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  1. hi its my back
  2. Help with washing dishes
  3. Recovering from 4th Back Surgery
  4. Med. or Exercise for minor Back Pain?
  5. Anyone with cervical & Lumbar problems both
  6. dorsal scapular syndrome
  7. Anybody else dealing with SI joint dysfunction?
  8. Backache
  9. severe musle tightnes in back by end of day
  10. back rib pain
  11. back pain
  12. Hi all, I am... back (bah bump bump bump). Back/Toe problems please help
  13. Discogram
  14. Low back pain (slip disc)
  15. back pian
  16. Headaches
  17. DRX Spinal Decompression Therapy
  18. back pain
  19. spondolithesis
  20. Can low back/hip pain cause IBS symptoms
  21. continued severe pain 3 mos after discectomy
  22. back pain
  23. Groin pain
  24. Laminectomy Post Op Pain
  25. Exercise after Spinal Fusion!
  26. Muscle Spasms
  27. 6 week post op
  28. Laminectomy & Discectomy L3/L4 L4/L5
  29. back pain
  30. 8 weeks post op 2 level plif the good bad & ugly
  31. Leg pain after L5/S1 fusion
  32. weird pain in back
  33. back problem and foot drop
  34. Stimulator To Control Back Pain
  35. can back problems cause colon problems?
  36. My back
  37. back pain
  38. bulging disc causing hip pain?
  39. Recovering Hemilam/discectomy still in pain with new symptoms
  40. SED surgery scheduled
  41. Dealing with the horror of fusion surgery
  42. Pain between l2-l3
  43. Lifetime limit on Steroid Injections?
  44. Allergic to internal metal
  45. After fusion
  46. Calf pain due to back problem?
  47. L5 s1 fusion
  48. Going into 4th week post-op ALIF.....
  49. lower back pain
  50. Lower Back & Neck Pain/Problems
  51. how often should i have an si injection
  52. back pain
  53. please help
  54. Post OP Microdicetomy
  55. painful lower back
  56. ALIF on L5-S1 on 2/4/09... SO nervous!!!
  57. Any Information would be greatly appreciated
  58. TLIF 4wks ago... when will the tide turn??!
  59. Nerve damage?
  60. Anterolisthesis
  61. Si joint Pain after L5s1 fusion
  62. Another possible surgery
  63. When I touch my side I get pain in my spine?
  64. fixing posture
  65. Neurosurgeon recommendation for NYC
  66. why does a bulging disc not hurt all the time
  67. i took methylprednisolone for two days and was taken off it, how long before i feel l
  68. finally had 1st epidural!!
  69. 10 Days after 3 Level Spinal Fusion (L4, L4, S1), and I'm not sure what to do?
  70. How do you fight the depressing moments of fusion recovery?
  71. pain in upper back under the thoracic
  72. SWEATING WITH BRACE (corset type)
  73. Had the X-Stop Procedure
  74. L1 compression fracture
  75. Need some good advice
  76. Please help getting desperate
  77. Next Step
  78. Nervous about transforaminal Injection
  79. Physical Therapy Question
  80. 1 year later (help)
  81. Back at work after two level lumbar fusion
  82. Need your expert opinions
  83. SCS Trial
  84. What Activities are out there after spinal fusion
  85. bad leg pain
  86. Pain in Right Side
  87. back hurts when i bend forward
  88. HI, New, about to have Fusion from L3 toS1
  89. doing much better
  90. 2 questions: post ACDF and low back pain
  91. Wildflowers/anyone else ......Aquatherapy
  92. fix a sciatic nerve without surgery?
  93. Aquatherapy....
  94. failed or successful nerve root injection?
  95. L5 bulge... doc says pain higher impossible. True?
  96. what happens when a lumbar disc deforms the thecal sac
  97. IDET Procedure
  98. back pain
  99. second guessing the doctor :/
  100. Lower Back Pain
  101. Please help laser spine surgery
  102. X-Lateral Spinal Fusion
  103. Laminectomy
  104. pre op disectomy
  105. 4 weeks post op ALIF L5 S1
  106. Myelogram, Discogram? What's the Diff?
  107. Need responses for those post op hardware removal
  108. Problems with L3-s1
  109. Severe pain that comes and goes
  110. backache
  111. RJstreet / Anyone else - Neurostimulator?
  112. what type of medication
  113. Should I still need to be concerned about surgery ? Can CT- Epidural help me?
  114. Quetion about going back to work
  115. ALIF Two weeks Post Op
  116. New things found on MRI
  117. Need advice on a good quality pillow for the tailbone
  118. back pain
  119. Bad scoliosis--need help with treatments
  120. Pilates for back problems - anyone try it?
  121. What exactly does a myelogram show?
  122. lower back pain at night can hardley move!
  123. Scoliosis
  124. New Year, new Dr.! yeah!
  125. 2 weeks post-op for ALIF surgery
  126. Sudden bad back pain
  127. Increased pain after Hardware Removal?
  128. Awful Stabbing Back Pain When I Cough Or Sneeze--Why??
  129. 6 weeks post PLIF ups and downs
  130. syrinx
  131. back pain
  132. inversion table an answer
  133. New Pain - What can it be?
  134. Scar tissue question for Pepper
  135. sciatic nerve pain after ALIF
  136. Right Hip Pain
  137. Vitamins for back help
  138. Post-fusion surgery questions
  139. 3 weeks Post Op Today
  140. Developed Cellulitis
  141. Lidocaine and Gabapentin
  142. Your Daily Routine after Lumbar Fusion
  143. why do i have a bruise on my back
  144. coccyxdynia
  145. Icky BM question - after lumbar fusion
  146. Surgery
  147. L4/L5/S1 anterior
  148. "After fusion" Question
  149. MRI - where do I go from here?
  150. Hi all, Microdisectomy/Laminectomy and last Axialif, still in pain!!
  151. Any ideas?
  152. New Here
  153. Scar Tissue
  154. Lumbar Harware Removal
  155. Sacralisation of L5 vertebra seen on both side - What does it mean?
  156. Why was I not given a back brace?
  157. spasms
  158. traveling after surgery
  159. Leg/foot problems
  160. very bad lamectomy!
  161. I need some help for my mom!
  162. SI Joint Fusion
  163. pinched nerves
  164. Prune Juice
  165. Severe Pain
  166. Epidural injections
  167. MRI explanation
  168. question about the lumbar brace
  169. SI Joint Fusion / sacroiliac
  170. Hardware removal
  171. What should I do?
  172. Chronic stiffness
  173. Epidural spinal nerve block: Need Help ASAP
  174. 5 months post L4-5 fusion what was your experience?
  175. coughing
  176. back pain after extensive walking
  177. What causes 2 weeks burning legs
  178. I have alot of neck and head pain
  179. Severe spinal stenosis and endoscopic surgery
  180. Back Spasms after lumber fusion
  181. Still can't sit after surgery - where to go from here?
  182. 4th Surgery Scheduled!
  183. Introduction - new around here
  184. back and neck pain and headaces
  185. Need some advice on where to start for lower back pain
  186. Can't sleep
  187. Restless Legs?
  188. Diet Pepper....???
  189. nerve block
  190. Osteophytes and L5-C1 narrowing
  191. when does the numbness goe away
  192. Side effects for Lyrica advice
  193. Lamonectomy on L4 & L5
  194. Left Lower Back Pain - when I straighten my back
  195. I am at my wit's end here...
  196. Surgery cancelled due to lungs
  197. cough related back pain
  198. What Does Anterolisthesis Of The L5 Upon S1 Mean
  199. The pain is awful... am I losing my mind?
  200. When is it Appropriate to go to the ER?
  201. best vehicle for bad back --shopping for one
  202. here is my prognosis
  203. Brace after hardware removal?
  204. fell hard on knees
  205. Fell on lower back
  206. back pain
  207. Removal Of Rods After Laminectomy 5 Years Ago
  208. I am Tired and Ready to Give Up
  209. Chronic back pain- and I'm only 26!
  210. Heal Thyself?
  211. Spine is normal with degenerated discs and Schmorls node?
  212. numbness from sciatica
  213. Finally Good News
  214. Hello I'm new here
  215. Hello I'm new here
  216. X-Stop Procedure
  217. L2-L3 left disc bulge causes....
  218. Screws in the lower Back
  219. Plif update
  220. back pain
  221. Something that has helped me
  222. Post Microdisectomy Muscle Spasms
  223. Starting to freak...need some reassurance
  224. ALIF surgery on Dec. 16.....any good recovery advice?
  225. fibrosis (scar tissue)
  226. I guess I am going to do Stimulator trial
  227. Left nerve pinched, Right leg weakness?
  228. Calf/foot pain after L5-S1 Fusion
  229. Back pain that is sore to touch...
  230. L5/S1 Spinal Fusion set for 12/29
  231. Tailbone/Coccyx Pain Post L-5 Discectomy
  232. New here osteoarthritis of the spine
  233. Fusion Surgery Next Tues.
  234. No surgery!
  235. Lumbar epidural & Headaches
  236. anterior diskectomy interbody fusion L5-S1
  237. Nucleoplastic Non-surgery Procedure
  238. Sciatica Pain
  239. Neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon?
  240. Anterolisthesis
  241. Will a tailbone injury affect my L5-S1 bulging disc?
  242. Discogram Results
  243. lower back
  244. SO Confused! MRI and CT Scan Show Different Results!! HELP!
  245. lower back pain
  246. MRI Results...ugh
  247. Torn Ligament
  248. Jinks is home from hospital
  249. Do's and Don't exercises for Back Pain
  250. back pain

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