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  1. what is going on
  2. Urgent Help please RE: neurostimulator trial
  3. Recent fall down the stairs-need some guidance
  4. L5-S1 AxiaLIF with pedicle screws
  5. New here..needing advice on undiagnosed back pain and pain relief asap
  6. Lower back pain, need advice!
  7. Back & Neck pain,vision prob. w/ Trouble Swallowing related to MVA
  8. T2 hyperintense diffuse signal change?
  9. new here but not to back pain
  10. Hardware removal lumbar L3-L4 Pro's and Con's
  11. what is anterolisthesis
  12. Checking in <>
  13. Back pain, L5-S1, L4-L5, L3-L4
  14. Spine surgeons...
  15. Multiple Lumbar Back Issues
  16. help please!!!
  17. Fushion Of L3 L4 L5
  18. tingling around ankles
  19. why is my sciatic so painful
  20. why is my sciatic so painful
  21. I have lower back pain.
  22. Drug NEURONTIN side effects&massaive change in eating habbits-
  23. Need opinions PLEASE!!!
  24. Appears son has Scoliosis very concerned!
  25. back pain
  26. Desperately need advice!!!! Multiple problems!!!
  27. what is my wrong with my back?
  28. lower back pain right side when siting down
  29. seeking advice
  30. back pain
  31. costs?
  32. nucleoplasty
  33. sciatica pain after op
  34. Severe Neck pain
  35. Hello-new member
  36. In severe pain
  37. Bulging discs and leg weakness
  38. Am I having sciatic pain?
  39. Back strain symptoms--duration
  40. Devon07.....How did your surgery go?
  41. have you had an EMG? Give us your results
  42. dynabolt
  43. fusion
  44. Bigeloil gel vet
  45. My Husband 20 months later
  46. The way it is
  47. Please help with CT scan
  48. yoga for back pain
  49. Sudden scoliosis?
  50. Scar tissue after surgeries- anyone? do tell! EMG? too
  51. back pain again after l5-s1 laminectomy
  52. Back Pain After Heavy Lifting.
  53. MRI question- posterior ridge?
  54. right side of back tension and pain
  55. Laser spine surgery
  56. 4 Levels Fused and New CT Findings
  57. annular tear
  58. Still in pain and will have Myelogram done!
  59. Sex after Surgery??
  60. Symptoms that doctor can't treat?
  61. Hello and Stim Implant Update
  62. New Pain After 6 1/2 months surgery
  63. a falling over feeling when walking and standing
  64. Using A Cane
  65. T-5 Fracture
  66. Baackache is early sign of pregnancy or not ?
  67. Interpretation of MRI results lumbar spine with/without contrast
  68. monkey update ltns
  69. New information on possible surgery
  70. And I am back...(long, but please advise)
  71. Middle back pain - near shoulder blades
  72. help with x ray findings
  73. Does anyone have tight leg muscles?
  74. Need help understanding MRI results
  75. advise on back problem
  76. home from surgery
  77. Back injury?
  78. Bulging disc - strange symptoms
  79. 6 months post op L4-5 fusion- problems.... anyone?
  80. What causes hip pain when sleeping on side?
  81. Left arm and side feels asleep?
  82. Back Pain after doing misc activities
  83. Suggestions for sitting in a car
  84. epidural steroid injection
  85. Neurontin for Sciatica?
  86. New Symptom w/Spondy
  87. lower back pain
  88. Spondy grade 4
  89. Muscle
  90. Aching in my right hip and im only 23!
  91. continued neck pain after whiplash
  92. lower back pain while getting up
  93. Running after spinal surgery
  94. Aching legs
  95. More Pain After Lumbar Microdiscectomy
  96. Clinical Trials for failed back syndrome?
  97. Core exercise for lower back pain
  98. Red 'Scar Like' Lines on my back.
  99. Do you know the precise time you got spondylolysis?
  100. Is “ without- contrast” MRI still good enough for a Surgeon using for surgery?
  101. Deviphish, ready for surgery tomorrow?
  102. post spinal fusion for spondy question
  103. Exploratory Back Surgery Anyone?
  104. Osteochondrosis and EDS
  105. back pain
  106. Physio
  107. butt numbness and tingling
  108. Saw Specialist today
  109. Questions about VAX-D
  110. Back Rib Pain
  111. Can anyone help me know what kind of MRI I need?
  112. Back Pain
  113. my mri results
  114. Please Help - Need advice- Left Side Pain?
  115. ALIF so not what I expected
  116. Need to find a local Support Group
  117. Spondolythesis treatment
  118. Please i need help
  119. back pain
  120. Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis
  121. HELP with MRI results
  122. L5 / S1 Fusion
  123. pain meds
  124. Extreme leg pain after my esi help!!!
  125. Facet injections outcomes
  126. Has anyone had successful laser spine surgery for facet arthropathy?
  127. What does this mean?
  128. In terrible pain after saw Chiropractor
  129. infuse (bmp) / bone graft for anterior surgery
  130. At wits end
  131. AxiaLIF surgery
  132. selective endoscopic discectomy surgeons
  133. Burning tailbone
  134. To fuse and when?
  135. DDD cervical,thoracic, and lumbar
  136. Prolapse discs , nerve damage & Osteoparosis in lumber area
  137. Very discouraged, PM doc said nothing else to be done
  138. Going to try my 4th muscle relaxer
  139. artificial disc replacement
  140. 30 Years of Back Pain
  141. Back Pain and Need to Crack
  142. Had a CT should I bother with an MRI too?
  143. Bad Back and hip Pain: Help reading MRI results
  144. Bad Back and hip Pain: Help reading MRI results
  145. ALIF surgery recovery time , Etc..
  146. wallis implant-- severe buttock pain
  147. Degenerated disc
  148. Spondylsothesis tiredness
  149. Stretching with L5S1 - News to me.
  150. stomach/back surgery
  151. Workers Comp info and experiences, ANYONE!!!
  152. Back Pain
  153. Lower Back Pain
  154. fusion with instrumentation
  155. Back / Abdominal pain - ?
  156. Leg pain gone
  157. VAXD therapy
  158. tingling post laminectomy
  159. lower back pain
  160. Lumbar spine fusion
  161. Excercise with compression fracture
  162. SI joint locks
  163. Implantable Pain Pump for Lumbar Problems
  164. Muscle spasm s in side of back
  165. Upper back disc compressed
  166. non-fusion of SI joint
  167. Anyone have probs with T11-T12
  168. After Surgery
  169. Anybody had work harden with fce. Help?
  170. surgery date is set :
  171. xray read help
  172. fusion fromc5 to t5
  173. How bad is this test? Needles between discs?
  174. Daughters back surgery
  175. I have chronic headaches with neck and back pain.
  176. Tailbone area been sore for about 8 days when I bend over
  177. Thoracic Disc Problems
  178. Question for women with laminectomy
  179. back ache!
  180. removal of spinal screws after spinal fusion
  181. Successful back surgery?
  182. Son with L5 Pars Fracture - college rower
  183. PLEASE HELP, Back and Neck pain after seeing chiro.
  184. crawling , tingling in left leg
  185. Tingling Sensation up and down Spine
  186. What could this be???
  187. Hypermobility in lumbar
  188. had SCS trial on Thursday
  189. My Love/Hate Relationship with My Doctor!
  190. my back
  191. New and need advise.
  192. microdiscectomy recovery procedure
  193. 4.5 Months Post-Op Fusion
  194. lower back pain+
  195. Need someone else's OPINION!!!
  196. Erector Spinae trigger point injection?
  197. Back pain
  198. back pain
  199. What are my possible surgery options?
  200. Lower back, hip pain
  201. is surgery necessary?
  202. mylegram???
  203. New here-for my Father
  204. Numbness after hardware removal
  205. What does this MRI report mean?
  206. Question about scoliosis exercise
  207. My daughter & Back surgery
  208. hip pain and sciatica
  209. If you have had a lower lumbar fusion and can help, please read this!!!
  210. 18 mos post spinal fusion feel internal clicking??
  211. Tingling & numb/ heavy feeling from waist down...
  212. Diagnosis from x-ray - what next?
  213. What does my MRI report mean?? Help!
  214. Could This Be Hip Harvest Pain?
  215. questions on multiple fusions
  216. spinal cord stimulator trial questions
  217. Is there pain-free successful surgery after L5 fusion, L4 laminectomy-discectomy?
  218. Backache
  219. Backache
  220. Hey guys & gals, I'm new!
  221. A lot of words, what does it all mean?
  222. lower back pain
  223. foot drop after L4-S1 fusion
  224. Has anyone had problems in their SI Joint
  225. back surgery gone bad
  226. what can be done if you had back surgery and the harware failed
  227. Daughters soon back surgery
  228. what causes pain in feet and legs upon waking
  229. cause of back pain
  230. Hi-let's do an update so we can see how everyone is doing?
  231. Scoliosis freaked out
  232. hernaited disc in neck
  233. Neck and Shoulder pain then numbness
  234. back fusion
  235. If the Microdiscectomy scar's adhesion causes the severe pain ?
  236. To all my spiney friends out there
  237. Arthroscopic spine surgery & Laser spine surgery---
  238. lumbar osteoporosis with degenerative discs
  239. pain meds - psychological issue
  240. Tight Hamstrings 7 Months after Lumbar Microdiscectomy
  241. ahhh
  242. New to this section Need some help
  243. Has anyone tried NuBac or DASCOR nucleus disc replacement?
  244. back pain lower
  245. Why Does Ablation Take Time To Take Effect?
  246. Anyone here ever try or heard of lazer spine surgery??
  247. Severe pain in back with tingling in arms and legs
  248. Thorasic Degenerative Disc Disease & Disc Bulge....
  249. Looking for a (invisible) back brace for lower back support.
  250. Lower-back pain

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