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  1. Left shoulder blade pain
  2. Back pain
  3. MRI results opinions welcome
  4. Anyone 1 month post fusion?
  5. Xlif surgery
  6. Burning pain in lower back after discectomy?
  7. Post fusion exercise
  8. Chronic back spasms after compression fractures
  9. MRI Results
  10. Sciatic pain 3-4 weeks after Microdiscectomy
  11. Help me undrstand MRI results!!!
  12. lumber spine and cervical spine mri results can some explain
  13. Lumbar Fusion Pain
  14. Buttocks/Gluteus pain when sitting...
  15. Please help interpret MRI? How bad is it?
  16. Frustrated! Need pain relief from annular tear/ herniation w/compression !
  17. Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome?
  18. back info
  19. Sciatica?
  20. Having fusion extended
  21. long term back issues
  22. Back pain with numbness on outer side of knee
  23. Post fusion pain opposite side
  24. thyroid problems
  25. found out I had osteoporosis after spinal fusion
  26. 3 weeks post L3-L4 fusion
  27. Can someone tell me what mri mean?
  28. New Symptoms and Unsure What to Do
  29. MRI help please?
  30. Tingling numbness in back 10 yrs after back injury
  31. Please can someone help me with my MRI results
  32. Synovial Cysts and walking
  33. Artificial Disc
  34. My Back Story - Positive Outcome - A Different Approach
  35. Broken Laminectomy?
  36. Age 23 and no idea what to do
  37. Best shoes for back problems? Anyone try the
  38. spinal stenosis and cancer
  39. Anyone have one leg that is shorter than the other?
  40. If money was no object...
  41. Spinal cord stimulator advice asap
  42. Mri
  43. Can a Nerve Root Block Eliminate Musculo-Skeletal Pain?
  44. Displacement of Lumbar Discopathy and Cervical Discopathy
  45. Ready to move on
  46. protrusion of L5/S1 disc
  47. Snogg Patch
  48. Alcohol Before Surgery
  49. L5-s1 fusion
  50. Pain after SIJoint RFA
  51. Anyone have back surgery or shots for muscle spasms?
  52. Trust a chiropractor or an orthopedic?
  53. Lower right sided back and groin spasms
  54. back surgery
  55. XLIF Surgery
  56. t5-t5 problem detected through MRI
  57. Muscle spasms - post L5-S1 fusion
  58. herniated disc, spondy, stenosis
  59. Mri results, what is going on?
  60. Lower Back
  61. L5 S1 nerve root block vs discectomy surgery (MRI inside)
  62. facet joint and breastfeeding
  63. What to do
  64. low back pain: diagnostics, treatments etc..
  65. Could someone help me understand my MRI
  66. Myelogram results... Help me understand...
  67. Neuromax
  68. Back Surgery was a Success
  69. Best injection for l5/s1 problem in the UK?
  70. I fell, mom fell!
  71. Lower leg pain and in ankle
  72. can someone explain my recent mri report
  73. Spinal Cord Stimulator Questions
  74. Herniated disc advice
  75. Pain Sensations from Herniated Disc
  76. Upper right back pain
  77. Someone please help!!!!
  78. This is no fun! :(
  79. cervical and lumbar Spondylosis
  80. Lower back pain?
  81. Chronic Back Pain and Exercise
  82. side bent coccyx
  83. worried about hubby
  84. 360Fusion-inury related/nerve damaged
  85. Can't lie down without pain after cervical surgery
  86. spinal fusion
  87. Lower back pain, Bottom Rib Cage pain
  88. I want my life back.
  89. good as gold now
  90. Morning Back Pain – Should I Spend Money?
  91. Turning over in bed results in bad injury on left side
  92. MRI-results question
  93. Back ? Leg ?
  94. Help on Bulging Disc healing?
  95. Help on bulging disc?
  96. anyone had arm weakness after cervical surgery?
  97. Thoracic Spinal Fusion after 25 foot fall
  98. Sciatic Pain One Week After Decompression Surgery Help Please!
  99. When to seek a second opinion... HELP PLEASE!!!
  100. serious back pain... help?! advice?
  101. Raytec sponge and surgical drain left in back
  102. MRI results... could this be the reason for the pain
  103. Severe lower back pain when standing up...
  104. Back pain, leg pain & dizziness
  105. Ruptured disc
  106. Fall on Back
  107. Can anyone translate MRI
  108. should I be telling the doctor about this???
  109. 360 Lumbar Fusion in 2 weeks
  110. 4 weeks post op ALIF-new pain/burning/tingling
  111. 2 months back pain just as bad
  112. Microdiscectomy l4/5 s1 3 months post op
  113. Chronic back pain... common?
  114. back problems getting worse not better
  115. lump on my back - what is it?
  116. SI Joint?
  117. What is with this back pain!
  118. My L5/S1 Story So far
  119. Laminectomy without fusion
  120. compression fracture of T9 19 years ago
  121. Annular Fissues L3-L4, L4-L5 need help intrepreting
  122. MRI of lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint
  123. Horrible back pain!
  124. Pain in the back
  125. Pain in upper left back radiating to front
  126. Do pinched nerves cause gas and extra urination?
  127. pain
  128. Are back spasms due to disc herniation
  129. lump in lower right back
  130. Possibly re ruptured a disc?
  131. Sciatica treatment! Please Help :)
  132. Nerve Damage affecting Bladder Function
  133. Trying to get answers
  134. help me interpret MRI results please!
  135. degenerative disc disease
  136. Sharp pain between shoulder blades
  137. Referred pain in back made worse by computer use
  138. Can someone translate this to laymans terms please?
  139. twisted thoracic
  140. What do you do when your Doctor...
  141. Feeling defeated
  142. Age 43, Never Been Hurt & Now Bulging C3, C4, C5 Then Severe Hip Pain
  143. Lumbar spine fusion - Laser Spine
  144. Multiple Cervical fusions
  145. SEARING Hip Pain... Help
  146. Dull Achey Upper Bain Pain-- Help please!!
  147. painful tailbone
  148. Upper back ache when walking
  149. My lower back hurts when sleeping next to my girlfriend
  150. 12 yrs, DOES anyone have same issues?
  151. Lower back at it again
  152. intense mystery pain
  153. Twisted With Repeated Severe Lower Back Pain
  154. alif surgery
  155. Epidural sand RLS
  156. i'm new to this but need some help
  157. 39 yr old getting compression fractures while just watching tv!
  158. Help Interpreting MRI
  159. Questions about Iliac Crest Graft
  160. Loaded Question: The best sleep system? Suggestions?
  161. What is wrong with me???? HELP
  162. Back clicks
  163. Back pain and arm falling asleep
  164. My new ct results- what does it mean??
  165. Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis
  166. spinal fusion with hip pain
  167. Seven weeks post ALIF L3/4/5!!!
  168. MRI Misdiagnosis issue - I'm confident they are wrong!
  169. help... took bad fall to hip 6 wks post op L4/L5 fusion
  170. Discectomy Questions
  171. New to the Board - have just rec'd ct scan report
  172. Back Pain
  173. help please
  174. Help please!
  175. Upper back pain?
  176. Spinal Cord Stimulator or Spinal Fusion Surgery?
  177. Has anyone heard of or use the Egoscue or Gokhale Methods for back pain?
  178. What low back pain management tool/technique have you found most effective?
  179. When surgery hurts instead of helps - anyone else far worse after surgery?
  180. Orthropedics
  181. Life after kyphoplasty
  182. Frustrated and seeking advice!!
  183. back pain from sleeping on stomach
  184. compression fracture L4
  185. Stuck Sacrum
  186. Has anyone had traction before?
  187. Post Operative Recovery Time
  188. Teen with Spondylolisthesis
  189. middle and upper back pain
  190. Could back be causing my symptoms
  191. Sharp Pain on Spine!! Help!
  192. Back is murdering me, I cannot understand MRI can anyone help?
  193. What do I do now?
  194. Sacrum fracture
  195. Pain in tailbone rectum area?
  196. kyphoplasty
  197. i have a sciatic nerve question
  198. MRI question
  199. First surgery - L4/5-L5/S1 fusion. HELP!!
  200. severe degenerative joint desease
  201. How to get Financial help for surgery?
  202. 2nd Fusion - This time PLF L5-S1...questions
  203. T9 & T10 Disk Herniation
  204. Trouble sleeping after spinal fusion 11 weeks ago
  205. one week with scs implant
  206. How to tell if I have a damaged nerve
  207. To Fuse or not to Fuse???
  208. 360 Anterior Posterior L4 L5 S1 Fusion Surgery 01/22/14 QUESTIONS
  209. Lumbar disc pain
  210. Help! No idea what to do!
  211. New pain 11 months post two level lumbar fusion
  212. Neck pain plus face tingling
  213. retrolisthesis and such
  214. Severe pain in the lower back. I don't know what's wrong with me.
  215. new member looking for info on Lumbar DDD
  216. lee
  217. Treatment for failed ACDF?
  218. Corpectomy after spinal fusion
  219. Lower back pain that has become unbearable.
  220. Post spinal fusion severe hip pain
  221. Anterior Cervical fusion vs foraminotomy?
  222. Post op concerns
  223. Has Anyone Ever Succeeded W/O Surgery?
  224. 9 months out of a microdisectomy and want to lift weights, golf and bowl
  225. Two-level MI TLIF Recovery
  227. Post-Surgery Exercises
  228. second lumbar fusion
  229. Back pain
  230. Artificial Disc Replacement
  231. Would love help interpreting MRI :)
  232. extreme chronic muscle spasms
  233. Never give up life's to short
  234. fuse all lumbar together
  235. Back spasms pre/post lumbar fusion
  236. Looking for pain relief and answers
  237. Help understanding MRI results please !
  238. Severe back/neck pain 8 months after accident
  239. Si joint dysfunction
  240. new to board - need help understanding new pain in back
  241. Question
  242. Back rib pain
  243. taking wellbutrin, trazodone, morphine sulfate er
  244. NEED help understanding my bone scan results
  245. Help! 1 yr post Lumbar Laminotomy and can't walk
  246. Long-term prognosis for nerve pain in legs post-ALIF?
  247. 7 months after spinal fusion on L4 & L5..still in horrible pain.
  248. Feeling sad
  249. Severe back pain
  250. NEED HELP understanding my Lumbar MRI results

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