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  1. spinal stenosis
  2. success with Elavil and lyrica
  3. has anyone broke their back and sternum at the same time
  4. Need Advice!
  5. Sister having back pain please help!!
  6. Triple level fusion anyone ?
  7. Z-COIL shoes?
  8. Pain at the front of my ribs!!!1
  9. 1 week post discectomy--help
  10. 4 wks post op ALIF 360 fusion
  11. Degenerative JOINT disease VS degenerative DISK disease
  12. Upcoming PLIF surgery, many questions.
  13. Wearing a brace after ALIF
  14. Chronic mysterious back pain.
  15. Getting A Back Stimulator....
  16. Can SI Joint Dysfunction cause disc problems?
  17. The effects/risks of being put out for 10 hours
  18. post micro d
  19. Back problems and Insurance
  20. Should it be so painful after deep tissue massage?
  21. Angry at my Boss
  22. 7 wks post microdiscectomy - 2 popping sounds in back
  23. Anyone have an L6 vertebra?
  24. OMG--Discogram CANCELLED Oct. 12th
  25. Four weeks post spinal fusion
  26. ?What test will diagnose si joint and hip problems?
  27. Frustrated cervical & lumbar stenosis
  28. Need To Know If This Is Normal
  29. Up date.....
  30. Arachnoiditis!!!!
  31. I don't know what to think
  32. Low blood pressure after lumbar surgery?
  33. Facet Joint Injections
  34. sorry for repeated question but . . .
  35. 1st timer....Caudal Adhesionolyis
  36. I have been given Three Options
  37. take a leap - mircod schedule 10/16
  38. degenerated disc not stabile,when it stabilizes It will be painfree then....
  39. Discgram October 12th
  40. How do you work with constant pain?
  41. rhizotomy for SIJ dysfunction?
  42. popping after fusion
  43. chiropractice? a lods of crap? or life saver
  44. Hockeygirl -How are you?
  45. The pain is bad and so is my Dr.!! 31/2mo. after fusion
  46. sciatica diagnosis & treatment
  47. hardware removal
  48. spinal hemangioma
  49. TENS unit
  50. Opinions Anyone?
  51. sacralization of the 5th lumbar
  52. I'm fusing!!!!! Best news possible today!
  53. Hello My Fusion Buddies --latest Dr Visit
  54. third doctor?
  55. Massage for pain?
  56. ddd and disc height loss
  57. ddd and disc height loss
  58. 2nd surgery coming up to remove the screws and rods
  59. Shawley - Bone Growth Stimulator
  60. Harrington rods removed
  61. Lots of back probs
  62. Leg and back pain continue
  63. Ill-fitting brace?
  64. Frozen leg?
  65. Spinal cord stimulator from advanced bionics?
  66. Twisted Pelvis with back pain
  67. San Diego area Lazer back/neck surgery? Anyone know a surgeon? Or L.A/Orange County
  68. How Much Medication, Is Too Much Medication?
  69. Neurontin Question
  70. Need advice quickly please - Surgery on Thursday and I have a bad cold!
  71. Low Back Pain, what is my cause?
  72. Need to vent about my stupidity!
  73. Piriformis syndrome?
  74. Back pain and pregnancy
  75. degenerative disk disease
  76. New Here Desperately Seeking Help !
  77. Does anybody know.....
  78. Laminectomy
  79. My boyfriend's saga continues..
  80. worried about the future
  81. I want to go do a little target shooting tomorrow
  82. MRI Results Help
  83. Low back pain considering surgery
  84. 2 weeks post op
  85. MRI question
  86. Spinal Stenosis and prolotheraphy
  87. Post Micro-Disksectomy 2weeks
  88. Not Fusing
  89. questions for shoreline
  90. Lyrica
  91. A Heartfelt Thank You.........
  92. buzzing down my back
  93. X-ray shows L4-L5 gettin a little thin but...
  94. tell me I'm doing the right thing
  95. I want to Say Hello....
  96. help !!! left paracentral disc prolapse
  97. 1 week away from surgery, 360 - 4th back surgery in 2 years...terrified for this one!
  98. looking for 2 level spinal fusion surgery info
  99. Torso Crooked After Back Injury. Please Help!!
  100. Back from surgery, now just hurting
  101. I Have Questions about Two Level Lumbar Fusion
  102. Anti-Inflam. diet and msm?
  103. Scared about tomorrows appointment
  104. Getting directly admitted to the hospital!
  105. Spinal Stimulator Questions
  106. has anyone ever had a 360 fusion more than once?
  107. Post-Fusion: Is Pain-Free A Possibility?
  108. 2nd Surgery 2 weeks away - It's way bigger than the first one = SCARED!
  109. I finally decided to file a complaint against my surgeon
  110. help w/MRI results
  111. Bone Scan for SI Joint
  112. ?? for mel1977
  113. Fusion 2 days Away, Few Questions about Walking
  114. mkf, How was your first day back to work.
  115. I keep hearing cracking and popping in my back...
  116. What A Terrible Trip To The Viking Vrs BILLS
  117. Has anyone been sent home after surgery with drains?
  118. Attn: wigout(got a question?)
  119. Question about fusion.
  120. Any travel advice?
  121. New Member On Board.
  122. Dynesys scheduled
  123. Feeling down and venting...
  124. Back brace- how often to wear ?
  125. Can you help with my MRI report??
  126. I went target shooting today
  127. Sacroiliitis
  128. What is Axial Loading?
  129. kt41577 update and disappointed
  130. I reinjured my back!
  131. no fusion and hardward failure
  132. How can I survive the first days back to work?
  133. Afraid
  134. Hello
  135. What do I do?
  136. hemangioma near S1
  137. has it happend to you?
  138. frustrated
  139. 3months out and pain is worse than before!
  140. Please help
  141. Hi Everyone....
  142. to Technomom
  143. Indychris - how are you?
  144. frustrated...
  145. Feeling pretty discouraged
  146. Pregnancy Epidural After Lumbar Surgery?
  147. Pain switches sides?
  148. pain in heels
  149. Robin Mackenzie back extension exercises???
  150. I am so stupid....
  151. 2nd Micro D scheduled for Oct 10
  152. scoliosis treatment that sucks!
  153. IDET or ADR
  154. Epidural Steriod Injections
  155. leg/feet swelling after spine surgery
  156. What's next
  157. Back to work after fusion - ouch!!! Pt.2
  158. Will I Still be able to Work?
  159. chiropractor?
  160. Trigger Points
  161. can someone help mr
  162. Lower Back Pain
  163. TLIF surgery last week
  164. Trip Home From the Hospital-What to do?
  165. discogram results
  166. I have spondylothesis grade 2
  167. Surgery tomorrow for hooks, rods, screws.
  168. 5 mo. post fusion update
  169. Visit to Pain Mgmt. Dr....
  170. hello!
  171. low back pain
  172. Bad news
  173. Inversion Therpy
  174. 24 Bulging Disc, Runaround?? ***
  175. 6 months post fusion and I am messed up
  176. mobility
  177. Missing or severely fractured facet joint
  178. My 12 week Post Op Fusion Update !
  179. Help with reading CT Scan
  180. Methadone?
  181. ankylosing spondylitis ????
  182. Excruiating pain when kneeling over
  183. Symptoms after 2nd Microdiscectomy?!
  184. Removal of hardware 3 yrs after back fusion
  185. Radiofrequency Lesioning
  186. do i need to be doing more??
  187. dr visit with pain specialist
  188. Feeling Somewhat Better; Still Not Well
  189. Lumbar Surgery One year ago,, now NEW symptom
  190. delayed onset sciatica?
  191. New symptoms?
  192. New issue/ concerned
  193. My husband had surgery
  194. Cymbalta withdrawal
  195. MRI results (HELP!)
  196. new to back pain - waht is this?
  197. Chi Machine/exerciser 2000
  198. Help! Had fusion on lower back--have pain in new spot!!
  199. HELP!!! Having 3 level lumbar fusion in 8 days
  200. Lower Back Pain
  201. METRx vs standard Micro D
  202. had micro-D yesterday!
  203. Concerned and Confused
  204. Dad plagued with back pain for many years
  205. hospital stay
  206. Question about smoking after a fusion???
  207. Question for LAVINIA2 on your 2nd surgery..
  208. bulging discs
  209. Adult Bone Cell Implants???
  210. Need to find to tier TENS unit...all users please read:
  211. pelvic angiogram-negative-con't
  212. Back to work after fusion - ouch!!!
  213. Need advice about return to work and possible fusion
  214. Could I have messed up my fusion? Part 2
  215. Pain Spot in Back, HELP
  216. Was in a crash yesterday...and feeling some pain in my neck area...?
  217. My mom got bucked from a horse
  218. new member
  219. Skeptical about a Chrio and some ?'s
  220. Nothing works
  221. any way a back fusion can be done without bone grafts
  222. 4 days post micridiscectomy
  223. I did everything right...and still...
  224. New Member! Need Advice!?!?!
  225. HELP.......please!!!
  226. protruded, extruded and sequestered disk disappears
  227. Fusion/ADR Hybrid experiences?
  228. Is this a necessary procedure with discectomy?
  229. Laminectomy Nerve Woes and Driving
  230. What are the symptoms of sciatica?
  231. Looking for Back Device from Ukraine
  232. CT Mylogram
  233. my sacrum is WHERE???
  234. memory foam pillow and special beds
  235. sciatica???
  236. recovering from microdiscectomy
  237. Fusion Scheduled..what Can I Expect?
  238. 3 level fusion
  239. Coughing Hurts Back Really Bad!!!!!
  240. back pain due to a car accident 2.5 yrs ago
  241. My Girlfriend's Back Pain
  242. Ct Scan
  243. car acccident back problems - help me please - explain diagnosis
  244. Am I really stupid or does this Mylogram result sound stupid to you too ??
  245. my posture is crooked!!
  246. pelvic angiogram!
  247. back pain and feeling sick
  248. for pain
  249. Dynesys-- Flexible rods
  250. Mid back problems.

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