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  1. 2 years after l4/l5 spinal fusion
  2. Need advice please! See doc tomorrow
  3. Need advice please! See doc tomorrow
  4. Need advice please! See neuro doc in am:)
  5. I am so frustrated plz help!!
  6. Back pain
  7. 9 years - no change - leg neuropathy returned after detoxing off Fentynal patch
  8. Chronic lumbar sacral pain
  9. spinal compression fracture
  10. collapsed L5 disc
  11. I have a few questions.
  12. Diagnostic Facet Joint Injections question
  13. MRI help!!! What does it mean?
  14. 360 degree lumbar fusion recovery
  15. SI Joint Pain and L5-S1 Bulge- questions
  16. 2 years post surgery, serious NUMBNESS
  17. Pain down right leg after L5/S1 fusion
  18. Back Problem
  19. Scoliosis dramas
  20. Leaking disks
  21. Approaching Cervical ALIF Surgery
  22. Surgery or give Decompression a chance?
  23. not sure what all of this means
  24. Repeat MRI results
  25. DLIF surgery
  26. Endoscopic or back surgery?
  27. Gabapentine
  28. pain in vagina, butt, twiching nerve pain
  29. Can Lumbar spine problem cause these symptoms in hip area
  30. Low back pain- at my wits end
  31. waytomuchpain
  32. Thoracic Back Pain
  33. Result of MRI , what does it mean ?
  34. Need help with CT Scan Results please
  35. L1Fx enplate now stable
  36. Spinal Infusion Pump
  37. Back Problems. 8mm extursion on spinal disc. any other options besides surgery?
  38. Normal Mri... could they have missed something??
  39. Pain in right buttock
  40. Is back pain hopeless?
  41. Confused about MRI L4-L5 ilica Crest
  42. Pressure feeling and change in symptoms after ESI
  43. Posture Problems
  44. understanding what a MRI results mean.
  45. understanding what a MRI results mean.
  46. Woman with Dengerative Disk Disease
  47. epidural fibrosis after back microdisectomy
  48. When a doc asks if I'm "numb"... ? (Semantics)
  49. Sacralisation L5
  50. IS this back fat on my MRI or what?
  51. MRI - Need help (teterri and others!!)
  52. Boss, coworkers think I am exagerating
  53. 1 yr post op L Fusion and sudden nighttime leg pain?
  54. New here and possibly looking to fusion surgery
  55. Radiculopathy
  56. Chronic back pain from L1 compression fracture
  57. Seeking Spine Advice
  58. I am having epidural injections.. What should I expect?
  59. bad neck and back problems
  60. L1 compression Fx endplate
  61. 18 yr old with back pain
  62. A new spines
  63. Confused over MRI Results - Help?
  64. Back stiffness and spasm after sitting
  65. Do I need A Second Opinion?
  66. Teacher with Sciatic pain, hip bursitis
  67. Please help with appointments
  68. Help decipher test results (Please)
  69. Back to teaching 3rd graders in 1 month... am I ready?
  70. Lower left back pain
  71. anterior sub luxation of L5 OVER S1
  72. Severe lower back pain
  73. How to deal with sciatica
  74. SCS trial
  75. Spine Lumbar MRI explanation
  76. Cervical Spine Damage
  77. Last Checkup after Fusion
  78. Help! Nerve Pain in leg
  79. painfully confused
  80. Fusion
  81. MRI Lumbar spine
  82. What to do about the nurse that lies?
  83. Scaring
  84. Herniated disc at L2 after fusion of L4,L5,S1
  85. Herniated disc at L2 after fusion of L4,L5,S1
  86. Seeking back brace that won't let me bend
  87. edema around screw getting larger
  88. Surgery planned
  89. hiv risk?
  90. Drop Foot DUE to Herniated Disc
  91. Can anyone tell me what muscle is below the 12th rib?
  92. increasing pain...
  93. ALIF in Aug 2013
  94. Help with my back pain :(
  95. Horrible Glute/Hip Pain!
  96. Neck injections needing advice
  97. Back/Spinal Issues
  98. Next step
  99. Help me with the MRI results
  100. Activity after surgery
  101. New MRI, do I need surgery ASAP?
  102. Sports after multiple back surgeries
  103. back pain
  104. Back pain
  105. Dlif
  106. I feel like I'm on so much medication...
  107. Motor Vehicular Accident - Thoracic spine T4-T17
  108. Multiple herniated discs
  109. Lower back problems..
  110. Fusion - Loose Disc Fragments
  111. right shoulder blade pain
  112. Worse than ever... !?
  113. post op numbness and pain
  114. Back Pain/Posture causing Cough?
  115. Pain in other leg post microdiscectomy
  116. Medial Branch Block Pain
  117. Help understanding MRI/waiting on appt
  118. Had a lumbar microdiscectomy yesterday
  119. can't stop crying since off meds.
  120. thoracic pain & trouble breathing
  121. Scar tissue after back surgery
  122. L1endplate compression Fx
  123. Nucleoplasty in next week + MRI give your opinions PLEASE!
  124. Cervical herniated & bulging discs
  125. Lumbro Sacral Transition Vertebrae @ L5/S1
  126. MRI Report Help
  127. Acdf
  128. post op recovery from acdf - how long should it take?
  129. Advice needed please - chronic back/neck pain
  130. l5/s1 desectomy surgery poat op
  131. Please help to understand MRI on L4-5-S1
  132. A week and a half post op for TILF
  133. Half way through my SCS trial
  134. Denied surgery again!
  135. L 4-5 discectomy, 7 weeks post op
  136. Vitamins after surgery?
  137. 3 level fusion - will I ever be able to take care of my kids alone ??
  138. My spine is shot!!
  139. x-ray - little or no disc remaining
  140. Microdisc at L4/5 and can't feel the floor
  141. minor buldging disc in neck
  142. L4/L5 Herniated Disc
  143. i really hate my back
  144. Can a large ruptured disc heal itself?
  145. Questions and advice about some problems going on
  146. New herniation of disc above where I was fused!?
  147. too much
  148. Pro Disc-C Disc Replacement?
  149. back problems
  150. Thoracic disc disease
  151. Finally had an MRI, here are results
  152. Need MRI report translated- brand new here
  153. L1 endplate Fx 2wks old
  154. Neurosurgeon or Orthopedic Surgeon for lumbar stenosis?
  155. MRI Report - Please help me translate
  156. frustrated and angry that my pain has not ended
  157. Single Facet joint removal and fusion
  158. Could this be causing my pain?
  159. SEVERE back and stomach pain, thought I was dying
  160. Back surgery & sexual problems
  161. Compression Fractures - Need advice
  162. Numbness
  163. Chiropractor????
  164. Traumatic spinal issues!
  165. Options after MRI
  166. Date with the surgeon
  167. Tormented by this decision
  168. back info about disc
  169. 11 months post op still pain when coughing?
  170. How do you do it?
  171. Is it ok to have back surgery immediately after getting epidural?
  172. Neck pain questions about sleeping and treatment
  173. reading MRI and suggested therapy
  174. Can I get some Los Angeles love? Trying to finalize my surgeon!
  175. Extreme Fear/Anxiety about the Future...
  176. Neck and lower back
  177. Struggling mentally and physically with the recovery
  178. Spine MRI results?
  179. MRI result of Osteophyte complex
  180. help interpret an mri
  181. Less than 48 hours
  182. Looking for answers to a few questions
  183. Nearly 12 months later and still in pain
  184. Newbie seeking some reassurance
  185. lower left back pain
  186. Thoracic extrusion, could this be causing my horrible back pain?
  187. HELP - Percocet Sudden Onset Withdrawals??
  188. T8 compression fracture
  189. L5/S1 - Leg muscle atrophy?
  190. 2 month post 360 L5/S1 discectomy and fusion
  191. Has anyone taken prednisone for a herniated disc?
  192. Need advice on L5-S1 surgery
  193. Level L5-4, 2 yrs later, L3 to 4 and L5 to S1
  194. spondylolisthesis MRI Results!
  195. how long should I wait?
  196. Help Please - Spondylolisthesis and NCAA Athletic Participation
  197. Bulging Discs with nerve damage- help!
  198. C4-c5
  199. Should I have an ESI if I'm only in pain from time to time?
  200. New and need advice from people that know
  201. Severe SI Joint Pain
  202. Doctor
  203. ESI and RAGE
  204. Surgery question
  205. gallstones?
  206. it's been a while
  207. lower back swelling
  208. Lumbar fusion
  209. the process of getting a spinal cord stimulator
  210. Don't know what to do...
  211. Pre-surgery advice.
  212. Living with spondy - waiting for surgery
  213. Microdiscectomy HELP
  214. Spinal Cord Stimulation
  215. Can an injury cause Lumbosacral Spondylosis
  216. Epidural
  217. Cure for this condition
  218. IMDUR caused extreme swelling in legs feet ankles
  219. excrutiating back pain... statin drugs!!!!!!
  220. Laminectomy-good decision
  221. 3 Years Post Spinal Fusion Pain when laying down
  222. herniated disk
  223. Positive spinal fusion results
  224. Update after pain management
  225. Post Surgical Lump
  226. neck fusion c5 c6
  227. Lumbar and Sacral MRI scan, very worried!!
  228. Herniated disk?
  229. Pretty young and pretty scared.
  230. Quick question
  231. Lumbar Surgery
  232. Is it possible I could have messed up my back
  233. Sorry another microdiscetomy
  234. Lump in lower back
  235. Lower back/pelvis pain
  236. MRI Interpretation Help
  237. Looking for non-narcotic pain relief
  238. Unbearable back pain, no leg pain. Doc says microdisc won't work on me. Why?
  239. Still in pain
  240. We need help! And some answers!
  241. Looking for L5/S1 Disk Replacement Feedback
  242. 5th Spinal operation May 29, 2013!!
  243. T2 hyperintense anterior midline annular tear
  244. Nerve Damage?
  245. The STRESS of todays 2nd Opinion - UGH!!!
  246. Frustration has set in.
  247. Microdisectomy
  248. Talking to the neurosurgeon about SCS
  249. Lower Back Pain. What else to try??
  250. Upper back pain when breathing in, turning neck?

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