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  1. Middle back pain
  2. a long night
  3. L5 S1 nerve damage
  4. omg....what was that now?
  5. moldova
  6. How do you know you have spinal arthritis?
  7. big day tomorrow
  8. After 30 yrs of HELL,I am sched for SURGERY 10-29-07
  9. Back pain and Caffeine
  10. Acupuncture for neck and low back pain? will it help?
  11. Permanent nerve damage?
  12. I'm asking the board for help...please
  13. Heading off for hardware removal...
  14. epidural steroid injections--side effects
  15. How cool!
  16. I'm home...the good and the bad..
  17. How did you finally make the decision to have a FUSION??
  18. Bad News
  19. Crappy Dr's
  20. Okay....I am running away
  21. One week out from Microdiscectomy
  22. Less Then 5 Minutes!! And A Wrong Diagnosis And No Answers!!!
  23. SI Joint injection worked for low back pain in SI area
  24. Triggering back pain:
  25. Lower back laying down issues
  26. New Symptoms since my RFA
  27. severe right leg pain
  28. :( Where do I go from here? I'm losing hope!!!
  29. Pain in the Butt (SI Joint) Caused by Lower Thoracic or Upper Lumbar Levels
  30. W/C lawyer or not?
  31. ESI and Lyrica helping a little
  32. Magnesium "cured" my back/shoulder/neck pain.
  33. I am scared, I dont want to deal with this again!!!!
  34. sciatica - any tips for recovery?
  35. internal bone stimulator neg side effects
  36. ihavetwins
  37. Grade I near Grade II Spondylolthesis
  38. Shawley Are you okay????
  39. Question???
  40. Increased Pain After Laminectomy Surgery
  41. Help me read my lumbar spine MRI
  42. Surgeon called again
  43. Hardware removal 4mos post plif
  44. seperation anxiety.............
  45. In need of moral support...
  46. L4-L5-S1 surgery
  47. Does anyone know how to read or interpet a catscan
  48. good doctor in lehigh valley (pennsylvania) area?
  49. what was your experience with IDET?
  50. Will this ever end?
  51. Scheurmanns disease
  52. kk
  53. Roll call
  54. Surgery: OCT 5TH!!!
  55. 3 weeks post-op spinal fusion....
  56. Back from the doctor
  57. need advice please regarding work ....
  58. central annular tear
  59. Walking prior to Lumbar Fusion Surgery???
  60. Just have to vent... Sorry
  61. Help
  62. back surgery on oct. 10th
  63. Clover / are you okay???
  64. Operation on L5/S1 in 2 weeks time - Really bad heat rash. Will it be cancelled?
  65. Failed Laminectomy?
  66. Monkey/Melissa
  67. severe calf cramps from sciatica
  68. spondylothesis
  69. Developed high blood pressure and excessive sweating after surgery!
  70. Had ESI today.....
  71. ?? Severe groin pain
  72. epidural pain.........whats this?
  73. I Hate Workman's Comp.
  74. Now what???
  75. Back problem
  76. Pain with no known origin.
  77. One year L4/5 Disectomy Aniversary
  78. chronic back pain -pelvic kidney-fall invloved
  79. Help! My spouse takes my meds
  80. Proceed or not??
  81. News
  82. Reoccuring sciatica after laminectomy
  83. Pedicle Screw Removal Surgery?
  84. Yvette.......
  85. Post op fusion, am I the only one without PT
  86. back xray needed?
  87. thank you all
  88. Excellent Spine Surgeons/doctors In Dallas-ft Worth
  89. Wearing Corset/brace after fusion surgery
  90. Bone scan results.
  91. Update-Back Not Great
  92. MRI Results/Spine Refferal
  93. Back Surgery Apprehension
  94. 27 years old and need surgery. I'M SCARED!
  95. very bad day
  96. ime this week..not this again!!!
  97. Nerve Pain Down My Left Leg (I Need Help)
  98. pls help me re back spasms and relief!
  99. Please help...really frustrated
  100. Looking for POOBY from Toronto.
  101. Anyone try theraputic massage
  102. news from discogram and surgeon
  103. How Long Does This Pain Last?
  104. Do these two statements mean the same mean the same thing?
  105. New studies about disc-O-grams show a bad disc can cause a normal disc to appear bad
  106. Mri....is This Bad ? What Does It Mean?
  107. Don't always believe what you hear...
  108. Dr.Rudolf Bertagnoli-- anyone heard of him????
  109. Update Surgeon didn't want to see me
  110. Transitional Vertebra/ Having facet fusion
  111. Back is in excruciating pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  112. Discogram Results
  113. For those who broken their hardware?
  114. Has anyone heard of this
  115. I think I over did it.
  116. Is satisfactory even possible???
  117. Diagnosed with Discogenic Disease
  118. Back and urological problems
  119. Pentoxifylline and vitamin E -- reduces epidural scar tissue.
  120. started Lyrica.....spaced out
  121. Dr. Update!
  122. lower back pain and several UTI's
  123. How does the Neurourgeon decide when you are :CURED" or ready for work
  124. Nerve Block Update and finally some meds
  125. Looking for A DR. in Lexington KY
  126. whats the difference between docs
  127. What can I do after spinal fusion
  128. What can I do after fusion
  129. A year later.. As good as it gets??
  130. How long will this pain last?
  131. Drx 9000
  132. Roys world...
  133. Help here we go again....
  134. Completely confused about disk surgery and fibromyalgia
  135. Any other cops with bad backs...
  136. Tulip..
  137. Doctor Appt today-Good News/Bad News
  138. proposed lami has turned into multi-level fusion
  139. Doc Says Not Infected
  140. Itching and burning after surgery.
  141. anullar tear and MRI ?
  142. what would happen if...
  143. Cymbalta and Lyrica and cortisone shot
  144. Pain in neck upon swallowing?
  145. Bulging Discs?
  146. TENS unit
  147. stenosis - treatment?
  148. stenosis - treatment?
  149. Determination hearing scheduled 9-12-07
  150. back problems need help
  151. Opinions?
  152. Mammy...
  153. update..Lyrica, ESI
  154. Any one have luck with Prednisone/Medridose Steriod Pack?
  155. moldova
  156. L4 L5 Laminectomy in March, Pain increasing, need help
  157. New Neurosurgeon Appointment
  158. newbie.. please help...
  159. I Bake&Pray...
  160. Hi everyone just a update
  161. Running Out Of Options?
  162. Toe pain
  163. Seeing doc tommorow 9/11
  164. Can a massage therapist fix a pinched nerve?
  165. very positive
  166. Update on my boyfriend's surgery
  167. Still itching & not looking good.....
  168. Please!!!!Should i be concerned?
  169. upper back pain for years, what is this? Can anyone help please?
  170. Back Pains
  171. What would you do?
  172. help
  173. So far so good
  174. morphine pump and male impotence
  175. Miracles happen sometimes...
  176. TLIF scheduled 9/25 asking for postop info
  177. reversal of a spinal fusion-- anyone ever hear of this???
  178. Almost 5 mths post-op, feeling hopeless.
  179. diagnosed 10 years ago with fibromyalgia
  180. Multi level degenerative cervical disc disease; headaches
  181. New Sporadic Pain
  182. Bone Scan Was Agony !!!
  183. MRI results
  184. "Next Steps"
  185. Laminectomy if I have no pain, but numb toes?
  186. Global Patient Network?
  187. ?on Bone Spurs
  188. spinal fusion 1 week post-op
  189. What would you do??
  190. Am I Overreacting???
  191. Neuromuscular massage---seems to have really helped
  192. Is anybody has sleepless night right now? I do - let's talk
  193. My story so far..Microdiscectomy
  194. Hanging by a limb(monkey)
  195. Inversion after Microdisectomy
  196. Sorry I haven't been here...
  197. Microdiscectomy for L5-S1 big extrusion? How many of you had it? Did it help with LBP
  198. I have a question
  199. moldova
  200. mammybojammy
  201. What am I doing wrong?????
  202. Mri! Help!
  203. mri scan
  204. Update on Drpepper4133
  205. scar tissue..EMG results
  206. Back Surgery and Fibrosis and Fibromylagia?
  207. 6 Months 3 Level Fusion Post Op L3-S1
  208. 14 weeks post fusionn - new type of pain.
  209. Back pain diagnosing?
  210. Mamakitkat.....scar tissue
  211. Uh-oh
  212. Nerve Damage Help
  213. Anyone try Healing Touch?
  214. Pain from Hardware
  215. Anyone have surgery for removal of scar tissue from the lumbar area?
  216. 12 week fusion update
  217. Please Help-doctor Is Trying To Change My Meds!!
  218. Home From Dr. Appointment
  219. So upset ...
  220. Help reading MRI results
  221. moldova
  222. a new day
  223. With hardware you can't have nerve block injections
  224. confused about my IDET..please help
  225. Update-My bf's surgery was today
  226. What's Best Medication for Back Pain
  227. Nerve Root Block - L4
  228. Dr.s appt update
  229. :) Finally i'm home. had 2 level spinal fusion :)
  230. RFA Tomorrow/Nervous
  231. dietdpepper
  232. Help I'm facing spinal fusion surgery soon
  233. A long day
  234. bad day
  235. Sandim
  236. Any news from Tuscon Lady??
  237. Has anyone had carpel tunnel with back problems
  238. thank you
  239. Lyrica side effects
  240. Recovery Period After Fusion Surgery
  241. Out of alignment after you get out of bed in AM?
  242. clover update
  243. 11 weeks post ALIF - Abdominal problems
  244. Decided Against A Fusion At 3 Levels !!
  245. Is there a difference between disc bulge and disc protrusion?
  246. Need help!!! lower back pain with constant heel pain both feet!!
  247. 12 week fusion - consultant visit.
  248. bad pain
  249. Pre Surgery Tips?
  250. very soar

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