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  1. Can't sleep on my side
  2. diffuse disc bulge
  3. Need Help Before Surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
  4. 4 level fusion and still in pain
  5. I have an upcoming TLIF with spacers. Why not a BMP cage?
  6. back surgery
  7. My Husband is 8 months post L4-L5 and L5-S1 and in pain any advice?
  8. Sooo frustrated
  9. Scheduled for L1-L5 XLIF - Complete Fusion
  10. TRANS1 Lumbar Interbody fusion
  11. August 27th L5-S1 Fusion scared to death
  12. don't know what dr to go to!!!!!
  13. leg pain nearly crippled me
  14. Spinal fusions vs artificial discs
  15. Sharp Back Pain
  16. Almost 6wks post op L4-S1 fusion w/hardware now having burning in leg and foot
  17. Radiofrequency Rhizotomy
  18. Who here has bad arthritis in their lumbar spine?
  19. Vitamins and supplements after back surgery?
  20. New with questions
  21. Worn ligaments and muscles
  22. What does this mean?
  23. I've posted before but decided it was time for my story.....
  24. Dynesys criteria
  25. what is wrong with my back! help please!
  26. Weird Tailbone
  27. Ruptured L5-S1, bone on bone........
  28. lower back pain
  29. Please help, i know i can be a pain but........
  30. back/leg pain
  31. Right sided lower back pain
  32. WWYD: My bad back and my sons autism
  33. Mylogram
  34. 2 weeks post op (l4-s1)update
  35. Help, after L5 fusion operation, swelling
  36. burning leg
  37. First time at chyro, is this normal?
  38. why do you think it hurts so bad?
  39. lower back pain
  40. Back Pain
  41. back problems any advice
  42. 2 level fusion, 7 weeks post op, first major outing
  43. LAF..........says hello to everyone !!!
  44. Extensive Epidural Fibrosis on nerve root
  45. Normal MRI but severe pain and leg/foot numbness,what could it be?
  46. I'll be off the "boards for a while"
  47. Is a 3 month old MRI ok?
  48. Thorasic pain after lumbar fusion?
  49. I am so discouraged about all these Drs.
  50. multilevel degenerative disc disease @ 29 years
  51. Can;t take much more of this..........
  52. Jess
  53. Scoliosis/Leg Length Discrepancy Connection? Lower Back Pain
  54. Having decompression surgery on Tuesday
  55. Sage and others............SI Joint Question
  56. back pain
  57. Joints?
  58. ' slipped ' disc by bike and my pain hell
  59. What should I tell my Doctor?
  60. help! severe acute lower back pain in the a.m.
  61. chiropractor or physio(kinda scared so have a read)
  62. Can anyone relate? Couldn't move...
  63. L4-S1 Fusion, 6 week checkup
  64. L5-s1 Fusion With Hardware- Foot Drop Pre-op.
  65. Week 4 Lami L4-5 fusion major spasm today
  66. For people who work, how do you do it?
  67. Should I have more testing done?
  68. M.u.a.
  69. back pain
  70. Strange problem 1 month after fusion
  71. Mri Lumbar/sacral Spine
  72. If the SI injection doesn't work, does it mean that the IT isn't the problem
  73. Seeking 360 Information
  74. Post L4-5 Microdiscectomy w/ Foot Drop - How long?
  75. Doctor's appt.for knee
  76. Mri Lumbar/sacral Spine
  77. MRI Scan Interpretation
  78. spondyloarthrosis
  79. A weird problem with backbone when sitting
  80. lots of pain
  81. best mattress for sciatica.
  82. 3 month post op and feeling down
  83. What type of doc?
  84. looking for help
  85. 3 Level Fusion - Nerve Pain Question
  86. 6 years post surgery--new back pain
  87. back problems with discomfort in stomach area
  88. Just checking in
  89. 18 Weeks Post-Op Spinal Fusion Surgery
  90. How Can I Sleep?
  91. back soreness and nothing major showing on xray
  92. Hardware Removal
  93. back problems
  94. Had spinal cord stimulator trial yesterday...have questions!
  95. Referred nerve type pain in abdomen
  96. 6 week report..(spinal fusion)
  97. Back pain
  98. Please HELP Back and neck pain after seeing chiropractor
  99. what type of exercises can help
  100. Back pain caused by hamstring?
  101. How much activity? More activity = more pain, more rest = less pain
  102. Pain 7 months after fusion
  103. Just Checking In
  104. I fell
  105. 3-week Post Lami L4-5 fusion chilled feeling after resting
  106. Why is spinal cord stimulator a last resort?
  107. back support bands
  108. AB/back - ANYONE?
  109. From good to bad in about 24hr
  110. Educate me on the usual next steps - I'm sick of back pain
  111. back pain
  112. Joint Pain
  113. Back pain and diagnosis...Spinal Stenosis?
  114. pain in butt and down the back of both legs, can't walk
  115. pins and needles on right rear
  116. Better or Worse?
  117. Flexeril and Lower Back Pain
  118. Coccyx - XRAY - Yey or Nay?
  119. What is a Spinal Cord Stimulator???
  120. Spinal stenosis
  121. Stationary bike 3 weeks post op? Laminectomy
  122. So Tired of SI, Hip Pain!
  123. Back and Leg pain post fusion
  124. Facetectomy/ laminectomy
  125. Here we go again/specialist
  126. Discogram Procedure Questions
  127. 3 Level Fusion in UK
  128. What Is A Degenarated Disc And How To
  129. Recommended hospitals?
  130. 7 months post op... FEELING HORRIBLE!!!! Help!
  131. Laptop Bag Question
  132. Can someone help-
  133. Numbess in legs
  134. 3 weeks post op lami and L4-5 fusion - leg pain and weakness
  135. Regarding back pain
  136. Conflicting advice from 2nd opinion. What to do now?? HELP!
  137. 1 month post op and car accident
  138. 3 days after l4-s1 fusion
  139. Need Tlif
  140. Have you tried this diet for back pain?
  141. CT guided nerve block
  143. Is this normal after a laminectomy?
  144. spondolothesis
  145. 3 months post-op
  146. what is a sacrowedgie
  147. Any ideas appreciated
  148. SI Joints....WHO NEEDS THEM!
  149. Lower back pain - but loves running
  150. injury back
  151. Hi I'm a Newbie needing advice re spinal fusions please........
  152. I'm so embarrassed!
  153. Lower Back Pain/Stiffness in Back
  154. Drx9000
  155. Mri Results!!!
  156. lumbar spinal stenosis?
  157. MRI Question
  158. Three years post op fusion appointment
  159. epidural injections for pain management
  160. Pain Meds Help
  161. Lumbar Revision got done
  162. syringomyelia
  163. back ache of middle in our back
  164. How does an Disc o gram work
  165. It does get better..5 weeks post op..posterior spinal fusion
  166. my lower back pains when i get up .whats wrong?
  167. Had my 2nd microdisectomy this past Tuesday July 22nd
  168. Good While It Lasted!!
  169. what to do when you have 1 hip higher than the other
  170. Back Drama Will It Ever End ?
  171. Back Pain Problem
  172. Yoga? Searching for new info and old info/loss of natural curve of spine
  173. help
  174. 8 week Post up Doc Visit Update --GOOD NEWS!
  175. Back pain and diagnosises...
  176. Tingling in left leg and arm
  177. Newby
  178. Shooting pain
  179. MM, got the MRI report questions?
  180. Okay Billy Boy your appointment was Monday????
  181. Updates!!!
  182. My Story - I am concerned
  183. staples ... how bad?
  184. burning back pain
  185. Having L4-S1 anterior/posterior revision
  186. Steroid Injections Cont'd....
  187. Microdiscectomy... My Story
  188. Sooo Stiff and Tight 8 Months after Lumbar Surgery
  189. Piriformis syndrome...experience?
  190. Medication update for back and leg pain ...
  191. 2nd Revision 7 months ago Severe Pain L4 L5 TLIF
  192. should I have a spinal check up?
  193. recovery at 9 weeks, walking and sex
  194. Sacral spine tickle...irritating
  195. Scoliosis with Harrington Rods plus DDD - Doctor won't see me?
  196. Things are going a bit better!!
  197. Did I fracture the fusion in my l4, l5?
  198. failed lumbar surgery
  199. 20 days post-op. still cant sit for long
  200. Sudden back tingling in the last couple of days
  201. Sciatica... life ruiner
  202. Back t12 and L4-L5-S1
  203. Anterior Lumbar Fusion L4-5 L5-S1 am about to have this done.
  204. 4 days post op with a blood clot question
  205. Can anyone help me with MRI results of my back?
  206. BIACUPLASTY???? Anyone heard of this new treatment???
  207. back pain
  208. Better worse, better worse?!?
  209. cant sleep but an hour or so
  210. Has anyone dealt with this?
  211. MRI done, nothing shows????
  212. My back sorta hurts...
  213. should i be worried?
  214. had my bone scan
  215. Pain in right quad / connected to disc?
  216. Disc bulge at L5/S1
  217. surgery back how to remove t12 disk
  218. Appointments Today!!!
  219. Where to sleep after lower back surgery
  220. told I needed an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion
  221. Different kind of leg pain
  222. What do you think the next step will be and what to do about meds?
  223. Question for my dad - nerve pain & lyrica
  224. auto accident after surgery
  225. One month today
  226. ? for Adventurer
  227. Good neurosurgeons or ortho's in Cleveland- Pittsburgh area??
  228. 5 Days Post-op Lami and L4-5 fusion
  229. Help w/CT results 3 years post ACDF
  230. Pinched Sciatic Nerve.
  231. New here, hoping to find some help :)
  232. Total Frustration Here
  233. just checking in (back Surgery)
  234. Relief At Last!!!!
  235. Update on neurosurgeon appt.
  236. Back Again. Degenerative Disc Disease.
  237. PM Appointment Next Friday, Looking For Input
  238. middle back & lower back problem
  239. My Introduction!
  240. What should be first, hip replacement or spine surgery?
  241. I think I need a lil reassurance
  242. what does it mean L4-5 higher normal in MRI
  243. Scheuermanns Disease
  244. Scheuermanns Disease
  245. Fevers, Night Sweats Or Lymph Nodes???
  246. Post-surgery - How bad is it that I twisted? Did I do damage?
  247. Do any of you ever get this pain? God I am so confused.
  248. I'm here for a moment..
  249. leg
  250. spinal cord stimulater

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