
  248. Epidural Diagnosis? How to be my own advocate?
  249. Microdiscetomy risks (with respect to possible future fusion)
  250. Back and neck disc bulge need advice thanks

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