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  1. T3,4,5 unrelieving pain- what to do next???
  2. what is disc desiccation and a moderately large right sided uncinate spur
  3. why do back still hurt
  4. Transforaminal Injections
  5. Problems after Balloon Kyphoplasty on Back
  6. 3 week post op
  7. HELP!!! - Disc bulge obliterates neural foramen?
  8. Which one is best ? minimally invasive surgery or traditional micro surgery?
  9. i need to no what my mri resullts mean
  10. Tingling, numbness, cold feeling.
  11. lumbar laminectomy
  12. back and neck pain
  13. Mid back pain due to curve in spine
  14. back pain
  15. Is this Sciatica?? Pain then numbness
  16. right arn
  17. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?
  18. Positive ALIF stories!
  19. Help!
  20. Temp disability for back problems?
  21. Lower back pain and really confused
  22. selective nerve root block risks?
  23. back pain
  24. back and chest (lung) pain
  25. Middle back ache problem/question
  26. How Long To Being Pain-Free?
  27. Alternative Treatment for Back Pain
  28. Upper Back Pain cause?
  29. Scheduled for 360 (ALIF & PLIF) L4/L5 and L5/S1...and I have MS!!
  30. spinal fusion L4-S1, about 5 mos. post op
  31. battery pack placed after surgery in 08 was left in.
  32. Doctor's won't listen!
  34. Has anyones back related nerve injury ever go backwards in healing?
  35. Unknown back pain
  36. TLIF L5S1 Grade 1 Questions
  37. frontal rib pain question
  38. Need support, Constant back pain!
  39. Return to work
  40. Post Op Fluid/Incision
  41. Such Pain has Returned with a Vengeance
  42. Hyperextension Machine
  43. NEW ct findings from injection to SI joint
  44. DISH Syndrome/Forestier's Disease
  45. Mri results .need help
  46. Lower Left Side Of My Back......
  47. Paracentral Extrusion of L5/S1
  48. First post - neck problems
  49. Going for ALIF procudure! Want Positive Feedback!!!
  50. Can back pain or neck pain mimic heartburn type symptoms?
  51. CT Myelogram on Mar 2
  52. back injuries or sciatcia cause legs to give out and fall
  53. Back Pain during lifting
  54. Axialif level 2
  55. fused c4-c7
  56. Lower back pain- sacrum
  57. What is correct pain code I can put on my leg pain?
  58. Question?
  59. cracking neck and back
  60. Neck and Back Help
  61. S5 through S1 DDD and Spinal stenosis
  62. Lower Back Pain From Track
  63. back pain
  64. Can back or hip pain cause tailbone discomfort?
  65. How long will it take to get relief from thoracic back sprain
  66. a returnee with more questions
  67. Tired of this pain!
  68. spinal stenosis
  69. I Don't Even Know What Else To Do......
  70. Harring Rod and Pain
  71. Tired of living like this
  72. ESI's & Cataracts?
  73. back surgery through front
  74. back pain
  75. megss
  76. Ddd...
  77. intrathecal pump
  78. Hi to all Post Ops
  79. Mri
  80. Someone please diagnose this sciatica for me. Please!!!
  81. Back pain, any tips?
  82. Pain after Microdiscectomy
  83. PLIF Post-Op Numbness
  84. L5 S1 microdiscectomy
  85. Selective Nerve Root Block
  86. Chiro - Good/Bad?
  87. thoracic pain
  88. hi everyone degeneration of spine
  89. Living with Macular Degeneration
  90. slipped on ice
  91. Return to running after L5-S1 fusion
  92. seen my new Dr. at patn clinic I'm SOOOO IMPRESSED
  93. I need help!! Please!!!!!!!
  94. Back Surgery Nightmare Please Help Me
  95. MRI report
  96. Need help / advice...please
  97. Lower Back Pain
  98. MRI vs CT SCAN
  99. pain
  100. Don't ever give up hope!!!!
  101. L5 S1 Fusion in 5 days just a little bit scared!!!
  102. In need of mri i have no money!!!!!
  103. Post-Op 1 month
  104. L5-S1 on workers comp 4-2009
  105. Update On Me- 2 1/2 weeks post op L4-S1 Fusion
  106. My shoulder blades stick out of my back
  107. Sketchers and SI joint pain?
  108. Annular Tear L5-S1 no bulges or arthiritis - Advice
  109. . L5 - S1 intervertebral disc shows desiccation changes(plz help me to understand thi
  110. Mid lower back problems
  111. bad limp and muscle weakness
  112. Why is dihyroergotamine mesylate injections the only thing that works?
  113. SI joint pain and exercise
  114. is it related? hellpp
  115. hip and leg pain
  116. manithurts
  117. C5-C6 Fusion with new findings, Help Plz?!?
  118. removal of hardware / spine fusion T12 - L5
  119. I am having an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion surgery but have a problem
  120. Can back and neck problems cause this?
  121. interscapular pain
  122. This is very hard to talk about......
  123. Kinda freaking out please help-back pain
  124. topamax for nerve pain in leg
  125. Help for Spondy
  126. Total Lumbar Fusion
  127. X-Ray Results and Questions
  128. what do the symptoms of spondylolisthesis feel like?
  129. Recurrent bulging discs...
  130. Scoliosis problem?
  131. Post op total discectomy L5-S1 back pain
  132. sore back or tmj?
  133. Right Side Back Pain
  134. DDD and Spinal Stenosis
  135. lidocaine
  136. Scam alert
  137. For the Ladies to Read
  138. Hardware removal (back)
  139. Psychologist for back pain?
  140. Sciatic Back pain from my Ovary all along????
  141. Help
  142. teen daughter has possible L4 nerve root irritation, nothing on X-ray
  143. Question about a med I was prescribed
  144. back,hip, and leg pain again
  145. I am getting no pain relief!
  146. osteopath?
  147. Free Clinics
  148. Lumbar MRI Results explanation - My doc says there shouldn't be any pain
  149. cervical neck problems
  150. Okay listen to this....
  151. Question about Brace
  152. painful bump on lower back
  153. Hyperextended Back
  154. numbness!
  155. Help me
  156. Need help
  157. how long do fused discs last?
  158. 19 years old, L4-L5-S1 fusion/disc replacement, help!
  159. Lumbar Traction Device Recommendations
  160. Omega 3 versus Cortisone injections: thoughts?
  161. Chiropractor
  162. Home from Surgery
  163. lower back problems
  164. 3 months and still hurting, question re SI and others
  165. Need Help/Report Reading
  166. dizzy?
  167. what can you do for stiffness in the morning from lower back pains
  168. Calcium...(liquid)
  169. T2-L2 Spinal Fusion
  170. Suspected pars defect at L5
  171. Artificial Disc Replacement
  172. Swelling in lower back
  173. fce report
  174. artificial disc replacement vs. laser surgery
  175. 17 Year old Mri of back
  176. what is the medical term for a pinched nerve at the lower right shoulder blade, caus
  177. One Week Post Op Fusion
  178. in in shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands
  179. What is a prominent circumferential disc bulge?
  180. 2 Days To Go
  181. SPONDYLOIS from c3-4 toc6-7
  182. L5/S1 Partial Disectomy Surgery Recovery
  183. grinding noise in back,after surgery
  184. Dorsal coloumn stimulator
  185. What to do with used Muscle and Bone Growth Stimulators?
  186. My son needs Scoliosis Surgery
  187. Surgery discectomy
  188. IDET success anyone? please! :)
  189. Facet Injections
  190. Tingling & cold feeling in back is growing?
  191. Needing exercise advice
  192. Mri results..I have no clue if it bad or really bad
  193. Urgent need Low back pain advice.....
  194. Inversion table? Also X stop procedure?
  195. Chiropractor
  196. thecal sac reduction, hemangioma t7-t8
  197. Children and Chronic back pain/ Surgery
  198. Having surgery on 20 Jan 2010 Afraid
  199. Pain in lower left of my belly around lower back and down left leg?
  200. is this bad
  201. Prolotherapy Doctor in Atlanta?
  202. I'm 28 and my back is falling apart on me!
  203. 360 Fusion 1/14/10
  204. Microdiscectomy Surgery Tomorrow
  205. Degenerative Scoliosis and disc disease
  206. Facet Joint Injury
  207. my disc seams to drying out
  208. OMG My surgery is next week!!!!
  209. Anyone ever had this?
  210. clicky back.
  211. Lower back issues
  212. Chances of screws coming loose or out!
  213. Lower Back Pain and Leg Aches
  214. itchy eyes!
  215. Is it worth going to my GP?
  216. Doe's anyone have SI Inflammation?
  217. In pain after 3 scoliosis sureries
  218. Please please help
  219. lower back pain and eliptical/precor machines
  220. I have chronic neck pain & need help understanding Doctors results
  221. Is Oxycodone an appropriate treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease pain?
  222. Having MRI with contrast
  223. does chiropractic therapy work?
  224. Back Problems/Tail Bone Injury: 3 Weeks after slipping down my stairs
  225. ill and tired?
  226. Pinching Feeling 12 Month's Out
  227. what is an fce about
  228. Cervical Spine + MRI Problems...Need Some Advice
  229. When is Numbness and Emergency?
  230. pain all left side
  231. can't bend without having severe back pain, why?
  232. spine?
  233. Home Remedies for Bad Muscle Spasm/ Tightness
  234. Epidural injection versus surgery
  235. Diet and Back Pain - connection?
  236. PT exercises for sciatica with fused neck
  237. i feel pain in my lower back when i raise my leg while sitting
  238. Mmi rating
  239. Sports After Back Surgery
  240. Sciatica...bulging disc & pieces of disc floating in back...
  241. why would my sits bones hurt?
  242. Hardware removal and pain
  243. Normal MRI, NEED HELP!! PLEASE!!
  244. Upper back/ spine pain from working out
  245. Fusion question
  246. Disc protusion L4-L5
  247. Prolotherapy in disks
  248. Any sleeping advice for old whiplash injuries?
  249. Neck & back pain
  250. Failed spine sugery

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