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  1. Home from my first big outing!
  2. Tall people bending over short sinks
  3. Hip Pain Has Developed
  4. I need help and advice for my back problem
  5. What is the best kind of bed for back pain suffers?
  6. Snail drug
  7. I'm home RM8251
  8. Question for those that have had an ALIF fusion?
  9. What Were Your Symptoms With Needing A Laminectomy?
  10. Wedge compression fracture L1
  11. PT After Fusion
  12. question about spinal injections
  13. Physical Therapy Question
  14. Husband is a jerk since surgery
  15. Funny Story
  16. I don't understand some stuff
  17. Posture
  18. Yvette ...... you are doing too much
  19. Cant sleep tonight
  20. Did way to much-overdid Ouch
  21. So Much lower back pressure
  22. i just had a discectomy yesterday
  23. Kera- How Are You?
  24. stairs
  25. Lanimectomy
  26. Sciatica with Numbness, Pins & Needles
  27. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  28. upper back pain update
  29. Emotions Affecting Pain
  30. Hurtie0607
  31. Seeking advice my back condition...
  32. Preparing for the big day!
  33. Do your friends think you are faking?
  34. Yea... no dvts, home resting...
  35. Back popped, dreadful pain!
  36. Physical Condition Pre-Fusion Surgery
  37. Back pain help
  38. pain/burning in legs
  39. Causes of emergency surgery
  40. Should I demand an MRI?
  41. Epidural Steroid Injections
  42. DDD: How did you know it was time for surgery?
  43. One Week Post Op Fusion Today
  44. Pain Update
  45. HELP, I can't sleep, Is it okay to take OTC meds or Allergy OTC meds to help sleep??
  46. post surgery for RM8251
  47. Usta how is your leg
  48. EMG results, well kinda sorta
  49. Vitamin D Deficiency and bone pain
  50. Leaking Disc
  51. Discectomy recovery
  52. Walking
  53. Spinalcord Stimulator
  54. epidural steroid injection
  55. Oral Steroids...DrPepper?
  56. Question about cauda equina syndrome
  57. A little anxious
  58. Which is Worse?
  59. Progress! good news.
  60. What to expect after PLIF for Spondy
  61. SPine surgeon appt
  62. How long till...
  63. Spondylolisthesis (anything to help me with my symptoms)?
  64. Question about Neurontin
  65. Need help with neural back pain!!!!!!
  66. New pain, anybody experience this?
  67. to Jungleland
  68. Lower Back Update/Advice
  69. DR. visit update!
  70. Went to pt and md today
  71. is getting up n down gonna get better
  72. Update on myself
  73. Doctor Called
  74. Bilateral Neuroforaminal Stenosis at S1-L5
  75. physical therapy advice
  76. Check This Out
  77. Torn and buldging disc c4-5 and c5-6 will traction help or hurt?
  78. UPDATE: Bg Is NOW 5 Days out from EMERG. MicroD + 2Lev Fusion @ L3-4 & L5-S1 THANK U
  79. Sleepless Night Again...........Bummed
  80. Surgery and then screws 2 weeks later?
  81. Has anyone had a back fusion through the stomach?
  82. update - things are better!
  83. DISH disease? Starting all over! UGH!
  84. First post op and back to work
  85. MRI Results and NS appt
  86. Survey
  87. Nervous..Help
  88. What kind of office chair to use for a bad back?
  89. Can you guys/gals believe this?
  90. Back Pain was Side Effect of Medication
  91. Chiro makes a good call!
  92. Help, MRI after 5 years of waiting, please explain results!!!
  93. Endplate Edema
  94. Hello all, had first follow up post surg today
  95. PoohLady and her spinalcord implant question post
  96. BAD night! Not great morning either!!
  97. MRI and weight
  98. Trying other options
  99. wow what a trip
  100. numbness in legs after spinal fussion
  101. i amhome buddys four days post op fsusion
  102. Identifying Lower Back Pain! Please Help!
  103. Day 6 post-op, horrible hospital!!!
  104. Question for all who have had or are waiting for surgery
  105. hardness around incisions.
  106. 2 Days to go...
  107. Question for blueatlas about list
  108. So Much Pain
  109. ALIF fusion question?
  110. good injection, sort of...
  111. When will I ...
  112. Lower back trouble..can't do much of anything but rest..arrgggghh!
  113. Spine Surgery
  114. Step backward...Sleepless night
  115. Should i get surgery?
  116. mri results
  117. stimulator
  118. weight loss after surgery
  119. Usta-How are you today?
  120. having a l4-5 plif l3-s1 pltpf i 1 week anyone have this
  121. Need Help with Spine Specialist
  122. healing around the incision
  123. Fusion April 2nd - Slightly Freaked Out
  124. Should I or shouldn't I
  125. Quick Question
  126. Treadmill: To Use or Not
  127. radiofrequencing worn off-in SO much pain!
  128. question for ustla
  129. Please Help! I Am Freaking Out!
  130. Took a spill early this AM..
  131. Good for a laugh-Chiropractor!
  132. New meds question
  133. We all have so much to offer each other
  134. Hey everybody, Momma pepper...
  135. Yvette's out of surgery.
  136. Has anyone heard from Olliedoll?
  137. Why Not Fuse Them All?
  138. What's better than One Question? Two!!! & That's Exactly what I have Here.
  139. Was it What you Expected?
  140. Opana- a new pain medication
  141. Hey Shawley!
  142. Back Pain Relief Found!
  143. I made a mistake with necleoplasty procedure
  144. prednisone
  145. My stupid question ?
  146. MedX lumbar extension machine
  147. PoohLady And Her Stim Implant
  148. Went to er today
  149. Kind of Personal
  150. Car accident and MRI Results
  151. EMG tomorrow
  152. How are you doing Beaconeer?
  153. Prayers please!
  154. Will the new levels need fusion?
  155. Yvette, one last thing.
  156. To GBRBHR from Emily
  157. Shawley
  158. Can everyone tell their Positive Fusion Story
  159. Still in pain after epi / cortisone injections
  160. Back Pain ONLY when sleeping down.
  161. I'm so confused and scared
  162. Fusion started but in a lot of pain
  163. Bummed about doc visit
  164. "failed" discectomy l-5 s,1
  165. burning pain after surgery
  166. Bad pain in legs
  167. Self Fusion Issue
  168. Mylogram shows graft material leaked from between vertebrae
  169. Surgery on March 14th, I'm nervous as hell !
  170. Yvette's Surgery Is Tomorrow
  171. Upper Back Stiffness - Help
  172. what do i do now?
  173. Does Gabapentin make you tired?
  174. MRI Tech: "Are you SURE you haven't had surgery or cancer?"
  175. MRI after 5 months post fusion
  176. 5 weeks post-op: Is this it?
  177. Fusion Success - The Real Scoop
  178. USTLA- how are you
  179. Is anyone here able to exercise?
  180. Roy 47s recovery L4 - S1 Fusion
  181. One more question....skipping second discetomy to fusion??
  182. Truth about DISCOGRAM??
  183. Artificial Disc Vs. Fusion
  184. how should i prepare for back surgrey
  185. fusion in 2 weeks
  186. Torn Disc... Discogram soon
  187. HELP! Pain WORSE after surgery
  188. Roy 47 can you share your story?
  189. Foraminotomy/ Laminectomy
  190. Could this be a muscle spasm??
  191. Painful Paul - re: DRX9000
  192. Some suggestions to prepare for dr appts./surgery
  193. Big day tommorow Tuesday March 6....
  194. normal life after surgery
  195. normal life after surgery
  196. March Madness
  197. How do you describe your leg pain, if any
  198. 1 year post fusion, MRI question
  199. To fuse ot not to fuse
  200. Help Weird Pain
  201. Fusion questions... Need help
  202. Bad back
  203. 4 weeks post op
  204. 6-7 Years Chronic Back Pain – MRI Results
  205. One hamstring tighter then the other
  206. 3 Months Post- Op
  207. Doppler test completed-results-NEGATIVE!
  208. pain is back after 9 months
  209. New and could use some advice...
  210. dub-1 fusion tomorrow
  211. Weight Problem An What To Do
  212. lower back/butt pain no relief - alt solutions?
  213. Amitriptyline
  214. another 'new problem"...
  215. Endoscopic Microdiscectomy - opinions?
  216. Ok, post surg folks, nerve pain waking up...
  217. MRI report - thoughts?
  218. Advice About Gabapentin
  219. Back Problem - Pain in Right Side - What is it?
  220. Diet Dr. Pepper L5/S1 - Fusion Recovery Pt. 2
  221. Lower Back Pain
  222. Am I crazy?
  223. Dr. Sarno Healing Back Pain...Mind & Body Connection: Anyone read it???
  224. Seen my Surgeon yesterday, what a wasted drive!
  225. pressure sensation..
  226. to anyone having a bad back day....
  227. 6 mos post op fusion and pain
  228. 1st 15 minutes on the eliptical 1 month post op
  229. Why Wait?
  230. New guy here, respect your elders
  231. Cool News.
  232. good news
  233. Multiple bulging discs - L5-S1 DDD
  234. Ortho appointment today
  235. Worse AFTER Epi? Any ideas?
  236. Long, But Desperate For Advice
  237. Change of Medication for back pain
  238. Sijd
  239. 1st PM Dr. visit today, happy, scared, confused, etc.
  240. 25 y/o girl a few days post discogram (drama rama)
  241. Would appreciate any response........
  242. Shawley
  243. Yvette How many days until your big day
  244. Prednisone
  245. SCS TRIAL WORKING Thanks for your prayers....
  246. what can i expect from epidural injections
  247. Gettuit- response
  248. JUSTONEOFUS Answer to your ques.
  249. Sun Breaks Through Dark Clouds
  250. lyrica questions

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