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  1. Last stop before epidural injection...
  2. Hello to all
  3. Question regarding Lumbar Spine Surgery
  4. cervical stenosis, bulging discs - anyone had surgery?
  5. Neck & head pain
  6. Lumbar spine fusion
  7. myelopathy after hardware failure
  8. Laser surgery or fibrin
  9. Anyone had ablation RFA to Facet joints?
  10. Surgery for broken & slipped Harrington rod
  11. Frustrated and Undiagnosed
  12. Help Reading MRI
  13. 3rd spinal fusion
  14. Hemi laminectomy L4/5 with large synovial cyst removal
  15. Sciatica help
  16. L5/S1 fusion
  17. L5/S1 fusion
  18. L5S1 post surgery
  19. L4-l5 disc
  20. neurofibroma on spinal cord and maybe attached to aorta
  21. First diagnosis
  22. Lots of Questions - any thoughts appreciated
  23. L-1 & L-2 XLIF Revision
  24. Oxycontin to Methadone
  25. Newbie w/broken Harrington rod
  26. Spinal Fusion Surgery
  27. Nerve Sheath Tumor - Spine
  28. delayed post op infection 2 mos after surgery?
  29. Posterior lumbar fusion
  30. Arachnoiditis Pain Meds
  31. Saw my neurologist
  32. New here - Can someone check out my MRI ?
  33. Getting a second opinion, what should I ask?
  34. coflex
  35. my severe back pain
  36. Hip Pain after a Microdiscectomy
  37. How bad is the MRI?
  38. Need Help with MRI results
  39. Not sure where the pain is coming from ????
  40. Help With Xrays.
  41. Army Combat Veteran with severe neck pain and numb finger on right side.
  42. What questions should I be asking?
  43. Three weeks postop, laminectomy, microdiscectomy, removal of spurs and stenosis
  44. ALIF L/S1 on 8/8/11... a late-bloomer with growth STARTING
  45. MRI lumbar spine. plz guide!
  46. Very low back pain - affecting my legs!
  47. 8 weeks post
  48. walked out of surgery!!!
  49. Consultants medical report.
  50. L4 L5 Bulging Disk
  51. Lumbar stenosis
  52. L2-L3 Herniation?
  53. Pre-Op Appt for Fusion Surgery
  54. Now Need Cervical Surgery
  55. hello again! I had another spine surgery..
  56. Surgery and more
  57. Need Help Deciphering MRI
  58. Post L5 back surgery numbness
  59. Need Spondylolisthesis Advice
  60. Spondylolisthesis help and advice
  61. Lumbar disc microsurgery same as microdiscectomy?
  62. Thoracic XLIF info
  63. Beware of Back Operations!
  64. Adjacent Segment Disorder
  65. nerve pain in leg has moved!
  66. Please help! Severe pain after fusion....
  67. X-Ray helpful at all?
  68. Leg Pain - MRI Results
  69. Debating a 2nd fusion surgery
  70. MRI Results
  71. Making sense of it
  72. Pain -- Back right side -- Just below my shoulder
  73. back pain from car accident
  74. lumbar fusion hardware removal
  75. MRI Help results & options
  76. Positive Fusion experience
  77. Should I get another opinion?
  78. MRI scans to confirm but what about after surgery?c
  79. failed back syndrom
  80. HELP--3rd Surgery--3 Diff Surgeons/3 Diff Recommendations
  81. Tailbone pain after lumbar puncture
  82. Microdiscectomy Physical Therapy Help Please
  83. Rhizotomy
  84. Help! c/5 c/6 Ant. Cerv. Fusion & still having residual pain and major fatigue.
  85. Help with MRI very concerned
  86. Ifuse Implant in SI Joint
  87. Stiff lower back problems
  88. Why don't any drugs work on me?
  89. Please read
  90. HELP with MRI results PLEASE!
  91. Herniated disk MRI report
  92. Back muscle problem?
  93. Doing more damage?
  94. Laminectomy
  95. Newbie with chronic back problems and questions
  96. Epidural fibrosis
  97. One year later
  98. Radiculopathy and back pain much worse despite microdiscectomy 2011
  99. My 16yr old son has s1-L5 spondylothesis? ??
  100. Extreme Sciatica? Please Help
  101. lumbar and cervical surgery question
  102. What's the best thing for a sprang ankle to heal?
  103. Thoracic Disc Extrusion
  104. Someone please tell me what this means?
  105. Help please I am in total agony
  106. Back Pain
  107. Need help... back pain affecting ability to walk
  108. Pain doctor question
  109. opposite leg pain 2.5yrs after L4-5 discectomy
  110. Pain med help anybody
  111. Back Pain
  112. 4 days Post Microdiscectomy-So far so Good...
  113. Microdiscectomy l5-s1
  114. confused: ALIF failed, and then didn't???
  115. Accupuncture to Relieve Lower Back Pain
  116. MRI Results
  117. MRI Found a Cyst on my spine. What's next?
  118. back pain hip hurting
  119. Hip and back problem
  120. Knots by right shoulder blade
  121. Chronic back pain after : 2L5/S1 fusion plus implant of spinal cord stimulator
  122. Lumbar Fusion - No Can Do - What Now
  123. Microdiscectomy... Recovering or Reinjuring???? Please help
  124. Sudden, Intense Anterior Hip Pain post Laminotomy
  125. Day 4 post op 3 level lumbar fusion
  126. xlif for L4-L5 plif for L5-S1
  127. Any suggestions... upper back pain
  128. stenosis
  129. Better off not knowing
  130. ACDF c6-7 New Symptoms Post Op
  131. i was hit in my back
  132. How long till your back pain went away after surgery?
  133. Pain meds
  134. Spinal Problems
  135. MRI Report
  136. Debilitating pain from lower back down to FRONT and INSIDE leg.
  137. Numbness and lack of muscle control persisting after discectomy
  138. Cervical spine
  139. S/P laminectomy discectomy L5
  140. Pseudoarthrosis at C6/C7. Revision ?
  141. Nerve damage from back surgery on my L5/S1
  142. Surgery Out of Town - How Long to Fly Home
  143. Spinal Fusion
  144. Hemilaminectomy / Microdiscectomy L5-S1
  145. Phantom Nerve Pain
  146. what do i need to do
  147. upper right buttock pain
  148. Prednisone Taper for L5 S1 issue
  149. cofused about what happened in surgery
  150. Update Post Facet Cyst Injection
  151. MRI Cervical
  152. Severe Back Pain
  153. Morphine Sulfate IR 15mg question
  154. Discogram showed Level 4 Annular tears - 3 disc fusion :-(
  155. Post Microdiscectomy Inflammation, Pain, Range of motion
  156. MRI Results Questionable- help
  157. Ribcage pain caused by slipping ribs
  158. What pre surgery questions to ask?
  159. lumbar xray
  160. Epidural injections in Thoracic spine
  161. Daughter with back pain
  162. microdiscectomy surgery
  163. looking for doctor in Lake Charles Louisiana or surrounding areas! please help!
  164. 4 months post cervical laminectomy and fusion C3-T3
  165. Upcoming TLIF
  166. Post op neck issues after Cer. Neck Fusion? Plus fatigue!
  167. Layman terms
  168. Frustrated
  169. please help back/rib problems
  170. 4 Back Surgeries, Still In Pain
  171. 4 Back Surgeries and Still In Pain
  172. Neuropathy support formula... hoax or.not?
  173. cerical mri question w/pic
  174. MRI results for lower back
  175. Mri Back Scan help
  176. Foot Drop after Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery
  177. Post PLIF Pain Meds Question
  178. low back pain and sciatica after car accident
  179. Herniated disc or Anxiety causing symptoms
  180. Fusion advice
  181. Many thanks to back problems members
  183. please help... started hurting again after laminectomy jun 2011
  184. Having Facet Cyst Injection L5
  185. MRI results. Upper thoracic herniated disks and tumours. cervical herniated disks
  186. What are the knee pain remedies?
  187. URGENTLY seeking advice re: laminectomy & facetectomy surgery PLEASE HELP
  188. work comp dilemma
  189. questions I should ask my Dr. ?
  190. Need help/Advice ASAP please
  191. 2 week post op lumbar laminectomy advice?
  192. Thoracic Spine
  193. Leg Weakness Following Lumbar Laminectomy
  194. Help! MRI Thoraic spine Report
  195. Mir of dorsal spine 1
  196. Urinary retention problems L5/S1 nerve compression
  197. Help me interpret my MRI?
  198. I have questions about spondylolisthesis
  199. Nerve recovery time post back surgery?
  200. Can spine problems cause breathlessness?
  201. Nightmare after my 12/20 surgery to remove a synovial cyst
  202. Is Disc bulge curable?
  203. help, need advice and insight
  204. Pain after microdiscectomy
  205. MRI - Thoracic
  206. What have I done to my back?
  207. Lumbar fusion - post surgery questions
  208. back problems with no solutions
  209. Newbie needs help
  210. Fusion Surgery
  211. over 3 years of Dr's dismissing symptoms
  212. 6 weeks post Lumbar Laminotomy=weird sypmtoms?
  213. MRI report on back, What is diagnosis ????
  214. 6 months after alif surgery
  215. Can anyone recommend back surgeon in Orange County, CA
  216. Surgery.. To have or not to have
  217. Need Help finding a PM doctor in New Orleans Area
  218. 4 more years of pain normal???
  219. 4 more years of pain normal???
  220. Multiple Artificial Disc Lumbar
  221. Neck/tight trapezius
  222. Advice needed on Dynesys problem with a screw in S1
  223. l-5 was bulging and was dislogded & now free floating next to my spine.
  224. Microdiscectomy L4-L5 Surgery Success!!
  225. Back pain and immobile
  226. Please Help me
  227. Lower back hurts bad...
  228. Still hurting!
  229. please help, ive got spondylolisthesis
  230. Disc Problems
  231. L4-5 Disc and facet disease
  232. L4-5 Disc and facet disease
  233. Herniated Disc ?
  234. Moxie01
  235. Pain in groins and thighs!
  236. L5-S1 Nerve root denervation & what to ask neurosurgeon
  237. T-spine vertebrea shifted towards chest?
  238. My poor aching back!!!
  239. Just got my MRI results. Can somebody interpret?
  240. microdisectomy/hemilaminectomy 8 months
  241. complicated issues regarding insurance
  242. disc replacement 4 month post op
  243. lumbar single level fusion L4/5
  244. Surgery Tomorrow
  245. Can you help me understand my MRI results
  246. What does lumbar MRI mean?
  247. Advice- L5 Herniation with nerve impingment
  248. Grinding and Popping
  249. L5/S1 Recovery
  250. opinions please. 5 months post Op ACDF C4-5

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