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  1. lower back and rt leg pain
  2. Upper Back Pain Between Shoulders Etc.
  3. Hip Pain
  4. sacrocranial therapy
  5. Positive Discogram L4/L5 & L5/S1
  6. Bake&Pray, how are you doing?...
  7. Tail Bone Pain - anyone else?
  8. No more Brace...
  9. Lower back pain!!!!!
  10. KKomon - how are you doing?
  11. lombar disc and severe knee pain ?
  12. ?s about Thoracic MRI
  13. Does anybody know?
  14. back problems at young age ..
  15. How long did you wear bone growth stim?
  16. Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure/Need Advice/Help
  17. 10 weeks post op fusion....
  18. therapy or chiropractor?
  19. Is it normal..........
  20. Just seem to be fighting all the time!
  21. Hello Cyber family I really needed to talk to you to just sad tonight
  22. 8 weeks - post fusion, sitting ability
  23. Clover.............
  24. Anyone had problems 10+ years after fusion?
  25. Why do we push ourselves??
  26. When will that "old" burning pain go away??????
  27. Stopped morphine - withdrawal questions
  28. MRI Rear End Auto Injury
  29. MRI Interpretation???
  30. Help Need Information Bad Lower N Uper Back Tear In Shoulder
  31. Wearing boots after fusion
  32. Sciatic nerve damage. Severe pain to right leg. Bulging heriated disc. Depressed HELP
  33. fusion tenderness
  34. Smoking and Fusion Surgery
  35. What type of doctor should I see?
  36. First Micro-D failed... Time for fusion?
  37. Can anybody relate or otherwise help me?
  38. Need MRI interpreted
  39. Question about MRI Results/Language
  40. 1 week post microdiscectomy
  41. Not Doing Well 7 Days After Discogram
  42. Question On Back
  43. Diet, i have a question to you...
  44. stride getting smaller
  45. Questions about prescription refill...
  46. Lower left back pain...
  47. Is this "normal" with disc problems?
  48. Now I'll see if I can remember all i have learned on this board
  49. Kaddy2 - how are you doing now - Post fusion
  50. Tired of back pain and doctor acts like I'm not in pain
  51. What does all this mean? Pain pain pain where is it comming from?
  52. post fusion - hamstrings
  53. Thorasic Back Pain
  54. Quick? Has anyone here taken morbic for sciatic pain?
  55. Has anyone heard of a transverse process fracture?
  56. Ultrasound/Video Eval of Right Piriformis or Ishial Bursitis, Sound familiar anyone?
  57. How long for reflexes to return?
  58. Personal Question But Important to Know....
  59. Ongoing problems,anyone else?
  60. Inspiration
  61. My dads back
  62. I carnt believe the way i have been treated!!!!
  63. Pity Part anyone????
  64. Does Mri Confirm Severe Pain?
  65. Epidural Injections for LBP
  66. Pepper
  67. Spinal Cord Stimulator-date set-Shawley, I need you again???
  68. I finally called member services to complain!
  69. Finally, a Diagnosis! But I'm Scared, not Excited!
  70. L4/L5/S1 two level fusion, pain, and pregnancy?
  71. Sharp pains after discectomy
  72. surgery july 30th looks like disk fragment anyone with this
  73. Transverse process fracture
  74. Thank You Clover, and friends
  75. New to board--need spondy advice
  76. Spinal Stenosis with Scolosis
  77. I really need some advice and quickly please!
  78. Help me understand xray report
  79. Back ache in morning - memory foam mattress hasn't helped :(
  80. New Type of Pain (for me anyhow !!) When does it stop
  81. A new annoying feeling/pain
  82. NICKY O -- Newbie New Thread
  83. Injection Update
  84. Question About Facet Joint Injections
  85. kk, topomax
  86. Usta, where are you?
  87. Will the leg pain ever leave
  88. Back pain (Dr. thought kidney stones) hip pain - pubic bone popped
  89. Stim
  90. Dang Back Pain Stink's
  91. Was getting better... now getting worse... what's happening?
  92. Second in series of nerve root injections tomorrow
  93. Need Help with certain terms
  94. L4 l5 fusion succses rates
  95. What are some exercises to fix posture?
  96. looking for a good back doctor in the San Mateo, CA area
  97. Fusion L4/L5, S1 - Questions on Post Op
  98. help me decide
  99. Question about back pain
  100. Round 2 are you out there
  101. Donna1959
  102. Need Help Regarding Meds. change
  103. Sorry I was away for awhile But am BACK
  104. Scs
  105. You act like your the only one with problems.................
  106. saw neurosurgeon today Im I expecting to much or to little
  107. Facet Injections After Fusion
  108. lower back pain
  109. In horrible pain-frustration setting in
  110. Laser Spine Institute
  111. I am so cross with my consultant!!!
  112. post operative microdiscectomy pain
  113. Preparing for back surgery next Tuesday, the 17th
  114. Preparing for back surgery next Tuesday, the 17th
  115. How's everyone doing today ?
  116. Is it just a muscle
  117. Post Fusion 6 weeks - PT question for fusions.
  118. No Harm - No Foul
  119. Justoneofus, HI!!!!
  120. 6th Lumbar Vertebrae
  121. SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE: understanding my MRI Report
  122. Test for Piriformis Muscle? Or what Test?
  123. Round1
  124. Ibake&pray " Jill "
  125. Please help in MRI findings
  126. So far my prescriptions do nothing....skelaxin + tramadol
  127. MRI Arthrogram-Anyone ever have this test?
  128. Anyone taking Lyrica
  129. KTbear
  130. Frustrated About This Stimulator
  131. questions about 7 months post op....
  132. 3 Month Postop Concern
  133. Does your spine hurt to the touch?
  134. Cost of hemi-laminectomy?
  135. Consultant was such a let down!!
  136. The PA for my surgeon called this am
  137. Post fusion follow up with doc!!!!!!
  138. Jumping/twitching when lying down.
  139. low back pain/pain in both legs
  140. Elavil Anyone?
  141. Shawley -SCS question
  142. Complete bed rest for ruptured disc?
  143. Lots of questions and no answers about the pain
  144. One week since first nerve root injection
  145. Clover
  146. Consultant tomorrow!!
  147. Myofascial release massage for pain
  148. SI joint dysfunction
  149. How long does it take to feel relief from neurontin(gabapentin)?
  150. Old problems coming back due to work
  151. Pain Specialist Appt today
  152. L4-L5/S1 lower lumbar fusion
  153. Crazyness in my back today....WTH is going on?
  154. Back from Vacation/Going for Facet Injections Tomorrow
  155. Is physical therapy helpful for degernerating discs in the long term?
  156. Treadmills............
  157. Why me? I just dont get it! all over because of my back injury
  158. L 4 5 fusion done 6/13-old post to Fuse or not to Fuse
  159. Shawley...
  160. Shoulder blade itch
  161. i cant take it anymore!
  162. Appointments...
  163. Side pains..
  164. New Member with chronic back pain
  165. Still confused and in pain
  166. return to work following laminectomy
  167. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  168. Cymbalta
  169. Made it for that coffee today !!!!!!!!! and of course your advice please
  170. neck pain after L5 fusion
  171. Pelvic pain with abdominal and back pain -- could this all be back related?
  172. Lyrica and EMG test
  173. Spinal Pain
  174. HELP PLEASE! 3 weeks post op L5 S1 Fusion
  175. back from the doctors (not so good)
  176. Need someone to complain to
  177. Anyone know this,tear in the hip?How does SI joint affect the hip?
  178. Yvette
  179. Well, that was really stupid!
  180. What's the surgery like to have ruptured disk repaired?
  181. Can ruptured disk affecting S1 nerve cause dizziness?
  182. X-Ray Report 3 month Post Op Fusion
  183. Does anyone have experience with Indian Health Services?
  184. Some symptoms returning after L5-S1 Microdiscectomey
  185. Pain meds..
  186. please help what does this annular bulging mean?
  187. Acupuncture
  188. More Back Pains after eating!
  189. Please explain MRI report and advise
  190. In pain and frustrated!
  191. back and leg pain no diagnosis
  192. Hello! 5 months post op doing great!
  193. NightMares About Back Pain
  194. Is there any surgical procedures for siatic nerve pain?
  195. Is there a difference between a Nerve Block an a Epidural?
  196. Sleeping on my stomach..the good ole days.
  198. w/c doc referred me to chiro
  199. Cyst on spine
  200. Does the pain ever end???
  201. Same pain back again prior to surgery help!
  202. 15 days Post Op - Scar Tissue Query
  203. Anyone Laser Spine surgery after
  204. Finally a slightly pain free day!
  205. Yvette are you still using the miacalcin?
  206. It's Working---
  207. Question on foot/leg buzzing
  208. DUHHHHH to me!
  209. lumbar CT - what does it all mean?
  210. Sudden lower back pain
  211. Hello and I've about had it!
  212. Kk Mom
  213. Dr appointment update
  214. 12 Weeks Post Op Finally some good news!
  215. Chronic pain and doctor cut me off
  216. My Jennifers fusions
  217. My foot is buzzing ???
  218. Tusconlady......hello stranger
  219. 8 Month post op visit today
  220. 15 years post fusion (2) & now new problems
  221. Pain in pelvis?
  222. What is going on?
  223. Brian514
  224. hi all
  225. Shot for sciatic pain?
  226. Please could someone advise - I'm in a bit of a state
  227. "just deal with the pain"
  228. ct myelogram normal now what?
  229. Think my Injection Is Wearing off
  230. saw my neuro today...
  231. Finally a real diagnosis!!!
  232. Consultants visit today 4 weeks Post Fusion
  233. Achy annoying back pain
  234. Injections at 11:15 am
  235. SI Tear while golfing
  236. After 3 surgeries, what should I do next?
  237. New Flare up-Ouch
  238. Anyone had or heard of surgery for Bulging Disk?
  239. Pepper
  240. Update - 6 months post op fusion and low and behold I'm in a wreck!!!
  241. More tests....PM Dr. Visit...yikes
  242. I made it through surgery!
  243. stairs
  244. update...my oh my
  245. Metal detectors and fusion hardware
  246. MRI After Fusion
  247. CT Myelogram
  248. info i got from all of you about discographys helped it was painful and scarey BUT...
  249. I want to go home
  250. Nerv pain after fusion

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