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  1. For anyone who does an ellipical machine
  2. L5/S1 More questions from CT Scan
  3. Add'l Pain While Driving
  4. Active Release Therapy
  5. back pain
  6. they say nothings wrong but mri says... which is it
  7. Riding an exercise bike with lower back issues
  8. Scheuremanns Disease
  9. Prayer for Strength
  10. Is this Scoliosis?
  11. Worried
  12. Another stimulator ?
  13. Information on disc replacement Prodisc-c
  14. SI Joint and L5-S1 facet problems
  15. bulging discs and pinched nerve..need advice
  16. si dysfunction and lumbar facet joint problems
  17. New Symptom Today
  18. Ortho Doctor issues
  19. There goes the summer
  20. Looking For Advice
  21. MRI Results HELP Please!
  22. Prolotherapy Again
  23. Leg shaking and back pain
  24. specalist
  25. lower back surgery
  26. Nerve Conduction Test
  27. back problem
  28. Confused about L4/L5/S1 problems and CT scan - help!
  29. Pain after a apinal epidural for back pain
  30. Hey LAF ~ How was PT??
  31. Jan 08 surgery?
  32. numb hands and feet upon awaking
  33. New to the forum - Back pain
  34. Sciatica getting worse help
  35. Has anyone had their sacroiliac joint fused??
  36. Another ladies Question
  37. L5/S1 fusion : Can you live a normal life afterwards ?
  38. Suffering
  39. Is leg swelling normal?
  40. Barely made it on planned trip
  41. Delaware Girl - Sore legs at Night - 3 level Fusion 5 weeks post-op
  42. Please help me decipher this MRI report and tell me what you think of this story...
  43. Went to Neuro Doc today, Still confussed any thoughts ?
  44. 123dietdrpepper
  45. Does anyone else have back cracking?
  46. After feeling good for a year I am back
  47. Hospital tomorrow am terrified!!
  48. hi
  49. Pain in my entire back bone and a tingly pain in my left hand and arm every night
  50. backpain
  51. back pain
  52. Cervical laminectomy
  53. Ladies question please and thank you~
  54. Questions about implanted stimulators.
  55. I'm way too young to have lower back pain! What's wrong?
  56. terrible evening
  57. back pain
  58. Annular Tear
  59. I give up, the nerve block made me worse and..
  60. Has anyone purchased special cushions for vehicles?
  61. Please can anyone help in bad pain Steroids injection indentation
  62. Back Pain
  63. Spinal Cord Stimulator Update
  64. My back really hurts
  65. lower back pain symptoms
  66. Cancelled Fusion on Wed
  67. 1 Week post-surgery - L5-S1 Discectomy
  68. Healing a Spinal Fracture?
  69. Still trying for second opinion
  70. Back Problems
  71. Deb update...
  72. Finally starting PT after 3 months post (1 level )fusion
  73. back pain/burning
  74. Pain after discectomy
  75. Is there anything I can take???
  76. Saw W/C doc yesterday
  77. epidural injections questions
  78. Degenerative Disc Disease
  79. Mild dull lower right back pain.
  80. Fusion recovery
  81. pain in back when i inhale
  82. Feeling a bit unnerved right now...
  83. Where do I go now? Need help
  84. Keep your fingers crossed please!
  85. spondylolisthesis s1-l5 grade IV and pregnancy
  86. Topamax?
  87. Ladybug - I finally received my medical records.
  88. an inexpensive alternative to inversion table???
  89. Topomax or Myelogram first??
  90. Just Checking In
  91. chatterboxsd
  92. Recovering from Spinal Fusion Surgery
  93. My Physical frame is cactus, I need to keep my frame of mind healthy
  94. Are Neurosurgeon's allowed to do this?
  95. lower back ache
  96. Diet pepper and Deb
  97. People who may need a Fusion please read
  98. Hey Pepper....
  99. Fusion on Wednesday! :(
  100. Cam Someone Just Put Me Out Of Misery!!
  101. Dr. appt.
  102. Zeroman...Failed Lumbar Fusion Suggestions please
  103. Back Pain only at night and when I try to
  104. lower back pain, pressure under lower right rib
  105. Moldova....How are you doing
  106. omega fish oil
  107. Discectomy
  108. Lower right back pain-problem
  109. Recumbent bike?
  110. Checking in
  111. Afraid & confused
  112. Anyone have a L5 S1 disc w/ mild Radiculopathy .Can perm damage happen
  113. Any Ideas?
  114. Resigned to living in pain for the rest of my life
  115. Does this sound like Sciatica??
  116. My Back Hurts! SOS!
  117. feels strange
  118. Turned down for MRI because I'm not old enough...
  119. Chris... nice to see you back
  120. Great results from diagnostic facet injections!!
  121. JUSTONEOFUS -- Happy 2nd Surgery Anniversary!
  122. lower back and leg pain sore toes and feet
  123. Round 2 are you still out there?
  124. reverse low back curve
  125. help Understanding MY MRI PLEASE!
  126. External Bone Growth Stimulators
  127. i dont even know
  128. Anyone had lumbar and cerival fusions?
  129. Relocating and need referral for good chiropractor in Saint Paul area.
  130. back pain
  131. Cyst on nerve root
  132. Headaches from L5 S1 Fusion????
  133. 360 posterior anterior fusion pain
  134. Still Waiting, But More Questions
  135. advice on kidney problems due to steroid abuse?
  136. Help C5 C6
  137. Had my EMG today , Really confussed? Any thoughts pLease
  138. Any vitamin that might help calm sciatic nerves?
  139. Success with SI joint!
  140. Coccyx break , what has to be done ?
  141. Did I do something wrong???
  142. Anyone have L.back pain when taking deep breath?
  143. Monkey update and is everyone doing okay???
  144. Deb53.........cymbalta
  145. Newbie - Discograph question
  146. Foam Mattress Toppers - Good or Bad?
  147. Marlo's Mom.......now my turn for stiffness
  148. Question for you all
  149. Old Compression Fracture
  150. Back abnormality - Possible to correct?
  151. Terrible Back Problem! Need All Advice Possible
  152. Newbie fusion was L3,L4,L5
  153. Pillow for Neck and Back Problems
  154. Had an epidural with the new doc yesterday
  155. Search posts
  156. good back doctor wanted in charlotte n.c.
  157. internal bone stimulator
  158. Knee problems after fusion?
  159. Newby,to the forum
  160. My experience with: YESS SED, Selective Endoscopic Diskectomy with Dr. Anthony Yeung
  161. Update: IDET and Nucleoplasty
  162. back pain causes
  163. Life after surgery..
  164. Pepper, How've You Been???
  165. Please Help me understand my MRI REPORT
  166. Back pain
  167. New MRI results....any help?
  168. weak pelvic floor & SI joint
  169. back pain
  170. Nerve Damage after Fusion????
  171. back rib/kidney pain?
  172. Best computer chair?
  173. What does this mean, and is it bad?
  174. thinking about spinal stimulator
  175. Pillows - Suggestions for a person with severe back issues
  176. Holy frustrated batman!!
  177. Stiffness 5 Months Post-Op
  178. lower back pain
  179. Sprained MY BACK/SPINE just FROM WALKING and small JUMP...
  180. Got a phone call today!!!
  181. Disc Bulges with nerve pain??
  182. What caused this...
  183. SI Joint Dysfunction
  184. tablets
  185. What company made your spinal cord stimulator?
  186. Ever have a chiropractor work on your shifted pelvis?
  187. Anyone without cusion between disc? L5-S1
  188. New to Board with back problems
  189. rheumatologist approval using Workers comp or Primary Doc
  190. knot in lower back with pain
  191. SI Joint Fusion
  192. lower back pain
  193. Only four lumbar vertabrae, what does it mean?
  194. Hi spiney friends.......
  195. Back Pain
  196. Severe back pain and left leg pain and weakness
  197. Help with back pain
  198. Steroid shot in SI join = more pain?
  199. fusion
  200. How do I get a copy of my MRI results?
  201. Extreme Butt Pain/Tightness
  202. I Hope Every One Has A Great Weekend..
  203. lower back pain
  204. Will my leg strength come back ?
  205. steroid injections in the facet joint?
  206. What equipment will I need?? Will I put on weight?
  207. Chronic Low Back & Hip Pain
  208. 4th surgery to be scheduled
  209. Anyone else post Jan 08 surgery?
  210. Nasty fall in November, still back problems.
  211. No cure for now
  212. Anyone have Degenerative Disc Disease?
  213. Steroid side effects
  214. Rolfing or cold laser therapy
  215. Still waiting to hear from neuro.s office about appt.
  216. Back Hurts
  217. who has had problems with the CRX-9000
  218. Back popping
  219. child birth
  220. Anyone heard from Diet lately?
  221. Monkey updat, staying in touch!
  222. Anyone using a muscle stimulator?
  223. Back problems
  224. I had Prolotherapy yesterday
  225. Questions about incision of Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion
  226. Can anyone tell me their experience with "Lordex" treatment?
  227. L4 and L5 Fusion recovery questions
  228. 1 year post-op, life sucks! Questions and Venting.
  229. spinal aid centers of america
  230. at the very end of my rope
  231. Relation between back and hip pain
  232. what to do now
  233. back pain
  234. Any help will do !!
  235. Back problems / Employer problems / Disasability?
  236. back pain
  237. Epidural Steroid Injection A++++
  238. Cadaver Bone anyone?
  239. Sore back
  240. L5 S1 hern disc any1 have a problem w/ muclse get smaller in leg
  241. Lumbar Back Problem - Losing Weight?
  242. My back is in spasms--ouch!
  243. aquatic therapy
  244. Dynesys: Your Experience?
  245. Lyrica Side Effect Question
  246. thighs sore
  247. back doctor vs. pain management clinic
  248. Back Fusion
  249. A Fall
  250. thankyou blueatlas

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