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  1. Finally seeing specialist
  2. New to the board
  3. Increased pain
  4. Neck pain changing sides????
  5. New problems...Great!
  6. Very dissappointed today
  7. Surgery postponed...again:(
  8. Off-Label Uses of BMP - QCook?
  9. My old post/any advice????/Post-op still almost 3 months
  10. Lower Back Pain
  11. looking for answers...can u help?
  12. Car Accident
  13. What is the price for a discectomy/fusion op?
  14. Much needed advice
  15. After Fusion Question - How do you wipe your butt?
  16. Fusion Post Op Questions
  17. New member - injured on the job, just got MRI results, not sure what to do next
  18. pain after fusion
  19. Surgery Friday
  20. nerve twitches?
  21. C 5-6 bulging disc with DDD
  22. Back very sore and tender but have done nothing to injure it
  23. mega ddd
  24. Happy Easter All!
  25. Help! I've done nothing and I can't get up!
  26. numbness
  27. Question about Short Term Disability -- Is it Taxable?
  28. Has everyone w/ fusion undergone pt post-op
  29. exercise program 4 months after spine fusion
  30. 6.5 months post 2nd discetomy ... couple questions for the experienced.
  31. Lower Back Pain on the left side
  32. Hoping your knowledge willhelp my undiagnosed back pain
  33. Anyone w/Tricare Standard who has had a spinal fusion?
  34. How Important is the Season In Planning Surgery?
  35. lower back pain should i go to the er
  36. need help...question about medical report
  37. Upper back pain
  38. Surgery consultation
  39. Nerve Damage ?
  40. Failed Back Syndrome/nerve pain/Lyrica
  41. I am soooooo ready...........
  42. restrictions after 2 level fusion
  43. Drx9000c
  45. very concerned
  46. Neat Pain Scale
  47. justification
  48. 2 level fusion a success....I think.
  49. John Hopkins Medical Center
  50. Anyone have a myelogram lately?
  51. Low back/hip pain - what is it???? Make it stop!
  52. Lower back
  53. Disc Removal w/ fussion
  54. need help with MRI report
  55. Finally!
  56. back pain with osteoporosis?
  57. Does This Sound Right To You?
  58. Sacral injury,causes swelling, causes cellulitis!
  59. surgery for DDD
  60. Prolotherapy
  61. pre-surgery questions
  62. Leg pain...what does yours feel like?
  63. smoking & fusion questions/help
  64. patch?
  65. Please tell me about steriod injections and the discogram
  66. I went for phisiotherapy last thursday?
  67. leg weakness
  68. Rheumy or Pain Mgt?
  69. Physical therapy after lumbar fusion
  70. Epidural - Should it be done?
  71. Assistance, please: disc-related or myofascial?
  72. starting over
  73. How Much Should Physio on the Back Hurt?
  74. Careers!
  75. I'm so fusterated
  76. lower back and neck pain
  77. spondy and yoga
  78. Has Your Back Injury Caused Falls or New Injuries?
  79. it's me again, Backslide -had to re-register
  80. Spinal fusion surgery and pregnancy?
  81. spondy. questions
  82. Quietcook are you out there??
  83. Need some advice & comfort for surgery:(
  84. Any connection Btween Lumbar Failed Fusion and Recurrent UTIs?
  85. Hi, new here--questions
  86. Locking or "sticking"???
  87. ???????
  88. Myelogram and Mri results..Help out there anyone?
  89. Leg Pain after Back Surgery
  90. are my symptoms from spondylothesis or legg calve perthes
  91. Another Post Op Lumbar Fusion ?
  92. Anyone?? LUMPS in back
  93. Back surgery and blood transfusion ! SAFE ???
  94. Mark on leg from compression hose
  95. Tummy Sleeper
  96. need help understanding
  97. Back Pain/Cause?
  98. Whats the deal with Scarring and therapy for Micro D recovery?
  99. Needing new Dr.
  100. ACDF in feb/06......help with questions please
  101. PLEASE-lumps in back
  102. Back pain and painful urination
  103. Freaking Out Again!!!!!
  104. Foot problems? What's next?
  105. Another question about meds
  106. Need Advice for dealing with doctors
  107. Desperately Seeking Haw'nCarl's Ice bag Recipe
  108. lower back pain?
  109. MRI Results came in. Please help
  110. Insurance and back surgery???
  111. Bad Posture Prevention with a Broken Back
  112. Back pain when sitting - What is it?
  113. 5 months post op appointment.
  114. How do you know when you're ready for surgery?
  115. Hi all......
  116. New Rx-methadone I've never used this before.
  117. Walking on an incline on the treadmill.
  118. Meds
  119. back pain = lymphoma?
  120. Back Pain????'s
  121. Medication question
  122. *Cost of fusion*
  123. pain management dr
  124. Drx 9000
  125. can anyone please help me
  126. Fusion post-op problems
  127. Back Pain
  128. terminology
  129. Am I crazy or is it possible to feel my hardware at times?
  130. Can you develop side effects after taking a med for several months ?
  131. Back problems for 5 years, now I'm having shoulder problems?
  132. Advice and thoughts, anyone???
  133. Diagnosis????
  134. I.R.E. After Fusion ( workers comp )
  135. These problems embarrass me, but I need to know cont.
  136. Neurotin Weight Gain
  137. Laser Surgery?
  138. Neurontin and wine
  139. Neurotin dosages
  140. Decompression or fusion?
  141. Back Pain / Leg Pain
  142. Wife's back pain
  143. 18 year old DDD problems
  144. Pre-Surgery Cold Feet... Please help
  145. Muscle Relaxers =/= Helping Pain?
  146. scoliosis surgery cost in USA
  147. Anyone have this?
  148. Countdown to TLIF ... Lots of Questions
  149. fusions of patients with auto-immune disorders ???
  150. Good afternoon Suzy Q and all
  151. does everyone have to go on nerve med post op??
  152. Dont understand the MRI report
  153. My Surgical Story .. and the aftermath ..
  154. Long term effects of Pain killers
  155. ? for lobnmom
  156. Lumbar fusion
  157. I need your opinions ...please help!
  158. Found pain relief, finally
  159. Facet Joint Syndrome
  160. can lumber bulging disc cause pain in my lower left abdomen
  161. Spinal cord stim problems
  162. Recent back injury
  163. Can't wear my shoes!!!!!!!!!!!1
  164. Back problems
  165. So really, what CAN be done for me?
  166. question..crawling feelings on upper back that hurt?
  167. ANYONE GOT OR HAD "cauda equina syndrome " WITHOUT COMPRESSION??
  168. Back after fusion.
  169. who's had a LAMINECTOMY?
  170. in pain and need advice
  171. tegretol
  172. has anyone been teated at Mayo clinic?
  173. Can back problems cause double vision/blurred vision?
  174. discogram
  175. FINALLY!!! Good news: I GOT SOME HELP! -- Question about med prescribed.
  176. Epidural steriod injection on lower back
  177. Maines syndrome????
  178. Bubbles on Spinal CT Scan... Any ideas?
  179. what about using a riding lawn mower?
  180. Sleep!!!
  181. Update for lfoster21 & SuzyQ
  182. stolen bone!!!!!
  183. Anyone know what this means??
  184. stretching after fusion
  185. Please Help Me
  186. Mylegram after fusion surgery?
  187. intense lower back pain
  188. BMP question
  189. Thees problems embarress me......But i need to know
  190. Sciatica nerve
  191. Exercise bikes
  192. What pain relief for my Mum?
  193. muscle spasms
  194. Not CES
  195. Looking for a light at end of tunnel
  196. HELP--3 different diagnosis
  197. PT for Spondylolisthesis
  198. Question for Suzy Q
  199. muscle atrophy
  200. Tingling in neck, shoulder and face
  201. Spine Specialist...can they do anything for u besides surgery?
  202. Do you feel bad about feeling good?
  203. Need help interpeting newest ct
  204. large lumps in back
  205. What to do? . . . What to do?
  206. The next step
  207. A wasted year!!
  208. [b]why Do We Get Muscle Cramps/tightness Post Op????[/b]
  209. Thinking about you, Suzy-Q
  210. Back pain and weather changes
  211. Exercise with SPONDYLOLISTHESIS
  212. Exercise with SPONDYLOLISTHESIS
  213. My neck
  214. going to see new doc.
  215. Transitional Vertebrae
  216. Dystonia anyone?
  217. Please some one help!!!!
  218. More studies to be done after my fusion surgery
  219. lumbar disecetomy
  220. How important is this? What do you think?
  221. back pain, hurts when i bend down
  222. Does anyone also experience groin pain?
  223. Types Of Spacers/cages ?
  224. BMP Questions for QCook and All
  225. Knee problems after Fusion?
  226. Pinched Nerve
  227. I need help interperting my MRI report
  228. A "Glitch" in my back!!! Need Advice
  229. back pain is starting to worry me
  230. How long to fuse/go back to work?
  231. Back X Rays in UK
  232. HELP excruciating tail bone/leg pain
  233. Middle of the back pain
  234. Please Help
  235. The flip side
  236. ESI inection and Spinal Headaches!
  237. Low back pain
  238. Lower Back Pain
  239. hardware removal thorasic
  240. Does anyone ask themselves, "Why me?"
  241. Ouch! What did I do?
  242. Can epidural injections cause synovial cysts?
  243. How long will I be out for a FUSION?
  244. Is my cart before my horse?
  245. Lower back pain moved to hips, doctor visit?
  246. Anyone suffer with there upper back????
  247. Cant sleep
  248. Cymbalta and nausea
  249. lfoster21 -when is your surgery?
  250. Has anyone ever experienced this ?

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