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  1. Spinal Fusion Expectations
  2. Mri
  3. Back injuries and an animals, it really works
  4. gas in back when you lay down
  5. Can someone put this in plain english for me
  6. Lower Back Pain
  7. Worried
  8. removing hardware after lumbar surgery???
  9. New to board--lower back/hip/leg pain
  10. what will happen in spinal cord surgery for L3,L4,L5,S1
  11. back pain
  12. I had my 2wk Post Op Appt at Surgeons!
  13. 4 months post op 2 level plif fusion with instrumentation
  14. ANYBODY have a positive outcome???
  15. pain in upper back when trying to take a deep breath
  16. arthritic back pain and impact
  17. grade 1 spondylolethis
  18. in pain for six years
  19. MRI results
  20. Twisted pelvis and lower back pains
  21. Revision, Revision, now another revision L4-L5
  22. Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy....
  23. Muscles and overheating
  24. Diet soda and back pain?
  25. pains
  26. Nerve pain in buttock and down front of leg
  27. 3 1/2 mo. post op-PAIN!
  28. Pain is awful!!!!..Help!
  29. Tell me about the protein the surgeons add to fusions
  30. Back pain
  31. what is a rupture disc indenting epidural fat
  32. Help! I am 3 mos post op and have new symptoms
  33. Backpain/ Scrotum Pain
  34. Uneven shoulders
  35. anyone have epidural that worked on stenosis resulting from spondylolisthesis?
  36. severe lower back pain
  37. back pain
  38. X stop
  39. Scar tissue and Fusions
  40. Do i need to insist a Discogram before surgery?
  41. Please help!!!
  42. anyone used "true back" for sciatica?
  43. First post, back issue, desperate for some suggestions!
  44. Is Neurosurgery better than Orthopedist when doing spine disk surgery?
  45. pain
  46. need help and advise on spondylothesis
  47. I have constant lower back pain.
  48. Gaining weight with a back injury- help!
  49. Help on getting a second opinion
  50. Second Thoughts
  51. Scoliosis / Spondylolisthesis relationship?
  52. Spinal Cord Implant - Pain Afterwards
  53. micro-discectomy post op concerns. HELP
  54. Back problem
  55. Update 10 days Post op L4-5 Fusion
  56. Sciatica! Injections
  57. Has anyone had an emg?
  58. Spinal Cord Stimulator - Want Removed due to MRSA in Knee
  59. New to forums but need some help
  60. back pain
  61. what can you do to help a collapsed disc?
  62. Update on Spondyliolisthesis
  63. Been a year since fusion and still pain
  64. disc removal 3 years post op New pains
  65. Lower back pain
  66. L3 L4 foraminotomy what is the recovery
  67. Middle back pain
  68. Whats the difference-spondylolsis, spondylolysis, spondylolesthesis?
  69. Please help *I'm crying right now*
  70. Help! Bulging discs in L-4 to L-5 and L-5 to S-1
  71. No bowel movments now for a week after surgery-HelP
  72. Middle Back Pain
  73. Hello Been gone
  74. help lumbar spine mri and severe back pain
  75. Spondyloslisthesis Questions
  76. L5-S1 spinal fusion
  77. Fevers
  78. L4,L5,S1 Anterior Fusion Surgen thinks has failed
  79. Bone spurs in the back
  80. spondylolysis/grade 2 anterolisthesis of L-5 on S-1
  81. reason for burning of chest across down arms
  82. after the surgery, then what?
  83. how to taper amitriptyline 25mg
  84. more pain after an si joint injection
  85. gabapentin
  86. Travel After Spinal Fusion. Like... 3 Weeks After
  87. bilateral facet arthritis
  88. right leg hurts after back surgery ?
  89. pain in buttock and down leg
  90. still having pain after ESI - other options besides surgery?
  91. Has anyone had the SI Joint pinning by Dr. in Atlanta who invented the Surgery??
  92. I'm home from my L4-5 Fusion
  93. What can be wrong?
  94. chronic back pain
  95. These are the results of my mri done 2 weeks ago
  96. Think I have SCM Syndrome
  97. What to do?
  98. Possible problems from hardware removal
  99. 6 weeks after l5/s1 fusion and decompression
  100. hello
  101. please help me understand
  102. Uninsured Needs Help w/Pinched Nercve
  103. spondonitis
  104. laying with a bad back
  105. diagnostic testing please help me comprehend....
  106. Heel pain coming from my bad disc?
  107. Re-occuring pinched nerve
  108. Surgery after fusion?? Discogram results
  109. what to do for an annular tear
  110. L4 - L5 and L5-S1 Bulging Disc
  111. Neck Pain
  112. what is Secondary endplate changes at L5-S1 levels
  113. my results mri l5/s1 disc degeneration with fairly extensive endplate changes what do
  114. radiofrequency! Anyone had this done on their back?
  115. Burning nerve root endings????
  116. Discogram - shows more than MRI and myelogram?
  117. sciatica. HELP!!!!!
  118. deterioating disc in back
  119. Massage Post Op
  120. please help me...
  121. 4 weeks out from fusion
  122. Post L4/L5 Fusion and l5s1 stabilization on Feb 20th
  123. Scar tissue, Sharp back pain after Laminectomy/ Discectomy L5-S1
  124. Post oo 360
  125. excruciating back & hip pain -- possible SI Joint
  126. bulging disc
  127. back hurts when i swallow
  128. A little positive news about surgery
  129. spondolothesis
  130. what other tests besides MRI can be done in regards to back pain?
  131. Severe back pain
  132. upper ribs out of place
  133. My surgeries this Monday-Fusion
  134. Information About the Incisions
  135. Sciatica and Hot Tubs
  136. nerve impingement..exercise..what are options?
  137. I was in a wreck and now my back is killing me, help!
  138. how can tell on x-ray if screw is problematic in lower lumbar
  139. Removal of rods & pins?
  140. Desperately Seeking Advice
  141. pain
  142. Leg Weakness
  143. Serious back problem
  144. Post SI Joint Fusion
  145. anyone with work comp?
  146. How did your Sciatica pain start
  147. Diagnosis of back pain..
  148. Injections and Back pain....
  149. Desribe your pain (be specific)...
  150. Chiro vs. PT
  151. For all those people who have back problems and pinched nerves.
  152. what to do?
  153. back pains
  154. How long will this last?
  155. Help!! Extreme back pain
  156. Myelogram and back fusion questions, PLease :O)
  157. how to cure dextroscoliosis?
  158. how to get SI joints normal again
  159. Question for Post Surgery
  160. A Little Concern I Have
  161. Did I jump too soon?
  162. heel pain
  163. update had my surgery
  164. More than 2 levels fused at at time?
  165. BACK QUESTION (Lump or Knot)
  166. compressed vertebrae fracture
  167. could a doctor read an mri wrong
  168. anterolisthesis l4 on l5
  169. anterolisthesis l4 l5
  170. Facet joint pain and weird feeling....
  171. activities
  172. Post spinal fusion questions
  173. lower back problem
  174. Hot feeling in legs and back
  175. what kind of doctor to you see for scoliosis
  176. i cannot get a mri on my back what can i do
  177. how long off work after L5 S1 discectomy
  178. Pain and more pain, what to do.......
  179. Pre-op spine surgery meds
  180. 12 weeks post op 2 level 360 fusion
  181. lower back pain and tingling/weakness
  182. scs & pain pump
  183. Back pain
  184. Sore lower back when hitting punch bag
  185. Help with MRI results.......
  186. Ls spine ap view partial sacralisation in l-5
  187. Possible pinched nerve
  188. Seeking help
  189. Possible L3-4,L4-5 fusion
  190. severe pain in back lower portion
  191. Back Update
  192. Sooooo excited, just got back from my Dr. appt.
  193. Questions about upcoming fusion surgery
  194. 6 foot 8 man, experiencing back problems. Has recently had an operation
  195. I'm booked for surgery/fusion
  196. I am having surgery!!!!
  197. SCS electrodes - yes or no?
  198. Spondylolisthesis, teenage son,do's and don'ts..
  199. Not a good day...
  200. Am I wasting my time?
  201. Pain that is out of control! HELP!
  202. Trouble Starting Stream
  203. Axialif surgery
  204. Whats a MRI?
  205. I too feel SERIOUS pain after Lumbar Surgery, S1, L4, & L5 HELP !
  206. t-spine & constipation?
  207. backpain
  208. Anyone out there have this? or, i need to find informatio...
  209. Help!! Dont know what to expect after 3level fusion
  210. i have little lumps at the bottom of my back what are they
  211. Do I have uneven pelvis?
  212. healthy
  213. Lower back pain
  214. back pains
  215. about to have 3 level fusion
  216. lower back, leg, and knee pain. info please
  217. Am I or am I not fusing at this point???
  218. low back pain
  219. what is l5 s1 annular tear
  220. how to read MRI
  221. Any 360 fusion stories
  222. Weird Pain. Sciatica? Please help!
  223. what is hemilaminectomy
  224. Surgery this tues. Help
  225. Post Fusion Feb 9th Update L4/L5
  226. Weird Lower Back Pain
  227. mri report
  228. Another Update
  229. back pan
  230. Average time off work after a PLIF???
  231. Facent joint information
  232. Anyone heard of this AFTER MicroD
  233. Post op PLIF......when will intimacy return....
  234. Do you have weight issues?
  235. Post op Post. lumbar fusion.....
  236. discectomy and physical therapy
  237. Sacroillac Joint Disorder .... groin pain
  238. Back pain
  239. Depression BEFORE surgery, what am I going to do AFTER?
  240. Twinged back
  241. back pain
  242. Why do you lose use of legs/feet, limbs after spine surgeries?
  243. Failed fusion stories
  244. How long before I can
  245. Solid fusion
  246. Lower back pain
  247. upper back and chest pain?
  248. L4, L5, S1 questions
  249. Help with my Dad's Situation, Any alternatives? DRX9000?
  250. what is the cause of lower back pain that is so bad i cant stand up

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