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  1. 16 yr old with 5mm break - Bilaterl Pars Defect
  2. New, Don't know what is wrong with me
  3. This is very frustuarting, advice please
  4. New surgery date.
  5. Thermal acupressure massage bed??
  6. constipation
  7. bad back
  8. 3 level spinal fusion
  9. back pain
  10. spondylolisthesis surgery??..HELP
  11. Spinous process
  12. Lower back pain
  13. new to board and in a lot of pain!
  14. Depression after a fusion....
  15. Sharp back pain
  16. Back pain
  17. 12 weeks post op dr visit 2 level fusion plif
  18. After a back fusion surgery 5 years ago, I want to join a gym.
  19. pedicle screw removal ?
  20. Can sciatica cause symptoms above the waist?
  21. Update
  22. lower back pain
  23. how is L4/L5 disc treated
  24. So Afraid of Surgery
  25. Back Pain
  26. back Pain
  27. back pain .
  28. How do I find a quality PT or trainer for my back?
  29. Hey there back buddies, need advice!
  30. Neuro or Ortho for stenosis?
  31. 38 Days out from 2 level fusion at L3-S1
  32. Any recipes to use with agonizing back pain?
  33. functional capicity exam
  34. Lower back pain
  35. Scar Tissue Question
  36. almost 10 weeks post up update
  37. leg pain in a laying down position only
  38. I need help on what to do
  39. Monkey update, hope everyone is doing okay
  40. Chronic Pain/TENS Unit problem
  41. hi, im a newbie, looking for some peace of mind!
  42. MRI didn't pick anything up
  43. 1 year and still waiting!!!!
  44. Back surgery next friday = help
  45. What is a Degenerative Cyst?
  46. hardware causing pain?
  47. Horrible Second Opinion! HELP!
  48. radio frequency ablation
  49. asymetrical???
  50. Need revision surgery.
  51. Fusion....a thing of the past?
  52. can mild compression on thecal sac cause pain
  53. X-Ray results - Osteitis Condensans ilii
  54. pain
  55. 3 Level Fusion - 10 month update
  56. Too young for DDD and DJD (O?
  57. Back Problems
  58. Back pain all in my head?
  59. Can anyone help me understand my MRI results??
  60. Surgery Fusion L4/L5 Rescheduled UGH!!!
  61. muscle spasms
  62. Back problems and menopause linked?
  63. how to unpinch the sciatica
  64. how long does 3 level spinal fusion take
  65. Just wanted to check up on every one ..
  66. Radiofrequency Neurotomy questions
  67. back pain
  68. Back Pain and living life
  69. sacroiliac
  70. back pain
  71. ALIF surgery - Distended stomach
  72. Very bad few days
  73. Mylegram in NJ
  74. Sciatica Questions
  75. Cannot get comfortable for the pain
  76. what is mean by sacralisation
  77. Afraid
  78. Anyone with Sciatica for several years try this?
  79. L5-S1 Disectomy in July, 08-Still Have Pain
  80. Stress Fracture/Fracture in the L1 Pedicle
  81. Cant sleep due to pain
  82. tailbone - sciatica pain?
  83. anterior and posterior lumbar interbody fusion surgery
  84. MRI Results
  85. Anyone's Back like Mine?
  86. people who have had disc replacement surgery in chicago IL
  87. Please HELP, Pain in NECK and BACK and other Symptoms after seeing Chiropractor
  88. Follow up from last week (discogram)
  89. possibly a pinched nerve?
  90. Exercises for Spondy. Help Needed!!!!
  91. Why is heat not helping my back pain?
  92. back pain
  93. disc degenrative disease c5-7
  94. 10 weeks post op 2 level plifusion
  95. back pain
  96. does sciatic nerve problems cause swelling?
  97. MRI & Nerve test results...reveal..
  98. Moma bear
  99. hello to all my friends
  100. is this normal? (teenage back problems)
  101. Bent over at waist
  102. Is there any treatment that can help?
  103. Have a SEROMA after 2nd MicroD
  104. Post Op Questions
  105. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis?
  106. Nerve Flare Up
  107. Question for the ladies
  108. Fusions and canes and toilet raisers? Oh MY- Help understanding?
  109. back pain
  110. Back pain
  111. Injection differences - many questions...
  112. Had medial branch/facet block today-Unsure if it helped.
  113. Back problems with tilted uterus
  114. 20+ months post fusion, still in a lot of pain
  115. MRI with titanium implant
  116. L3-L4 & L4-L5 problems for over 2 years
  117. Hardware Removal?
  118. 6 weeks post op from 2 level ALIF
  119. Almost Two Weeks Out From L5/S1 Discectomy
  120. dealing with surgeon for back pain
  121. lower Back
  122. Good Questions to ask your surgeon prior to surgery?????
  123. advice please
  124. L5-S1 Rupture
  125. Good Shoes
  126. sandra .has back problems
  127. back
  128. Vertiplasty for compressed vertibrae
  129. Can anyone help with my symptoms of sever back and hip pain!
  130. spondolithesis symptoms
  131. New here..have a question. Lump after 2nd MicroD
  132. Diagnosing Back Problem - Help Please
  133. Middle back issue Pinched nerve?
  134. pain in left lower back
  135. Back pain
  136. I am Miserable
  137. Anyone Have a Medial Branch Block/Facet Joint Injection?
  138. Broken Pedi Bolt
  139. 360 Degree Lumbar Fusion at L3-L4, L4-L5, and L5-S1
  140. laser removal of scar tissue
  141. Surgery and Intimacy
  142. back pain
  143. Help with MRI PLEASE
  144. Ice Cream Man
  145. Ice Cream Man
  146. hamstring weakness with L4, L5 bulging discs
  147. Help! I think I'm getting even worse and don't know what to do!
  148. Need Myelogram now
  149. L4 L5 Post-terrior Entry Wrap around Cage
  150. Back pain + Nerve pain??
  151. Back Related Prob
  152. back pain and pregnant
  153. Need help
  154. Stenosis
  155. best sneakers for bad back's?
  156. NS Recommendation Charleston, SC area
  157. Still having problems with walking
  158. Pain while sitting or standing
  159. mystery heel pain following 2 level plif fusion
  160. Advice on L5-S1 Rupture
  161. hi its my back
  162. Help with washing dishes
  163. Recovering from 4th Back Surgery
  164. Med. or Exercise for minor Back Pain?
  165. Anyone with cervical & Lumbar problems both
  166. dorsal scapular syndrome
  167. Anybody else dealing with SI joint dysfunction?
  168. Backache
  169. severe musle tightnes in back by end of day
  170. back rib pain
  171. back pain
  172. Hi all, I am... back (bah bump bump bump). Back/Toe problems please help
  173. Discogram
  174. Low back pain (slip disc)
  175. back pian
  176. Headaches
  177. DRX Spinal Decompression Therapy
  178. back pain
  179. spondolithesis
  180. Can low back/hip pain cause IBS symptoms
  181. continued severe pain 3 mos after discectomy
  182. back pain
  183. Groin pain
  184. Laminectomy Post Op Pain
  185. Exercise after Spinal Fusion!
  186. Muscle Spasms
  187. 6 week post op
  188. Laminectomy & Discectomy L3/L4 L4/L5
  189. back pain
  190. 8 weeks post op 2 level plif the good bad & ugly
  191. Leg pain after L5/S1 fusion
  192. weird pain in back
  193. back problem and foot drop
  194. Stimulator To Control Back Pain
  195. can back problems cause colon problems?
  196. My back
  197. back pain
  198. bulging disc causing hip pain?
  199. Recovering Hemilam/discectomy still in pain with new symptoms
  200. SED surgery scheduled
  201. Dealing with the horror of fusion surgery
  202. Pain between l2-l3
  203. Lifetime limit on Steroid Injections?
  204. Allergic to internal metal
  205. After fusion
  206. Calf pain due to back problem?
  207. L5 s1 fusion
  208. Going into 4th week post-op ALIF.....
  209. lower back pain
  210. Lower Back & Neck Pain/Problems
  211. how often should i have an si injection
  212. back pain
  213. please help
  214. Post OP Microdicetomy
  215. painful lower back
  216. ALIF on L5-S1 on 2/4/09... SO nervous!!!
  217. Any Information would be greatly appreciated
  218. TLIF 4wks ago... when will the tide turn??!
  219. Nerve damage?
  220. Anterolisthesis
  221. Si joint Pain after L5s1 fusion
  222. Another possible surgery
  223. When I touch my side I get pain in my spine?
  224. fixing posture
  225. Neurosurgeon recommendation for NYC
  226. why does a bulging disc not hurt all the time
  227. i took methylprednisolone for two days and was taken off it, how long before i feel l
  228. finally had 1st epidural!!
  229. 10 Days after 3 Level Spinal Fusion (L4, L4, S1), and I'm not sure what to do?
  230. How do you fight the depressing moments of fusion recovery?
  231. pain in upper back under the thoracic
  232. SWEATING WITH BRACE (corset type)
  233. Had the X-Stop Procedure
  234. L1 compression fracture
  235. Need some good advice
  236. Please help getting desperate
  237. Next Step
  238. Nervous about transforaminal Injection
  239. Physical Therapy Question
  240. 1 year later (help)
  241. Back at work after two level lumbar fusion
  242. Need your expert opinions
  243. SCS Trial
  244. What Activities are out there after spinal fusion
  245. bad leg pain
  246. Pain in Right Side
  247. back hurts when i bend forward
  248. HI, New, about to have Fusion from L3 toS1
  249. doing much better
  250. 2 questions: post ACDF and low back pain

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