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  1. Anyone have surgery for removal of scar tissue from the lumbar area?
  2. 12 week fusion update
  3. Please Help-doctor Is Trying To Change My Meds!!
  4. Home From Dr. Appointment
  5. So upset ...
  6. Help reading MRI results
  7. moldova
  8. a new day
  9. With hardware you can't have nerve block injections
  10. confused about my IDET..please help
  11. Update-My bf's surgery was today
  12. What's Best Medication for Back Pain
  13. Nerve Root Block - L4
  14. Dr.s appt update
  15. :) Finally i'm home. had 2 level spinal fusion :)
  16. RFA Tomorrow/Nervous
  17. dietdpepper
  18. Help I'm facing spinal fusion surgery soon
  19. A long day
  20. bad day
  21. Sandim
  22. Any news from Tuscon Lady??
  23. Has anyone had carpel tunnel with back problems
  24. thank you
  25. Lyrica side effects
  26. Recovery Period After Fusion Surgery
  27. Out of alignment after you get out of bed in AM?
  28. clover update
  29. 11 weeks post ALIF - Abdominal problems
  30. Decided Against A Fusion At 3 Levels !!
  31. Is there a difference between disc bulge and disc protrusion?
  32. Need help!!! lower back pain with constant heel pain both feet!!
  33. 12 week fusion - consultant visit.
  34. bad pain
  35. Pre Surgery Tips?
  36. very soar
  37. what should i expect??
  38. Update on latest PM visit
  39. back pain
  40. Never be the same after a double lamenectomy and staff infection
  41. Need Advice!
  42. Anyone use Dr. Mango - Long Island, NY surgeon
  43. Conflicting Diagnoses -- How To Decide????
  44. Can Someone Read My MRI?
  45. Advanced muscle conditioning...AMR
  46. Back surgery and child with special needs... ANYONE???
  47. Has anyone had an EMG?
  48. Fusion L5S1,broken screw
  49. What does this mean?
  50. Appt. With New Neurosurgeon...
  51. morning low back pain
  52. Laser Spine Institute
  53. I'm confused what is the difference between facet rhizotomy & radio frequency abbla
  54. question about climbing stairs
  55. Radiofrequency...
  56. Back problems....any advice appriciated
  57. morphine pump issue
  58. post lumbar fusion week 11
  59. post op guestion
  60. Can anyone give me feedback on MRI?
  61. BlueAtlas.....hardware removal
  62. Me Again Possible Spinal Leak
  63. help with MRI results
  64. Try this with regard to your medical care
  65. Made a mistake...
  66. Guys what did I do?
  67. IBake&Pray
  68. what kind of pain is this?
  69. For the Guys
  70. To Everyone.ask Your Dr To Use Bmp When Doing Fusions
  71. Scared..
  72. Father in immense pain, need some info please
  73. Coccyx aka Tail bone extreme pain
  74. pain in lower part of the head...
  75. having spinal fusion 8/31/07
  76. Sciatica and Dermotones
  77. Im worse after the chiropractor
  78. Depressed....still hurting
  79. Pepper Update
  80. Neck is killing me lately. Anything I can do besides go to chiropractor?
  81. Spinal Fluid Leak
  82. Best OTC cream for muscle spasms & tightness? Opinions?
  83. Help very sad monkey here
  84. Still no answers..
  85. Calling A New Dr. now
  86. Still trying to find out how to use colors, fonts, etc./
  87. car accident - chronic neck and back pain
  88. lower right back pain! HELP PLEASE
  89. Any1 have luck with Epidural injections?
  90. Pepper, Was it You That Took Lyrica?
  91. Saw My Rheumatologist Today
  92. Advice for spinal decompression with two disks to be removed..
  93. Today i saw PM Doctor at HSS, NYC
  94. Getting more frusturated here:
  95. L4-5 problem steroids question
  96. I have a question about RFA Procedures
  97. I'm So Mad !
  98. L1 Burst Fracture - T12/ L2 Fusion
  99. How Back Conditions & Pain Have Affected Your Life...
  100. kk
  101. MRI results?
  102. Why Do Doc's Give Up ?
  103. Injured myself while asleep!
  104. Using font, color, etc.
  105. Had back surgery June 27/Spondylolisthesis and 2 fushions
  106. Hi.. Have date for spinal chord stim trial..what can i expect??
  107. Stiffness & Achiness Along Sides of Spine
  108. Fusion At 3 Levels
  109. l-5,s-1 question post disectomy
  110. Hard time walking due to foot issues
  111. Back Pain
  112. Foot Pain
  113. Thanks
  114. Post Surgical Question
  115. 4 days post laminectomy and so much pain!
  116. Good News guys!!!!
  117. neck pain and numb arm in the am
  118. Round 2 Denise ?
  119. Which comes 1st, SI Joint Disorder or L5 S1 issue?
  120. please help interpret MRI!
  121. What are symptoms of L4-L5 nerve impingement?
  122. Pre op pain returned suddenly...
  123. Discogram/discography question
  124. Plif July 23rd L4-5 L5-s1
  125. L2-S1 Bulging with possible leaking from L4-L5 disk
  126. Weird lower back problem
  127. Didnt listen, over did it .
  128. Surgery Scheduled... Microdiscectomy...
  129. Surgery with cold
  130. L5/S1 Fusion for Spondylothesis. Help! I am so scared!
  131. choosing the right back brace
  132. Hi, it's me again back with a response to all your caring feedback
  133. Monkey Again need some advice!
  134. 4 mths post-op, fusion L5-S1, still in pain - HELP!
  135. What Exercises?
  136. If you are close to or past 60 and considering disk replacement, please read!
  137. They can't figure it out!! Going to Mayo Clinic again next week!
  138. Sage....
  139. 8 weeks post op from ALIF...still in pain
  140. Question about xray
  141. Not Good News !!!
  142. Questions on Hip/Piriformus/SI Joint Injections --- Bondgrll maybe you can help!
  143. ok guys really need your help
  144. Tarlov cysts?
  145. Had a microdiscectomy Aug 6.....need some positive reinforcement
  146. Back update
  147. Hi, I'm a newbie here!
  148. Needing help!
  149. Furstrated with Pain Doc.
  150. 2 weeks from today... I pray it works
  151. Ughhhhh...this weather
  152. could someone explain my mri of the cervical spine
  153. Discogram is finished
  154. Hi there fellow pain sufferers
  155. Broken Back
  156. Please help
  157. These boards are my saving grace
  158. Went to the Ortho Dr....
  159. MRI Question
  160. Now on to the Chiropractor
  161. scared of what happens next
  162. Home from Hospital
  163. Dynesys System
  164. moldova how are you doing?
  165. Back surgery and RSD
  166. Losing Hope, need advice
  167. scared of a fusion @ 26yrs old
  168. Bad leg pain
  169. Myelogram & Discogram?????
  170. A Lumbar Discourse
  171. Doc said its piformis
  172. to the gang...
  173. 6 month post plif, what now???
  174. need advice on meds
  175. Need Help In Indiana!!!!
  176. Surgery (again), still hurt! what now! hmmmm...
  177. help please
  178. dropfoot due to L4 rupture, surgery 5-23-07, questions
  179. Anyone here get the hotspots or sensation of heat in legs/feet
  180. I am in so much pain and upset with my surgeon...
  181. 2nd Opinion today on Failed Back Syndrome
  182. Back Pain and Low Grade Fevers
  183. How do I choose a surgeon?
  184. Out of money, no insurance, should I visit an ER?
  185. Hardware removal surgery
  186. Artificial Disc Replacement seems to be a disappointment here in America
  187. EMG - Does it provide good results?
  188. Is this my limit.
  189. Fused at 13 months!
  190. pregnancy and back problems
  191. Electric shock sensations-is it a normal part of the nerve healing?
  192. Mri-new One-comments Please?
  193. Need fusion surgery advice
  194. Leg/Foot tingle, pain dissipating?
  195. Donating blood after spinal fusion?
  196. Shawley.....thinking of you
  197. Thoracic Disc Disease - anyone help?
  198. Back pain and encephilitis
  199. More surgery in 3 weeks
  200. Help with EMG report!!!!!!!!!!
  201. Disc Replacement
  202. Help with Neurontin
  203. I'll tell you what's a pain in the back! Frustrated...
  204. Arms hurting and numb
  205. BackPain / Free Treatment
  206. Got my MRI back, I don't know what any of it means :(
  207. Pain Mgmt. Dr. appt. today....results
  208. Someone Please Help!!
  209. Becaue of my chronic pain I don't fit in with people my age, do you?
  210. Spinal Arthritis Symptoms, Before and After Treatment?
  211. Chronic Back Pain
  212. Birthday Present: Microdiscectomy
  213. My Thoracic Back Pain Experience and Potential Guide
  214. Sudden Back Spasms ..Here We Go Again
  215. Stim... some info for Shawley and Diet
  216. IM 25 and have lumbar sponoloyis and degenertive disc deisease
  217. Preparing for Laminectomy surgery
  218. finding it very hard to cope!!
  219. Wish me luck...here we go again
  220. I have severe scoliosis and stenosis and my doctor says I have to live with it.
  221. Surgery in 2 days and PM Dr. is on Vacation
  222. Can a slipped disc pushing on the nerve cause permanent damage?
  223. What does calcification of a disc mean?
  224. Calling for BlueAtlas , Is there a BlueAtlas present
  225. Pain in buttocks
  226. Med-X lumbar machine
  227. Nothing is working anymore/Meds/Ice/Heat
  228. Sandim
  229. Pressure feeling building up and up
  230. stenosis information
  231. Pinching ??
  232. Follow On Back Surgery
  233. Laminectomy
  234. TOS surgery resulting in chronic pain?
  235. Charite Artificial disc mistake
  236. JohnM61---spondy question for you and others
  237. SpinalCord Stim Add a Lead Anyone ?
  238. Lumbar Spine Microscopic Surgery
  239. Pain 10 weeks post-op
  240. Back pain after falling off my horse
  241. MRI Questions?? Need help???? This is what report says...
  242. Went to the county fair.
  243. Fusion surgery - scared
  244. MRI Questions???? HELP NEEDED!
  245. 6 months and pain is worse !!!!
  246. Shoulder Pain
  247. Where am I going wrong ??
  248. MRI result just in - "disc protrusion S1" "Lumbar Scoliosis" Your views please.Thanks
  249. Vocational Rehabilitation
  250. PM Dr. didn't receive any reports..

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