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  1. Can Anyone Help Me Read My Mri
  2. Help! Questions regarding my pain
  3. Disc pain or facet joint syndrome?
  4. Steroid Injection
  5. fusion of lower back
  6. what is this
  7. sacroilitis
  8. Dr. visit update
  9. Hey Guys... update for you
  10. As good as it gets?
  11. Epidural question
  12. Back/Chest Pain..What's wrong with me????
  13. Anyone here had Laparoscopic ALIF for L5/S1?
  14. Newby in search of an answer
  15. L5-S1 PLIF day is nearing!
  16. Your Opinion On My Xray's
  17. What is this burning?
  18. Questions about my MRI
  19. Question about pain med
  20. epidural/S1 spinal stenosis (hello Justoneofus)
  21. Prolapsed disc ?
  22. Doctor's Recommendations-2nd option-Spinal Cord Stimulator
  23. Big Bump at Top of Scar....
  24. still worried about the numbness
  25. help me understand this mri report
  26. back pain
  27. Help Please-laminectomy/perm Scs Implant On 11/13
  28. Update
  29. Arthrotek... Does it help?
  30. orthopedic surgeon vs neurosurgeon
  31. new here and need help... please!!!!!
  32. Someone please help
  33. New and 2nd lumbar fusion scheduled
  34. removed the hardware 3 days ago
  35. A year after surgery question about falling
  36. Daughter with spondylothesis
  37. Whole back disc degeneration
  38. Epidural
  39. back pain
  40. Cervical Spinal Fusion
  41. Disc O Gram
  42. question after surgery
  43. Going back to work/school
  44. spondylolthesis looking for opinions?
  45. Back Troubles
  46. back pain
  47. Must a failed fusion be re-fused for pain relief?
  48. Help understanding any of this MRI report
  49. Question for Users
  50. Help! My daughter in trouble
  51. Need Answers!!!!!!!!
  52. Post Botox injections for rigid muscles in back... severe pain?! It's short, I swear!
  53. Up date on pain management course
  54. Suggestions for painful protruding screw?
  55. Bone Scan
  56. Calling all young people with major back problems!
  57. Epidural injections
  58. Myelogram Results - Feedback?
  59. SSD- your opinion needed
  60. discogram
  61. Discogram Tomorrow-Kind of Nervous!
  62. Stenem Hospital & the Maverick disc replacment
  63. Anyone here had Axial ALIF surgery?
  64. PLEASE help me reduce major anxiety - big surgery friday 27th
  65. Position for back relief
  66. Noises in my head from a pinched nerve
  67. Done all WE Can............. Medicate and Be COMFORTABLE....
  68. Carol632, Pain pump questions
  69. Another Disappointing X-ray 4 months post-fusion!
  70. can any one help me figure out what my MRI means?
  71. Help me decipher MRI report please!
  72. Feeling weary
  73. my whiplash injury is now a chronic problem
  74. Sciatica after lumbar fusion?
  75. Two Microdiscectomies...will the pain and discomfort ever go away?
  76. Has anyone ever heard of developing RSD due to a back injury?
  77. Does anyone know a nonsurgical way to help my back?
  78. Please HELP ME.
  79. simple discectomy over fusion?
  80. Pain / burning in my back
  81. arthritis in back common to everyone?
  82. Has anyone ver heard of this?
  83. inflammatory disease in the Sacroiliac
  84. Looking for help
  85. Fonar MRI vs the laying down MRI
  86. complete disc collapse??
  87. SCARED! Dr. appt. tomorrow- Surgery?
  88. Sciatic-like pain after injury
  89. Medicare question
  90. Having problems after injections!
  91. lumbar question? how did you know you had a lumbar problem?
  92. Micro D Update 11 days
  93. New to Forum - Advice Appreciated
  94. Home from the hospital after 360 - fusion l5-s1
  95. Disappointed in degradation
  96. Up-Date
  97. Dr. appt.
  98. new pain
  99. Low back and hip pain, HELP
  100. anyone ever had setbacks after micro d
  101. Confirmed surgery date - Friday the 27th!
  102. questions about fusion/lyrica
  103. Myelogram
  104. Myelogram
  105. X-ray results? Fused or Not?
  106. Left side pain??
  107. New Type of PAIN!
  108. Cervical Stenosis
  109. Pro Disc anyone?
  110. L-4-L5: What should I expect?
  111. What to do next?
  112. in so much pain
  113. Don't you hate waiting?
  114. should I just get a fusion??
  115. Sciatica pain
  116. microdisectomy surgery update
  117. Back pain under left shoulder blade
  118. Hardware Failure Concerns
  119. Help MRI results!!
  120. 2 weeks post op-pain in rear
  121. Newbie: Pain and Depression Unbearable!!
  122. Bone growth enhancing vitamins
  123. Pain after first week back at work
  124. Having L5-S1 PLIF on 11/8
  125. Fusion How Do You Know It Worked ?
  126. New to Boards
  127. I am still in pain-just different places!
  128. Question For The Guy's
  129. Tender Buttcheek ?
  130. Post Fusion and I hear cracking and popping
  131. Update on discogram Oct.12th and Cancelled Discogram
  132. Nausea/dizzyness from different brand med...
  133. Can pain pills cause memory loss?
  134. Need Advice-Discogram or Not?
  135. legs go numb lying on my back at night
  136. Advice needed on fractured coccyx
  137. It's been awhile, just updating.
  138. Trigger Point Injections?
  139. I am getting worse, help me understand MRI
  140. Please help... Can't take the pain!
  141. ? on steroid injections in your back
  142. M.r.i. Results
  143. spinal stenosis
  144. success with Elavil and lyrica
  145. has anyone broke their back and sternum at the same time
  146. Need Advice!
  147. Sister having back pain please help!!
  148. Triple level fusion anyone ?
  149. Z-COIL shoes?
  150. Pain at the front of my ribs!!!1
  151. 1 week post discectomy--help
  152. 4 wks post op ALIF 360 fusion
  153. Degenerative JOINT disease VS degenerative DISK disease
  154. Upcoming PLIF surgery, many questions.
  155. Wearing a brace after ALIF
  156. Chronic mysterious back pain.
  157. Getting A Back Stimulator....
  158. Can SI Joint Dysfunction cause disc problems?
  159. The effects/risks of being put out for 10 hours
  160. post micro d
  161. Back problems and Insurance
  162. Should it be so painful after deep tissue massage?
  163. Angry at my Boss
  164. 7 wks post microdiscectomy - 2 popping sounds in back
  165. Anyone have an L6 vertebra?
  166. OMG--Discogram CANCELLED Oct. 12th
  167. Four weeks post spinal fusion
  168. ?What test will diagnose si joint and hip problems?
  169. Frustrated cervical & lumbar stenosis
  170. Need To Know If This Is Normal
  171. Up date.....
  172. Arachnoiditis!!!!
  173. I don't know what to think
  174. Low blood pressure after lumbar surgery?
  175. Facet Joint Injections
  176. sorry for repeated question but . . .
  177. 1st timer....Caudal Adhesionolyis
  178. I have been given Three Options
  179. take a leap - mircod schedule 10/16
  180. degenerated disc not stabile,when it stabilizes It will be painfree then....
  181. Discgram October 12th
  182. How do you work with constant pain?
  183. rhizotomy for SIJ dysfunction?
  184. popping after fusion
  185. chiropractice? a lods of crap? or life saver
  186. Hockeygirl -How are you?
  187. The pain is bad and so is my Dr.!! 31/2mo. after fusion
  188. sciatica diagnosis & treatment
  189. hardware removal
  190. spinal hemangioma
  191. TENS unit
  192. Opinions Anyone?
  193. sacralization of the 5th lumbar
  194. I'm fusing!!!!! Best news possible today!
  195. Hello My Fusion Buddies --latest Dr Visit
  196. third doctor?
  197. Massage for pain?
  198. ddd and disc height loss
  199. ddd and disc height loss
  200. 2nd surgery coming up to remove the screws and rods
  201. Shawley - Bone Growth Stimulator
  202. Harrington rods removed
  203. Lots of back probs
  204. Leg and back pain continue
  205. Ill-fitting brace?
  206. Frozen leg?
  207. Spinal cord stimulator from advanced bionics?
  208. Twisted Pelvis with back pain
  209. San Diego area Lazer back/neck surgery? Anyone know a surgeon? Or L.A/Orange County
  210. How Much Medication, Is Too Much Medication?
  211. Neurontin Question
  212. Need advice quickly please - Surgery on Thursday and I have a bad cold!
  213. Low Back Pain, what is my cause?
  214. Need to vent about my stupidity!
  215. Piriformis syndrome?
  216. Back pain and pregnancy
  217. degenerative disk disease
  218. New Here Desperately Seeking Help !
  219. Does anybody know.....
  220. Laminectomy
  221. My boyfriend's saga continues..
  222. worried about the future
  223. I want to go do a little target shooting tomorrow
  224. MRI Results Help
  225. Low back pain considering surgery
  226. 2 weeks post op
  227. MRI question
  228. Spinal Stenosis and prolotheraphy
  229. Post Micro-Disksectomy 2weeks
  230. Not Fusing
  231. questions for shoreline
  232. Lyrica
  233. A Heartfelt Thank You.........
  234. buzzing down my back
  235. X-ray shows L4-L5 gettin a little thin but...
  236. tell me I'm doing the right thing
  237. I want to Say Hello....
  238. help !!! left paracentral disc prolapse
  239. 1 week away from surgery, 360 - 4th back surgery in 2 years...terrified for this one!
  240. looking for 2 level spinal fusion surgery info
  241. Torso Crooked After Back Injury. Please Help!!
  242. Back from surgery, now just hurting
  243. I Have Questions about Two Level Lumbar Fusion
  244. Anti-Inflam. diet and msm?
  245. Scared about tomorrows appointment
  246. Getting directly admitted to the hospital!
  247. Spinal Stimulator Questions
  248. has anyone ever had a 360 fusion more than once?
  249. Post-Fusion: Is Pain-Free A Possibility?
  250. 2nd Surgery 2 weeks away - It's way bigger than the first one = SCARED!

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