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  1. i cant take it anymore!
  2. Appointments...
  3. Side pains..
  4. New Member with chronic back pain
  5. Still confused and in pain
  6. return to work following laminectomy
  7. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  8. Cymbalta
  9. Made it for that coffee today !!!!!!!!! and of course your advice please
  10. neck pain after L5 fusion
  11. Pelvic pain with abdominal and back pain -- could this all be back related?
  12. Lyrica and EMG test
  13. Spinal Pain
  14. HELP PLEASE! 3 weeks post op L5 S1 Fusion
  15. back from the doctors (not so good)
  16. Need someone to complain to
  17. Anyone know this,tear in the hip?How does SI joint affect the hip?
  18. Yvette
  19. Well, that was really stupid!
  20. What's the surgery like to have ruptured disk repaired?
  21. Can ruptured disk affecting S1 nerve cause dizziness?
  22. X-Ray Report 3 month Post Op Fusion
  23. Does anyone have experience with Indian Health Services?
  24. Some symptoms returning after L5-S1 Microdiscectomey
  25. Pain meds..
  26. please help what does this annular bulging mean?
  27. Acupuncture
  28. More Back Pains after eating!
  29. Please explain MRI report and advise
  30. In pain and frustrated!
  31. back and leg pain no diagnosis
  32. Hello! 5 months post op doing great!
  33. NightMares About Back Pain
  34. Is there any surgical procedures for siatic nerve pain?
  35. Is there a difference between a Nerve Block an a Epidural?
  36. Sleeping on my stomach..the good ole days.
  38. w/c doc referred me to chiro
  39. Cyst on spine
  40. Does the pain ever end???
  41. Same pain back again prior to surgery help!
  42. 15 days Post Op - Scar Tissue Query
  43. Anyone Laser Spine surgery after
  44. Finally a slightly pain free day!
  45. Yvette are you still using the miacalcin?
  46. It's Working---
  47. Question on foot/leg buzzing
  48. DUHHHHH to me!
  49. lumbar CT - what does it all mean?
  50. Sudden lower back pain
  51. Hello and I've about had it!
  52. Kk Mom
  53. Dr appointment update
  54. 12 Weeks Post Op Finally some good news!
  55. Chronic pain and doctor cut me off
  56. My Jennifers fusions
  57. My foot is buzzing ???
  58. Tusconlady......hello stranger
  59. 8 Month post op visit today
  60. 15 years post fusion (2) & now new problems
  61. Pain in pelvis?
  62. What is going on?
  63. Brian514
  64. hi all
  65. Shot for sciatic pain?
  66. Please could someone advise - I'm in a bit of a state
  67. "just deal with the pain"
  68. ct myelogram normal now what?
  69. Think my Injection Is Wearing off
  70. saw my neuro today...
  71. Finally a real diagnosis!!!
  72. Consultants visit today 4 weeks Post Fusion
  73. Achy annoying back pain
  74. Injections at 11:15 am
  75. SI Tear while golfing
  76. After 3 surgeries, what should I do next?
  77. New Flare up-Ouch
  78. Anyone had or heard of surgery for Bulging Disk?
  79. Pepper
  80. Update - 6 months post op fusion and low and behold I'm in a wreck!!!
  81. More tests....PM Dr. Visit...yikes
  82. I made it through surgery!
  83. stairs
  84. update...my oh my
  85. Metal detectors and fusion hardware
  86. MRI After Fusion
  87. CT Myelogram
  88. info i got from all of you about discographys helped it was painful and scarey BUT...
  89. I want to go home
  90. Nerv pain after fusion
  91. Back problems and workmen's comp settlement??
  92. Back Pain and Side Pain
  93. need a neck specialist in the south of the UK
  94. Spondy & What is a Pain Magement doctor??
  95. Pain Management Specialist
  96. mewcamaro, hoping to hear from you.
  97. back surgery
  98. Daughters Fusion on L-4 adn L-5
  99. Looking for Help & Advice
  100. Back fusion and Workers Comp
  101. Terrible visit with PM doc today
  102. Tail Bone Pain - anyone else?
  103. Maybe someone can help...
  104. My upper back pain story - hope it helps 1 person
  105. Shots Into Neck
  106. Need advice fast!
  107. Lower back pain for 5 weeks - Should I see a doctor?
  108. numbness
  109. Scar tissue
  110. Has anyone tried Formula 303 Natural muscle relaxant?
  111. Right side middle back pain. What is this?
  112. Broken Back and Pelvis Bone Question?
  113. I need your support, my bodies...
  114. Bone Growth Around Nerve
  115. 4 weeks post spinal fusion L4/L5 L5S1
  116. Ankle problems from back????
  117. Is it pain or am I just lazy and crazy
  118. feels like a giant bruise
  119. Epidural Success Stories?
  120. Scoliosis & Spondylithesis
  121. How can this be??
  122. Pins/needles hands/feet questions
  123. L-1 through L-5 breakage internal
  124. back pain from coughing
  125. minor boney lipping....suddenly v scared!
  126. Anyone ever experience this on neurontin???
  127. Spinal Cord Stimulator-to do or not to do
  128. Moving on
  129. the couch and the back
  130. Epidural Steriod Injection
  131. Back pain through the night
  132. new member
  133. Update on my back ordeal!!!!!!
  134. Stress and Pain
  135. Adrenal Fatigue from back surgery! Anyone else?
  136. Nsaids
  137. Praying that Donna's surgery went well
  138. leg numbness/ankle rolling?
  139. Decided to move back home
  140. Terrible leg and foot cramps in the night!!
  141. Heel Pain
  142. going back to the doctors soon.
  143. Ted Stockings for muscle leg pain?
  144. Hi Everyone
  145. Shawley
  146. Sciatia
  147. help please
  148. Help and advice needed again
  149. Need help, quit smoking after surgery.
  150. Has anyone been denied discogram because of weight
  151. Excellent book about back pain...
  152. Moldova.......Who is the doc
  153. Mri Report
  154. today is the day for my disco and i am scared!
  155. severe bruising at surgery site?
  156. kk.....thinking of you
  157. what's the difference?
  158. Sciatic Nerve Pain
  159. Bertolotti's Syndrome??
  160. Who's tried acupuncture?
  161. screw removal? spinal stimulator? SI injections?
  162. Questions about scoliosis
  163. MRI or CT scan? Which is better for disk problem?
  164. L-2 Question
  165. broken-lumbar 3
  166. The ReBuilder® Neuropathy Treatment
  167. My 30 Day Plan
  168. Shawley
  169. week three post-op plif
  170. Multiple level Hardware Question
  171. SpinalCord Implantation
  172. nighttime back pain ... confused!
  173. I had ct myelogram done now, discogram
  174. Shawley-Thinking of you. How are you
  175. Sore neck - Constantly Craking
  176. Compression Fracture Questions
  177. 12 Week Post Fusion
  178. Results of MRI/Scared
  179. Has anyone taken tylenol with codine after lumbar fusion?
  180. Cincygal 10
  181. New Member
  182. New Member...
  183. What in the world can we do?
  184. Surgery moved up to this friday
  185. new symtpoms with lumbar fusion
  186. had alumbar fusion and am now pregnant any suggestions
  187. Back from PM Dr. appt.
  188. ALIF surgery is this Friday
  189. Anyone else experience this?
  190. Lumbar massagers for chairs?
  191. Coccyx Bone sticking out???
  192. First time here: It's back AGAIN!
  193. Need your advise, please help
  194. Lumbar spine or MS symptoms???
  195. Life after fusion
  196. any info on laser spinal surgery
  197. Woke up with awful awful pain
  198. Need good news on recovery time!
  199. Shawley-Good luck with your implant tomorrow
  200. How long in surgery?
  201. Class start's tomorrow kid's
  202. Breathing problems with back problems ?
  203. First time here-Back problems
  204. The Importance of Stretching & Walking?
  205. one leg shrinking from sciatica
  206. Cymbalta Questions
  207. Never having to have a fusion?
  208. Claudication...(long)
  209. Confused, Frustrated & in need of advise!!
  210. Which is more serious - numbness/weakness or pain?
  211. Please help me
  212. Reached a milestone today
  213. Feeling of growing pressure on my foot tonight...
  214. Yvette
  215. Leg Pain and swelling
  216. Ct myelogram/ discogram
  217. Left side upper back pain?
  218. Question on Meds and ability at 2weeks post fusion
  219. Why same spot all the time?
  220. Shawley
  221. ? About Hardware Removal
  222. Accupunture almost over now
  223. clover...
  224. how big is to big for surgery
  225. Home from the Dr.
  226. Need advice on lower back pain
  227. Spondylolisthesis
  228. Mamakitkat.......Hardware Removal
  229. Prozac For Depression!
  230. Please Read, Actual sucess with Klonopin for nerve pain and relief! (Long Post Sorry)
  231. Traumeel and Zeel for DDD and arthritis?
  232. Dr. visit update
  233. Hardware Removal.....???Tuscon???..
  234. MRI / Dr. Today
  235. Appointment From Hell
  236. ribs
  237. Had the discogram/looking at 5 level fusion.
  238. Those magnetic heat pads
  239. New Patient with some history
  240. surgery done 31st may round 1
  241. Acupucture/Massage in New York City?
  242. new device?
  243. How Do I Get Through To My Hubby?
  244. Frustrated - Toes are staying numb now...
  245. sciatica?
  246. Dr Leon Root's "No More Aching Back"
  247. No Reflex In Left Leg?
  248. Can I still have kids?
  249. New to this group
  250. Back Problem? What is this??

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