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  1. Dr. Apptoint with neurosurgeon
  2. Nerve pain
  3. Sleeping on a Chair since surgery 1997
  4. Rheumatologist for spinal stenosis
  5. Activity after fusion
  6. hospitalized for back spasms
  7. Post Fusion Update - Got My CT and Myelogram Results
  8. Sciatic Pain Post-op
  9. help
  10. Frustrated & Upset
  11. Obeying vs Not Obeying Orders for Post Op Spinal Fusion
  12. EMG/Spinal stenosis
  13. Disk space: Standing vs. Laying Down?
  14. Is this related to my back
  15. Could it be diskogenic pain?
  16. nerorsurgeons for jersey area
  17. pain between shoulder blade!!
  18. Degenerative disc desease
  19. Orthopedic surgeon vs Neurosureon
  20. Numbness after fusion?
  21. Degenerative lumbar spine??
  22. How long to not lift?
  23. spine post op, pain meds, and memory
  24. lower back pain and leg pain
  25. lower back pain and leg pain
  26. Dr. appt....second opinion
  27. PT help
  28. The Transdiscal system?
  29. How can you tell?
  30. I'm going to try therapy for my l4-5 problem
  31. What happens if you don't fuse??
  32. Classification of surgery
  33. Posture Correction (Driving and Computer Use)
  34. Emg?
  35. Upper back pain
  36. Has anyone got pregnant after fusion?
  37. Pinched Nerve
  38. Looking for spine specialist in Georgia
  39. Starting to hurt really bad!!!!! Fusion 8/15
  40. Scoliosis & Electrical Stimulation Treatment
  41. Omg
  42. update on Dr. appt.
  43. Facet injection; side effect?
  44. Question about lumbar fusion
  45. Pains in Back While Breathing
  46. update
  47. Back Pain
  48. Something I have never understood about discograms...
  49. Experienced surgeon?
  50. stretch for pinched nerve
  51. Epidural Injections
  52. L5 S1 Disc o-gram
  53. ESI for Scar Tissue
  54. New Member
  55. Vist to Dr
  56. Pain after Microdiscectomy
  57. X Stop Lumbar back implant(minimal invasive)
  58. confused and mad now what??
  59. Discogram
  60. How Long To Fuse?
  61. Arthur Phair Track record
  62. Hate to Complain
  63. Radio Frequency Ablation
  64. had Rhizotomy today--need recovery tips
  65. I am having new pain I never had before...
  66. Numbness in thigh
  67. S I joint issues and questions
  68. Please help with MRI results
  69. Spine Injections info please
  70. medical clearance for discogram?
  71. my back?
  72. Where should I turn to?
  73. doctor's appointment
  74. upcoming disectomy - worried
  75. Post-Op bloating How Long Does It Last?
  76. discectomy post surgical numbness in leg
  77. Deep back/leg aches after lami?
  78. MRI report of lumbar spine
  79. how long after surgery, was bandage removed?
  80. New pain after surgery
  81. Valley fever
  82. been a month or so - wanted to update after Epidural
  83. Breast Pain/Spinal Fusion
  84. Scar Tissue.. Now what?
  85. Need Help
  86. SCS (Spinal Cord Stimulator)
  87. second fusion
  88. Has anyone had a lumbar spinal fusion?
  89. Mysterious low back pain+sciatica
  90. Please, Advice Needed.
  91. How much walking should I be doing?
  92. Looking for a doctor
  93. Tail bone pain after L5-S1 fusion
  94. Hey Tammy hows it going??
  95. 4 weeks post op PLIF
  96. Worried and frustrated about post op sciatica
  97. back problems causing leg cramps?
  98. swelling at base of skull
  99. Post Fusion - And the pain jumps from place to place...
  100. Have 6 Lumbar Vertebrae, Need Help
  101. Why an MRI with contrast?
  102. does anyone else have this ongoing pain??
  103. Here I go again
  104. second fusion
  105. Best anti-inflammatory?
  106. Back Brace???
  107. Reflections after Lumbar surgery
  108. decompression surgery for spinal stenosis..I have decided.
  109. PT at 4 weeks-anyone else???
  110. I have no idea what to do
  111. Laminectomy L4-L5
  112. 4 weeks;fusion...ALMOST SCARED IV
  113. lower back surgery
  114. Fentanyl Transdermal System Patch
  115. Darned If You Do Darned If You Don"t
  116. Am I Disabled?
  117. Maverick ADR
  118. Degenerative Disc Disease
  119. Flunked my pre-op!
  120. For those considering surgery
  121. Is Fusion without Discogram normal-New Need advise Please...
  122. Can hardly move -- Can somebody help me??
  123. Help with MRI report
  124. 4 days post epidural steriod injection
  125. Two Surgeries and one Epidural ...
  126. piriformis muscle trouble
  127. Sciatica question...
  128. I want this sorted....
  129. post op ADR??????
  130. Back relief, Doans pills, magnesium ...
  131. 4 months post op and pain is back...
  132. 8 Weeks Post - Revision Fusion Update
  133. Any help? Lower back pain just while walking
  134. Needing to make a decision about work and I really need advice.
  135. decompression surgery almost 2 years after fusion
  136. 4 weeks post op-catching up! Good News!
  137. 19 yr. old son rear ended this morning
  138. IME what a joke
  139. I now have a schmorl's node....Help Please
  140. Any good news out there re: surgery?
  141. what is a nerve block?
  142. is a myleogram more detail than a mri
  143. is a myleogram more detail than a mri
  144. There is life after fusion!
  145. help with reading mri results
  146. Any advice on Inversion tables?
  147. Question about fusion
  148. Need advice. Has anyone every had this?
  149. Fusion Question
  150. Coccyx pain and more
  151. How Do You Know What To Do?
  152. More cervical stuff
  153. I was suppose to call and set up appt. for myleogram today but I chickened out...
  154. No fusion
  155. If you suffer from a lumbar region incident..
  156. Spondylolisthesis help!!
  157. Piriformis injections
  158. epidural/drinking
  159. Verdict In
  160. Pain in the back after throwing a football
  161. how long would lumbar fusion recovery be
  162. Hmm....
  163. Anyone had their Dr. suggest hardware removal for pain releif?
  164. leaving hardware as it is?
  165. No Evidence of fusion after 8 months.
  166. MRI results
  167. After a microdiscectomy ?
  168. C-6 & 7 fusion 4 months ago, still pain
  169. Just had L5/S1 fusion: Keep sweating at night
  170. WantoWork Reply about discogram/epidural
  171. had discogram now told i need fusion
  172. To fuse or not to fuse
  173. Daughter - 10 yrs old - just diagnosed with scoliosis
  174. Twitching & Baseline monitoring test
  175. Waking up with a stiff back
  176. Support for JBravo 223
  177. degenerated disc grade 4???
  178. I have an appt. with my original spine surgeon today ...
  179. Does anyone have this???
  180. Back Pain Linked to Nerve Damage?
  181. Looks Like Surgery
  182. myelogram vs discogram (discography)
  183. myelogram vs discogram (discography)
  184. Pain so so bad... Is it causing Panic Attacks??
  185. I am disgruntled
  186. Post-fusion/laminectomy Nerve Issues
  187. 120+ visits on DRX9000 now thinking about Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression
  188. MRI help reading
  189. CT update good & bad
  190. How do you get back up when you gotta go?
  191. Myelomalacia
  192. Need Help In Understanding MRI Reading Please...?
  193. 14 days post op, L4L5 fusion report & tips
  194. Lyrica for sciatic pain?
  195. Curling toes anyone?
  196. Severe leg cramps post surgery
  197. Help with decisions....need your advice
  198. new here and new some help for my husband please!!!!!
  199. Treadmill after fusion surgery???
  200. Which is worse?
  201. Pain at Back @ Night
  202. a question concerning my 1st MRI reading..
  203. Question about laminectomy pain
  204. Praise God for great three week check up!
  205. 6 months post op and in pain
  206. Lilyhoff - pedicure question !!
  207. Need Advice. Went in for discectomy but had laminectomy?
  208. Feeling Hurt - was Have you Ever?
  209. Do You Ever....
  210. I have moderate scheurmann's kyphosis - anyone else?
  211. Disc bulge. how I should plan the future course of exercise and treatment?
  212. lumbar ludinectony
  213. anyone Artificial Charite disc complications
  214. The Luklinski Clinic ... Urgent
  215. Hump on back
  216. PLIF L4-5 on July 24th
  217. Need info
  218. Has anyone ever experienced the following?
  219. Can't wait to have this sugery...the pain is real bad now!!!
  220. Anyone had lumbar fusion with both anterior and posterior incisions?
  221. Using Stairs After Laminectomy Surgery
  222. new here- looking for info
  223. artificial disc complications
  224. L5 S1 fusion ...from Italy
  225. Stand up MRI
  226. MRI Results and Next Steps
  227. numbness question
  228. do back spasms ever go away?
  229. Spondylosis with bilateral ....
  230. Any herbal remedies that help back pain??
  231. Post surgery constipation and straining
  232. Facet joint injection... guessing?
  233. Finally seeking treatment for very old injury; input appreciated
  234. numbness Please Help
  235. Back pain advice needed
  236. Feeling very frustrated
  237. Caudal ESI and more
  238. Orthopedic or Neurosurgeon for Fusion?
  239. Discogram scheduled Aug 11th 2006
  240. IUFan ADR Surgery
  241. Lbp
  242. Need advice. How do you get into bed and turnover without pain?
  243. post fusion questions L4 through S1
  244. Home from 3 month checkup, all is well!!
  245. Hardware removal and pain
  246. Have you heard of Sierra Sill????
  247. Constipation!!!!! Surgery was easier!!! Help!
  248. disc nucleoplasty questions
  249. Schmorl's nodes! I just picked up my old MRI report -- my doc never told me!
  250. question for TLSO brace users - after fusion

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