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  1. Lumbar back pain and loss of bladder control
  2. what helps my back pain
  3. what is anomalous articulation
  4. Lumbar Spine Fusion
  5. Suggestions and opinions on surgery gone wrong please!
  6. Sitting after Lumbar Fusion
  7. Non-Surgical Spinal Decompressor... Pros and Cons?
  8. What is one thing you know now you wish you knew before you had spinal surgery?
  9. Restriction in my torso area and legs, why?
  10. 7th lumbar surgery....and a warning
  11. Allanbruce's surgery over
  12. Post fusion-Is this common?
  13. Back Surgery
  14. Post Op - Microdiscectomy L5-S1 - Do's and Dont's
  15. Lower Back
  16. Pain Doctor
  17. Just looking for advice
  18. Problems with Back and Foot - Recurrence Likely?
  19. workmans comp horror
  20. Scary, has anyone else experienced this?
  21. wife had 2 back surgeries
  22. Please Help! Trying to Understand my MRI Report for Lumbar Spine in Layman's terms!
  23. Upper Back Tension
  24. about foot burning
  25. Cervical spine issues-Help me understand.
  26. Back surgery
  27. L2/L3 disk bulge
  28. 7 weeks out of Lumbar Fusion - Activities / Sleep question
  29. MRI reading
  30. pain where leg meets body
  31. Reinjury post microdiscectomy L5,now herniated L3, L4 acting up-help!?
  32. unsteady on my feet
  33. scar tissue
  34. Intense leg, back, hip pain.
  35. Do I need surgery or what?...
  36. What happens if there isn't enough in the Discogram to operate?
  37. Thoracic Back Pain
  38. Periodic back issues and related symptoms
  39. HAving a PLIF but new symptoms and confused!!! Need help
  40. 36mg concerta and 0.5 mg rivotril be used together
  41. Si joint
  42. discogram complications
  43. Cyst causing back pain
  44. Cortisone Injection in neck??
  45. Pain between my shoulder and spine
  46. MRI Findings, Nervous and in pain
  47. Husband in Pain
  48. The Incorrect proceedure was performed on me...will it hurt me?
  49. What not to take before surgery.
  50. Numb in back of left thigh, buttock and foot with sore calf muscle and limp
  51. No help from follow up with doc options now?
  52. Failed PLIF and re-doing PLIF
  53. need feedback
  54. How should I treat this injury?
  55. Lumbar Interbody Fusion L4-5 Surgery Help!!
  56. Dull back pain halfway down back. what could it be?
  57. LBP-Could it be my mattress???
  58. Fluid
  59. ischiogluteal bursitis
  60. meaning of encroaching
  61. Extreme pain after facet joint injections
  62. fusion
  63. Low Back Pain at 21?
  64. EMG/nerve conduction studies
  65. Exploratory surgery
  66. Help Reading Lumbar Spine MRI
  67. need urgent advice for back problem
  68. Help Reading Spine MRI PLEASE>>>>
  69. Who can tell me about XLIF Procedure (Pro & Con)
  70. Axialif Procedure/Trans 1 procedure
  71. Numbness in leg
  72. 8 days post op. Anterior fusion from C4-7.
  73. Has anyone here had their patch on during and after surgery?
  74. Which specialist?
  75. Disk bulge, OA, DDD, Interspace narrowing
  76. How long?
  77. Chiropractic adjustments, drx9000 and nucca cervical spine adjustments
  78. potential nerve damage in back? surgery? How long
  79. Three Level Lumbar Spinal Fusion
  80. Would like some help and or answers on mri
  81. MRI Findings, Very Confused. Chronic Back Pain
  82. painful sciatica, hip pain 3wks after fusion?
  83. debating surgury options
  84. Lumbar fusion
  85. hemilaminectomy and Discectomy surgery recovery
  86. Plif
  87. Official name for Pelvic Floor Pain? Injections?
  88. Cramps in back
  89. To fuse or not to fuse, that is the question?
  90. Had L2-L5 spinal decompression surgery + soft fusion
  91. failed back fusion
  92. L2 Compression Fracture
  93. Should I have disectomy and decompression of lower back
  94. Went to Urgent Care Yesterday-Confused
  95. what an i do about my back problem
  96. Back Pain Need Help "Can't stand in same place for long."
  97. Back Problem Diagnosis
  98. Please help..
  99. i need info on surgery.
  100. paine and numbness pinns and needles
  101. SCS recovery
  102. Disogram today!
  103. Switching to Fentanyl Duragesic Patch - Withdrawal
  104. post surgical pain and depression
  105. Fusion?
  106. Discectomy & nerve compression
  107. Butt Pain ?? HELP
  108. Laid down & heard "thunk" come from lower back
  109. MRI results: L5-S1 bulge with annular tear
  110. Exercises post discectomy
  111. SI joint and piriformis
  112. myelogram
  113. Sooooo painful
  114. mri results
  115. 10 mos. post L5-S1 partial discectomy/laminectomy
  116. What does dehydration of the lumbar discs mean
  117. Results for CatScan for lower back pain
  118. Seeking advice
  119. Lower Back Pain
  120. any good sources for info on DDD?
  121. SI Cortizone Injection
  122. Laminectomy recovery time concern
  123. bump on baby's spine
  124. Pain in both legs and spinal blocks
  125. Lower Right Leg tightness/cramps/aching
  126. A good neurosurgeon Northeast Georgia?
  127. MRI completed , see what happens!
  128. Back Spasms from Spinal Fusion
  129. Any Problems after a 360 back surgery??
  130. L4/L5 Discectomy 21 days ago now hip skewed/painful
  131. Thoracic (Possibly Scheuermann's) Kyphosis Causing My Chronic Health Problem?
  132. I fell down the stairs...and now I need help getting up
  133. What if I quit lyrica to st John's
  134. I am probably having a fusion from l/4 to s1.
  135. IDET studies long term efficacy
  136. options?
  137. I need answers. Help
  138. Bulged L4/5 disc with back and right hip pain only.
  139. special shoes
  140. Back and Neck Pain
  141. back pain
  142. MRI completed, now what?
  143. should I go for microdiscectomy??
  144. no healthcare
  145. Single level Anterior l5-S1 fusion scheduled any with pain free outcomes?
  146. To do or not to do
  147. HELP reading my CT scan report
  148. can you mix lyrica with rivotril and concerta
  149. Trying to decode my MRI. HELP
  150. Lft side only L-4 L-5 fusion
  151. post op L3-4-5,8 mnths help!
  152. Please help me understand my MRI
  153. L-4 L-5 laminectomy
  154. Epidural lumbar injection questions!!
  155. arm atrophy after l5/s1 surgery
  156. MRI Results
  157. can i get sacked if i get doctors note sayin i cant lift residents due to injuring my
  158. Back pain and leg numbness
  159. Surgery on 10-19 2010 Help with Questions Please
  160. Ruptured disc..MRI results
  161. constant back pain
  162. surgery in 3 days-2 level L4-S1-can anyone help?
  163. discectomy in 3 days. I am 20 yrs old and rather worried
  164. Posterior Lumbar Lumbar L5/S1 with hardware on 10/19. HELP
  165. back pain
  166. Lower back pain with hip pain and now a painful swollen ankle. Help please
  167. help need MRI interpretation
  168. AM SICK, Anyone Awake??? Please
  169. Need some advice!
  170. 3years back pain,unknown caused
  171. Oxycontin no longer works
  172. How to control inflamation?
  173. narrowing disk space l5 s1 cause pain in my hamstring
  174. 16 y/o with L5-S1 protrusion. Help!
  175. I will be having surgery 25th November and could use some advice.
  176. Help Translate MRI Results!
  177. Cystic Structure
  178. Going to Ortho Tomorrow...
  179. sleepless days and nights
  180. Anybody have just 1?
  181. Help read my MRI , alittle history of my injuries as well
  182. After 306 Back surgery 2 years ago .....
  183. What Dr should I be seeing for Degenerative Disk?
  184. cant get out of pain please help
  185. Anterior lumbar interbody fusion
  186. Help with Lower back pain!
  187. Does anyone know if a bone growth stimulator with help a non fusion after 13 months
  188. MRI of Lumbar spine
  189. Horrible chiropractic injury after back surgery
  190. l5-S1 nothing helps can't sit or lie down any thoughts?
  191. L4-L5, L5-S1 back pain
  192. MRI question after failed fusion
  193. Antidepressants for back pain, post spine fusion, or FBSS?
  194. back pain
  195. Left Hip Pain
  196. Need to explain why I need short term disability in long-term chronic pain
  197. Bone Spur on C6 / PAINFUL
  198. Help me find a GOOD doctor!
  199. Discectomy in 2 weeks, L4-L5, Severe Sciatica HELP!!
  200. numb right knee and shins - what is it!? - sciatic nerves?
  201. Stiff neck
  202. lumbar rhizotomy post pain
  203. please help me with mri of thoracic spine
  204. Low back/hip pain Lipping?
  205. Why is my back pain worse after having a cage fusion done?
  206. leg cramps at night
  207. New pain, post op 7 days, L4-S1
  208. Microdiscectomy Question...might be dumb one...
  209. The Bonati Spinal Institute
  210. uper back pain
  211. One Year post L4-L5-S1 Fusion Issues from hardware/not solid fusion
  212. Don't feel I can get any help...what is wrong with me?
  213. back pain after five month of normal delivery
  214. Not Improving 3 Months After Fusion and Doc Wants To Keep Lowering Meds
  215. Lower back pain that will not go away.
  216. I need help i don't know where to turn??
  217. Leg feels asleep/heavy
  218. i have dextroscoliosis, I want to know how to cure it
  219. Help Reading MRI Results
  220. Questions on spinal issues
  221. back and leg pain after surgery
  222. I need help understanding my cervical spine mri results!
  223. Dont know how to read this MRI Can anyone help please?!
  224. Do I have sciatica?
  225. sciatica and only calf pain?
  226. Pain Pain Pain
  227. Pain while using the restroom.. The cause?
  228. Chronic Low Grade Fever After ALIF
  229. spondylolisthesis radial treatment
  230. Can anyone help me interpret these MRI findings?
  231. MRI info needed...
  232. Severe Pain 8 weeks after Cortisone Injection
  233. SCS Implant ...unsure
  234. Anyone suffer from burning hip & leg?
  235. I have spondylolisthesis - and need advice
  236. what type of back pain awakens me from sleep
  237. bilateral pars defect l5
  238. do your discs in your back crack if out of place
  239. Alif and recovery/ how long off work
  240. fractured-fused L5
  241. What does this mean????
  242. sacriiliac joint problem
  243. back mri results.degenerative signal loss
  244. Prialt, Morphine and Medtronic Pumps
  245. Refusion Surgery
  246. Need fusion and scared to death!
  247. Severe lower back pain after sleeping
  248. EPIs and medication failed
  249. Help Please!
  250. Please Advise

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