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  1. Epidurals & Injections do not work for me, anyone else?
  2. Dont go to Sacred Heart Hosp in Pensacola, FL
  3. lower back pain in the morning
  4. Pain after Discogram/Discography help
  5. 4 weeks post L5S1 ALIF Fusion and menstrual cycle
  6. exercises for Si joint finally working
  7. what is mild sclerosis at the sacroiliac joint
  8. what kind of doctor to see?
  9. Unsure of MRI results!!!
  10. New member (27) with ongoing sciatica. Help please.
  11. l5 S1
  12. removal of fusion hardware from L4-5,L5-S1 fusion
  13. L4/L5 Microdiscectomy
  14. Four months post L4,L5 fusion
  15. Real or Refered Pain
  16. pinched nerve back
  17. ruptured disc
  18. Have question about Ibuprofen need help please
  19. Si joint who has it can you help me out?
  20. Anybody with drop foot both legs?
  21. Diabetic, spin surgery on L5 L4, & L3-L4. PAINFUL
  22. L4-S1 fusion...experiences?
  23. back surgery
  24. How long did your XLIF surgery take
  25. Help. Can barely walk. Injections 12 days ago
  26. Sleep or lack of
  27. what does this mean on my 82-year-old father's MRI
  28. L5 Stress Fracture
  29. Does a Broken Back always hurt?
  30. fusion in 2006-now scoliosis!!!Help me!
  31. back problems for three years/Im only 23
  32. Back pain
  33. I had L5/S1 Axialif on Dec 4 09
  34. Spine cracks continuously
  35. Could this be back injury-related?
  36. Scoliosis Question
  37. Sciatica same as pinched nerve? and can it affect you there??
  38. Do Ovarian cyst make back issues worse?
  39. Have a question
  40. back pain
  41. Preparing for surgery 4/25 Microdiscectomy
  42. checking in, feel great
  43. why do both my hips hurt
  44. Progressing thoratic pain, any tips?
  45. Rheumatologist
  46. back pin
  47. feel like death, low BP now
  48. Not the X-ray results I expected
  49. Please help with my back problem
  50. Lower back disc injury/sciatica - other treatments?
  51. No help for traveler
  52. 3 weeks post ALIF pain(discomfort)question??
  53. Leg Pain Again
  54. SCIATICA sharper after l4/l5 discectomy
  55. Sciatica pain starting 3 weeks after discectomy...
  56. what I hate is my hips pull at night
  57. when will calf be 100%, 5 year post op L5-S1 discectomy...
  58. Epidural steroid injections
  59. Operation questions
  60. The name of the shoes with the spring heel.
  61. Back issues may be Si joint culprit
  62. Selective Endoscopic Discectomy - Anyone???
  63. 5 days after ESI and pain again
  64. Chronic Pain pt.-Failed BP Surgery done in 2000
  65. Pain in odd spot, I've had enough.
  66. new here
  67. I am on my 2nd epidural injection with no relief. Help
  68. lower back pain
  69. Chronic Back Pain & Nausea
  70. suggestions for sleeping positions?
  71. Good CT scan but constant pain
  72. my back pain
  73. Radiofrequency Ablation, anyone have any information???
  74. Cervical bulging disc and leg weakness?
  75. same symptoms
  76. Happy about Microdiscectomy
  77. numbness after microdicectomy
  78. Nerve pain after 2nd surgery
  79. back ache
  80. Laser treatment??
  81. 5 months post microdiscotomy
  82. bad back
  83. nerve damage & acupuncture?
  84. Having L4, L5 ALIF MAY 6 Want to know how bad it will be
  85. MRI Cord Contact -What means?
  86. L5-S1 herniation, lengthy post
  87. sciatica and large lump on left lpwer back
  88. burning sensations
  89. More irradiated than Chernobyl
  90. How long before relief of pain after injection?
  91. pain in lower back and hips and pelvis
  92. is this really sciatica? help!
  93. Can GERD cause back pain?
  94. neck
  95. low back pain
  96. Having revision of T8/9 on 28th May - terrified
  97. excruciating pain all around lower back
  98. siatic nerve
  99. disk issues?? how can this happen?
  100. Sunburned feeling on feet-pins and needles
  101. Will physical therapy help?
  102. Need help with my MRI results! Is this bad?
  103. L3-S1 360 Fusion
  104. feel like a stiff corpse in a.m.
  105. changing doctors
  106. Spinal fusions- 42 yrs young
  107. Spinal fusion questions - 42yrs young
  108. How to do McKenzie exercizes correctly?
  109. synfix-lr system
  110. I Need Someone To Answer Before Morning
  111. Should I-----
  112. Twisted Spine?
  113. tingling in foot 4 mos after surgery??
  114. Is the T11-T12 disk at same level as navel?
  115. deep softish lump and minor pain
  116. A new 3mm retrolisthesis
  117. Question about pain & getting upset?
  118. symptoms of disk issues
  119. what is bilateral neural foraminal compromise
  120. Tired of the pain
  121. Middle back pain
  122. 21 and in pain.
  123. 1 year after sugery
  124. XLIF in May
  125. Too Young for disintegration?!
  126. Mri results
  127. Mri Results
  128. DRX 9000 can it work for my advanced back problems
  129. help with MRI results PLEASE!
  130. figured i'd introduce myself
  131. MRI shows remaining disk even after L5-S1 fusion??
  132. It's been a while `
  133. hip pain after a spinal fusion what causes it
  134. piriformis injection
  135. Wallis Ligament Stabilisation - Anyone Had It?
  136. Anyone here get the hotspots or sensation of heat in legs/feet?
  137. does my nerve get large when i have sciatica??
  138. nerve root sleeve
  139. 4 months Post-Op PLIF Problems
  140. Need Information on Hydrodiscectomy!
  141. what kind of pain is involved with a disk issue?
  142. Anyone have nerve block?
  143. New to this site - need help
  144. Spinal fusion post opt
  145. Lower back pain during menstruation
  146. newbie
  147. Back pain cannot sleep
  148. Spinal Fusion - how do you know you're fused?
  149. back pain and electrical stimulation
  150. Loss of cartilage
  151. X-Ray Cervical spine
  152. Is Microdiscectomy considered Minimally Invasive Surgery?
  153. Back Pain and Lop sided front
  154. Weak Legs/Pain 1 year after spinal fusion, related????
  155. Finally made an appointment, need to know where I'm at
  156. arm jumping and cant find answers
  157. Inpatient rehab after L4-S1 fusion??
  158. Do it yourself rehab core exercises?
  159. Dr. Jho
  160. Can a nerve block cause bowel problems?
  161. New here
  162. Back pain ( lowerr)
  163. An explantion of diffferent injection procedures.
  164. Sore Upper Back
  165. microdiscectomy
  166. fifteen years post op laminectomy pain
  167. 4 Back Surgeries and Still Waiting for Full Fusion
  168. Disc problem with pain and numbness in left arm
  169. Nerve Injury Sustained During Surgery- Recovery Time
  170. too much pain!
  171. pain 3 months after surgery?
  172. Need a doc who will listen in PDX
  173. si joint nerve ablation how often does this have to be done
  174. Numbness 8 weeks after sciatica?
  175. dealing with a work injury
  176. Back pain
  177. Will my scoliosis get worse?
  178. More back pain!
  179. Mri lumbar spine
  180. leg/ foot HAS to twist to walk-caused by back nerves??
  181. MRI Results : Please analyse and advise future action
  182. Chronic lumbar pain when sits
  183. Steroid Shots And Osteopenia
  184. Need Advice
  185. 8 disc bulges, 1 disc protrusion, plus 1 annular tear.......what's next? Advice?!
  186. upper back pain hurts when breathing
  187. I need help understanding what the MRI says.....
  188. disc pressing on spinal cord
  189. low backpain
  190. To Fuse or Not to Fuse L4-LF
  191. Back Injection are painful. Don't let them tell you they are not
  192. Wondering about this pain
  193. lower back pain
  194. SO CONFUSED and UPSET:confused:
  195. Got back diagnosis but not to many answers!
  196. Back Pain
  197. 3rd Very Extensive Spinal Fusion (2 failed)
  198. Mobic Drug Use
  199. 2 month post-op from discectomy L4/5
  200. weird issues about my back
  201. Best chair after spinal fusion surgery?
  202. L4/L5 Fusion
  203. Aspen Alternative Fusion Technique ?
  204. my dr note excuses me from work until the 17 does this mean I go back to work on the
  205. Back Problems And Urinating
  206. Sciatica ???
  207. Cramps in top of foot help
  208. Post Op 1st. visit question
  209. Numbness/tingling in hip caused by back pain
  210. Revnowned West Coast ortho or neurosurgeon?
  211. neck fusion of C1 & C2 -
  212. Can back pain also cause pain elsewhere?
  213. lithotomy position post lumbar fusion
  214. back pain from stabbing
  215. Hemilaminectomy Incision Questions
  216. Surgical options for MRI findings?
  217. Need some advice PLEASE
  218. Can you answer my ?'s.
  219. bad backache
  220. Help with new "procedure"
  221. neck crackling, neck pain, shoulder & arm pain
  222. Scheduled for ALIF at the end of the month. Do I need it??? HELP
  223. Some Questions about surgery and recovery
  224. snoring after cervical discectomy
  225. Need Some Help On Back Pain
  226. Back pain and stomach pain
  227. T3,4,5 unrelieving pain- what to do next???
  228. what is disc desiccation and a moderately large right sided uncinate spur
  229. why do back still hurt
  230. Transforaminal Injections
  231. Problems after Balloon Kyphoplasty on Back
  232. 3 week post op
  233. HELP!!! - Disc bulge obliterates neural foramen?
  234. Which one is best ? minimally invasive surgery or traditional micro surgery?
  235. i need to no what my mri resullts mean
  236. Tingling, numbness, cold feeling.
  237. lumbar laminectomy
  238. back and neck pain
  239. Mid back pain due to curve in spine
  240. back pain
  241. Is this Sciatica?? Pain then numbness
  242. right arn
  243. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?
  244. Positive ALIF stories!
  245. Help!
  246. Temp disability for back problems?
  247. Lower back pain and really confused
  248. selective nerve root block risks?
  249. back pain
  250. back and chest (lung) pain

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