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  1. lower back (pelvis ) is stiff on waking
  2. To Tifferzz
  3. Laser Spine Institute (my view)
  4. back hurts
  5. how was I supposed to know??
  6. lower back pain
  7. How do you come to a decision about surgery??
  8. another question
  9. New person with question: L5-SI Fusion and Discogram
  10. back discomfort
  11. Aching Legs
  12. back pain
  13. Hardware Issues after L5 S1 fusion
  14. upper and lower back pain
  15. Seeking suggestions for painful rib out of place in my upper back
  16. back pain and the littlest infection
  17. Hi new at this hope others feel like I do or am I alone?
  18. insurance problems...
  19. "Twisted Vertebrae?" Anyone else have this, or know anything about it?
  20. Back Pain
  21. Infection?
  22. Help Wanted
  23. Lower Back & Leg Pain Helped With An Inversion Table???
  24. hello can anyone help me please
  25. Where are You all........September Fusion People
  26. Please Help by offering advice
  27. Hello all....it's been awhile since I've posted
  28. Wishing All A Happy Easter
  29. Raised toliet seat......How soon to stop using it???
  30. Help - numbness..tingling...
  31. Spinney friends - pray
  32. Bad flare up-
  33. How long to stay on pain meds after PLIF???
  34. 7 Weeks Post-Op 360 Lumbar Fusion/New Problems
  35. Questions about spinal fusion surgery
  36. twins225 - 4 month post Fusion UPDATE - Hardware Removal???
  37. Arggh...My foot is killing me
  38. 11 Weeks Post ALIF - still have back/leg pain - is this normal?
  39. MRI Results
  40. Happy Easter! Hope all have a pain free weekend
  41. Back pain
  42. my husbands back injury
  43. Update: Day 17 after L/4 - S/1 fusion
  44. Discogram question
  45. Sciatica Nerve Problem Changed Sense Of Smell (Anyone Else)
  46. Help finding a Surgeon
  47. Lower back pain
  48. pinched nerve
  49. how do you repair a pinched nerve
  50. Taking A Break For A While
  51. Spinal cord stimulator
  52. Yeah, semi good news!
  53. Quality of life terrible at 20years. Please help
  54. Leg pain 3wks post micro d
  55. had my surgery
  56. More pain and more tests. Never ends.
  57. does scar tissues form after surgery
  58. Pain on my back left side shoulder
  59. shooting pain down legs
  60. Back and Rib Pain
  61. wanted to check up on every one ..
  62. Treatment Options
  63. good evening all
  64. NSAIDs post fusion
  65. should i be pushing my dr to give me this referral?
  66. Nerve Pain
  67. Lidoderm patches are they safe to use
  68. Pepper's back problems any better ?
  69. Before Jumping into your fusion surgery please check this out.
  70. Lower back pain
  71. what does a facet block do
  72. Confused, whats new!
  73. hi
  74. Spinal Torsion Help?
  75. anterior/posterior
  76. Little toe
  77. Bone spur l4
  78. Round 2 are you out there?
  79. mir report help
  80. Major Spinal Surgery Imminent
  81. Bone spurs in lower back.
  82. Why does my right foot go numb from Sciatica Pain
  83. Yeah! The referrals in!
  84. Went for the "STANDING" MRI..
  85. What is the best type of mattress?
  86. what is causing the numbing tingle in my left arm?
  87. Lower back pain
  88. apocalypto22
  89. back is sore
  90. Numbness Around Shoulder Blade
  91. back pain
  92. OMG! And i thought it was bad before, yeah right!
  93. Back pain after being asleep for about five hours
  94. help mri results
  95. new nerve pain
  96. considering fusion l5 s1
  97. back pain
  98. my back
  99. back pian
  100. Going Back To Work On Monday!
  101. What might be the cause please?
  102. Hi Debs 53
  103. Hip Pain is back
  104. hi all
  105. Spinal Stenosis Question
  106. Lower back pain
  107. Swelling,getting frustuarted!
  108. okay guys im back
  109. MRI Results
  110. finally...
  111. pt starts monday
  112. Sciatica??
  113. Prolotherapy
  114. Inversion table and memory mattress
  115. Neuro update!
  116. Day 8 and feeling great!
  117. Question reguarding spinal disc fusion
  118. Just being a baby?
  119. Hi deb
  120. hi all
  121. Hello - My back pain
  122. fusion of L4/L5 using XLIF procedure
  123. back pain
  124. I'm back
  125. MBT shoes for back problems
  126. Discogram approval
  127. MRI Results
  128. lumbar disk protrusion
  129. Vaginal pain after back surgery
  130. Why Do Doctors Not Report Everything in Medical Records??
  131. Hey Ladybug....
  132. Overweight and Fusion?
  133. neck and shoulder pain
  134. sayin' hi
  135. Tuesday is my big day (gulp)
  136. question about neurosurgeons
  137. recovery time for a microendoscopic discectomy
  138. Please help me understand MRI results
  139. lower back pain
  140. back pain in the elderly
  141. pain in lower back
  142. Hello all.....Back Fusion scheduled
  143. lower back pain
  144. Back Pain
  145. how to unpinch your sciatic nerve
  146. how to unpinch your sciatic nerve
  147. my f'n back
  148. Failed Back Syndrome
  149. Help - Newbie scheduled for surgery in 5 weeks!
  150. back pain.
  151. Best (or worst) treadmill for back?
  152. saw surgeon for 3 month check
  153. Lumbar microdisectomy
  154. back pain
  155. Pain Lower Back
  156. Curious after back surgery..
  157. Lower back pain for 4 years...
  158. back pain
  159. NEW tingling after first PT session??
  160. 4 Month Microdiscemtomy-Still Some Nerve Pain
  161. I Am Not Thrilled!!!
  162. Pain in my hip. Yippee!
  163. So tired - Does anyone have advice for help sleeping with sciatica pain.
  164. Return to Physical Therapy has begun
  165. What's considered TOO heavy to lift after spinal fusion??
  166. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction/ short history of what helped me......
  167. McKenzie extensions healed my ruptured L-5 disc
  168. Has anyone had a fusion with BMP that didn't take?
  169. Leg pain question?
  170. back pain when swallowing
  171. First appt. w/ neurosurgeon
  172. 1st post surgery Dr visit today
  173. Dr. Drew - General Hosp.
  174. Back already...
  175. Lyrica nerve pain reducer is miracle
  176. l4-l4 disc bulge
  177. sacroiliitis what happens now
  178. unbearable back pain
  179. lower back pain
  180. update on my boyfriend's condition
  181. buldging discs
  182. Hurt Back Today
  183. Has Anyone had disc decompression nucleoplasty
  184. Newbie, needs info
  185. Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction
  186. Back pain
  187. Spinal Problem and Vocational Rehab
  188. Fusion surgery by Dr.Phair
  189. Something Good For a Change
  190. Please help me understand this and what can be done.
  191. schmod's node
  192. back pain
  193. Feeling bad
  194. Suspected sacroiliac joint pathology
  195. Is there a connection between Misalligned Hips and a Hernaited disk?
  196. Baybreeze
  197. Justoneofus
  198. how long after a spinal fusion can i exercise
  199. pain all the time
  200. EMG frusturated as usual
  201. lower back pain before a bowel movement
  202. sheumerman's kyphosis in 15 year old.
  203. how to heal scar tissue after surgery
  204. Hyperreflexia ?
  205. Disappointed and totally frustrated
  206. Why~Why~Why!?
  207. help back pain
  208. People That Have The SpinalCord Stimulator
  209. Moldova and diet.
  210. Low Back Pain
  211. Numbing of toes and fingers...any advice?
  212. Surgery tomorrow so I will be off line for a few days.
  213. Starting PT tomorrow
  214. Another question
  215. What Is A Lesion
  216. mri results
  217. be back soon my friends......
  218. 15 yr old soccer player recently diagnosed with Spondy - help
  219. i have a bad back cant sit down because of the pain
  220. Why me?
  221. "Charlie Horse" or groin pain after PLIF
  222. The Adventure Continues
  223. epidural after disectomy
  224. Axialif Procedure/Trans 1 procedure
  225. Weird thing, should i be worried?
  226. grade 2 anterolisthesis
  227. Pain Free!
  228. Dr. appt. today..
  229. Talked to surgeon....
  230. Can spur-disc on thoracic spine cause numbess/tingling all over?
  231. nucleoplasty
  232. walked for 28 minutes !!!!
  233. Right Side Just Under Rib Cage
  234. Slipped and fell, hurts weeks later...
  235. Insight on post op week 8
  236. pat
  237. Nerve pains while walking or sitting too long
  238. fusion scheulded friday now i have infection
  239. laminectomy next week
  240. Any Advice Appreciated
  241. Diagnosis Stenosis age 39!
  242. Weakness in legs? Will this get better?
  243. Question about surgery
  244. Recliner chairs ???? after fusion w/ hardware surgery????
  245. newbie with spine problems
  246. Vertebroplasty?
  247. Two weeks till surgery
  248. Pain after Disectomy
  249. SI injections workers comp
  250. Lower Back Pain

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