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  1. Any other ideas?
  2. Office Work vs Labour intensive work
  3. 4 days post op and still pain in my leg
  4. Boy am I sorry I tried to drive yesterday.
  5. Any positive results from ESI?
  6. posterior fusion , l4/l5,l5/s1 in ten days - NERVOUS !!
  7. back problem and intestinal area
  8. Bad Day :(
  9. No Choice But To Work!!
  10. How do I ask?
  11. leg fatigue
  12. Chiropractor??
  13. Help, I Need Somebody, Help, My Surgeon Won't!!???
  14. Question regarding recovery time
  15. Strange Question Re:Sciatic Nerve Pain
  16. Post-IDET Update
  17. Nerve pain post surgery
  18. new to the boards..need experienced advice!
  19. Back to the Spine Dr. again!
  20. An idea to try...
  21. back pain/ don't want surgery
  22. New Pain Mgmt. Dr...wow
  23. numb toe lady- MRI back and found something
  24. sore back
  25. Update....
  26. Don't make me cry
  27. Why is a day so hard to get thru
  28. BACK from the BACK DOC
  29. change in surgery date
  30. I feel like a new woman
  31. first post l5s1 problems
  32. Thank You!!!
  33. Lower Back Pain
  34. any one no dr. arthur h phair out of red bank n,j ?
  35. Does anyone know???
  36. Questioning diagnosis
  37. Hey David...how was the neuro visit?
  38. Scheduled day for surgery
  39. More than a Usual Flare up
  40. Has anyone had the nerves in your neck burned?
  41. really bad back problem since i found out im pregnant
  42. pre - op + recovery time <2 level l4-5:l5-s1 fusion>
  43. Please help me understand MRI
  44. physical therapy, OMT help
  45. Another Pepper Update
  46. Yeah, I graduated
  47. back pain in 14 yr old
  48. lumbar back fusion at l4/l5 , l5/s1 levels on 2.20.08
  49. Back pain
  50. Mylogram/ have u had one?
  51. Buldging disc
  52. Tethered Spine
  53. Pepper...how were your appts?
  54. What should i do
  55. Feeling like a total loser about now.
  56. hole in back
  57. Spinal cord injury from spinal instrumentation after car accident.
  58. Has anyone noticed?
  59. Lower back pain
  60. Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) Partial Update!
  61. post lumbar discectomy foot pain
  62. unbelievable..
  63. leg,back and foot pain
  64. florida doctors for piriformis syndrome
  65. To Scrappi
  66. feeling guilty
  67. Still hanging in here
  68. 7 weeks post micro -d L5-s1 , still having trouble
  69. I'm Back! Can someone read my MRI results?
  70. lower left back pain
  71. Left side back pain
  72. Update on my latest issues
  73. Please help-is this a nerve illiness/injury?
  74. Back Pain
  75. Still learning!
  76. Weight, Nutrition and Back Pain
  77. Please Help!
  78. Post Fusion questions
  79. I am home.
  80. New here and need some help.......
  81. I had a mylogram and a emg the same day
  82. MRI Questions please, monkey mystery
  83. failed microdiskectomy, whats next
  84. lower back pain
  85. Baybreeze.....
  86. Back pain from injury
  87. Update..
  88. advice please! pain is killing me!
  89. Jinks is truly jinxed
  90. only mild symptoms....
  91. new surgery date
  92. What Next
  93. Add these to my failed laminectomy
  94. lower back pain
  95. inflammation when you had discectomy
  96. Worried about having to have surgery
  97. Restarting Injections
  98. Nuvasive XLITF
  99. Having MRI Monday to diagnosis numb toes
  100. spondolithesis
  101. Spine Doctor?
  102. Messed Up Spine
  103. Severe Leg cramps
  104. Checking In
  105. Marlosmom...did you have bonegraft from your hip too?
  106. I love my shower chair!!!
  107. ESI Update!
  108. Leg pain after L5/S1 fusion
  109. Lower Back Pain
  110. Hey Shawley...where are you?
  111. Hi to all...very aggrivated..
  112. Major questions,not understanding!
  113. Update on my boyfriend's condition
  114. post back surgery pain
  115. lumbar decompression
  116. Diet Pepper,
  117. what is nucleoplasty?
  118. Prolotherapy
  119. help with MRI results
  120. Disc between L4 and L5 is degenerating
  121. Fell 8 months post l4-l5 fusuion.....
  122. 5 wks post surgery... MORE PAIN
  123. Round2 - appt
  124. New Pain and Problems.....
  125. Much greater pain following a lumbar nerve block......
  126. pm wants t do a spinal nerve block shot 6 weeks post-op
  127. back pains
  128. What do you do if you got a pee problem with this fusion surgery
  129. Update
  130. crazy nerve issues
  131. Spinal Stenosis
  132. how long would i have to stay in hospital
  133. Update on consultation for lumbar E.S.I.!
  134. ALIf Vs PLIF Do you still get nerve pain with Anterior approach too?
  135. Update On Pain Managment appt
  136. Turn head - upper right back hurts
  137. can prolong sitting cause back problems
  138. Anyone out there? Sciatic pain issues
  139. Update to husband's 3 level fusion
  140. scoliosis and pain?
  141. dr said arthistis I say its more any help?
  142. MRI results..please help!
  143. prayers for Kyma
  144. fibromyalgia after fusion?
  145. epidural
  146. I need some advice please.....
  147. Back problems specific
  148. Anyone have advice
  149. pain after spinal fusion
  150. Disc between L4 and L5 seems to have disappeared
  151. how do you find a great spinal surgeon in the area you live ?
  152. Persistent left lumbar radiculopathy with large disc fragment L4 L5?
  153. New symptoms after fusion surgery...
  154. Accupuncture as a treatment option....
  155. why is it so long to recover from a back fusion?
  156. A few questions about nerve pain and nerve pills
  157. Good Day!
  158. Newbie - Just had IDET
  159. Where's the pain at when it's cold outside?
  160. I did it again!
  161. Cymbalta withdrawal
  162. Hip pain radiating down back of thigh to back of calf.
  163. ESI injections
  164. New to the Boards and SO glad to have found them!
  165. Is "Methylene blue" injected in your disc in IDET?
  166. Hurting more after Laminectomy
  167. More News
  168. Does anyone know the medical term for the gel injected in IDET operation?
  169. So, what's next?
  171. Moldova....where are you? How are you?
  172. DDPepper and Moldova
  173. ALIF scheduled Tuesday, Jan.29th
  174. Degenerative disc Disease
  175. Strange back pain
  176. fingers in left hand acting funny
  177. thorasic pain and rigid spine in mornings~HELP!
  178. Update re: Cold And miserable
  179. This Monkeys done Monkeying around ha! Finally getting there i think!
  180. what could this BE?
  181. spondolithesis
  182. deb53...update
  183. Negative Discogram
  184. I dont know what I did?
  185. What if I don't? Can something bad happen?
  186. Neck Help - MRI
  187. what does narrowing and encroachment of the cervical spine mean?
  188. Spinal Decompression DRX-9000?
  189. trying to change my posture
  190. question L5-S1 ruptured disc
  191. any input would be helpful
  192. New with questions
  193. L5S1 Problem
  194. bulging disc
  195. from beginning to end on back fusion
  196. Pudendal nerve entrapment
  197. Bad News!
  198. I survived the ski trip
  199. Spinal Fusion
  200. I am so confused and need help desperately!
  201. T5 Burst Fracture - Surgery: 7-Level Thoracic Fusion (T2-T8) - Can You Relate???
  202. Would I be a back surgery canidate?
  203. Scooterdude Update
  204. Sharp pain in my abdomen caused by my back pain (anyone have this)
  205. Myleogram Positive Lumbar Stenosis Now What??????
  206. Re-injury after microdecompression surgery
  207. Work Related Injury
  208. Clumsy!!!
  209. Big Toe/Lower Back Pain
  210. Justoneofus...
  211. Hi, I could really use some feedback....
  212. Results from 3-level artificial lumbar discs??
  213. Diet and Moldova
  214. pain in shoulder and Neck
  215. Update from problems two weeks ago.
  216. Why Does My Back Hurt When I Breathe Deeply?
  217. why does my right thigh get numb when I walk?
  218. Need some prayers please....
  219. thigh goes numb
  220. Ladybug8372 - update on my back problems/PM dr
  221. Back pain & nasea
  222. Dose anyone know about the alternative treatment with metal discs? Not ADR.
  223. A new thought...
  224. chronic back pain
  225. Your time to shine!
  226. Update: I pray the worst is over!
  227. Traction?
  228. Good News
  229. New severe back pain / TENS unit
  230. Neurosurgeon or Orthopedic spine specialist?
  231. have a question?
  232. L-5 Back Problem
  233. My husband not getting much better
  234. Another discogram question
  235. burning toes
  236. creaking cracking back?
  237. back and legs pain
  238. Spinal Fusion Help
  239. Please Pray!
  240. weird symptom
  241. Advice needed!! Unexplained backache?!
  242. Woke up in severe pain
  243. Update After Week Back At Work!!
  244. Nerve Pain Following Discectomy
  245. Laminectomy/Discectomy Update - left leg pain after surgery
  246. Back problems
  247. severe calf and top of ankle/foot pain ??
  248. What Causes Annular Tears In The Disc Spaces At L4-5 And L5-s1
  249. neck pain and headache
  250. MRI of lumbar spine results please explain

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