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  1. L5/S1 Decompression and Fusion + L4/5 Dynesys 12 Days Post-op
  2. Questions about injections
  3. keep smiling
  4. SI Joint Pain - Had injection into Gluteus Max Muscle Yesterday
  5. Desperate for advice
  6. I am a nervous wreck - laminecomy and fusion
  7. lower back soreness
  8. Update...
  9. back pain
  10. Odd pain!
  11. Feedback For Lower Back Lumbar Spine Surgery
  12. Double Degenerative Disc Desease
  13. just had MRI - which would you pick?
  14. Checking in with some updates
  15. What are the pros and cons of haveing a spinal fusion?
  16. my wife has severe back pain
  17. pain in upper back, major pain when I take a deep breathe, help pls
  18. Surgery this morning....really scared
  19. Pepper....how are you doing?
  20. Biacuplasty
  21. terrible back pains ! , please help
  22. what next?
  23. 2 Weeks Post Op Update
  24. here we go again
  25. Pain in lower back, right side
  26. L5-S1 Protruded Disk & Sciatica Pain
  27. congenital spinal stenosis
  28. Micro vs Endoscopic Mico Disectomy in Canada
  29. Need advice about whether to try Cymbalta
  30. severe pain..please help!
  31. Severe back pain, x-ray showed curved spine, It hurts!!!!
  32. I am overwhelmed.
  33. Lower back pain and pain in buttock
  34. Has not felt good since I had a severe reaction immediately after having the iron inf
  35. Lumbar Joint Injection
  36. Surgery Date and Time
  37. embarressing question
  38. Looking for answers for my back pain.
  39. Anxiety over an MRI
  40. Just wondering if this is normal following L5/S1 fusion????
  41. Kyphoplasty Surgery
  42. Monkey again sorry, fusion question?
  43. Monkey, possibly old/new, injury/pain....go figure
  44. monjey update! How is everyone doing?
  45. pain started again
  46. Why was my post moved??
  47. L4L5 symptom question
  48. Pain in quadriceps after fusion
  49. update, whats next?
  50. Need help reading x-ray.
  51. Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion With Instrumentation S1 L5 L5 L4
  52. of all things!
  53. i made dessert!!
  54. Lyrica question
  55. XLIF procedure
  56. One year Surgery Anniversary, UGH!
  57. post fusion sweats and chills
  58. Kyma
  59. Horseback Riding Fall - ouch!
  60. What is going on with my back?
  61. Staples are red and itchy: Infection?
  62. Pepper Update
  63. Sacroiliac joint/and Chiropractor question.
  65. Escoliosis
  66. Finally have my Surgery date!!!
  67. x- ray need help please
  68. 26 and in pain
  69. Golf after fusion?
  70. muscle problem?
  71. thoracic fusion and DDD of whole spine
  72. Question on MRI results and forminal narrowing
  73. may sound unimportant/heating pads?
  74. fishing??
  75. 1 year post discectomy
  76. Hey there, got some sorta posotive news!
  77. New with questions
  78. persistent leg weakness after microdiscectomy
  79. Introduction!
  80. Lower Back Pain - MRI Results
  81. Laid Up In Bed, On Either Side
  82. Thinning between L4-S7= ouch x10!
  83. Diet Pepper.....Thinking of you 5/23
  84. Do you know??
  85. ifoster
  86. On A Good Note
  87. MRI Results - Upset, I'm new here
  88. Post Op help. Re: Brace, exercise and hip pain?
  89. back pain after falling off staircase
  90. does anyone know?
  91. Life revolves around pain and my back
  92. Got my surgery date..
  93. MRI Good/Bad??
  94. Neurontin instead of Lyrica for Nerve Pain after Spinal Fusion Surgery
  95. Sciatica Pain
  96. Does anyone know?
  97. Who to see
  98. Lower leg pain secondary to spinal fusion at L5/S1
  99. mylogram??
  100. Feeling better
  101. 1year 5 months post-op and still in pain
  102. pepper
  103. awaiting surgery
  104. Thorasic spine fusion and pilates?
  105. SEVERE butt pain
  106. Diet Pepper...we're all hoping the week goes quickly for you
  107. update
  108. Tiffany80.........Welcome
  109. Indocin for back - nothing but headaches
  110. Please say a prayer for my mom
  111. back pain probably from injury. please advise
  112. Finally Approved To See Another Surgeon
  113. car accident
  114. Post surgery problems
  115. Upcoming Laminectomy recovery period?
  116. thigh being numb
  117. I need my favorite back buddies opinion, it really counts........I'm getting scared!
  118. Apparently Old Compression Fractures? Advice Please
  119. Marlsomom.....accupuncture ???
  120. tired or depressed??
  121. Lyrica Side Affects after Spinal Fusion Surgery
  122. L4 and L5 fusion questions
  123. Upset, confused, nearly depressed, help?
  124. Is this it??
  125. R.S.D. Dr.cant make up mine or ther minds
  126. middle back pain
  127. Hardware
  128. post fusion last September
  129. back ache
  130. Checking in. Things have not been good.
  131. Back problem
  132. Monkey update, PT!
  133. chronic LBP and leg pain after fusion and removal of hardware
  134. OK I give up
  135. Back Fusion 3 weeks ago
  136. functional capacity exam
  137. Groin muscle pull or nerve damage since fusion????
  138. Myleogram is overwith
  139. chronic pain with muscle like knots in back
  140. Pain increasing..
  141. need advice
  142. What is recovery time for removal of post pedical screws
  143. Pain
  144. Degenerative Disc Disease, scoliosis/kyphosis, osteoporosis
  145. frequent bowel movements
  146. Surgery moved to this Wednesday - Lumbar Decompression and SCS Replacement
  147. happy mothers day
  148. L5-S1 facet issues and God knows what else I have
  149. Saw the ortho surgeon yesterday about my knee
  150. Hi, newbie and kind of freaking about new pain this am.
  151. update on appt.
  152. Does anyone have experience with back injections?
  153. Baybreeze, stenosis
  154. post kyphoplasty
  155. How long before damage to nerves in back are permanent ?
  156. Lumbar Fusion - Home from the hosp.
  157. bad back problems
  158. HELP PLEASE, I don't know if this relates.
  159. Degenerative Disk Disease/Osteoarthritis
  160. Trocanter belt?
  161. house keeping
  162. Drained, exhausted, and in pain
  163. Please, I need help understanding my MRI results.
  164. artifical disks
  165. real worried
  166. How Painful Is Prolotherapy ?
  167. help - something i have no clue what it please
  168. 8 wks post-op l5 s1 fusion still have same leg pain
  169. Those who suffer arachnoditis
  170. Tuesday is the day!
  171. lower back pain, could I need a new bed?
  172. I need help w/ ankylosing spondilitis.
  173. Training with a back injury?
  174. i hope i havent messed anything up
  175. a success story to inspire you(I hope)
  176. lower back pain
  177. Please Help....l4 And L5 Fusion..is This Normal??
  178. Oh Boy......first day back to work
  179. upper right -middle back pain
  180. Smoking and Diet Mountain Dews
  181. Have questions about Degenerative spondylolisthesis
  182. Having an inground pool - water therapy?
  183. Update - long car trip, new struts, MAJOR comfort increase
  184. pain and numb right leg when laying or sleeping in bed
  185. back of chest
  186. lower back & legs pain
  187. Anyone please help!
  188. Questions I need answers to please
  189. back pain and walking
  190. Makes No Sense!
  191. Back Ache only when i'm sleeping????
  192. Back Pain, Neck Pain, Severe headache
  193. Diet Pepper.....we're pulling for you!!!!
  194. For anyone who does an ellipical machine
  195. L5/S1 More questions from CT Scan
  196. Add'l Pain While Driving
  197. Active Release Therapy
  198. back pain
  199. they say nothings wrong but mri says... which is it
  200. Riding an exercise bike with lower back issues
  201. Scheuremanns Disease
  202. Prayer for Strength
  203. Is this Scoliosis?
  204. Worried
  205. Another stimulator ?
  206. Information on disc replacement Prodisc-c
  207. SI Joint and L5-S1 facet problems
  208. bulging discs and pinched nerve..need advice
  209. si dysfunction and lumbar facet joint problems
  210. New Symptom Today
  211. Ortho Doctor issues
  212. There goes the summer
  213. Looking For Advice
  214. MRI Results HELP Please!
  215. Prolotherapy Again
  216. Leg shaking and back pain
  217. specalist
  218. lower back surgery
  219. Nerve Conduction Test
  220. back problem
  221. Confused about L4/L5/S1 problems and CT scan - help!
  222. Pain after a apinal epidural for back pain
  223. Hey LAF ~ How was PT??
  224. Jan 08 surgery?
  225. numb hands and feet upon awaking
  226. New to the forum - Back pain
  227. Sciatica getting worse help
  228. Has anyone had their sacroiliac joint fused??
  229. Another ladies Question
  230. L5/S1 fusion : Can you live a normal life afterwards ?
  231. Suffering
  232. Is leg swelling normal?
  233. Barely made it on planned trip
  234. Delaware Girl - Sore legs at Night - 3 level Fusion 5 weeks post-op
  235. Please help me decipher this MRI report and tell me what you think of this story...
  236. Went to Neuro Doc today, Still confussed any thoughts ?
  237. 123dietdrpepper
  238. Does anyone else have back cracking?
  239. After feeling good for a year I am back
  240. Hospital tomorrow am terrified!!
  241. hi
  242. Pain in my entire back bone and a tingly pain in my left hand and arm every night
  243. backpain
  244. back pain
  245. Cervical laminectomy
  246. Ladies question please and thank you~
  247. Questions about implanted stimulators.
  248. I'm way too young to have lower back pain! What's wrong?
  249. terrible evening
  250. back pain

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