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  1. Looks like surgery for me again.............
  2. back pain
  3. my plight
  4. Pain in buttock, thigh, low back normal mri
  5. Question about care
  6. KYMA -- some additional questions --
  7. 6 wks in bed, help reading MRI please?
  8. Back Pain
  9. Ruptured Disc!
  10. Looking for LAF-ter, Take 3
  11. Update
  12. Back/hip & Shoulder connection
  13. 8 weeks post op L4-5 fusion, aches all over
  14. Can anyone help with my ??
  15. Sacroilitis
  16. bulging discs
  17. T5 ESI after spinal fusion
  18. I need some suggestions from my back buddies.
  19. Lumbar fusion and physical work
  20. My Whole Back
  21. Multiple fusion levels - 3 or more ?
  22. Why do a EMG before spinal surgery?
  23. Epidurals and Nerve Damage?
  24. Anti-Inflammatory
  25. muscle spasm in back
  26. RF Rhizotomy aka ablation
  27. Trouble urinating
  28. Mri Results
  29. Lower back pain
  30. Back pain
  31. Police Officer Needs Help With Back Pain
  32. when IDET fails what can be done next
  33. IDET Done
  34. L3-4, L4-5 and L5-S1
  35. recovering at home from discectomy and forminectomy (sp??)
  36. when surgery goes bad spinal
  37. understanding this MRI
  38. Dynesys dynamic stabilization
  39. RF Ablation
  40. back pain
  41. microdisctectomy
  42. Back Spasms
  43. Shoulder pain
  44. Going to ask this here too....
  45. back pain
  46. 8-weeks post decompression L4-5 fusion - leg pain
  47. Scoliosis and severe leg cramping - HELP!!!
  48. Lower Back Pain
  49. Good Neurosurgeons in Texas
  50. Ruptured Disk Issues
  51. Artificial Discs
  52. Mri Lumbar Spine
  53. Ibuprofen ok after surgery?
  54. Post-surgery massive hematoma, infection, and 2nd surgery
  55. lower back pains
  56. I don't understand this........SI or what???
  57. Posture Correction
  58. Facing decompression surgery...????
  59. Low Grade Fever
  60. Prolapsed disc anyone?
  61. Need Help with Explanation
  62. Non-surgical spinal decompression?
  63. Has anyone had a minimally invasive decompression surgery?
  64. Nerve Block
  65. Back Problems...l4-l5 L5-s1
  66. Self Chiropractoring
  67. Need advice
  68. Help if you can, really truly scared and never been like this before......
  69. Can anyone help interpret my latest myelogram?!?
  70. Lower Back Pain in Morning
  71. Back is agony. What is this?
  72. what is spondylotic ridging
  73. Does anyone have a sciatic nerve that is "tender to the touch"? +update
  74. New Help Please
  75. find a physician who treats scoliosis
  76. does bulging disc cause hip and leg pain
  77. In Need of Positive TLIF Fusion Stories
  78. OMG! Pain...
  79. Sage - si dysfunction and lumbar facet joint problems
  80. Back pain and and dr.s
  81. si joint pain pregnant
  82. Can I do Epidural injection and physical therapy at same time?
  83. back pain
  84. Failed Fusion
  85. shoes for foot and back pain
  86. trigger points
  87. Stress and Back Pain
  88. shoosh
  89. I want my career back.
  90. One month Post Op Visit after fusion revision
  91. back probs doing my head in
  92. Epi Shot
  93. Two months post op and back still hurts
  94. Back Injury at work.
  95. spinal fusion and sciatica
  96. Alternative to MRI?
  97. Lower Back Muscle Sprain
  98. Fusion surgery was 8.5 months ago
  99. Some questions for you all
  100. Back Ache
  101. Does an Epidural Hurt
  102. Hey MM...Did you go for the ESI?
  103. degenerative disc disease
  104. lower back pain
  105. Pins and needles and walking on glass and paralysis- R U 1?
  106. Lower Back Pain
  107. lower back pain
  108. monkey update from specialist...
  109. tlif l4-5 fusion 2.5 weeks left leg pain help!!
  110. 6 weeks post op,stitch poking out through incision
  111. onemoreokie - I feel your pain!!
  112. Am looking for folks who had lumbar fusion and suffer from autoimmune disease as well
  113. l5/s1 anterior fusion
  114. SCS Failure
  115. New Spine appt. information
  116. Pre or Post surgical deep unscratchable itch
  117. Pain in the back, PLEASE HELP
  118. Harrington rod removal?
  119. Help! I need advice
  120. Epidural gone wrong?
  121. Horrible leg muscle pain 14 months post fusion???
  122. New to board old back problems
  123. Sciatica. Looking for a specific Doctor in London, UK
  124. back pain after curing a molar
  125. lower back pain and craps
  126. 2nd laminotomy???
  127. Can't sleep on my side
  128. diffuse disc bulge
  129. Need Help Before Surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
  130. 4 level fusion and still in pain
  131. I have an upcoming TLIF with spacers. Why not a BMP cage?
  132. back surgery
  133. My Husband is 8 months post L4-L5 and L5-S1 and in pain any advice?
  134. Sooo frustrated
  135. Scheduled for L1-L5 XLIF - Complete Fusion
  136. TRANS1 Lumbar Interbody fusion
  137. August 27th L5-S1 Fusion scared to death
  138. don't know what dr to go to!!!!!
  139. leg pain nearly crippled me
  140. Spinal fusions vs artificial discs
  141. Sharp Back Pain
  142. Almost 6wks post op L4-S1 fusion w/hardware now having burning in leg and foot
  143. Radiofrequency Rhizotomy
  144. Who here has bad arthritis in their lumbar spine?
  145. Vitamins and supplements after back surgery?
  146. New with questions
  147. Worn ligaments and muscles
  148. What does this mean?
  149. I've posted before but decided it was time for my story.....
  150. Dynesys criteria
  151. what is wrong with my back! help please!
  152. Weird Tailbone
  153. Ruptured L5-S1, bone on bone........
  154. lower back pain
  155. Please help, i know i can be a pain but........
  156. back/leg pain
  157. Right sided lower back pain
  158. WWYD: My bad back and my sons autism
  159. Mylogram
  160. 2 weeks post op (l4-s1)update
  161. Help, after L5 fusion operation, swelling
  162. burning leg
  163. First time at chyro, is this normal?
  164. why do you think it hurts so bad?
  165. lower back pain
  166. Back Pain
  167. back problems any advice
  168. 2 level fusion, 7 weeks post op, first major outing
  169. LAF..........says hello to everyone !!!
  170. Extensive Epidural Fibrosis on nerve root
  171. Normal MRI but severe pain and leg/foot numbness,what could it be?
  172. I'll be off the "boards for a while"
  173. Is a 3 month old MRI ok?
  174. Thorasic pain after lumbar fusion?
  175. I am so discouraged about all these Drs.
  176. multilevel degenerative disc disease @ 29 years
  177. Can;t take much more of this..........
  178. Jess
  179. Scoliosis/Leg Length Discrepancy Connection? Lower Back Pain
  180. Having decompression surgery on Tuesday
  181. Sage and others............SI Joint Question
  182. back pain
  183. Joints?
  184. ' slipped ' disc by bike and my pain hell
  185. What should I tell my Doctor?
  186. help! severe acute lower back pain in the a.m.
  187. chiropractor or physio(kinda scared so have a read)
  188. Can anyone relate? Couldn't move...
  189. L4-S1 Fusion, 6 week checkup
  190. L5-s1 Fusion With Hardware- Foot Drop Pre-op.
  191. Week 4 Lami L4-5 fusion major spasm today
  192. For people who work, how do you do it?
  193. Should I have more testing done?
  194. M.u.a.
  195. back pain
  196. Strange problem 1 month after fusion
  197. Mri Lumbar/sacral Spine
  198. If the SI injection doesn't work, does it mean that the IT isn't the problem
  199. Seeking 360 Information
  200. Post L4-5 Microdiscectomy w/ Foot Drop - How long?
  201. Doctor's appt.for knee
  202. Mri Lumbar/sacral Spine
  203. MRI Scan Interpretation
  204. spondyloarthrosis
  205. A weird problem with backbone when sitting
  206. lots of pain
  207. best mattress for sciatica.
  208. 3 month post op and feeling down
  209. What type of doc?
  210. looking for help
  211. 3 Level Fusion - Nerve Pain Question
  212. 6 years post surgery--new back pain
  213. back problems with discomfort in stomach area
  214. Just checking in
  215. 18 Weeks Post-Op Spinal Fusion Surgery
  216. How Can I Sleep?
  217. back soreness and nothing major showing on xray
  218. Hardware Removal
  219. back problems
  220. Had spinal cord stimulator trial yesterday...have questions!
  221. Referred nerve type pain in abdomen
  222. 6 week report..(spinal fusion)
  223. Back pain
  224. Please HELP Back and neck pain after seeing chiropractor
  225. what type of exercises can help
  226. Back pain caused by hamstring?
  227. How much activity? More activity = more pain, more rest = less pain
  228. Pain 7 months after fusion
  229. Just Checking In
  230. I fell
  231. 3-week Post Lami L4-5 fusion chilled feeling after resting
  232. Why is spinal cord stimulator a last resort?
  233. back support bands
  234. AB/back - ANYONE?
  235. From good to bad in about 24hr
  236. Educate me on the usual next steps - I'm sick of back pain
  237. back pain
  238. Joint Pain
  239. Back pain and diagnosis...Spinal Stenosis?
  240. pain in butt and down the back of both legs, can't walk
  241. pins and needles on right rear
  242. Better or Worse?
  243. Flexeril and Lower Back Pain
  244. Coccyx - XRAY - Yey or Nay?
  245. What is a Spinal Cord Stimulator???
  246. Spinal stenosis
  247. Stationary bike 3 weeks post op? Laminectomy
  248. So Tired of SI, Hip Pain!
  249. Back and Leg pain post fusion
  250. Facetectomy/ laminectomy

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