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  1. Pilates
  2. Diagnostic tools following X-Stop
  3. Backache problem
  4. upper back pain
  5. Peroneal nerve lower leg/foot damage after lumbar fusion?
  6. S.C.S trial is set for August 20th
  7. what is causing my pain?
  8. anyone using Ultram (or Tramadol)
  9. ABSOLUTE DESPERATION someone please help
  10. Very desperate for awful pain
  11. Please can someone help me...I'm desparate!
  12. Several pinched nerves
  13. Right Leg pain , can I use knee support forever?
  14. back pain
  15. lumbar laminectomy anf fusion
  16. back pain on right side of pelvis
  17. backache
  18. Help for non insured
  19. back hurts when i bend back up
  20. back pain
  21. Back/ Shoulder/ All Joint Problems
  22. back pain
  23. Can you help me?
  24. Back home after Fusion Surgery
  25. Mri of lumbar spine
  26. Mid back pain
  27. Back pain what is the problem
  28. Q: Sciatica and drugs for it
  29. leg nerve pain after lumbar surgery ment to correct it
  30. Diary of Post Surgery Experiences??
  31. Spinal Surgery Vets...Got a Question!
  32. ddd
  33. how long will it take?
  34. Need help understanding the meaning and severity of my MRI results on my lower back
  35. low back and thigh pain
  36. considering L5-S1 fusion
  37. Does this sound like a muscle problem or a spine problem?
  38. 7 weeks post-op L4/L5 T/LIF fusion
  39. Update for listhesis
  40. First Ever MRI...please read
  41. Does anyone know? Back problems!
  42. Popped rib problem. Help?
  43. fusion update
  44. Has Anyone taken Gabapentin for pain?
  45. Update PLIF L4-S1
  46. Lower Back Curving The Wrong Way???
  47. radiofrquency nerve burning
  48. to go or not to go
  49. 8 months post 2 level PLIF L4L5S1
  50. Teenager with Grade One Spondylolisthesis
  51. pseudoarthrosis?
  52. Possible pars defect?
  53. Stabbing pain under right scapula neck injury
  54. getting ready for surgery after brace fitting
  55. Anyone else have Tailbone area discomfort?
  56. Feel like Dr's are ignoring my problem
  57. Lower back pain
  58. can screws be remove
  59. Back Probs Ugh
  60. Spinal Fusion
  61. Pins and Needles Around Chest and Back
  62. pain in abdoman andlwer back
  63. hernaited disc
  64. Depression and spinal cord stimulation
  65. Pain further down
  66. back ache
  67. How does lumbar affect the legs/knees?
  68. back pain mri shows disk protrusion at L4-5 with moderate compromise of L4-5 foramen
  69. MRI findings
  70. Cervical Hardware Problem
  71. Newbie in desperate need of help/post fusion misplaced screw?
  72. workmans comp settlement
  73. buttock pain
  74. Trigger Point Injections/Back Pain (knots)
  75. kidney stones
  76. catheter questions due to spinal problem
  77. year+post-op & questions about continuing recovery
  78. Do surgery now or Do surgery unless when I can't stand the pain?
  79. Case of Retrolisthesis
  80. My Medical Plateau
  81. cracked acl 5/6 fusion
  82. spasm
  83. help
  84. any supplements good for back muscle pain
  85. Can I have pinched nerves in L3,L4,L5 without back pain?
  86. should i see someone
  87. Hardware Removal Surgery
  88. thoracic surgery question
  89. 26 mths post ACDF
  90. big toe moving by its self
  91. SI Ablation Questions
  92. High blood loss procedure
  93. fusion surgerey
  94. feeling dumped by Dr
  95. lower left back pain and left groin
  96. Sharp pain in back
  97. Can I do traction therapy because I have disk extraction?
  98. Back pain & sleeplessness
  99. hurt back & now feeling hot water sensation... help?
  100. hip pain,hurts to stand up or sit down.
  101. fusion surgerey is done
  102. sharp back pains
  103. MRI in New York
  104. I can not get my MRI records from my Doctor
  105. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis surgery questions
  106. neck and back pain
  107. L5 nerve damaged drop foot
  108. back pain
  109. S1 L5 Fusion - Pre to Post surgery blog
  110. Spinal Stenosis
  111. Spinal Hardware Removal
  112. Spinal surgery - Info on bone proteins plz.
  113. Back Pain
  114. Legs and listhesis
  115. pain on my toes after my lumbar operation
  116. back pain after RTA
  117. Coccyx pain
  118. Physio
  119. FINALLY!!!!! I got an MRI scheduled!
  120. Pain in neck, and Center of back near neck...
  121. chronic back and neck pain
  122. Lower Back Issues
  123. L-5-s-1
  124. Spinal cord stimulation
  125. Spondylolisthesis
  126. More results from mri
  127. ct/scan results after my diskogram
  128. Severe SI joint pain? anyone?
  129. After surgery
  130. lower back pain
  131. drx9000
  132. back pain
  133. Abuse Victim... Damage To Back/Neck? Opinions please.s
  134. 3.5 years post ACDF (c4-c6)....now tingling and pulling sensation..
  135. sciatic pain improving. . . finally :-)
  136. Getting MRI ,screws and rods in back
  137. Unusual practice - lumbar puncture...
  138. can S1 safely be burnt with RFA?
  139. TLSO/CTLSO Brace Fitting on Tuesday - Lots of questions? Please help!
  140. PLDD treatment for anular tears, rim lesions or disc ruptures.
  141. Post ESI advice needed
  142. back pain
  143. back pain
  144. 2.5 weeks after ALIF. Back pain horrible. Help!
  145. Hard to correct uneven pelvis?
  146. Anyone ever have to fight your insurance company?
  147. surgerey date
  148. Back & Neck Surgery -Scared & ??
  149. annular tear
  150. I think i posted the wrong thing B4-Here is what i'm getting
  151. My back pain was a clot in lung
  152. Question? meds after surgery
  153. Question? meds after surgery
  154. Another Diskogram
  155. Severe pain and erection in men
  156. leakage after laminectomy
  157. Went to PM Dr today she prescribed Avinza 60mg
  158. Injured back muscle/chest mucsle spasm?
  159. About Health
  160. back pain
  161. surgery or no surgery
  162. 3 Quick Questions about MRI things
  163. Hello all Newbie here....
  164. pain in back
  165. help on correct doctor to see!!!!!!
  166. Hello , I just wanted to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY><<
  167. Question about MRI and T-spine
  168. back pain
  169. Bowel Urgency
  170. Possible slipped disc
  171. hip pain
  172. Anyone have pain radiate somewhere else?
  173. back and muscle pain
  174. Cervical Fusion or Arthroplasty ?
  175. back pain
  176. Question about MRI strength
  177. lower back
  178. pain under left shoulder blade, middle back
  179. what does abuts the S1 nerve roots
  180. Should I do Discogram or not?
  181. Back Pain and bad habits
  182. I need a good pm in san antonio..help ples
  183. starting therapy on back after fusion help
  184. "Sore ribs"
  185. Cigarettes VS. The patch for bone growth
  186. back problems
  187. Dizziness after cervical ops
  188. middle lower back pain
  189. lsi surgery
  190. L4-L5 problems
  191. Prepping for doctor appointment
  192. Elliptical machine?
  193. lower back pain
  194. Anyone post surgery??
  195. Very Strange feeling in head and back.
  196. Pre-Surgery Question
  197. anterolisthesis
  198. Kyphosis & Lower Back problem
  199. Chair for back pain?
  200. Bulging disc? Sciatica? What *IS* this?
  201. My annoying back pain-can you help?
  202. Wallis Implant L5/S1
  203. MRI Findings
  204. L5/S1 disectomy post op nerve pain
  205. Is lumbar puncture outpatient or inpatient procedure?
  206. Spinal stenosis and possible tumor
  207. Pregnant - Sciatic nerve pain
  208. Anyone have similar laminectomy experience
  209. Insurance companies making it harder to get spinal fusions
  210. please help..my future depends on it.
  211. HELP!! Nervous about ESI
  212. What is uptake?
  213. Questions About - Lumbar Epidural Injections -
  214. Lower Back Pain relief?
  215. Back home from spinal fusion
  216. back problem
  217. 2nd opinion for tomorrow / checking in
  218. Lower right back pain HELPPPPPP
  219. Back pain still need more advice!
  220. my scapula hurts like all the time
  221. helps for after fusion surgery
  222. Any Ideas? Going crazy not knowing...
  223. Hemilaminotomy & Foraminotomy
  224. Worse Insomnia Since Surgery?
  225. pain
  226. Post surgery pain
  227. your own stem cells to regrow discs?
  228. Confused about dicsectomie
  229. Is this pain my back or an inside organ?
  230. which exercise we can do in l4 , l5 disc collapse
  231. bad pains
  232. Strange symptoms
  233. What is wrong with my back? :(
  234. Fusion at L4-L5 and L5-S1 with weak L3/L4 disc
  235. when i sit too long, pain in my leg
  236. sit down MRI compared to laying down
  237. back injury
  238. Back pain that wont go
  239. Should i have a second surgery????
  240. lower back pain whilst standing for long
  241. anterolisthesis of C4/5 5/6
  242. back and leg pain
  243. what is small posterior osteophytes in L3, L4, L5
  244. help
  245. Random Shoulder Pain and Swelling!
  246. Pro-Disc Results
  247. i have backpain when i wake up
  248. Upper Center Back pain
  249. I pick the wrong times not to get sedation for injections - SI questions
  250. Post Spinal Stenosis Surgery, please help!

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