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  1. Weird Feeling - Screws and Rods???
  2. working after fusion
  3. Weird Sensations after new medication
  4. Update
  5. Back pain gone for 20 hrs. Acupuncture
  6. Help for my son
  7. Hello Back Buddies
  8. Pain in the buttock/leg
  9. er doc a little cooky
  10. Not sure what to do
  11. 3 years since Microdiscectomy
  12. Has anyone had rods to stabilze without fusion
  13. X-Stop spacers... recovery?
  14. To all the fusion folks:confused:
  15. extreme lower back pain!!!!
  16. EMG to verify if ESI was correctly placed?
  17. another bad day
  18. Thought I was on the road to less pain.
  19. I'm In Big Trouble I Think!
  20. Need some help, re spondylolisthesis and bilateral foraminal stenosis
  21. 12th Feb. Back surgery
  22. Why....?
  23. should i go to the er???????
  24. Think I Overdid Yesterday ;-)
  25. Anyone get pain at thr top of there neck!!
  26. Extremely painful EMG
  27. What a week I had!
  28. Spoke with Pt and doc ofice
  29. low back pain- related to stress/anxiety?!
  30. Thank you soo very much
  31. Injection working a little I think
  32. How do I learn patience?
  33. - closed -
  34. Advice needed Dr. wouldn't give straight answer
  35. Diet Dr. Pepper Fusion L5/s1 - 1st Post Op
  36. 2 Days Post ACDF C4/5 and C5/6
  37. I Want To Thank You All
  38. Day by day
  39. Some stupid friend
  40. News from Suzy-Q - Fusing!
  41. Hey! It's been a looooong time update here....disc decompression
  42. Has Anyone gone to ER for extreme pain?
  43. Me again, sorry!
  44. Interesting website!
  45. Dr. Appointment Moved Up After MRI/Worried
  46. please help
  47. Cost of Discogram?
  48. Help, did I see the right doctor?
  49. Difference between MD and DO?
  50. I've heard that just because an xray shows it, sometimes...
  51. Back Problems - linked to weight?
  52. Back Again....Please help.....
  53. Adult Scoliosis
  54. I had my 8 week post op visit today!!!! Good or bad news?!?
  55. Porter How are you
  56. Hip Pain = Back Pain???
  57. pretty new hear but i need to vent (sorry)
  58. Any idea about what I have and what I can do?
  59. Application of Tens
  60. I canceled my surgery
  61. how do you guys do your diary logs?
  62. Prayer warriors Please pray getting nervous....
  63. Question about travel
  64. Why does doc have you walk on your heels?
  65. Embarrasing symptom - or is it even a symptom?
  66. ughhhh bad night again!!!!
  67. Foot Drop / Back Pain / Perhaps not related
  68. back and neck pain from rear-end accident
  69. Lots of pain....not just my back
  70. Anyone diagnosed with depression?
  71. Could it be SIJD???
  72. Transdiscal procedure, anyone had this?
  73. 1st PT session yesterday
  74. FINALLY - - I'm back!!! (sorry this may be long!!)
  75. Facet Joint Injections & Do you like your doc?
  76. Yep, You Were Right!!!!!!!!!
  77. Father Not Being Very Supportive of my situation
  78. Damaged Nerve Recovery
  79. Shawley....
  80. Surgeon's Review Appt Delay
  81. New Pain
  82. Trouble Standing straight up...
  83. How would I know I broke a screw?
  84. Surgery Tomorrow!
  85. How do you know you are picking the RIGHT surgeon?
  86. Stress increase pain
  87. My Back gave OUT,what do I do?
  88. Justonofus-Thanks
  89. Back Stiffness/Pain when waking
  90. Fallen 4 Times in 3 Weeks - Why Is This Happening?
  91. Anybody's referred pain show up in their hips?
  92. Sex after back surgery
  93. Failed back surgery I'm not sure and not sure what to do next?
  94. dr pepper here five days out l5/s1
  95. almost 1 yr post op
  97. pain meds??????
  98. mri after fusion with hardware
  99. Depression Set In Over the last week
  100. Trouble with finding a doctor in Pa...Help
  101. 7 hrs post injection...my experience
  102. CT Scan results question
  103. pain meds and surgery
  104. Back pain on side of back
  105. Epidural Injections! Do they work?
  106. Pain increase after brace comes off
  107. My History - RE: Having a Problem, Any Advice?
  108. T10 Hemangioma
  109. Pain meds /constipation
  110. Yvette777 when is your surgery?
  111. In Pain And Desperate>>>>
  112. Need help/advise
  113. Having a problem..advice?
  114. mri vs xray
  115. tight back feeling
  116. discogram...again
  117. Still feeling better but pain creeping back
  118. Possible Surg...eeks I am scared of that
  119. Having a bad day and need pick me ups
  120. Gabitril
  121. Walking?!? Need suggestions please
  122. 2nd MRI of pelvic this time!!!
  123. Stopped taking lyrica and now i'm regretting it
  124. Your expert opinion needed
  125. Under Fluoroscope would you see Fusion ?
  126. L1 S5 Bulge what now? Lyrica & ADD? Female ?ís RE Menses & RE Sex (Blush)
  127. Back Brace Custom LSO
  128. question about fusion healing
  129. what pain meds to try?
  130. best surgery to go for first
  131. Need Help Selective Nerve Root Inj. or Epidural Inj.
  132. Need Helpt Inj. or Epidural Inj.
  133. 123dietdrpepper Update!
  134. Less stress on your back around the house
  135. Need to vent
  136. epidural injections
  137. does anybody take ACTIQ lollypop
  138. Bonati Institute!
  139. more silly post op fusion questions
  140. Scared of New Discogram
  141. endoscopic microdecompression/disectomy
  142. self fusion?
  143. Spinal Spacers Question
  144. Nerve damage permanent?
  145. Anyone experience this?...
  146. Microdecompression
  147. BMP or real bone graft?
  148. Nerve Block???
  149. spinal cord stimulator/morphine pump
  150. Bone Morphogenetic Proteins
  151. Question
  152. desperate for help and advice!!!
  153. GTW Diet Dr Pepper
  154. Best of Luck Diet Dr.Pepper
  155. thoracic fusion
  156. Nerve pain?
  157. Pain but doc. says it looks good
  158. Im New and first post for back
  159. Still no answers!!!
  160. 8 week post op
  161. Update :)
  162. 6 weeks post op...working out then pain
  163. Post Op Nerve Pain - Will it go away??
  164. Shin pain. Hope someone can help
  165. Stuff
  166. Six months and fusing!!
  167. Dr. visit update
  168. appointment with pain med md
  169. Medrol Pack - Has Anyone Taken This with Success?
  170. Got Surgery Date
  171. Discograms
  172. MRI results and your opinion please
  173. Numbness of foot
  174. t/j from how long for fusion to vents about pharmacies
  175. Discogram and fusions
  176. Dr. Appt Feb 13th. but pain is
  177. stopping lyrica
  178. Thursday is the day and
  179. Will I be ok?
  180. Ongoing back problems
  181. Back worse after chiro...trying other things besides narcotics
  182. Nerve Pain worst then usual
  183. Still In Pain Or Depressed????
  184. What about EMG tests?
  185. Epidural steroid injections after Micro-D more harm then good?
  186. Does anyone that had a fusion have this problem?
  187. Questions About Nerve Aggravation...
  188. Shoulder and arm pain MRI confusing
  189. Please take the time to read this post and try to help me!!
  190. Question for those who've had fusion....
  191. 7months-and I am having pain!!
  192. 18 days post op fusion
  193. My next update
  194. The nights are so hard
  195. Facade looks good but it's hiding the truth
  196. Pain update
  197. Severe tailbone area pain
  198. Are u sedated for epidural inj.?
  199. To all upcoming surgeries
  200. I'm new - my story - impending fusion
  201. How on earth can I lose weight in this condition? I'm so depressed...
  202. Neck Pain
  203. 3 Months Post Op---Good News!!!
  204. Fusion vs Artificial Disc
  205. It's going on two years....The I.D.E.T.
  206. Facet Spondylosis & Protruding Disc
  207. 8 Weeks Post-op
  208. percutaneous disk decompression at 17?
  209. Neck Pain -Diagnose me
  210. Drx-9000 therapy
  211. What can help control this Pain?
  212. Just diagnosed with scoliosis.
  213. 2 Yrs past 2 level fusion, still problems
  214. Feeling Frustrated with Spouse
  215. Yvette and those awaiting surgical date
  216. MRI results - but what does it mean ?
  217. Has anyone experienced?
  218. How Long Does It Really Take To Fuse ?
  219. post op surgery and no physical therapy
  220. Spondy in eskemo's???
  221. 3 level lumbar fusion
  222. smoking and back pain
  223. Physiatrist for lumbar disc bulges?
  224. ok is neurontin suppose to work?
  225. Lyrica and Gaining Weight
  226. Decision made--Why can I not make the call
  227. Nerve issues
  228. Depressed, Discourage, Pain 24/7 after almost 9weeks Micro-D
  229. fusion
  230. Just call me Granny Diet Dr. Pepper
  231. How to prevent scar tissue after surgery?
  232. what the heck?!
  233. What does this mean? MRI Results
  234. Please Explain What A Lumbar Fusion Look's Like
  235. aviza vs fentanly patch?? which 1 better?
  236. Oh my
  237. Traction causing pain
  238. Pain back after caudal epidural
  239. Feeling good!
  240. New here-Osteoarthritis and ostephytes L4L5. advice please
  241. Feeling better
  242. Feeling Hopeless with Spondylolysis
  243. What do you do when you get a flare up?
  244. Still undecided...
  245. sciatic nerve pain
  246. I'm just getting worse. Pain, Pain, Pain
  247. Surgery Date........CONFIRMED
  248. dr's in northern california
  249. Had My CT On My UpperBack /Neck
  250. Too soon for Paranoia?

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