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  1. interesting back information
  2. i swear my destiny is to live life full of pain
  3. SI Joint Setback....
  4. bad day
  5. Pulsing in back, very painful
  6. New faces , same back pain
  7. Anyone with lower back pain use an Elliptical machine?
  8. New frustrated member
  9. Anyone had a Lumbar Sympathetic Plexus Block
  10. Expectations for spinal cord stimulation recovery
  11. Hurts to walk, sit, lay down
  12. Is life over as I use to kow it?
  13. Still in the dark!
  14. what is wrong with my spine
  15. Bilateral Pars fracture - Vertebroplasty or ?
  16. Someone diagnose me!
  17. stump in the spine
  18. back
  19. Microdisectomy
  20. Lumbar Microdiscectomy and Miserable????
  21. heatherg4871...How to start a new thread!
  22. Waking/Breathing Back Pain
  23. Interesting.....
  24. New Appointment!
  25. feels like i got "kicked" in the lower back??
  26. Avoid Back Surgery by having Bariatric Surgery Instead?
  27. what is this all about???
  28. hello to all i'm back.
  29. Can someone help to interpret this MRI finding?
  30. Sciatica?
  31. Sudden onset of pain after ALIF March 07
  32. I'mmmm Back...
  33. Zinnias...............are you still out there...how are you?
  34. Questions About "Radiofrequency Ablation" ????
  35. constant cramp in my left calf what is it
  36. spondylothesis grade 3.5 - aftermath
  37. Possible Nerve Pain Referred to Knee
  38. Hey Roy....
  39. sore low back - have arthritis
  40. Anyone Had a T5 to L5 Fusion?
  41. Lidoderm Patches....TENS unit
  42. Can't lay in one position long-what is it?
  43. New PM Dr. appt.
  44. Hardware Removal yesterday!
  45. Advice on current situation..
  46. 2Bbackontop-- UPDATE
  47. Update from a post a year ago..... concern about lumbar/leg pain.
  48. Ladybug - I'm back - my back is still on vacation though...
  49. Another Update!
  50. XLIF info needed
  51. Reality Check!!
  52. dr.appt update
  53. Physical Therapy
  54. Lower back pain/on my pelvis bone area..
  55. New here...no firm diagnosis
  56. Problems sitting two weeks after L3-L4 PLIF....
  57. ddd
  58. 16 weeks of lower back pain!
  59. Facet injection caused new problem
  60. Cherir -- Question about S1 Nerve Root Irritation
  61. neld help please
  62. Bulging disc VS nerve pain??
  63. Another Update!
  64. Just tired of the lies!!!!!!!!!
  65. nerve pain after fusion
  66. Got my MRI report- help decipher?
  67. Lower back pain/ache.....!!!
  68. Can anyone advise please?
  69. update on nerosurgeon appointment
  70. What Am I Looking At Here?
  71. update to my fusion
  72. Rehabilitation after Failed Back Syndrome Diagnosis
  73. Saw spine Dr. on monday, good news I guess.
  74. Disc Buldge/ nerve pain treatment..
  75. Dr.s update!
  76. Monty44 & Others - More Thoracic Pain
  77. xray/mri results ok for 40yr old?
  78. CBS news/treating pain
  79. Can you help me read my cervical CT scan, please?
  80. Neurontin Or Topomax?
  81. Need To Know What To Expect
  82. What Non-Invasive Methods to Try?
  83. Thoughts: Determining If A Doctor/Facility Is "Good"
  84. twins225 Doing Great - Thoracic Fusion Recovery Update
  85. it's 5 am adios peeps..
  86. what is neuroforaminal narrowing of the spine related to uncovertebral joint hypertro
  87. First Post, Diagnosed with DDD, need help
  88. A new pain sensation!
  89. hello
  90. so confused
  91. questions about MRI...
  92. Moldova...How are you?
  93. Deb...!
  94. Update!
  95. Went To Rheumatologist Today....
  96. epidural injections
  97. Upcoming PLIF fusion surgery L5-S1
  98. Headache after Kumbar Fusion
  99. Questions for Surgeon
  100. amytrypaline
  101. 2Bbackontop.......surgery today!!!
  102. spinepak II bone growth stimulator
  103. anybody have this surgery??????
  104. lower right back pain
  105. l5 s1 fusion help
  106. My Valentine Present
  107. Can Spondy Slide Back & Forth??
  108. spondolothesis
  109. Thinking About Returning to the Chiro
  110. I want to thank you all that helped me out for the last month !!
  111. Am I the only one that has been told they had a tethered spine
  112. checking in
  113. Hubby in pain
  114. Dynesys dynamic stabilization
  115. si joint pain
  116. Have I lost my mind?
  117. Anyone here have a comfortable bed?
  118. 20 months out from double fusion - feel good!
  119. shrinking disc L5S1 but still have pain why?
  120. Advice needed on considering Coflex (study) vs. Fusion
  121. Hello all
  122. My Back .
  123. Light Physical therapy after fusion, how soon is too soon?
  124. Bulging disc
  125. Pepper...
  126. post steroid injection for S1 area....lots of pain, views please
  127. Ankle & Leg Pain
  128. Kass3175.....
  129. Yoga after two surgeries?
  130. upper right side of back
  131. L4-L5 Problem with back
  132. what does bruising on the lower back mean
  133. Cymbalta....
  134. Looking for support more than answers
  135. pelvic bone removal for my fusion " o u c h "
  136. Update on my previous update
  137. back pain and dr won't help... :(
  138. Hurting in more ways than one!
  139. I fainted and fell into a wall - thoughts?
  140. Quick update from LAF..........
  141. How Long After Spinal Fusion Can You Drive
  142. been to musculoskeletal specialist l5s1
  143. Muscles soreness after a microendoscopic Dysectomy
  144. some questions
  145. Best hospital in US for degenerative disc pain
  146. Has anyone experienced this??????
  147. Back Pain ONLY at night
  148. Rough few days...
  149. Thorasic spinal stenosis, nerve root damage, stroke and blood clot
  150. Magnetic Back Support Belt
  151. Why does my spine crack, pop and hurt all the time?
  152. Justoneofus -- Flare-up?
  153. sharp pain
  154. Low-grade fevers, with heart trouble!
  155. Oh My Neck and My Back MRI Results!
  156. Who Continues to Be Active With Back Pain???
  157. on pain meds before the nerve pain kicks in
  158. Will this hurt my WC case?
  159. My Nuero Follow-Up- Good News, I Think?
  160. sciatica
  161. ok you have ddd or worse! what are you doing for career now?
  162. more important questions about hardware removal
  163. pain, pain and more pain!
  164. Checking in here
  165. Chris, Thinking Of You...
  166. Update on Dr's appt. yesterday 2/14/08
  167. Lower Back Pain with trouble standing upright
  168. Update on my nerve pain
  169. Pepper: Reclining Laptop Desk
  170. Pain like being stuck with a pin in lower back???
  171. Prayers needed!
  172. Any Ideas: Hip/Buttocks/Lowerback Pain
  173. Crushing pain in my upper back
  174. Have any of you ever...........
  175. PLIF next week-New problems ?
  176. SI Joint Injection at New PM Dr.
  177. Round 2 - any changes for you
  178. Lower Back Pain HELP!!
  179. A question a/b annular tear
  180. If...
  181. Praying for deb!
  182. Spinal Fluid Leak? Abcess? 7 mos. post fusion +long+
  183. can you tie my shoes for me please?
  184. Injection question
  185. 168 Hours Left {7 Days} Till The Big Dance..
  186. Fusion Questions
  187. Husband 3 weeks post op
  188. More Frequent and Spreading Spasms/Cramps Again
  189. Bad night/Bad day
  190. Lower Back Pain Help!
  191. 3rd time a charm?
  192. More problems from back injury?
  193. Hey Pepper, hey all 9 weeks POST-OP!!
  194. extending a fusion from L4-5 to L4-5-S1.
  195. How do you trust doctors????
  196. Hardware removal..ugh
  197. Can buldging discs cause arm pain and numbness
  198. spondolithesis disability
  199. Pain after fusion
  200. how can one mri show ddd and a couple years later not show up on the present mri
  201. Monkey here,checking in!
  202. back pain from bulging disc
  203. Doctors for burning sensation in the butocks and groin
  204. Welcome any suggestions on my 2008 treatment plan.
  205. Pain meds after surgery: how much is too much??
  206. New Symptoms
  207. Newbie on Board
  208. Sorry, I Just Needed To Vent
  209. Have a few questions
  210. Stinging Sensations on Backs of Thighs
  211. Topomax Questions
  212. back pain
  213. Is this true?
  214. Stormy, How Are You Doing?
  215. Severe Chest Pain after Thoracic Fusion
  216. Finally, I am getting some relief!
  217. Anxiously waiting...again?
  218. Shawley, have a question
  219. Laf761... How Are You Doing?
  220. SI JOINT Pain
  221. Leg aches after spinal fusion
  222. retrolisthesis
  223. Need advice on handling L4-L5 spinal fusion with Type 1 diabetes
  224. Chatterbox........looking for an update
  225. Any other ideas?
  226. Office Work vs Labour intensive work
  227. 4 days post op and still pain in my leg
  228. Boy am I sorry I tried to drive yesterday.
  229. Any positive results from ESI?
  230. posterior fusion , l4/l5,l5/s1 in ten days - NERVOUS !!
  231. back problem and intestinal area
  232. Bad Day :(
  233. No Choice But To Work!!
  234. How do I ask?
  235. leg fatigue
  236. Chiropractor??
  237. Help, I Need Somebody, Help, My Surgeon Won't!!???
  238. Question regarding recovery time
  239. Strange Question Re:Sciatic Nerve Pain
  240. Post-IDET Update
  241. Nerve pain post surgery
  242. new to the boards..need experienced advice!
  243. Back to the Spine Dr. again!
  244. An idea to try...
  245. back pain/ don't want surgery
  246. New Pain Mgmt. Dr...wow
  247. numb toe lady- MRI back and found something
  248. sore back
  249. Update....
  250. Don't make me cry

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