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  1. New ortho or Neuro doctor in Philly area!!
  2. Needing Help
  3. Pain, Pain and more pain
  4. Pain, Pain and more pain
  5. Can anyone help me figure out what this means??
  6. MRI within normal
  7. Help with MRI results please
  8. Saw my consultant today!
  9. Lower back pain, practically constant. Help?
  10. post discography and decompression follow up!
  11. Where are you finding docs to do level III fusion?
  12. Anyone Get Groin Pain?
  13. Lower back aches. Diagonses show nothing. Help?
  14. Positive effects Of Lyrica
  15. Going for an MRI tomorrow???
  16. 25 yr. old Daughter to have a 3 level fusion
  17. Driving after surgery??
  18. Exasperated
  19. Does Morphine work for everyone?
  20. Pain worse this weekend
  21. You guys are scaring me!!!
  22. catscan/mylogram
  23. Facing ACDF in the neck
  24. Has anyone had success with prolotherapy treatment?
  25. Compression Fracture
  26. To any that have had lumbar surgery - Is this normal?
  27. Terrible pain in upper back
  28. sciatic pain and discogram
  29. Female question about surgery
  30. Burning pain
  31. Take a moment. Help. Pain never controlled.
  32. Spinal Fusion ID Card?
  33. Anyone get pain at the middle of your back!!
  34. Is this normal recovery for 3 level fusion
  35. Is this normal recovery for 3 level fusion
  36. 360 PLIF - does this sound about right?
  37. Personal question for women who have had SI Injection
  38. Thankful for this board
  39. Popping SI Joints?
  40. Does Morphine make you sleepy?:yawn:
  41. Lower Back Pain
  42. Can fusion disappear years later?
  43. depressed
  44. L4-S1 fusion scheduled 12-5
  45. need help finding a pain management doctor
  46. Happy Thanksgiving To All!!
  47. what next?
  48. Discograph and decompression
  49. Thank You !!!
  50. What Happens If You Can't/won't Fuse
  51. Feedback please! Back, leg, arm pain...
  52. BMP? Anybody have thoughts good or bad?
  53. Surgery or exercise for bad back debated in study
  54. Life: 1 year after PLIF L5-S1
  55. Saw Specialist
  56. Desperate; looking for guidance & support...
  57. Chronic Back Problems 6-7 yrs - Looking for Advice
  58. Need some suggestions on where to turn next
  59. Hey Tammy! are you out there?
  60. 5 Months Out Of Surgery!! Pain Again?
  61. Questions for people with spinal stenosis
  62. Can anyone help me please.
  63. I'm not a whiner, but . . .
  64. Back brace
  65. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
  66. verifying pedicle screw placement
  67. Healing Back Pain -- John Sarno, MD
  68. Post-Op Microdiscectomy Surgery Update
  69. Pain meds: kind and dosages/ Questions for postop visit
  70. Intense Pain without wearing brace
  71. Can Bulging discs go back into place?
  72. Back pain Doc in Ohio
  73. Having a downer!
  74. Does anyone else seem to be getting anxiety??
  75. Cervial Spine Imjury Symptoms?
  76. HELP!! Terrible lower back pain, chronic
  77. Spinal Fusion Surgery and Laminectomy
  78. Does a disc heal or still show up the same way years later?
  79. Curious about physical restrictions post recovery? (FUSION)
  80. Why was my post op instructions so differant??
  81. Back & sciatica
  82. Had 2nd opinion
  83. chiropractors
  84. When you go for a 2nd opinion questions
  85. Help! Stenum hospital
  86. mid spinal pain
  87. surgery Monday
  88. 6 week micro D Fluid Sac and Lyrica Question
  89. Pain medication request
  90. Back pain starting from neck
  91. need feedback on discogram
  92. help decipher my mri's
  93. cervical DDD question (neck pain)
  94. MRI results: Any Help in Interpreting is Appreciated
  95. Scar tissue?
  96. schmorls node pain
  97. GOOD NEWS for anyone with L5/S1 problems
  98. Off for my Steroid injection YEA !!!!
  99. Thigh pains when sitting
  100. Hygiene Question
  101. Chebird and Zeroman!!!
  102. Thank you for your responses!
  103. Hi I am a newbie
  104. Disk Bulges/Degeneration, EMG, SI Joint Injection
  105. 2nd opinion way different then first diagnosis
  106. New pain, now in groin area
  107. Nerve Damage?
  108. Pelvic pain and fusion surgery
  109. 9 months after microdiskectomy and getting worst
  110. 9 months after microdiskectomy and getting worst
  111. MRI: Can Somebody Help Me Interpret??
  112. I think I need surgery .. AGAIN!!
  113. After years pain is changing
  114. Fusion and NSAID'S
  115. RF frequency 9 hrs away, have question
  116. L5-S1 Fusion coming on Dec 6
  117. where do I go from here
  118. UPDATE - Good and Unknowns
  119. Fellow Fusion Patients Please Help
  120. Home from Surgery
  121. spinal stenosis w/ muscle spasms
  122. Fusion technique.. which is best?
  123. Help! Need NYC/Long Island surgeon
  124. Knee Jerk relflex is gone now
  125. Referral for discogram?
  126. medecine for pain?
  127. 2 weeks post op - Please help me figure this one out.
  128. Suzy-Q Report- Some Good, Some ...Not So Good
  129. Lower back pain, help!
  130. thoracic fusion T5-T8 3 weeks ago-Numbness????
  131. pars injections? spondylolysis
  132. sciatic pain in knee?
  133. Surgery (microdiscectomy) this Friday and I'm so anxious and have so many concerns!!!
  134. Fear and Loathing in Charlotte...
  135. Electrostem therapy L3 L5
  136. Question about pain post 2nd Micro D - How long?
  137. True? or False?
  138. Back pain and burning in my thighs!!!!
  139. I got Botox injections and my Dr. thinks I'm having a systemic reaction!!!
  140. UPDATE!! Not happy w/ MRI results!
  141. Technomom, did you work?
  142. I wonder!!!
  143. Numbness in my foot with a weak ankle
  144. Sage48 any change?
  145. Treatment By Chiropractor..Need Opinions Please
  146. Scheduled for L5/S1 fusion
  147. Developing chronic neck pain due to DDD? age 19
  148. What can this be?
  149. ARTHRITIS in lower back
  150. Any One Heard Of Extra Vertebra In Back
  151. acupuncture for me? opinions PLEASE
  152. 6 week appt and good news!
  153. Can't Get No Relief
  154. Ankylosing Spondylitis
  155. Upper Back Pain! Please help me!
  156. Hurt in Rehab
  157. right side of middle back and buttocks pain
  158. What could this be?
  159. Arthritis in my back?
  160. Frustrated and not sure what to do...
  161. kdk819, good luck tomorrow!
  162. disc pain
  163. Im So Ticked Off
  164. I'm squeaking. Does anyone else?
  165. Why is this taking so long?
  166. Selective Nerve Root Injection Question
  167. Mri Report
  168. advice?? slipped disc and inactivity
  169. Help! Surgery caused permanent nerve damage -- should I sue?
  170. Idet
  171. sacroiliac strain, pain
  172. Cervical disks causing ear noise?
  173. A Left Back Problem Also Affecting My Left Neck And Left Forehead?
  174. to prodisc or not?
  175. Update - CT Scan Scheduled
  176. Large-Chested Women
  177. Discogram
  178. Failed Lumbar Fusion - Suggestions please?!?!?!
  179. Advice on glute pain please
  180. Is this pain a good thing?
  181. joint problem T7/T8
  182. what are the options for l5-s1 disc extrusion?
  183. Newbie-2 months out of fusion on L5 S1
  184. Update on my daughter
  185. mri???????????
  186. what do you think of this?
  187. I am scared, My legs both freeze up, can't move
  188. posterior and anterior fusion surgery
  189. PLIF 11/8 When do you get fitted for brace?
  190. Lower back wants to pull to left?
  191. Need some advice - laminectomy discectomy
  192. please help with mri results
  193. Had Scs Trail
  194. Bottom of foot burning?
  195. Home sweet home!!! Had surgery on 10/27, 10 hours long...
  196. A question for everybody who has had any type of back surgery
  197. Post Surgery Surgical Support Hose?
  198. artificial discs?
  199. good news.. fusion started at 4 months
  200. 2 spinal cord stimulators?Won't give pain meds
  201. Loss of confidence
  202. Lingering back pain
  203. Microdiscectomy w/out ever needding a fusion, forever?
  204. 8 months post op
  205. L4/L5 Post Op - MADE IT!
  206. Caudal injection - anyone get relief? HELP!
  207. Spinal arthritis?
  208. My llooonnggg sorry history - sorry
  209. Problems After Epidural
  210. Starting PT after TLIF....
  211. Hi everyone This is TroubleL3-L5.
  212. Possible Failed Fusion - "Terrifed"
  213. Can Anyone Help Me Read My Mri
  214. Help! Questions regarding my pain
  215. Disc pain or facet joint syndrome?
  216. Steroid Injection
  217. fusion of lower back
  218. what is this
  219. sacroilitis
  220. Dr. visit update
  221. Hey Guys... update for you
  222. As good as it gets?
  223. Epidural question
  224. Back/Chest Pain..What's wrong with me????
  225. Anyone here had Laparoscopic ALIF for L5/S1?
  226. Newby in search of an answer
  227. L5-S1 PLIF day is nearing!
  228. Your Opinion On My Xray's
  229. What is this burning?
  230. Questions about my MRI
  231. Question about pain med
  232. epidural/S1 spinal stenosis (hello Justoneofus)
  233. Prolapsed disc ?
  234. Doctor's Recommendations-2nd option-Spinal Cord Stimulator
  235. Big Bump at Top of Scar....
  236. still worried about the numbness
  237. help me understand this mri report
  238. back pain
  239. Help Please-laminectomy/perm Scs Implant On 11/13
  240. Update
  241. Arthrotek... Does it help?
  242. orthopedic surgeon vs neurosurgeon
  243. new here and need help... please!!!!!
  244. Someone please help
  245. New and 2nd lumbar fusion scheduled
  246. removed the hardware 3 days ago
  247. A year after surgery question about falling
  248. Daughter with spondylothesis
  249. Whole back disc degeneration
  250. Epidural

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