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  1. MRI results HElp
  2. how long does it take to recover from a discectomy?
  3. Re: Numbness in arms and legs
  4. L4/L5/S1 probs
  5. What does my MRI mean
  6. Surgery Date is Here
  7. second opinion
  8. New Cervical Pain...
  9. Pain-meds after post op
  10. Am I crazy to be going forward?
  11. Can Physical therapy further widen an existing annular tear?
  12. Back problem, could use some input
  13. Upper Back Ache
  14. lower back pain for a year
  15. prolapsed disc prob
  16. Spondylolisthesis thoughts & questions!
  17. Scared after double fusion
  18. L4/L5 hemilaminectomy w/microdiscectomy post op pain
  19. any idea's or help is appreciated. Thanks
  20. Etanercept and Institute for Neurological research
  21. MRI Lumbar spine interpretation
  22. Can anybody help
  23. Variety of Problems
  24. dish disorder
  25. Advice needed
  26. 78 years old and having a Microdiscectomy....advice?
  27. Can I feel my coccyx moving?
  28. 4 years s/p L4-S1 fusion surgery
  29. low back pain
  30. MRI cervical spine
  31. Has there been a new FDA approved back cage surgury
  32. C5, C6 & C7
  33. Advice needed on lower back pain, thanks
  34. can low back disc problems cause spasms elsewhere?
  35. New Bed, Badly
  36. In a quandary
  37. collapsed disc
  38. future prognosis realistic expectations
  39. Sciatica Advice Please
  40. L3-L5 Back Problems.. Please HELP
  41. DRX9000-Spinal decompression
  42. pain in legs after 1 1/2 weeks of having a laminectomy
  43. undo a portion of a spinal fusion
  44. Minally invasive fusion
  45. sciatica?
  46. mri results but do not understand meanings
  47. Discogram Gone Wrong!!! Please Help!
  48. Post Discectomy L5- S1 Sciatica.. Nerve healing question?
  49. tailbone pain, 6months.
  50. 3 Weeks Post Laminectomy Pain
  51. Frustrated with Chronic Fatigue and PTs after Fusion
  52. L5S1 fusion with Spire plate
  53. Attorney for LTD recommendations?
  54. s1 nerve route injection
  55. L4-L5 Fusion
  56. Three Level Fusion Scheduled
  57. coccydynia? (tail bone)
  58. Scoliosis - Adult Treatment
  59. Can Chiropractor visits bring back Sciatica?
  60. Hello again, here is my MRI as promised
  61. upper left back pain
  62. spondylolisthesis
  63. electric shock on back bone
  64. Discectomy two weeks ago... Well?
  65. spine pain
  66. back stiffness/pain
  67. T11 Hemangioma
  68. Thoracic pain..Why is thsi soooo difficult to diagnose..
  69. Help! Tingling developed 19 days after surgery
  70. posture and movement
  71. epidural
  72. prolapsed disc/ twinges in lower back
  73. Back pain, Hard to breathe!! (bicycle accident)
  74. discectomy/laminectomy 12 weeks ago, still lots of pain
  75. Spnal Pressure
  76. Back Pain and Drop Foot (Long Post)
  77. Is Spondylothesis Stable?
  78. 2 weeks post TLIF -- Questions and seeking advice -- LONG... Sorry!
  79. Is this Sciatica?
  80. Back, Sciatic and feet pain
  81. pain in right calf after back surgery
  82. what exercise can i do after lumbar microdiscectomy
  83. Fellow spinal fusion brothers and sisters
  84. Extreme Spinal Discomfort....Im so lost!!!
  85. MRI in laman's terms please
  86. Help! Spinal Fusion may not work, options?
  87. Retirement ill health?
  88. Chronic Back problems. Need advice?
  89. Slip Disk in the Neck
  90. What does my MRI mean. I do not understand.
  91. Chronic tailbone pain
  92. my back burns? what is the problem?
  93. Upper back pain and shortness of breath
  94. Pain Four Years After Fusion
  95. C5 c6 disc degeneration
  96. Spinal cord stimulator
  97. My thoughts and my sacroiliac
  98. Scoliosis Support
  99. Severe Pain, Pain pump good idea?
  100. My backs a hurtin!
  101. Getting Fusion: Questions About Hospital & Others
  102. Fusion/cage surgery..?
  103. back troubles
  104. Back Surgery is NOT a good idea
  105. 4 days post "open discectomy" still sciatic?
  106. Possible lordosis?
  107. Back fusions
  108. groin pain
  109. Severe foraminal stenosis
  110. Shopping for a good mattress
  111. New to the site, please help!
  112. Diclofenac sodium so effective?
  113. Can someone please help me shed light on this back pain?
  114. Sharp Pain in Right Shoulder Blade
  115. Emotionally Drained!
  116. back pain after sleepless nights
  117. Had to become belligerent to get pain relief
  118. Synovial Cyst - ouch!!
  119. Off work with Bad Sciatica , Right Leg pain.. Help
  120. Need to ASK GP what's up
  121. I am having these symptoms. What back problem do i have ??? Please helppp
  122. Burst & Compression Fractures of L1 Vertebra
  123. Cause of back trouble
  124. Degenerative lower back
  125. can someone explain to me how bad my back problems are?
  126. 2 years out of L-4 L-5 s-1 fusion
  127. Thoracic pain is killing me
  128. Can someone tell me what this means?
  129. thoracic pain
  130. Chronic Lower Back pain
  131. Are topical lotions ok to use after spinal fusion?
  132. Post Epidural Steroid Injection...
  133. Exercise for 'mild' Back Pain
  134. mri
  135. MRI cost
  136. MRI results for my back problem.
  137. Can I take NSAID's(ibuprofen) after spinal fusion?
  138. Been living with this forever: Thoracic outlet syndrome
  139. What do you think?
  140. pudendal nerve or genitalfemoral nerve
  141. Pilondial Cyst
  142. what can improve my quality of life while waiting for care?
  143. severe back pain
  144. Aspen Spinous Process Procedure
  145. Pain, scar tissue and adhesiolysis
  146. New MRI reading
  147. 19 yr old post-discetomy/laminectomy L5-S1
  148. I have 2 bulging L4-L5 and L5-SI annular tear
  149. Back pain in prostrate ca
  150. mri from ER last night can someone please explain the results?!
  151. Anyone Used A Zero-gravity Chair?
  152. Tailbone observation
  153. One week post ACDF on C6-7
  154. Normal Neck X-Ray?
  155. Spinal Infection after epidural spinal injection
  156. The Perfect Storm, Back Neck Issues And At The End Of My Rope
  157. Scar Tissue in Back After Surgery
  158. L5/S1 fusion wound has sprung a major leak !!!!
  159. Hurt my back at work/future implications?
  160. Back Pain for 6 months and need help
  161. I have severe back pain...
  162. please help me with MRI results
  163. Wits End
  164. my neck&spine fused, need exercise
  165. Spinal fusion/Pedicle Screw Problems
  166. "Bum" bump
  167. HAVING RARE *Coccyx Removal* Surgery
  168. Adult onset scoliosis
  169. they cant find whats wrong
  170. MRI results needing help with layman terms
  171. Here we go again, more bad news for the surgeon
  172. had a Chymopapain
  173. Post Laminectomy Recovery & Numbness
  174. Pain when breathing
  175. Radiofrequency scheduled for tomorrow(06-09-10)
  176. Help Major muscle spasms
  177. Hope for some helpful suggestions
  178. Discectomy/laminectomy
  179. Large hump on back with pain in back, neck and back of head
  180. TLIF L4/L5 scheduled 6/11/2010
  181. Having CT scan for fusion on SI joint
  182. Accupuncture or chiropractor for low back pain
  183. Terrible back pain in lower butt and along side of spine
  184. Back Pain
  185. sleeping and posture
  186. Neck, shoulder and arm pain
  187. LumBar comment
  188. What kind of physical exam did your spine doc perform?
  189. MRI Impression: help me know what's going on here
  190. Can you feel instrumentation in your back after spinal fusion??
  191. back spinal pain
  192. back spinal pain
  193. What is the treatment of annular fissures?
  194. Anyone else have more back problems when stressed?
  195. osteoporosis concerns
  196. gynecologist
  197. should I stay or should I go?
  198. frustated
  199. 35 yrs old - POST surgery - I'm beyond depressed
  200. 5 weeks post op l5-S1 SED.
  201. Sucks to be me NO HEALTH BENEFITS HELP
  202. Inflamed back muscle best treatments?
  203. Is this a case of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?
  204. Chipped Vertebrae?
  205. Advice for setback after TLIF
  206. Had a Microdiscectomy l-4/ l-5 9mm bulge on 5.18.10 with problems
  207. 11 Days Post ACDF C5-6
  208. When walking my whole left side shifts to right?
  209. Neck and Upper Right Back Pain Post MVA
  210. breast reduction & shoulder pain relief??
  211. Burst fracture 1987 L-2 thru 5, rods removed 1988, now chronic pain
  212. Partners Back Injury & Effects Caused By It
  213. hello
  214. Varying Back Pain in upper back
  215. L3 L4 DDD with disc bulge (small) Post ALIF L5-S1 3-30-2010
  216. back pain
  217. back pain
  218. Pinched Nerve?
  219. L4 L5 spinal fusion
  220. l5, s1 POSTERIOR FUSION
  221. l5, s1 fusion w/hdwe
  222. Bulge in the back of the neck
  223. Firefighter with Spondylolisthesis grade2
  224. Pain Management Dr: What does Pain Management mean?
  225. numbness on front of thigh
  226. Having ALIF in August
  227. Leg Pain After Spinal Fusion
  228. Pain worse at night
  229. Need info on Radiofrequency lesioning
  230. Creaking After Fusion?
  231. Pain during injection??? HELP!
  232. after a spinal lift i have sharp stinging sensation in my legs why
  233. The left side of my back hurts not on the spine but the muscle?
  234. MRI result help please?
  235. Need help with back/sciatica/tailbone pain
  236. neck pain
  237. back pain
  238. Air travel after cervical disc removal and fusion surgery
  239. decompression help
  240. Spinal Fusion Surgery L5-S1
  241. Ortho or Neuro???
  242. Back Pain and Sciatica
  243. has anyone had this happen after a microdiscectomy?
  244. Finally going to have surgery
  245. what mri results mean
  246. Need help explaining MRI result
  247. Painful back knots
  248. Anyone been treated at The Laser Spine Institutes in FL, PA, or AZ?
  249. anyone been on narcotics a long time before back surgery?
  250. Newbie to synovial cyst on my L5-S1 MRI report

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