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  1. What Would You Do In Case Like Mine? Confused...
  2. Almost five months post op fusion and the ex
  3. Hospitals and reports
  4. Made it back home
  5. 15 years old and awful sciatica...
  6. anyone with SCOLIOSIS and a pus/blood filled boil/pimple??!!
  7. Anyone ever have an EMG for nerve issues
  8. A question for those of you that have rods in your back
  9. When does the suffering end?
  10. Monkey update
  11. What is the stimulator used for?
  12. Called My Surgeon Today
  13. Pain after physical therapy!
  14. Doctors Not Believing Our Symptoms?
  15. Dietdrpepper
  16. OMG, is this really my life?
  17. Hello every one I am back!
  18. Anyone out there?
  19. Stimulator Implant Nixed
  20. Doctor is confusing me
  21. Pepper
  22. Kyphosis? 14 year old x-rays...please help!
  23. Would you ever see a Chiro for back problems?
  24. Screws and bone graphs.
  25. synovial cyst and cervical stenosis
  26. Surgery again!
  27. Back Problems...?
  28. pain 2 weeks postop PLIF
  29. Can anyone read MRI films on here?
  30. Back/Been Awhile
  31. I have a question...
  32. Indentation mid. left of back
  33. buring on lower left back?
  34. L5/S1 Fusion...Anyone still burning in hips?
  35. Husband wants me to look into Lasar surgery
  36. I need spondylothesis help
  37. artificial disk
  38. Whole Body Bone Mri.... Diagnose SI joint ? Anyone ever have this?
  39. I need help, Im scared about surgery...
  40. Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial in
  41. second surgery question
  42. Hoping To Get Diagnosed At Last!!
  43. Pressure feeling lower back - post fusion
  44. Anxiety after surgery
  45. slipped disc! how long should it hurt?
  46. Anyone know anything about a torn disk and pregnancy?
  47. Discogram monday.. scared out of my mind.
  48. Best Neurosurgeon in Chicago
  49. I think I may have new injury
  50. 123dietdrpepper
  51. Not sure how much more I can take - Long sorry
  52. Sacroiliac Joint Disorder
  53. Pain after birth
  54. Gibbus
  55. I'm going out of my mind with the pain...
  56. Who is the #1 Spine Surgeon in NY & the country?
  57. Shawley.....Medtonic Rep
  58. I am fuming, hurting and feeling sorry for myself
  59. Anyone tried those machines where you hang by your feet?
  60. Feet Swelling after ALIF Fusion of L5/S1
  61. Two questions...maynot be related to back
  62. Laminectomy on 8/8/07 L4/5 and L5/s1
  63. Should I see a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon?
  64. Spondyloithesis
  65. How has your employer responded to your back problems?
  66. I think I pulled something.....
  67. Shawley possible helpful hint to back pain
  68. Just back from Dr am I crazy?
  69. Does disc gel grow back?
  70. Clover....cymbalta
  71. Sadim
  72. Between my lower back and Hip sharp pain.
  73. Where has Babs17 been?
  74. therapy starts finally...
  75. Round 1 How are You doing?
  76. Spine Dr. Giving Up On Me
  77. pepper and KKomon
  78. Finally the results of the nerve conduction test
  79. I finally gave the chiro a try
  80. putting on socks, what an adventure!!!
  81. Spinal Cord Stimulator Side Effects
  82. Please help with MRI findings
  83. Diet... need to share
  84. Recurrence of Stenosis After Laminectomies/Fusions
  85. Chronic Back Pain, need advice
  86. spinal fusion
  87. Failed back syndrome
  88. Cyst at base of spine/sciatic pain
  89. Nerve Pain
  90. Injections done, no help yet.
  91. Fine print re: steroid injections
  92. Miracles Do Happen !!!!!
  93. Neurotin -- ER VISIT
  94. Has Anyone Read: Healing Back Pain or The Mind Body Prescription by Dr. Sarno?
  95. Desparetly Seeking Advice Post PILF 6 months
  96. Another surgery needed.
  97. Nearly 9 weeks post fusion. Hard at times !
  98. After back surgery - success
  99. Keloid Scar After Spinal Fusion...
  100. Seeking Ideas on Burning Sensation; Chest/Upper Back Area
  101. Finally home...
  102. Scoliosis Question
  103. had plif monday home thursday
  104. Very Interesting Information About Back Problems
  105. UK posters advice required re disc prolapse
  106. What kind of doctor treats scoliosis?
  107. Help with MRI +++ Thanks...
  108. Need some advice
  109. Shawley
  110. 3 lead vs 2 lead stimulator
  111. Fusion is Great!
  112. Bruising the nerve?
  113. Dog Owners: Instructions on How to 'Water' Your Dog with Back Problems
  114. Dr. Visit Today Went Well
  115. Anyone have a pain pump?
  116. Just hearing bad storys about fusions and back surgerys???
  117. Frustrated!!!
  118. Saw Dr today
  119. Rheumy visit
  120. Gabapentin for sciatic pain?
  121. Non-fusion of bone after 15 years
  122. How many times and much strength for LUMBAR TRACTION?
  123. Facet Joint Injections
  124. Stiff neck, driving me nuts
  125. Shawley...
  126. question about legs cramping at night.....
  127. New to the forum
  129. Confused? Dr called about MRI, need to go to spine guy.
  130. I think my doctor is a quack
  131. What is a Physiologist??
  132. Pepper Update & Nerve Block Question
  133. Looking for more advice please
  134. anxiaty attacts after surgery
  135. Hip and Low Back Pain
  136. Donna1959
  137. Oramorph Oral Solution
  138. Round 2 - Hows the pain
  139. lower back and rt leg pain
  140. Upper Back Pain Between Shoulders Etc.
  141. Hip Pain
  142. sacrocranial therapy
  143. Positive Discogram L4/L5 & L5/S1
  144. Bake&Pray, how are you doing?...
  145. Tail Bone Pain - anyone else?
  146. No more Brace...
  147. Lower back pain!!!!!
  148. KKomon - how are you doing?
  149. lombar disc and severe knee pain ?
  150. ?s about Thoracic MRI
  151. Does anybody know?
  152. back problems at young age ..
  153. How long did you wear bone growth stim?
  154. Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure/Need Advice/Help
  155. 10 weeks post op fusion....
  156. therapy or chiropractor?
  157. Is it normal..........
  158. Just seem to be fighting all the time!
  159. Hello Cyber family I really needed to talk to you to just sad tonight
  160. 8 weeks - post fusion, sitting ability
  161. Clover.............
  162. Anyone had problems 10+ years after fusion?
  163. Why do we push ourselves??
  164. When will that "old" burning pain go away??????
  165. Stopped morphine - withdrawal questions
  166. MRI Rear End Auto Injury
  167. MRI Interpretation???
  168. Help Need Information Bad Lower N Uper Back Tear In Shoulder
  169. Wearing boots after fusion
  170. Sciatic nerve damage. Severe pain to right leg. Bulging heriated disc. Depressed HELP
  171. fusion tenderness
  172. Smoking and Fusion Surgery
  173. What type of doctor should I see?
  174. First Micro-D failed... Time for fusion?
  175. Can anybody relate or otherwise help me?
  176. Need MRI interpreted
  177. Question about MRI Results/Language
  178. 1 week post microdiscectomy
  179. Not Doing Well 7 Days After Discogram
  180. Question On Back
  181. Diet, i have a question to you...
  182. stride getting smaller
  183. Questions about prescription refill...
  184. Lower left back pain...
  185. Is this "normal" with disc problems?
  186. Now I'll see if I can remember all i have learned on this board
  187. Kaddy2 - how are you doing now - Post fusion
  188. Tired of back pain and doctor acts like I'm not in pain
  189. What does all this mean? Pain pain pain where is it comming from?
  190. post fusion - hamstrings
  191. Thorasic Back Pain
  192. Quick? Has anyone here taken morbic for sciatic pain?
  193. Has anyone heard of a transverse process fracture?
  194. Ultrasound/Video Eval of Right Piriformis or Ishial Bursitis, Sound familiar anyone?
  195. How long for reflexes to return?
  196. Personal Question But Important to Know....
  197. Ongoing problems,anyone else?
  198. Inspiration
  199. My dads back
  200. I carnt believe the way i have been treated!!!!
  201. Pity Part anyone????
  202. Does Mri Confirm Severe Pain?
  203. Epidural Injections for LBP
  204. Pepper
  205. Spinal Cord Stimulator-date set-Shawley, I need you again???
  206. I finally called member services to complain!
  207. Finally, a Diagnosis! But I'm Scared, not Excited!
  208. L4/L5/S1 two level fusion, pain, and pregnancy?
  209. Sharp pains after discectomy
  210. surgery july 30th looks like disk fragment anyone with this
  211. Transverse process fracture
  212. Thank You Clover, and friends
  213. New to board--need spondy advice
  214. Spinal Stenosis with Scolosis
  215. I really need some advice and quickly please!
  216. Help me understand xray report
  217. Back ache in morning - memory foam mattress hasn't helped :(
  218. New Type of Pain (for me anyhow !!) When does it stop
  219. A new annoying feeling/pain
  220. NICKY O -- Newbie New Thread
  221. Injection Update
  222. Question About Facet Joint Injections
  223. kk, topomax
  224. Usta, where are you?
  225. Will the leg pain ever leave
  226. Back pain (Dr. thought kidney stones) hip pain - pubic bone popped
  227. Stim
  228. Dang Back Pain Stink's
  229. Was getting better... now getting worse... what's happening?
  230. Second in series of nerve root injections tomorrow
  231. Need Help with certain terms
  232. L4 l5 fusion succses rates
  233. What are some exercises to fix posture?
  234. looking for a good back doctor in the San Mateo, CA area
  235. Fusion L4/L5, S1 - Questions on Post Op
  236. help me decide
  237. Question about back pain
  238. Round 2 are you out there
  239. Donna1959
  240. Need Help Regarding Meds. change
  241. Sorry I was away for awhile But am BACK
  242. Scs
  243. You act like your the only one with problems.................
  244. saw neurosurgeon today Im I expecting to much or to little
  245. Facet Injections After Fusion
  246. lower back pain
  247. In horrible pain-frustration setting in
  248. Laser Spine Institute
  249. I am so cross with my consultant!!!
  250. post operative microdiscectomy pain

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