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  1. Hello Diet Pepper
  2. Sciatica pain changed suddenly today....
  3. Has anyone actually been helped by a chiropractor for SI Joint Pain?
  4. What do YOU do after you get an epidural?
  5. different kinds of stenosis?
  6. Can surgery help pain and not just sciatica?
  7. Arachnoid Cyst in Spine
  8. question about post laminotomy?
  9. Need Help with MRI Results for lower back
  10. Going For Surgery
  11. Back pain
  12. New back pain
  13. lower back pain
  14. Will I be able to work ever again?
  15. L5 - S1 Laminectomy and Fusion with Instrumentation - How long does pain last?
  16. back pain
  17. Low Vitamin D Levels After Spinal Fusion Surgery
  18. Life is tired!!
  19. omg it hurts
  20. SuzyQ...How are you?
  21. Radio Frequency Nerve Albation
  22. Looking for LAF-ter again!!
  23. Not fusing....any suggestions??
  24. Back from 1st Post op appt.. and a story or two...
  25. HELP HELP HELP! Severe Sharp Pain and Localized Aching!
  26. When do people get lumbar fusions vs. those other surgeries?
  27. Sorry...I forgot to mention something...
  28. What surgery for disk bulges and stenosis?
  29. Approx 9 weeks fusion post-op
  30. back pain and stiffness
  31. after l5 s1 fusion what can be done?
  32. Info pls help i am new
  33. Cyst In Sacrum
  34. back pain
  35. MRI results are in just getting some feedback
  36. Going for my second Micro D next week
  37. Long time no posting
  38. I had a laminectomy five years ago, and now I walk with a cane!
  39. Question about nerve burning - new on this board...
  40. More Pain - Pain Selective Nerve Block?
  41. back pain
  42. Morning. Need opinions Please, re post symptoms/numbness
  43. pain
  44. Upper back pain and chest tightness
  45. Questions for the long suffering
  46. Spine Fusion at L5 - S1
  47. Need info on spinal stimulator/pump
  48. si joint more pain!!
  49. Bulging disc with posterior central disc protusion question?
  50. Hey Pepper..
  51. My poor back, Help!
  52. Thoughts about dealing with back pain...
  53. been 3 years since TLIF surgery
  54. Walking HILLS after fusion
  55. Oh my God.....Cymbalta!
  56. spondylothesis
  57. I am new and wondering "Do I have surgery or not?"
  58. Back and chest
  59. How has everyone been?
  60. Did you experience this? exercise post op? Please respond.
  61. Happy 4th my spiney friends!
  62. L3-L4 leg pain?
  63. back injury
  64. Pain wakes me up every morning...it'sso bad that I cannot breath
  65. Lower Back Pain
  66. looking for help
  67. LAF still waiting on MRI results for groin pain
  68. back pain
  69. L2-S1 Laminectomy with instrumented fusion, getting ready
  70. Lower back injury. When is too soon to get back into things?
  71. Lumbar Revision Scheduled...input needed
  72. back pain comes and goes?
  73. mri question post-op....I NEED HELP
  74. Info about Sage48
  75. what is the best lso back brace to wear?
  76. Plaster Jacket
  78. Need answers ASAP please!!
  79. Pain 4 years after scoliosis surgery?
  80. lower back pain
  81. could this be my back causing this
  82. MRI Results Interpretation
  83. I have a slipped disk in my back and my leg has gone numb what does this mean?
  84. Mild protrusion at L5/S2
  85. sciatica pain
  86. surgery update with questions
  87. what does a ortho neuro specialize in
  88. To be scheduled for a microdiskectomy
  89. hernieated Disk
  90. Spin disc extrusion , need advice!
  91. She's back...........
  92. New Here
  93. Accupuncture for back pain - 1st Visit
  94. MRI Results - What does this mean?
  95. Is anyone out there? Total disc replacement and fusion - need help
  96. Kyma
  97. Disc bulge at T5-6 sm protrusions at T7-8 and T8-9
  98. Should I have a fusion and.....
  99. severe pain in hip and leg when laying down
  100. back problems
  101. You okay Billy Boy?
  102. scar tissue
  103. celebrex
  104. Was doing better after an epidural and THEN......
  105. Update on Sage48
  106. Update on my Mom
  107. Sports after back surgery
  108. Implants To Help With Pain!
  109. when did disk replacements become FDA approved in the U.S
  110. feel worse after a physio and yoga session
  111. Chronic Back Pain, pinched nerves...
  112. back problems
  113. Saw the ortho. for last visit before surgery..
  114. Opinions on chiropractor?
  115. Back problems
  116. Failed Back Surgery
  117. "Back" again..
  118. tailbone pressure when bending over
  119. 5 Year old with scoliosis
  120. swollen foot
  121. Back No Better!!
  122. Post op 3 weeks on Hubby's Fusion L5-S1--can only go up!
  123. Natural Supplements
  124. One week post L5/S1 fusion and surviving. Questions:
  125. new to the board
  126. fusion pain
  127. Car Accident/previous PLIF
  128. SI joint problems following lami
  129. L5S1 posterior interbody fusion post 10 years
  130. New to lower back pain/sciatica - looking for advice
  131. shoes and aids after lumbar surgery
  132. back pain after hip surgery
  133. All ready for surgery...maybe
  134. Lumbar curve and much more...please help if you can!
  135. 6 years of pain, Help me get over it. (upperback/neck nerve pain)
  136. Ativan...after Level One Fusion....what for?
  137. Some Info Please on " Hemangiomata"
  138. Ladies --- to bra or not to bra?
  139. shoes for after lumbar surgery
  140. life after back problems-
  141. Will you please help me understand my MRI Conclusion ?
  142. extreme low back pain when walking
  143. Referred to Rheumatology for back problems... confused...
  144. do disc annular tears require surgery
  145. Home From The Hospital- 3 Days Now
  146. Server back pain for months
  147. Back Pain
  148. Need Medication Help ASAP
  149. Post-op Foot Swelling
  150. 123dietpepper---my surgeries
  151. Myelogram Question
  152. Already had a double fusion now need a laminectomy
  153. Dynesys DTO system
  154. Can I stop using lifts?
  155. 123dietpepper--questions for you
  156. How much help will I need after surgery?????
  157. morning back pain
  158. pain from base of spine /anus
  159. I am home, sorry for the delay in posting!!
  160. Broken Pedicle Screw - Hardware Removal
  161. Leg numbness, Please try to relate....
  162. What does this MRI report mean? Please help!
  163. Microdisectomy postsurgery recovery - what is your experience?
  164. Hi! I'm new; experiencing back pain following lami
  165. what is involved in fusing on two levels and the recovery time?
  166. Frustrated, Depressed, Extremely Moody but Very Lucky
  167. Help Please: Doctor Recommendations
  168. doctors who specialize in spondylosis of lumbar
  169. questions concerning disc in lower back
  170. Groin pain after fusion, now Dr. wants me to schedule MRI/Xray
  171. severe backpain in sleep
  172. Back Pain
  173. no MRI's allowed...now what can be done?
  174. failed back surgery
  175. spinal stimulator info.
  176. 2 Level Fusion and Brace
  177. Post Op Infection
  178. can I???
  179. One year to the day after L4/5 fusion. Lucky 13th
  180. hip/back pain
  181. My back is sore
  182. Pain medication after Level one Fusion L5 S1
  183. cord flattening
  184. Can anyone help me?
  185. anyone heard of BIACUPLASTY??? axiaLIF fusion????
  186. can you do a level 1 2 fusion in your lower back with an artificial disc above fusio
  187. facet shots?
  188. remove back pain
  189. back pain
  190. Chronic Back Pain..
  191. Lower Back pain
  192. Back Problem or Something Else?
  193. Surgery- ADR
  194. back spasms
  195. In Need of Positive Fusion Stories
  196. Posterior Fusion Defect S1
  197. numbness between toes
  198. reinjury new to board
  199. lower back pain
  200. Laf761
  201. Steroid Injection Problems-Please HELP!
  202. Just saying HI..& bye for a little bit
  203. Lyrica after Spinal Fusion Level One L5 S1
  204. More surgery needed!
  205. Has anyone had sucessful scar tissue removal surgery...also response to Escgirl post
  206. New MRI
  207. OMG, what is up with this, i am confused...
  208. Healing very slowly and my body is rejecting my screws has anyone gone threwthis?
  209. 6 weeks post op and concerned!!!
  210. In search of lisibug...anyone know where she be?
  211. My MRI results
  212. Myelogram Headache
  213. painful lower back
  214. HELP..need imforamtion on disc replacement surgery
  215. Sink or swim
  216. Lung Problems with Lyrica
  217. DASCOR for DDD
  218. Dread nights, extreme leg pain, both legs, please help
  219. Anyone who sees a doctor at hopkins/georgetown ??
  220. Does anyone know what these mean?
  221. Sacroilac Pain
  222. Just checking in
  223. Mid-Back Pain when looking down
  224. Hello my spiney friends....
  225. Does anyone have these type of symptoms
  226. Update on Day 5 Post Op spinal fusion
  227. L4-5 L4-S1 arthropathy
  228. Pain suddenly worse
  229. scoliosis
  230. Pain in my left buttock
  231. pain in lower back
  232. more surgery??
  233. Back Fusion Pins Breaking
  234. L5/S1 Decompression and Fusion + L4/5 Dynesys 12 Days Post-op
  235. Questions about injections
  236. keep smiling
  237. SI Joint Pain - Had injection into Gluteus Max Muscle Yesterday
  238. Desperate for advice
  239. I am a nervous wreck - laminecomy and fusion
  240. lower back soreness
  241. Update...
  242. back pain
  243. Odd pain!
  244. Feedback For Lower Back Lumbar Spine Surgery
  245. Double Degenerative Disc Desease
  246. just had MRI - which would you pick?
  247. Checking in with some updates
  248. What are the pros and cons of haveing a spinal fusion?
  249. my wife has severe back pain
  250. pain in upper back, major pain when I take a deep breathe, help pls

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