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  1. bailey07 surgery
  2. had 2 facet injections yesterday
  3. Skies Are Brighter
  4. New Pharmacy...So much Better
  5. Front Fusion no Back Fusion
  6. pain in the neck?
  7. DDP and Yvette
  8. I am three weeks post op fusion today!!!
  9. Sorry for not responding .......sorry long
  10. Can't believe MRI...please HELP!
  11. 1st visit to 2nd PM Dr. results
  12. Need help/advice-- back/leg pain
  13. Symptom description...anyone know what is going on with me?
  14. Increased pain S/P injection and diagnosis confusion
  15. Harmony Surgery
  16. Anyone have private insurance?
  17. I Found A Spine Specialist
  18. Back Pain And Worker's Comp
  19. post op newbie with question/needs a little help
  20. Anyone heard from Harmony??
  21. TENS unit
  22. SI-Joint & facet joint degeneration and pain
  23. How much did your surgery cost?
  24. disc removal
  25. Chiro Success from newbie
  26. Hi, I'm new here and I have a question about loose screws...
  27. I'm Back
  28. need your opions
  29. First Surgeon Consult - what to expect?
  30. In Pain & Dr.'s Don't Care
  31. Incision ?
  32. This is for Kleeko
  33. First of many changes to come, could use a lil input please?
  34. L4-S1 fusion outcome
  35. Too all who have upcoming surgeries
  36. dont know what to do anymore
  37. OMG My surgery is APRIL 11-EEEEKKK!!!!!!
  38. Answers! (Right ones?)
  39. SCOLIOSIS: is spinal fusion worth it?
  40. What happens at first doctor visit postop?
  41. Shawley ....Re: Walking
  42. For a good chuckle read on...........
  43. Yvette
  44. Possible pinched nerve - 4 Docs don't know
  45. Newbie Looking To Learn From You All
  46. Two weeks post-op
  47. I'm Off To Surgery Soon!
  48. MRI w/contrast
  49. confused
  50. Conflicting Tests
  51. Mechanical Breathing problems due to Back Muscle Spasams
  52. all posters and cheerleaders to usta msg
  53. First Day Back at Work
  54. Numbing and tingling in my back
  55. Painkillers dont work
  56. No brace, first day of PT....
  57. Microdiscetmy re injured????
  58. Everyone should read this...
  59. 4 years post fusion question
  60. I went dancing!
  61. 7 Week Fusion Post Op Check Up
  62. Hardware Removed?
  63. TRANS1 Lumbar Interbody fusion
  64. Newbie, could use some advice...
  65. Question concerning MRI's, etc.
  66. Pain Around Fusion Area
  67. Husband having problems dealing with my long term back pain
  68. confused
  69. Hi Back Buddies
  70. Cervical Stenosis and Nerve Blocks
  71. last questuon
  72. Confusted & Question About My Back Pain
  73. What Could this be?
  74. bad back and hobbies
  75. Another restless night
  76. Another restless night
  77. Can we get a list of the best NYC spine surgeons and docs?
  78. ALIF Tuesday
  79. Has anyone gone to the ER for their back pain?
  80. Giving your own blood before surgery?
  81. Esi wearing off already!
  82. New Symptoms Advice please
  83. help
  84. Looks Like A Night On The Sofa!!
  85. Question for mandrell 99
  86. Weight gain with Gabapentin?
  87. Thanks
  88. Weight gain with Gabapentin?
  89. Interesting news about predisone
  90. Fusion questions....please help!
  91. Not a horrible day for a change
  92. What Is Anterolisthesis?
  93. Nerves...............GO AWAY!!.......Elvail
  94. neck disk o gram question
  95. Harmony, Bailey, and polrich
  96. Pressure while sitting?
  97. The other side of the Back Injury/Sickness
  98. Two months post fusion....back from the check!
  99. what age is too young for surgery?
  100. Question for Sciatic Nerve problem
  101. Tylenol
  102. Swimming after fusion surgery
  103. Swimming after fusion surgery
  104. More post op fusion questions
  105. Okay who's on the next trip to the beach?
  106. Some questions and stuff...
  107. Will need cheer leading squad......
  108. Drop Foot
  109. Pain is getting worst!
  110. back feels like a stretched rubber band
  111. Has anyone weaned themselves off of Lyrica?
  112. Need Advice on Chronic Neck/Shoulder Pain
  113. This is silly but I got Got Gas
  114. has anyone heard about radiofrequency lesioning?
  115. Tusconlady..................praying
  116. SI joint fusion
  117. Sore back and pins and needles
  118. Lyrica Side Effects
  119. Pepper!!!
  120. Going backwards
  121. Daughter's 3 level fusion, Posterior and Anterior
  122. What A Bad Night!
  123. post-op pain meds
  124. So what happens now?
  125. Pain Level Pre-Fusion
  126. Which Doc to get Meds Refilled?
  127. One week Post-op: I fell asleep on the beach!
  128. Missed visit..
  129. My Turn To Whine(again)
  130. Doc visit today very depressing
  131. Congenitally Sharp Pendicles & L3 Nerve Symptoms
  132. Doctors Visit Today
  133. back pain 2 years after surgery
  134. back pain-2 years after surgery
  135. Low level laser therapy
  136. Frustrated
  137. Dr. HJO neck issues
  138. I guess I'm whining
  139. Lumbar Back Problems
  140. Final Doctor Visit - Not What I Wanted To Hear
  141. Day 11 post op fusion
  142. Feeling Sick
  143. What is Forminal Stenosis ?
  144. How do you go to work in so much pain?
  145. Options?
  146. Saw spine doc today
  147. What a weekend
  148. Official EMG results
  149. l5/s1 microdisectomy
  150. Yea for me!!!
  151. Discogram
  152. Newbie Here
  153. Nhs , About Time
  154. Lower Back problems cause neck pain ?
  155. How long to wean from brace?
  156. Medicine question
  157. mind over matter
  158. Now scared ?
  159. DDP-how are you today
  160. Usta-this is for you
  161. Feeling better This morning
  162. New Gel That Provides Relief!
  163. Problems with Dr.'s
  164. Facet Joint Injections
  165. to fuse or not to fuse
  166. So much for a restful day!
  167. If surgery, I wonder how soon? MRI RESULTS BELOW
  168. Question on Nerve Blocks
  169. New..
  170. Could this be a back problem after all this time?
  171. Back Pain - Right side - In the Middle
  172. 6 Months Tlif Post Op......still Have Pain!!!!
  173. L3-4, L4-5, L5-S1 PLIF Fusion too extreme? Other options?
  174. how long did epidural injection relief last
  175. pain worse when lying down?
  176. Finally getting an MRI
  177. Anyone who had facet injections?
  178. Side effects of Lidoderm Patches?
  179. kinda depressed
  180. Finally.............some relief
  181. two questions re new symptom and doctors...(longish post)
  182. Home from my first big outing!
  183. Tall people bending over short sinks
  184. Hip Pain Has Developed
  185. I need help and advice for my back problem
  186. What is the best kind of bed for back pain suffers?
  187. Snail drug
  188. I'm home RM8251
  189. Question for those that have had an ALIF fusion?
  190. What Were Your Symptoms With Needing A Laminectomy?
  191. Wedge compression fracture L1
  192. PT After Fusion
  193. question about spinal injections
  194. Physical Therapy Question
  195. Husband is a jerk since surgery
  196. Funny Story
  197. I don't understand some stuff
  198. Posture
  199. Yvette ...... you are doing too much
  200. Cant sleep tonight
  201. Did way to much-overdid Ouch
  202. So Much lower back pressure
  203. i just had a discectomy yesterday
  204. Kera- How Are You?
  205. stairs
  206. Lanimectomy
  207. Sciatica with Numbness, Pins & Needles
  208. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  209. upper back pain update
  210. Emotions Affecting Pain
  211. Hurtie0607
  212. Seeking advice my back condition...
  213. Preparing for the big day!
  214. Do your friends think you are faking?
  215. Yea... no dvts, home resting...
  216. Back popped, dreadful pain!
  217. Physical Condition Pre-Fusion Surgery
  218. Back pain help
  219. pain/burning in legs
  220. Causes of emergency surgery
  221. Should I demand an MRI?
  222. Epidural Steroid Injections
  223. DDD: How did you know it was time for surgery?
  224. One Week Post Op Fusion Today
  225. Pain Update
  226. HELP, I can't sleep, Is it okay to take OTC meds or Allergy OTC meds to help sleep??
  227. post surgery for RM8251
  228. Usta how is your leg
  229. EMG results, well kinda sorta
  230. Vitamin D Deficiency and bone pain
  231. Leaking Disc
  232. Discectomy recovery
  233. Walking
  234. Spinalcord Stimulator
  235. epidural steroid injection
  236. Oral Steroids...DrPepper?
  237. Question about cauda equina syndrome
  238. A little anxious
  239. Which is Worse?
  240. Progress! good news.
  241. What to expect after PLIF for Spondy
  242. SPine surgeon appt
  243. How long till...
  244. Spondylolisthesis (anything to help me with my symptoms)?
  245. Question about Neurontin
  246. Need help with neural back pain!!!!!!
  247. New pain, anybody experience this?
  248. to Jungleland
  249. Lower Back Update/Advice
  250. DR. visit update!

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