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  1. Can't stand for more than a few minutes w/o pain
  2. Tail bone pain help pls!!!
  3. Piriformis vs L4/L5 vs SI Joint - S1 pain pattern
  4. hip pain after fusion surgery
  5. L3-S1 fusion looking for info
  6. Retrolisthesis and nerve block injection
  7. Cervical + Upper Thoracic pain
  8. Pain medications..What are you taking and does it work?
  9. New to this. Need Advice.
  10. breakthrough pain in lower back
  11. Back Sprain or strain?
  12. Low back pain going on two years - spondleyothesis
  13. Understanding my MRI report
  14. low back pain
  15. Buddy Dropped Motorcycle ... I hurt my Back.
  16. Lumbar spinal stenosis and other things
  17. Severe unidentified pain
  18. L4/L5 spinal fusion 5 months post op and still in pain
  19. broken Harrington rod
  20. Help me Please? Facet Joint Injections
  21. Neck pain and mid back pain going on a year...`
  22. SI Joint diagnostic cortisone injection - pain not constant
  23. Insurance covering massage
  24. MRI Confusion
  25. Lower Back Pain
  26. top back pain when breath
  27. Someone who can read my MRI??
  28. Cortisone Injection Blocks & Question about how they affect Menstrual Cycles
  29. S1 Radiculopathy ... Piriformis ... SIJD???
  30. Back pain from sunken chest?
  31. 3 Days Post Op - ALIF/PLIF L5-S1
  32. Degenerative Disc Disease
  33. severe back pain with an s1 pain pattern and synovitis
  34. Time for a 2 level lumbar laminectomy without fusion, any advice?
  35. ALIF post op
  36. Degenerative joint desease/arthritis l3-l5 lumbar
  37. 7 months post L5 S1 fusion
  38. not sure where to post this
  39. What could cause this?
  40. Worried about cauda equina syndrome
  41. 7 Months PO... GOOD NEWS!
  42. Lumbar fusion
  43. Nerve damage in legs mimics restless leg-driving me crazy!
  44. Tens unit?
  45. Not sure if doing the right thing!
  46. Need help with MRI results.
  47. Can you prove the surgeon messed up?
  48. Anyone else ever have unrelenting, excruciating pain with no cause?
  49. Please please help me. Need advice
  50. Back of the hip pain. help please
  51. Please help!, don't know what to do.
  52. Advice need with switching groin pain
  53. Chest pain, arm pain and upper back pain. All connected?
  54. Bulging discs
  55. Back Pain Dr's shrug shoulders.
  56. Help me to understand my MRI report
  57. Pain between shoulder blades
  58. Level One spondylolisthesis but so much pain
  59. Has anyone used an out-of-network doctor for surgery & can share their experience?
  60. Lumbar fusion heal time
  61. Heart palpitations
  62. ALIF/PLIF concerns and advice needed
  63. Hello Newbie Here
  64. Back Discomfort when laying down
  65. Xlif after surgery problems
  66. Migrating Back/Abdominal Pain
  67. Back problems
  68. massage and hot tub beneficial
  69. back issues and question about treatment
  70. neck surgery.
  71. ALIF---anyone had it?
  72. Lumbar fusion in the near future
  73. In pain - Dr won't prescribe anything
  74. weight
  75. INFUSE BMP for TLIF Lumbar Fusion --- Opinions?
  76. Lumbar numbness, herniated thoracic?
  77. Anyone with abdominal changes following back surgery??
  78. Large Tarlov cysts
  79. back pain going nuts!!
  80. Re-herniation of L4/5. Time for more surgery.
  81. Lumbar pain increasing
  82. Lower back pain
  83. Neck and back issue
  84. Back issues and questions
  85. Spot Back pain
  86. Post l5-S1/disc replacement surgery
  87. Ischial tuberosity (sitting-bone) pain
  88. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  89. Spinal fusion surgery
  90. Daily back pain, having trouble at work - recommendations?
  91. MRI Results: Bulging Disc & Moderate Stenosis L5 - S1
  92. Excruciating Back Pain
  93. A New Burn (lumbar)
  94. CT Scan Results
  95. Foot burning after spinal surgery
  96. Depression following L4 L5 fusion
  97. Back, hip and leg pain
  98. Back pain
  99. Finally got my MRI report. Explainations please?
  100. Chest and mid back pain
  101. Searching for someone with artificial disc
  102. Please advise PT, tired feet herniated L5 S1
  103. Can mild herniated discs heal and then later resurface?
  104. 2 months after lumbar fusion -- still lots of pain -- questions
  105. Help Understanding results of CT discogram
  106. in tears, please offer advice
  107. I need help figuring these results out, MD's office confused me MORE
  108. mri
  109. Compression Fracture L2
  110. Lower back pain near hip
  111. Correct chair, mnattress, etc.
  112. Hip, knee, foot pain after spinal fusion
  113. Very painful spinal cord stimulator battery
  114. back shoulder issue
  115. Spinal stenosis with ddd, sacral pain, and burning feet
  116. Weird problem with back
  117. A stable uncomplicated Th12 fracture. Can I sit and drive in a body jacket?
  118. Prednisone relapse, physical therapy
  119. Pulse and Tension in Lower back
  120. 3 level ACDF surgery - how long to heal?
  121. Someone help me with this....
  122. Injured trapezius
  123. Lumbar MRI
  124. lumbar fusion in two weeks
  125. please help me read my mri
  126. l5s1 herniation, l5 nerve root block injection
  127. No ESI, McKenzie exercises, ice vs heat
  128. Woke up with pain in back, arm and neck
  129. Help with MRI Report... Pretty please?
  130. Acdf
  131. need medication advise
  132. Can your menstrual cycle cause your herniated discs to flare up?
  133. Neck Pain with popping and cracking/headache
  134. Please help me! Tailbone/low back throbbing
  135. Tailbone pain
  136. 4-Level 360 Degree Fusion questions
  137. MRI results, L5 S1
  138. What is wrong with me ... ? (Body is twisted)
  139. Constant pains in the back
  140. Philly area pain mngmt docs
  141. L5-S1 Disc Prolapse
  142. Hemagioma causing back pain
  143. stiff back muscles.
  144. Infuse Drama
  145. Disc Protrusion/Sciatica
  146. What to do for my chronic back pain?
  147. chronic pain and mmi
  148. Upper and lower back pain
  149. pain pump before any surgery?
  150. Ongoing lower back issues each doctor with different opinion
  151. back.
  152. Chronic Lower Back and Sacrum PAIN !
  153. question of back and vertebrae
  154. nerve pain
  155. Lower back pain/abdominal pain
  156. spinal fusion pain
  157. Lower back pain - MRI report
  158. muscular??
  159. fusion complications?
  160. had discogram - now what?
  161. Lower back pain
  162. Low grade fever three weeks post ALIF (l5/s1)
  163. posti-microdiscectomy stiffness in wound
  164. Upper Back Pain, below neck and above shoulderblades
  165. Lower Right Back Lump
  166. One good fusion, one failed fusion
  167. Strange rib/back issue?
  168. Lumbar Back Problems
  169. Voltarol??
  170. 4 level lumbar fusion & reconts. Failure
  171. 8 months
  172. medtronic pain pump side effects
  173. Scheuremann's Disease - can it be fixed?
  174. MRI scan the report
  175. horrible pain
  176. Help with MRI findings and back issue
  177. Numerous issues, need guidance. Please...
  178. Schmorl's Nodes
  179. suffering from two hit and runs !
  180. One quick question...
  181. Severe muscle spasms in back?
  182. PLIF level 3 and laminectomy
  183. After XLIF Surgery
  184. Random back pain, jolts of pain radiating from perineum/anus
  185. Am I seeing the right kind of doctor?
  186. what on earth does this mean- anyone please explain
  187. Please help with xray results
  188. Constant pain l5 s1 disc replacement
  189. MRI Report - neurosurgeon visit tomorrow
  190. Back Pain
  191. Please help with xray results
  192. Pregnancy after discectomy
  193. Back problems and not sure what to do
  194. Feet numbness and tingling before and after surgery
  195. SI Joint Pain is worse than ever
  196. MRI Results
  197. Mind Body Syndrome
  198. 5 months post op and now drop foot..discouraged
  199. Strange pain in neck and back
  200. Back, Hip, or what?
  201. Back Pain/Rib Pain
  202. Discogram questions
  203. back pain since 2011; MRI Lumbar - is surgery an option?
  204. Compression Fractures
  205. herniated disc
  206. Severe and Constant Back Pain- Due to Accident (Ribs were broken and Fixed)
  207. severe back problems
  208. Back Issues
  209. Help with MRI reading in lemans terms
  210. Ces ?
  211. A pinched nerve in my back?
  212. Microdictomy
  213. L5 hern disc - post treatment issues
  214. neck and lower back pain
  215. Microdiscectomy for back pain, or only sciatica???
  216. Update: Increased pain after Laminectomy/decompression
  217. need help with MRI
  218. Facing Major Surgery
  219. My twisted back.
  220. One month away from 1 year post op
  221. I NEED HELP with my MRI findings...
  222. Post-op Synnovial cyst
  223. Don't know what to do...
  224. Same diagnosis, (?) Docs reporting style?
  225. 15 Months Post Microdiscectomy Question
  226. Retrolistesis above lumbar fusion + disc protrusion... MRI help and advice pls
  227. radiofrequency ablation
  228. Please Help Make Sense of my MRI
  229. Back pain after clicking/popping sound in the lower middle back
  230. Help!!!
  231. ATV flip. any info asap
  232. What could this be ??
  233. getting dizzy feeling
  234. Post Operation Granulation
  235. Decompression made my SI pain worse
  236. Does my case require surgery!!?
  237. herniated disc
  238. Advice on MRI?
  239. Post disc replacement
  240. can I become paralyzed if I dont have fusion surgery I'm afraid to have another surge
  241. What is this please?
  242. Left hip and leg pain
  243. 7weeks post L4/L5 Fusion
  244. L5/s1 alif
  245. Hi guys, Need serious advice
  246. New and needing advice please
  247. anyone get disablilty benifits?
  248. Need Recommendation for a Doctor for ( Lower Back issues, sciatica, herniated disk)
  249. Why anterior and posterior fusion?
  250. Spinal fusion @ 22?

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