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  1. had my trial stimulator put in today, it just stopped
  2. need help finding doctor to figure why i am still in pain
  3. neck & back pain
  4. Best office chair after fusion L5 S1?
  5. Well good news and bad..100% fusion
  6. Is a second opinion possible on nhs
  7. Nerve Conduction Studies and EMG
  8. Results from recent Myelogram
  9. Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) or Fusion?
  10. what is sacralisation of l5 vertebra
  11. The Injection Didn't Work
  12. Faith1234 & SI joint surgery
  13. Lower back pain
  14. Pain in butt returning 9 months after fusion
  15. Scheduled for Trial Neurostimulation / Does it help?
  16. Low back pain
  17. Upper Thigh/Lower Back Pain
  18. lower right side back pain
  19. Back pain/bulging disks/pinched nerve question
  20. inversion tables or inversion boots?
  21. L5-S1 Discectomy
  22. Looking for a neurosurgeon or Back surgeon - PLANO, TX
  23. left leg thigh numbness/ lower back pain
  24. Does anyone have redness and bruising at their SCS battery site?
  25. Can ANYONE help me decipher my bone scan?
  26. nerve damage and pain
  27. won't go away
  28. Spinal Cord Stimulator Question
  29. Low Back Pain
  30. Scared and in need of MRI help
  31. L-spine MRI results
  32. back pain
  33. 2 level Anterior and Posterior fusion at L3-S1
  34. Lumbar Myelogram Post Effect
  35. 360 fusion
  36. what is microdistectomy technique
  37. Headache... Injection Related?
  38. sammy just wanted to keep my promise
  39. spinal fusion & recovery
  40. sciatic pain has gotten worse, help....
  41. pain on left side
  42. how long does the methylprednisolone pack work on pain
  43. back pains
  44. back pain
  45. was this spinal decompression? confused
  46. post-op instability - short version
  47. SCS Stimulator and Fusion
  48. Fusion Non-unions
  49. Fusion Revisions
  50. Steroid Injection Questions
  51. Upcoming Surgery - Dec. 2nd
  52. Radiofrequency Rhiztomy Ablation
  53. AxiaLIF
  54. Scar Tissue after Hemi-Laminectomy
  55. How long does the pain last??
  56. back oain
  57. Looking for Arthritis suggestions
  58. Prolotherapy In Northern California Please
  59. horse riding pain
  60. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  61. doing weights after a muscle spasm
  62. Newest Mri
  63. Free Home Physical Therapy For Sciatica?
  64. i had a test done called a discogram
  65. Where can I find a spine Dr.'s history/ good or bad ?
  66. Tarlov cysts
  67. New tires help with back pain
  68. Please Help Me!!
  69. lower back problems and bad doctors.
  70. miserable back pain
  71. spondolithesis
  72. Can someone tell me what kind of pain to expect from a discogram?
  73. Myelogram After effect
  74. back muscle pain
  75. broken coccyx
  76. Anyone had sacroiliac fusion only? Scheduled for Dec, have questions
  77. One Year Later, still with pain
  78. When is Surgery the best choice???
  79. Discogram results say......
  80. Scoliosis
  81. Anyone Prolotherapy?
  82. Degenerative disc disease
  83. being hot
  84. Pain Post-discectomy 10-8
  85. Surgery Tips / Post OP for L5 S1 Posterior Decompression?
  86. discogram
  87. About Lower Back
  88. severe pain in legs and back
  89. lower back pain
  90. Back pain due to riding injury.
  91. Almost 6 months after Lumbar Laminectomy , Leg , and Back Pain Continue
  92. Spondo grade change after surgery
  93. back pain
  94. Sciatica
  95. House Work With Sciatica
  96. leg pain that keeps moving
  97. Micro D, Post Op Please Read/help
  98. Help with MRI results
  99. back pain
  100. Has anyone really had a successful L5 S1
  101. severe lower back pain please help
  102. Does this sound like sciatica???
  103. sciatica diagnosis
  104. botox injections for back pain
  105. Lower back pain having hard time walking moving getting out of bed
  106. Does PT work for scattica?
  107. Reading MRI Pictures
  108. Having surgery on the 20th
  109. Spinal Cord Stimulator Trail
  110. Anterior Posterior Fusion while Pregnant?!
  111. 15 yo with arthritis in back--cortisone injections?
  112. neurosurgeon in albany new york
  113. Desperate to find out whats wrong with lower back
  114. ortho-spine doctors nashville tn
  115. what is laminectomy defect?
  116. Back pain issues: Please advice
  117. back is sore
  118. lumbar problems again
  119. Steroid Injection Problems UPDATE
  120. Trigger Point Injections
  121. hunchback/kyphosis
  122. Help with my Spondylolithesis!!!
  123. lumbar spine disc bulge pain
  124. Another back fusion question
  125. disturbed sleep because of back pain
  126. Still terrible pain 7 years after surgery
  127. unsure whats going on..
  128. Total Body Bone Scan Result Translation Please
  129. help me read mri
  130. Bone Spurs?
  131. back problem
  132. back problems
  133. what does bone marrow signal changes around the L5-S1 disk mean
  134. Adult Scoliosis
  135. what is segmentation with lumbarization of S1
  136. i have a constant pressure on my lower spine and when i am sitting or standing to lon
  137. Back problems-help needed
  138. Back problems-need advice
  139. back pain
  140. how does kyphosis breathing
  141. Anyone heard of 3 epidural shots on consecutive days?
  142. Leg pain after microdiscectomy
  143. 3 years after fusion I completed a sprint triathlon!
  144. Pain in lower left back and side. Can anyone help? Dr. says muscular. It's not. Help!
  145. Isotonix OPC-3 Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins
  146. back pain
  147. Severe morning pain in lumbar area
  148. does celebrex help with a pinched nerve in the back?
  149. if i have an mri of my spine will it show any other abnormalities
  150. Manageable Symptoms?
  151. Update after seeing surgeon, things are worse...3rd surgery is coming...
  152. Sciatic Nerve Pain
  153. Middle back pain while sitting in a chair
  154. Should I need to take Epidural injection at least three times?
  155. Any ideas on my Back Pain
  156. Anyone have good results with IDET to treat back pain?
  157. disc replacement surgery
  158. Spondylolisthesis
  159. Need Help with EMG results
  160. X-Rays and Back Pain
  161. Do inversion boards/tables help?
  162. Back Pain
  163. how long is a lumbar fusion of l4 l5 s1 good for
  164. Back discomfort
  165. pain in the lower back that radiates to both feet
  166. Help! New mri of Lumbar & C-spine since 3 level fusion in 12/07
  167. inversion table
  168. Can you help me wrap my head around things...
  169. My spine and my hip hurts.
  170. Chemical Radiculitus
  171. How long to recover from a discogram?
  172. Lower back issue..
  173. what comes after lumbar esi didn't work
  174. Laminectomy Recovery time
  175. Soothanol X2
  176. Too young for Surgery!
  177. Diet & Back Pain
  178. need recommendation on neurosurgeon in northeast Texas
  179. neurosurgeons in northeast texas
  180. Is it likely for a fusion to create more of a problem on other vert...
  181. pain down the back of my leg
  182. Post Myelogram Back Pain
  183. The "new" rules are for your safety and privacy.
  184. Osteomyelitis and antibiotics
  185. L5-S1 fusion
  186. Sacroiliac Pain--Can anyone respond to this-
  187. Anyone else get epidurals? curious to see how long they last.
  188. will i need spinal surgery
  189. Two level fusion w/ a question
  190. Muscle Spasms in Thoracic Area of the Back
  191. Can you still have problem's after a process Transerve Fracture?
  192. question about recovery after lumbar fusion
  193. Back Pain
  194. Hello
  195. no contrast on an MRI
  196. lower back pain
  197. Stiff and painful lower back---advice please!
  198. Surgery Again!??!
  199. What do I do now?
  200. Chiropractic Care
  201. Pain that is slowly spreading
  202. Contractual Fusion Gait
  203. Successes Come In Time for Some & Beating the Odds
  204. Blood Patch Question
  205. HELP!!!Understanding MRI results
  206. Help with Lumbar Fusion
  207. L5S1 to L4-5 level why..?
  208. Chronic Pain
  209. What expereinces have you had with the Mayo Clinic and spine surgeries?
  210. how bad was your results before they did surgery
  211. Gracefulone .....Sacroiliac Joint Disorder...groin pain
  212. Lower Back MRI Results
  213. which doctor to see????
  214. Diarrhea and back connection
  215. Herinated Disk
  216. Husband had spine fusion surgery, have a question
  217. should i
  218. Severe Back Pain
  219. L5-S1 Surgery in July
  220. please help My back hurts all the time but it's unbearable when i walk or stand up fo
  221. Back
  222. At the end of my rope
  223. Please I need your help
  224. Anterior/Posterior 360 fusion 6 months and still have cosiderable pain.
  225. Myegram headache...Ouch. No patch?
  226. Biofreeze for sciatica?
  227. Anxiety about MRI
  228. 15 days after discectomy no relief anyone heal in more time?
  229. removal of hardware L4-5
  230. All I did was get up...
  231. anyone heard of biacuplasty? Anyone had it done? better/worse?
  232. Please help.....Numbness suddenly 8 mos. after fusion surgery
  233. hip pain and spina bifida occulta
  234. L4-S1 Fusion, Oct.21st and I am scared to death!
  235. past injury result of current back pain?
  236. back ache
  237. Progress update!
  238. back pain
  239. Where did my L4-L5 disc go ?
  240. Can any one tell me
  241. sciatica ??
  242. Chair
  243. TF ESI on Thursday
  244. Myelogram vs. Labor Epidural
  245. Lumbar fusion...yes or no
  246. Laser Inst, Bonati Inst and Va Spine Surgery
  247. X-Ray Documents
  248. Help with MRI report
  249. Myelogram Headache
  250. severe cervical & lumbar stenosis

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