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  1. The nerve of some people
  2. xray showed nothing-- now what?
  3. I Bake&pray - Glad To Hear From You
  4. How long can you sit for?
  5. Diet, I am here for you
  6. I feel like a head case!!
  7. hemangeoma- possible connection?
  8. For those who have spinal chord stims: HAVE I DAMAGED MINE????
  9. Ongoing back problems
  10. new here please help
  11. Please Help
  12. curious Julie!
  13. Back and shoulder troubles
  14. I'm still here/Still In Pain
  15. New Pain in Knee - Sound Familiar?
  16. New Updated On My Situatin - Finally!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Post-Surgical Neuritis? What's up with that?
  18. I'm back from surgery but not happy
  19. What Dr. will order tests?
  20. Howdy All-Sorry I haven't been around much
  21. Here we GO! Off to the O.R. on 12/10/07
  22. BLT question
  23. whirlpool baths for back
  24. Chris....
  25. what have you done for sacroilliac pain?
  26. Can anyone make sense of this now?
  27. What Do I Do?
  28. Chatterbox
  29. Pain in my back
  30. 2 toes on different feet have gone numb permanently-Help
  31. The Count Down Begins.........Wed, Nov. 28th
  32. lower back pain
  33. Doc didn't explain Leg Numbness from back arthritis
  34. How do you do pelvic floor exercises correctly?
  35. L3-S1 anterior and posterior fusion...HELP PLEASE!
  36. chiropractor
  37. Going for the trial nerve stimulator Monday
  38. Surgery on Monday
  39. I Am Tired From This Problem - Are You Having Same Problems Too?
  40. slipped disk
  41. To Roy47 regarding scar tissue
  42. How to cure dextroscoliosis
  43. Hi and Happy Thanksgiving...
  44. Back/arm pain
  45. Help with MRI results
  46. My Foot
  47. Question on my pain 3 days after laminotomy
  48. Pain In My Back
  49. bulging disc
  50. Do You have any idea what is causing back pain?
  51. Unexplainable back pain!
  52. Lumbar MRI, please help!!
  53. Morning upper back pain and hard time breathing
  54. I thought this brace nonsense was over!
  55. 6month x-ray and review of Double fusion
  56. just found out 73yr old mom broke back
  57. Just When I Felt Abit Better!!
  58. Unbearable pain
  59. What could be causing my 15 year old's back pain?
  60. second opinion, please fuse!!!
  61. Constant lower back pain, Dr. said is arthritis but I have doubts
  62. Can someone give me an answer?
  63. hi all
  64. what is the problem with a pain in the glutes and pain down leg
  65. New to back pain
  66. worse pain at 7 wks plif
  67. Moldova / SpinalCord Stimulator Implant
  68. Degenerative and Deteriorating
  69. INFUSE® Bone Graft
  70. Is my back shifting around?
  71. Original Pain after Double Flexible Fusion
  72. hardware removal and arachnoiditis
  73. Question about multiple disc replacements............
  74. Questions about back problems
  75. burning pain shooting down leg
  76. Just had Laminectomy and Discectomy - Questions
  77. what if your pain meds are not working
  78. Pedicle Screws for L5 S1
  79. Must be officially crazy, monkey must fit the name!
  80. lower back pain
  81. back pain
  82. Hi Moldova
  83. Back Problems
  84. What causes nonunion?
  85. Left Side Back Pain Over Lower Ribs – Inflammation – HELP!!!
  86. lower back pain on right side
  87. One week on from micro-discectomy
  88. Justoneofus a question for you please
  89. causes of pars defect
  90. Back Pain
  91. Chronic back pain
  92. Discogram????????
  93. very very soar
  94. Pepper !!
  95. hi everyone
  96. how to unpinch nerves
  97. Help...exercise after spinal fusion
  98. Dr who do endoscopic discectomy
  99. Disc bulge
  100. back pain
  101. Couldn't do mylegram
  102. Returning to the board -- unfortunately
  103. Suppliments to help with spinal Fusions
  104. sacroiliac joint irritation after spinal fusion surgery
  105. back support/bracing question re: failed fusion
  106. Neuro consult...pain
  107. CT report ( new CT )
  108. Final Insult after Surgery - Hemorrhoid - Can't Take It!!
  109. mylogram results tomorrow
  110. How does everyone cope with the holidays
  111. Pain meds and itching
  112. Bulging Disc
  113. back pain
  114. Mri Results
  115. Transforaminal ESI for Degenerative Disc
  116. what steps to take to get your insurance to pay for a tens unit
  117. 35yrs...back of an 80yrs old getting frustrated
  118. First post and a few questions
  119. Please explain BLT
  120. Any have Failed Back Surgery?
  121. Ouch!!!!!!
  122. New need a little info please
  123. Update..Cymbalta...CRPS
  124. Does anyone have this??
  125. New here with some questions
  126. TENS unit
  127. Laser Spine Institute
  128. does anyone know?
  129. backsure back supports - your advice needed
  130. Leg pain at night only
  131. Question for those who had the 360 fusion
  132. Question for those who had the 360 fusion
  133. how long does it take to heal from gallblader surgery?
  134. Getting rid of a sore spot on my back
  135. Update on my boyfriend..questions.
  136. back to work today..
  137. Severe pain upon waking up?
  138. Back Pain
  139. who treats scoliosis
  140. Numb / tingling feeling and back pain
  141. Any Advice?
  142. BlueAtlas...meeting
  143. hurting
  144. Numbness in Fingers While Laying Flat
  145. DDD and Stem Cells
  146. New to Back Pain
  147. Ibake&pray ................tusconlady
  148. Spondylothesis
  149. Spoke to the surgeon again...
  150. hubby's turn???
  151. Lumbar MRI question + steroid injection cost
  152. First time Neurontin user, what can I expect?
  153. New with a question/How do you sleep?
  154. SI Joint Injection Wednesday, med precaustions?
  155. FAILED FUSION? How does it feel?
  156. Carrot Juice/Water/Inflammation
  157. Cushion in car for pain
  158. when there is black over the back bone in a mri
  159. Needing to sleep every afternoon?
  160. nerve block
  161. Pain meds & Pregnancy
  162. disc prolapse
  163. Burning pain!!!
  164. Confused on treatment
  165. Surgery next Friday Nov 16
  166. 6 week Post Op Appt Fusion/Laminectomy
  167. Pain just keeps coming...............
  168. three year follow up?
  169. My Doc Told Me So.........
  170. If The Good Times Are All Gone....
  171. update...sympathetic nerve block??
  172. Update on Me
  173. bananas
  174. Wondering if things are getting worse..........
  175. Pain down the front of my foot
  176. 18 year old pain
  177. Dietdrpepper
  178. update and questions from first ESI
  179. Need Help!
  180. Spinal orthopedic/neuros in Dallas
  181. spinal orthepedic surgeons in NYC
  182. Back Problem
  183. L5-S1 fusion
  184. 2 mile walk post op - back to square one. Pain, but is it just muscle spasms?
  185. Date scheduled
  186. 18 days post-TLIF and NOW it's starting to hurt...
  187. MRI w/contrast & Topamax question
  188. How Can A Disc Heal Itself?
  189. Chronic slipped discs
  190. I am one month from Neurosurgery
  191. Finally Accepted The Situation!
  192. Please help me understand my MRI Report
  193. Doctors just don't understand
  194. Plasma Disc Decompression
  195. Checking In on the spiney's
  196. Tired of the Pain
  197. nerve pain...cramps, spasms?
  198. severe sciatia pain
  199. In search of advice... T-12 compression fracture
  200. Rhizotomy - RF - radiofrequency nerve ablation results
  201. Meeting with job coach???
  202. Hello everyone, its been awhile!!!
  203. brace after fusion surgery??
  204. Advice needed for my lower back
  205. Burning pain...any relief?
  206. Help!!!!!!!
  207. Post-op (fusion) 5 days
  208. Finally......RELIEF
  209. Moldova
  210. MRI Friday with a lot of pain
  211. what to do if epidural shot did not work in back
  212. lower back pain
  213. Rhizotomy recc/ mri report need help
  214. First weeks of recovery after Fusion
  215. Comfort At the Computer
  216. tingleing
  217. Sacroiliac loose says PT
  218. Nwd123...
  219. Blue Atlas
  220. Good Morning Back Friends
  221. ..And it's Happened Yet Again
  222. Very Bad Day
  223. can anyone relate to this sensation???
  224. Clover...
  225. just waiting
  226. Tinge unit
  227. Pain doc wants to burn a nerve in my lumbar to prevent pain
  228. Piriformus Syndrome/SI Joint Dysfunction - Steriod Injection to the Piriformus
  229. lower back
  230. Removal of Internal Bone Stimulator
  231. neurostimulator for back pain
  232. Nerve Block
  233. I'm back....and hurting
  234. lydocaine patch
  235. spinal pain
  236. Hearts4120
  237. update on dr. app
  238. Manipulation painful?
  239. sciatic pain
  240. Now I know what over-doing it is!
  241. sacriiliac joint pain
  242. I Feel Good! What's Wrong With Me?!?
  243. DDD entire lumbar spine/ will medial nerve blocks help me?
  244. Anyone ever taken Ultram for pain??
  245. Oxycodone...Typical Dosage (???)
  246. Surgery Date Scheduled
  247. neurostimulator for chronic sciatic and low back pain
  248. What does the back brace used after lumbar surgery look like.
  249. Can Sciaticia make your abdomin sore
  250. Chatterbox

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