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  1. Second/Third surgeons opinion.
  2. Skelaxin
  3. difference between lyrica & topamax?
  4. Surgical intervention for spinal stenosis.......
  5. Battle for Benefits
  6. Any one had more than 7 levels fused??
  7. Sensation in b
  8. It's been a long time...but I need some help
  9. After spine surger---are kids possible??
  10. post laminectomy/ibuprofen
  11. 6 mo post-op L4-L5 Fusion....now SI problems!
  12. Level 2 Fusion on 1-10-07
  13. Thanks the Lord for my doc/Nurse!!!
  14. 4 week post op questions
  15. What next??
  16. Surgical Nurse and I ......
  17. Anyone else feet cold all the time?
  18. Need help in understanding my MRI report....
  19. AH!!!!!!!!!I can't get motivated!!!!
  20. First time with serious back pain
  21. Microdiscectomy/ post-op
  22. Has anyone had a rhizotomy(nerve burning)
  23. I feel guilty
  24. Microdiscectomy L4 L5 Nov 22 06
  25. In pain for may years
  26. Good Day Today ... Yea Me!!!
  27. Neurotin - weird informtion and questions
  28. Question about sciatic nerve pain after surgery
  29. Newbie on this Board...but not to Back Pain.....Need some Feedback
  30. Am I doomed?
  31. Question about x-ray report, OR sponge
  32. 1 Month Post Op PLIF L4-S1 Dr. Visit
  33. Conjoined Nerves
  34. spondylolithesis grade2 (exercises)
  35. Post Surgery Pain
  36. MRI & CT Results
  37. MethylPREDNISolone 4mg
  38. 2nd Day Back at work ---- HELL!!!!
  39. freaked out, please help
  40. Increasing Pain!
  41. Is manipulation safe after fusion?
  42. Maybe I was wrong!!!!
  43. Sarno vs McKenzie??
  44. First Day Back at Work/School from Lumbar Fusion
  45. 5 weeks Post-Op
  46. Pars defect repair
  47. Pars defect repair
  48. having to change jobs
  49. Nerve pain and Diabeties
  50. 9 weeks post op from hardware removal
  51. Topamax for Nerve Pain
  52. Good News!
  53. Questions about scoliosis & how it's diagnosed.
  54. Shawley, please read...
  55. Radiofrequency Neurontomy
  56. Post-op CT scan doesn't look so good for me...
  57. Three weeks post op/Physical Therapy
  58. My Dr. on a leave of absence ?
  59. Shawley....or anyone else
  60. Did You Ever Wonder
  61. Injection Wore Off
  62. Extra weight that is making all of our backs worse - but physical activity is a no no
  63. Feeling great almost 2 weeks after 360 fusion
  64. Cortisone Epidural, Weight Gain, Emotion
  65. Anyone have Emotional Issues after major back surgery?
  66. Increased pain with epidural injection (breaking up scar tissue)...
  67. Back at work
  68. about neurontin?
  69. Terrible pain in neck and thoractic area
  70. Someone Please Help
  71. Horrible Leg Pain Following Lumbar Fusion
  72. Pain keeps getting worse post PLIF
  73. Ideas for hobbies that will make your heart race, without real strain on the body???
  74. Neck Pain
  75. Looking for Info on DRX 9000 and Dr Darrow in Orlando area
  76. L1&2 fract.(1/19/04)
  77. L1&2 frac. 1/19/04
  78. Happy New Year
  79. How much does it cost ?
  80. What do you think?
  81. seeing a Chiropractic doctor
  82. Toe Numbness????
  83. 13 year old, back pain?
  84. sick of the little 'joking' comments friends make??
  85. Nikirae - how are you?
  86. annular bulge and disc degenaration
  87. Zanaflex
  88. intense back pain out of nowhere...
  89. please help..10 days post op laminectomy/discectomy L4-L5
  90. Question about MRI results, constant pain...please help!
  91. Disc-o-gram question
  92. methadone/oxycontin/soma
  93. mri of lumbar
  94. MRI help please. Thoracic problem serious?
  95. 16 Yo Daughter...pain, help!
  96. Discogram and EMG
  97. L5-S1 disc Herination
  98. feeling down
  99. pain meds
  100. Results from Dr. visit wednesday
  101. PostFusion: When did you begin/paln to begin PT??
  102. Trying To Understand A Fusion (L4-L5-S1 )
  103. Post lumbar laminectomy
  104. thoracic discogram/surgery question
  105. The frustration continues...
  106. do you take Cymbalta at night or in the morning?
  107. Surgeon apt tommorrow and feeling anxiety
  108. whats wrong?
  109. Missed on MRI
  110. prolapsed disc!what next
  111. Lyrica and weight gain???
  112. Only Option is Fusion
  113. Double Disc Replacement-Facet Joint Injections-Constant Pain
  114. 4 weeks post op
  115. Lumbar fusion...right leg nerve damage....need some encouraging words!
  116. Is it possible to have hardware failure twice?
  117. 123dietdrpepper Going to the OR
  118. Kyphplasty for 88 yr. old female
  119. Happy, Healthy New Year!!!
  120. Treatment For A Bulging Disk
  121. Marcia Ann & Deeannek, any other Hoosiers?
  122. Fighting with Dr. over MRI
  123. frustration about surgeon's recommendation
  124. Upper Back Pain (Cervical) HELP!!
  125. spondylosis , pars defect
  126. Ho! Ho! Ho!
  127. Happy Holidays to you all!!!
  128. Piriformis and sciatic pain?
  129. Medicine Question
  130. My 1st appt. post op
  131. Merry Christmas
  132. Reply to "Here we go again"
  133. waiting is SO hard
  134. Arachnoiditis Anyone ??????
  135. Not sure what my GP means
  136. Hosta Lover infection
  137. I have a post op question
  138. Update on kdk L5-S1 PLIF
  139. Lower Rib/Back Pain and IBS
  140. 123dietdrpepper , this is for you
  141. Lase Spine Institute- anyone ???
  142. ?? Numbness ???
  143. Going to a new Doctor!!
  144. Two level Fusion and Laminectomy in need of advice!!!!!
  145. true healing time?
  146. Another fusion..........
  147. Help with MRI findings
  148. Went to new Pain Management Dr.
  149. What is this pain?
  150. Question About My X-ray's
  151. Degenerative Disk And Buldge ? Come On !
  152. recovery time for Radiofrequency denervation
  153. Restless Back Disorder???
  154. How can you have a buldge when your fused
  155. 3 Questions -- Post OP surgery 12/14
  156. Frustrated with this whole back pain
  157. MRI Results
  158. Hey! I am am home from fusion on Friday!
  159. New here/8 days post op/afraid/questions
  160. I need you all!!!
  161. I need your help again
  162. Why Is A CT And MRI Different
  163. If your fusion failed, how did you know, or how was it diagnosed?
  164. Long standing back pain
  165. Swollen foot and ankle
  166. Here we go again!
  167. anyone use a "bone stimulator"?
  168. Who has had their knee/knees replaced and now has back problems?
  169. Steroid injections Are they cover up's ?
  170. PLIF L4-5 and home in less than 48 hours
  171. Kyphosis, went to spine specialist, still confused
  172. 3 weeks post op spinal fusion
  173. L5 Fusion - Frustrated...Desparate
  174. Severe pain once again!
  175. Will A MRI Show Fusion or No Fusion ?
  176. Is this spinal stenosis?
  177. Just posted this on spine board but you all know me here I think.
  178. P-stim
  179. dish ? stiffening of ligament of spine.
  180. Severe Muscle Spasms, Entire Back... 6 mo. post op
  181. QUICK>>I need help...MRI tomorrow should I or not?
  182. 6 weeks post op and miserable
  183. Has anyone had any experience with Lyrica for nerve damage pain?
  184. 5 Days PostOp
  185. Upper Back ache
  186. can back cause foot and ankle pain
  187. Desperately need help, disc problem
  188. Laminectomy/Disectomy instead of fusion
  189. Tight muscle?
  190. I am finally home
  191. Be Careful Around Christmas
  192. Fosamax and fusions
  193. Possibility of scarring after operation
  194. Is L'Hermitte's Sign as Indicator of Cord Compression?
  195. anyone know anything about kyphosis?
  196. sucess rates for fusion
  197. Has anyone used a handheld Infrared massager?
  198. UPDATE.. Back, Neck, Pain, ETC.
  199. Post Disc Replacement Complications
  200. 2 weeks post op
  201. Repeat Microdiscectomy ?
  202. MRI , I couldn't do it !
  203. Laminectomy Done and Over With
  204. Deep brain stimulation
  205. Deep brain stimulation
  206. Deep brain stimulation
  207. Do i have a back tumor? does the black in my phlem have anything to do with this?
  208. Nerve conduction test 4mo.after surgery....
  209. Had an epidural injection for my back and no relief. Now doc wants weaning from meds!
  210. Arthritis - Scoliosis Surgery
  211. OUCH! Sciatica in Right Leg, BAD!!! L5/S1 disc pushing nerve to right. What to do???
  212. Where to go from here???
  213. Indentation above buttocks & lower back pain
  214. HELP!!! Feet very SWOLLEN
  215. What type of back support did you have?
  216. 2 days before surgery, need to get ducks in a row
  217. popping or cracking your back after surgery
  218. Facet injections
  219. I dont know what to do help!
  220. 2 months post 2nd Micro D L5s1 Update
  221. Only 2 days before my Grand "Opening"!
  222. lumbar fusion recovery question
  223. Phsycological pain syndrome?
  224. Anybody here with lumbar stenosis?
  225. Jlo2-how are your SI's?
  226. Finally meds that work!
  227. Please read, no one can help
  228. two days until TLIF
  229. Symptoms changing and moving, anyone else?
  230. Post op shivering and sweating
  231. Do you think this could be a neurological problem?
  232. Pains in lower back!
  233. Ways to alleviate lower and middle back aches
  234. Glad it's over
  235. morphine pump AND SCS??
  236. Tear in sacroiliac ligament?
  237. No one has mentioned Sex
  238. Pain Changed-Drs appointment
  239. Pain Changed-Drs appointment
  240. Strange Joint Aches- Part of the Same Old Pain?
  241. Right type of fusion?
  242. 8 months post-op fusion... disappointing dr visit
  243. confused frustrated and sick of it!
  244. Microsurgery over old fusion
  245. cant even lie flat now....
  246. lamintomy/foraminotomy surgery???
  247. Inspiration wanted!!
  248. Has anyone had X-Stop?
  249. Steroids, epidural, pain is back, etc.
  250. new med and interesting info about mri

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