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  1. weird symptom
  2. Advice needed!! Unexplained backache?!
  3. Woke up in severe pain
  4. Update After Week Back At Work!!
  5. Nerve Pain Following Discectomy
  6. Laminectomy/Discectomy Update - left leg pain after surgery
  7. Back problems
  8. severe calf and top of ankle/foot pain ??
  9. What Causes Annular Tears In The Disc Spaces At L4-5 And L5-s1
  10. neck pain and headache
  11. MRI of lumbar spine results please explain
  12. Discogram
  13. saw surgeon today
  14. Back Pain - MRI Results - What can I expect
  15. i have an mri report can someone interpret what it means
  16. Pain caused by artificial discs
  17. Leg pain from prior back injury/surgery
  18. UPDATE on Been a long time
  19. HELP...I'm getting a discectomy
  20. Severe pain on my middle back area....
  21. how long
  22. Hey Spineys, I have a question
  23. sciatica on left side (arg)
  24. Early Doctor's Appointment...
  25. Upper Back Pain
  26. wondering about payout
  27. Annular Tear...Question?
  28. back pain
  29. Stopping cymbalta...
  30. leg pain after lumbar fusion
  31. Nerve Block Question
  32. Lamenectomy
  33. Should we be concerned? (8 months post L4/L5 fusion)
  34. Help!! Straightening of the cervical spine
  35. lumbar/sacral strain
  36. Anyone with similar problems post fusion? Starting to think I'm crazy!
  37. Not happy lately...
  38. Injury to Spine - Instrumentation Removed
  39. low back pain while standing
  40. Good News!!!
  41. abnormal MRI of lumbar spine
  42. EMG results......
  43. pm doctor visit
  44. pm doctor visit
  45. Sick and tired of all this
  46. Anyone know anything about hemangiomas of the spine?
  47. New, miserable, questions...
  48. have your legs ever went to sleep
  49. The latest on my bf and I really need some advice please
  50. what happens when your L-3 to L-5 fusion breaks
  51. Pepper.....
  52. Round2
  53. Need Help Reading my MRI
  54. Need tons of prayers PLEASE
  55. Fall off horse
  56. 1 year since L4-s1 fusion doc gives up /still in constant pain
  57. Topamax dosage
  58. MRI is Tomorrow and I'm Scared
  59. Back Tingling
  60. pain in my back and chest when i breath
  61. Discogram
  62. Can't take much more...
  63. Does Anybody Else Have This Feeling?
  64. back surgery
  65. prognosis when 3 cervical discks are fused
  66. lower back pain
  67. EMG results - Next Step?
  68. How much can you do one week out from PLIF??
  69. Compression of L-2
  70. MRI for second surgery
  71. Poor hubby!
  72. The Chiropractic neck manipulation??????
  73. dosing opiates for extended release pain control
  74. reduction of meds
  75. what causes pain in ilium
  76. Can someone tell me how much pain your spinal fusion was -- really?
  77. Starting PT after fusion - any advice?
  78. pain in my left lower back when I lift my leg, after lifting a load stooped over
  79. can vicodin produce extended pain when being on vicodin for a long period of time
  80. Chris... where are you?
  81. dryer help....
  82. Michael 8466.....
  83. Pepper
  84. The Insanity Continues!
  85. It's a Cruel World
  86. Upper Age Limit for Lumbar Fusion with Cage and BMP
  87. Laminectomy and Foraminotomy
  88. Back Pain
  89. Other people's experience with spinal cord stimulation
  90. Been a long time
  91. Nancy1952.......Welcome
  92. "Back" to school...
  93. Neuropathy
  94. diet pepper...
  95. back pains
  96. life after spinal cord stimulator surgery
  97. upper back pain
  98. Back Inflammation - Lymph Nodes
  99. I am new here deg disc and spinal stenosis
  100. back pain during pregnancy
  101. Back Pain - right lower back and right leg
  102. Doc visit today-Update
  103. Post-op microdisk L5-S1 -positivie stories?
  104. back pain caused by prolapse
  105. Emily
  106. PM Dr. appt.
  107. Does anyone sleep on their side & have hip problems?
  108. 18 mo. out of surgery--now spondy and spinal stenosis??Help!!
  109. Taking a Break
  110. 360 lumbar surgery 1/29/08
  111. Help! In alot of pain, don't know where to go anymore
  112. Cymbalta
  113. chatterbox
  114. Anyone know how ******** is?
  115. trying to find out if I have a pinched nerve or sciatica
  116. Considering Lumbar Spinal Fusion, Need input !!!
  117. Cosby's Drs appointments
  118. Is this going to get better?
  119. Permanently injured back?
  120. lumbar laminectomy
  121. New here
  122. hardware removal
  123. Chronic Back Pain And Dreaming Of Sunny Days
  124. Has anyone taken cymbalta? Does it work?
  125. sevre pain post op micro desectomy
  126. lower back pain
  127. question about donor bone?
  128. Experience of a muscle relaxant drug
  129. intestinal issues after muscle relaxant drug
  130. Deeannek........donor bone
  131. Not sure what to do next
  132. Cold Laser therapy for ligament healing
  133. Severe, Severe, Leg Pain Tonight
  134. L5 fracture/Spondolythesis
  135. Back pain
  136. Topamax questions
  137. Nerve Problem?
  138. Limbs Asleep?
  139. ooo
  140. strange things going on
  141. For Those Who Have Been Following Me on Health
  142. Stress and MY lower back
  143. Round2 any results
  144. 3 level lumbar L3-S1 fusion advise
  145. Spinal Tumor?
  146. exercises i can do if i had a spinal fusion
  147. Round1...
  148. fell about 10ft and back hurts
  149. MRI post op
  150. getting mri today
  151. Update! 10 weeks post-TLIF
  152. Hi
  153. Pain, a good weather predictor!
  154. General Practioner and Back Update
  155. Radio frequency ablation and meds
  156. CaityGirl, how are you doing?
  157. percocet normal dose
  158. Moldova
  159. Please can someone HELP!!! My aching back...
  160. Thoracic/Neck weird pain?!?!
  161. Thoracic/Neck weird pain?!?!
  162. Tomorrow's MY Big Day!!
  163. lower back pain
  164. Fall after fused and very scared :(
  165. lower back pain
  166. L5 back injury causing S1 nerve damage
  167. EMG results
  168. Byramgirl -- any update on your fusion?
  169. Mony 22 Post ** Newbie**
  170. How is everyone?
  171. DDD options?
  172. Tired Of Pain
  173. Epidural Steroid Injection Problem :-(
  174. Compression Fracture at T7... Must I wear a brace?
  175. hai all
  176. can anyone help me?
  177. ((((((((((tuscon))))))))
  178. strange one...good/bad/or nothing at all...
  179. Sometimes I worry...
  180. Information For Tulip15
  181. my appt
  182. Shawleys Back ...
  183. how to quit taking loritabs
  184. Laf 761....
  185. baclofen
  186. question about L5-S1 ruptured disc
  187. High BP from meds maybe???
  188. Any news about Shawley since he went to ER?
  189. Update: One month post op after the surgery from hell!
  190. Surgeon Appt Update
  191. Young persons sore back
  192. Cymbalta and Percoet 7.5
  193. Fusion and resistance training, gym, etc.? :)
  195. facet fusion T8-12 ?
  196. Saw my GP on Monday and my Neurosurgeron yesterday
  197. severe back, leg, and pelvis pain
  198. Fusion and Snow Skiing
  199. preparing for fusion: suggestions, please!!
  200. back paim
  201. Deb53: How'd it go at the surgeon?
  202. Saw the surgeon.....results
  203. Husband is having 3 level fusion surgery
  204. emily you around?
  205. Happy New Year
  206. It's a new year & I feel like I have a new back!!
  207. discouraged
  208. Extremely strange back pain....
  209. Failed Back Syndrome........
  210. Spondylothesis
  211. lower back pain
  212. Muscle twitching and little stabby pains in legs?
  213. Question regarding epidurals after fusion surgeries
  214. Back Fusions and Pregnancy
  215. should i go in for back surgery or not.
  216. Lower Back Pain and swollen leg
  217. please help
  218. See my surgeon tomorrow....?????
  219. Chiropractor Screwed Me Up!!
  220. back pain from truckdriving any suggestions?
  221. A New Year's Post...
  222. c5/6 disectomy
  223. hello everyone
  224. Pins/needles sensation.. Can back problems cause nerve problems?
  225. In Pain Feel Depressed
  226. grade 1 spondolithesis
  227. Lumbar Laminectomy
  228. Upper Back Pain When Swallowing
  229. Happy New Year!
  230. Pepper I'm in pain,,,
  231. Lumbar and Cervical issues - HOW are they handled?
  232. Good things can happen PLEASE READ
  233. How do I tell my doctor?
  234. Early Happy and "Pain-Free" New Year!
  235. Severe back pain when lying down
  236. Another One Bites the Dust
  237. How long to heal from a Spinal fusion
  238. RILEY222, COMMENT ABOUT Artificial disc replacement (charite)
  239. help me wage war on my back pain!!!
  240. I Need A Maid!!
  241. What More Can I Do????
  242. Any one with an Artificial Vertebra?
  243. bass 11 chimining in.. 10 days post-op and going crazy
  244. Moldova Is Back - Miss You All So Much!!!
  245. Weight Issues!
  246. Numbness in hands...
  247. Pain in feet????
  248. What's the deal with broken screws??
  249. donor bone from hip for fusion surgery question
  250. My back pain

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