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  1. need your advice
  2. Piriformis Syndrome
  3. 17 months and a decompression and worse than before
  4. update on new mri
  5. nerves damaged by epidural steroid injections?
  6. unstable spine
  7. L4-L5 bulge, L5-S1 annular tear
  8. Hardware pokiness
  9. RF and nothing??
  10. Mediacation question..
  11. Handling under General Anaethesia worsened existing neck condition
  12. Family Support
  13. consumer reports says back surgery results equal no surgery in 2 years
  14. Surgery Number 3
  15. Back Pain
  16. Upper/Lower Back Pain...Need Your Opinion
  17. L4-L5 spondylethesis - looking for general input to my condition
  18. Pepper
  19. Dr update
  20. alternative treatment for scoliosis? share your story! :)
  21. spodylothesis what is it?
  22. Lincoln
  23. Ibake&pray
  24. medicine question?????
  25. Cost of surgeries
  26. micro endoscopic laminotomy
  27. Laser Spine Surgery in Florida.
  28. Little Nervous About Epidural Injection Tomorrow
  29. 2nd (...3rd,... 4th) opinions
  30. pain in lower right side of back when i cough
  31. scar tissue from back surgery
  32. Can you help my mom's back?
  33. Lower back pain (sacroliliac?): location of pain shifts from left to right sides.
  34. ??? about hardware removal
  35. Back adjustments?
  36. My three boys have spondolythesis
  37. 7/29PLIF flying to florida daughter having Facet Thermal Ablation or more
  38. Worse after Laminectomy
  39. My First ESI
  40. Chatterbox......Mylegram Recovery
  41. Moldova - Tailbone Surgery
  42. Ligaments in back.
  43. Microdiscectory Recover
  44. Steriod shots after fusion
  45. Tailbone Surgery
  46. bulging disc Question????
  47. Bummed a little
  48. is it safe to do situp crunches 2 months after back surgery?
  49. i had an open heart surgery and now my spine is twisted why?
  50. Neck Pain--Something is working for me...
  51. L4-L5-S1 spinal fusion - questions...
  52. MRI & no phone call from Doctor...
  53. lower back pain
  54. Pregnancy at 4 months post op for spinal fusion
  55. Feet Tingling?
  56. Repeated steroid injections: important info
  57. Lower back pain
  58. Back Pain/Muscle Spasms Worse
  59. Slipped discs and constipation
  60. Dynamic Physical Therapy and Medx
  61. New PM Dr. visit today
  62. Low back can't sleep at night
  63. pinching feeling in head
  64. I twisted my back now have burning and numbness in my inner thigh.
  65. I twisted my back now have burning and numbness in inner thigh
  66. Pepper
  67. Jinks..
  68. Flare Up Better, But Weight Is Up!
  69. Coming To Terms With My Situation.
  70. car accident, will it really get better?
  71. Update on Situation
  72. Pain in butt after surgery
  73. Back and leg pain
  74. Back Pain
  75. facet joints removed and secured with pedicle screws
  76. Localized Mid Back Pain!!! HELP!
  77. Quick Question About Rental Hospital Beds
  78. Back Pain
  79. Severe problem following interbody fusion...help
  80. 1st steroide injection shot didn't help, is this normal?
  81. Anyone ever have The Hesch Method in Physical Therapy for SI/Joint
  82. Question for Tulip15 on neck operations
  83. muscle spasms
  84. Hunchback
  85. weird pain ?
  86. update on surgery
  87. chest pain,high front,and back.
  88. What is coccygeal manipulation?
  89. Hip Leg and Back Problems
  90. relapse..any info appreciated
  91. flat back syndrome
  92. 4 Days post OP (Microdiscectomy)
  93. For All The Parents With Back Pain...
  94. Too much pain.............
  95. laying on back after surgery
  96. BowHunting with Back problems
  97. what is the proper dosage for roxicodone if you have one disk bulged
  98. Scared: Help please?
  99. I did not know we can get w/c AND ssd for our back injuries on the job
  100. what kind of doctor treats the si joint
  101. Lower Back Problems with nerve pain in legs and feet
  102. hi
  103. My Doc seemed upset
  104. Need opinion on what this might be
  105. confused about CT scan results
  106. What to do? Another Fusion?
  107. had PTLIF last tues, just a little update
  108. Workers compensation - completely useless, delay/deny/defend
  109. kkmom
  110. epidural pain after birth?
  111. Trauma Upper Back
  112. Im tired of constant back pain(should I buy an expensive bed)
  113. Shawley... we missed you here
  114. Chronic Back Pain and Medical Apathy
  115. Who knows what does this mean? Please advice
  116. Scleritis
  117. Vehicle Injuries Back & Neck
  118. Question about nerve compression...
  119. Pamelor/Nortriptyline........................Cym balta??
  120. Another problem
  121. My MRI back
  122. Post op leakage
  123. The pain medication I asked about couple weeks ago
  124. 34 days post-op spinal fusion, PT starts today.
  125. Stupid question, what is rfa?
  126. Chatterbox
  127. The good/bad and ugly monkey update!
  128. Scoliosis and Pregnancy
  129. C6-7 paracentral foraminal disc protrusion
  130. hiho hiho, its back to work i go....
  131. Cannot tell the difference...
  132. Burning tingling back pain
  133. Need information, opitions please!!!!
  134. In Need of opinions
  135. low back pain
  136. Should I be paying for this surgery? Sue???
  137. Had call from my doctor yesterday.....
  138. Update
  139. Recurrent Back Pain
  140. Surgery scheduled looking for others who have had this surgery
  141. Can they do surgery for this piriformis thing?
  142. Fusion on October 19th - Very Scared
  143. No way out - a definite answer maybe possible in future?
  144. How do they tighten up hardware in a spine fusion
  145. Doctors problems help!
  146. New MRI
  147. annular tear and disc bulge
  148. Better sleep!
  149. Lower back pain - worst ever this morning
  150. postsurgical changes l4 l5 and mild epidural fibrosis what does it mean
  151. dorsal spine stimulator cost
  152. I am in trouble - who can suggest anything...
  153. One final question before my next surgery
  154. ninersguy....
  155. muscle knots
  156. Bad couple of days but last week was still good too
  157. Click in my Neck is driving me crazy!!!!!!!
  158. med.questions???
  159. IDET or Nucleoplast? Insurance? HELP!
  160. t7-t8 protrusion
  161. 28-year-old female with lower back/muscle pain
  162. Minimally Invasive Decompression Surgery
  163. what are percosets used for?
  164. back pain
  165. Another post about having children...
  166. Any suggestions or remedies that helped your SI Joint pain?
  167. steroid injection for S1 area....please advise
  168. Still Seeking Answers On Back/Chest Pain
  169. bad day
  170. Well, I must reintroduce myself again........
  171. How many names can this pain have?????
  172. Keep me in your prayers
  173. Does scar tissue growth effect the hardware from a fusion?
  174. Graceful One - A Question
  175. help please
  176. Lysis of adhesions in low back
  177. question about an MRI report
  178. Getting very nervous!
  179. can we post our ******* address.....
  180. Thoracic Back Pain for 18 Months...need help pleeeease!
  181. huntersgurl
  182. moldova/mri results
  183. Do people need FUSION surgery for spinal arthritis?
  184. Appt Update
  185. Cramps in lower back
  186. never again
  187. early morning backpain
  188. 8 months out Dr update
  189. 5 Month Post-op
  190. Questions After Appointment
  191. lower back pain
  192. back pain
  193. Back issues with no emotional support
  194. MRI Result...............
  195. The Marble Is Gone!
  196. Awaiting 3rd injection on oct 4th..have some questions!
  197. numb big toe..
  198. Burning hip
  199. 1 week post microdisk/lami Input from Board please?!
  200. Lower back pain when Running
  201. Hi From Harmony5
  202. 3 Level Fusion
  203. How do you get in shape so recovery is easier for FUSION!!
  204. stomach and back pains
  205. 4 months post spinal fusion
  206. L4-L5 and L5-S1 buldge
  207. Hardware Removal...............One Sided
  208. staying positive
  209. Clover update
  210. 123pepper& ihavtwins prayers
  211. Work comp adjuster says may pay for acupuncture but treating doctor saystheywillnot!
  212. NEED Pre-Op Pointers from all you Post Oppers
  213. raymond........
  214. Hi to my back buddys!
  215. not again
  216. Back pain and numbness in legs
  217. All I want is 7 Days/Is This Too Much To Ask/Venting
  218. Sacroilitis
  219. appointment
  220. looking for a cure for shoulder muscle pain
  221. Referred to Rheumatologist
  222. Weird question about FUSION
  223. Does everyone need a discogram before deciding FUSION
  224. mri results
  225. surgery approved
  226. Just got my discogram report - scared!!!!
  227. What is a bone scan?
  228. Results after bone scan!!
  229. Middle back pain
  230. a long night
  231. L5 S1 nerve damage
  232. omg....what was that now?
  233. moldova
  234. How do you know you have spinal arthritis?
  235. big day tomorrow
  236. After 30 yrs of HELL,I am sched for SURGERY 10-29-07
  237. Back pain and Caffeine
  238. Acupuncture for neck and low back pain? will it help?
  239. Permanent nerve damage?
  240. I'm asking the board for help...please
  241. Heading off for hardware removal...
  242. epidural steroid injections--side effects
  243. How cool!
  244. I'm home...the good and the bad..
  245. How did you finally make the decision to have a FUSION??
  246. Bad News
  247. Crappy Dr's
  248. Okay....I am running away
  249. One week out from Microdiscectomy
  250. Less Then 5 Minutes!! And A Wrong Diagnosis And No Answers!!!

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