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  1. Charite Artificial disc Replacement
  2. Charite Artificial disc Replacement
  3. Feels like small voltage going thru my neck and upper back!
  4. Maverick disc and fusion anyone?
  5. Emg And Scared!!!!
  6. epidural injection question/swimmin'
  7. Medication
  8. Discogram
  9. Dynesys -- Flexible Rods Yea or Nay??
  10. Advice needed - Lower Back Pain
  11. Foot numbness after Fusion
  12. Here we go again !
  13. Pain, stiffness & clicking...
  14. Need feedback on discectomy.
  15. horseback riding with bum disks?
  16. Please give me some advice...!!
  17. Spinal fusion at L5-S1
  18. Back Pain from Accident
  19. Anyone heard of Osteoid Osteoma?
  20. What is a Bone Stimulater???
  21. lower back pain with leg pain
  22. TranS1 lumbar fusion?
  23. I heard a CRACK........now it hurts
  24. Vicodin AND Percocet ?
  25. What would you do?
  26. Lower back pain, please read
  27. Bone Stimulator?? How Long?
  28. Six days post fusion-I made it!
  29. Help w/ MRI report!!!
  30. My shoulder Blades Stick Out Please Help
  31. Had L4/5 Microdiscetomy suffering! Please Help
  32. RS Stimulator
  33. HELP! Goofing around & now can't sit up!
  34. please read update re: many problems need advice
  35. Lower back pain in a teenager?
  36. Question concerning recent back/hip pain..
  37. What a week.
  38. seeing a chiro
  39. back and lower stomach pain
  40. Back Pain After Surgery
  41. Questions before surgery
  42. I LOVE my doc!!
  43. how long for pain meds (3 weeks post op)
  44. I Think I Over Did It
  45. will strength and feeling come back to my legs?
  46. Fusion and arthritis medicine
  47. Methadose side effect - HELP!
  48. So.....another dancer gone down
  49. Scar Tissue formation?
  50. Is spondylolisthesis harder to fuse ?
  51. Car Traveling-Need Advice Please...
  52. CT Scan post laminectomy/fusion...HELP
  53. Dynesys anyone know anymore information
  54. Lower back pain after giving birth
  55. MS Contin Side effect question!
  56. SLIMFISH PLEASE ANSWER or anyone that has similar situation
  57. Well...Update on my pain center visit not so good
  58. spider
  59. 5 months post op and very stiff
  60. ProdISC -- what Dr's are now doing the surgery?
  61. Spondylolisthesis 85% grade 4
  62. foot reflex
  63. question????
  64. Post Op Fusion Good News
  65. Bome simulator
  66. after fusion feet swelling
  67. Tomorrow Is The Big Day...any last words???
  68. Adominal pain on left side after back surgery
  69. Had successful spinal fusion in 2000 if anyone has a question I sure have been there
  70. Discogram
  71. need info on what on diagnosis please?????
  72. Torn L4L5 and DDD at L5S1
  73. Lump on right side near spine 9-10 months after spine fusion T10-L1.
  74. Back to work and very tired!!
  75. Post Op Pressure
  76. Tests - MRI
  77. Back Pain And Depression
  78. The Terrible Back Brace
  79. Lower-back pain each time after running..Help me please
  80. radio frequency ablation
  81. lowback,right hip and leg pain
  82. possible siatica?
  83. shoulder blade/back/arm pain....
  84. Questions about recuperating after lumbar fusion
  85. Finally recieved SSD back pay
  86. Mpnst
  87. Post Laminectomy w Fusion Leg Pain
  88. Discogram
  89. ugh... constant pain!
  90. Spinal Fusion Vs Disc Replacement Questions
  91. Fusion Question (and two others)
  92. Stomach pain from NSAIDs, what should I take instead?
  93. Piriformis muscle pain
  94. Help for Severe Back and Neck Spasms?
  95. help - pain after massage
  96. still in much pain
  97. Does this mean there wa a stuff up in my disc replacement????
  98. pressure l5 area any advice?
  99. one week after surgery L5S1 Fusion
  100. I Need More Help!
  101. Spondolylosis Stories?
  102. Update after failed thorasic facet injections
  103. results of lower back x-ray
  104. Back from surgery ,the Dura sleeve is on
  105. Post Op Lumbar Fusion Nerve Issues
  106. Sacroiliac Joint pain
  107. 24yr old male with two-level microdiscectomy....HELP!
  108. osteoporosis and L4/L5 disc degeneration?
  109. 3 Level Lumbar Fusion - Need Info And Help
  110. Pain in the Hip Wallet Area what could it be
  111. I dont know what else to do
  112. Just done my L5/S1 fusion!!!!
  113. How Long Was Your Hospital Stay?
  114. ALIF Fusion 5 weeks ago and still in pain
  115. Re: Can Thecal Sac Problem Lead To Paralysis?
  116. Cracked L5
  117. thoracic/neck pain - need some input
  118. Question for Sage48
  119. back pain and swelling after fall from horse
  120. More Post Op Symptoms
  121. Back problems years after fusion
  122. New Member-Surgery Success Story
  123. ankle now swollen???????
  124. Can you help me with my MRI results??
  125. Headaches from Back or neck problems?
  126. Suzy-Q and Post Fusion Update
  127. Questions On Post Op Activity
  128. Surgery tomorrow!
  129. Dyeness
  130. Mama KitKat Question about bed?
  131. Questions To Ask A Spine Specialist
  132. Can back pain cause bowel probs???
  133. Lower back problems causing leg pain?
  134. How did/do you decide whether to have surgery? What surgery has good outcomes?
  135. Ohhhhh the pain!!!!
  136. Supplements for fusion ???
  137. Question for those who bent or broke fusion hardware?
  138. What should I do?
  139. 5 Weeks Fusion
  140. After Fusion Question - How long before sex ???
  141. Info. for Rushtonbear
  142. What did I do wrong?
  143. Incision Scars & A Breast Pump?
  144. Could I have messed up my fusion doing this?
  145. Entire foot numbness and Hip dysfunction
  146. Post Op Occupation Query
  147. Neutronin?
  148. Sacroiliac joint pain anyone??
  149. NEW injections...
  150. Fusion of L4 on June 16th.
  151. 2+ weeks post surgery
  152. What type of surgeon is best? Ortho spine or neuro & how do you deal with emotions
  153. workouts
  154. nicotine and tobacco vs. smoking
  155. Info on Hardware Removal??
  156. Anyone ever...
  157. I have copy of MRI report-need help with interpreting it
  158. can't take enclosed MRI
  159. 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE III
  160. Many Problems Need advice
  161. Reset RS-4i Unit
  162. Foot problems and fusions
  163. 3 weeks post op Lamnaectomy still with pain
  164. back pain and numbness
  165. My Husband is so aggravated...
  166. need advise for back pain
  167. Problems w/ getting a refill from family Dr.
  168. A prayer before your surgery
  169. I am so sad....pain is worst and I don't know what to do anymore!
  170. Upper outer left calf pain
  171. another new comer here L4/L5 s1
  172. fusion and foot pain, is there a connection?
  173. Titanium Patch Test?
  174. Quick Neurontin Question
  175. Plif L4-l5
  176. how far did you walk 2 weeks post op?
  177. Spine Surgery and Lupus
  178. Disappointed.
  179. Right Leg Pain - Post Lumbar Fusion
  180. What are the consequences of not having surgery?
  181. Is This Considered "Pins & Needles"??
  182. L4/L5-L5/S1 July 19th
  183. Surgey July 10. And w/c
  184. pain while sitting, any suggestion for pain control
  185. I Feel Like Such A Failure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  186. Swelling
  187. trip to grocery and lots of pain??
  188. Motion/Upright/Standing MRI
  189. Physical Therapy/Permanent Restrictions
  190. My friend hurt her back playing softball...
  191. anterior posterior lumbar decompression and Fusion L5s1
  192. Pain in Spine While Breathing
  193. SSD Approved!!!!!!!!!
  194. New Here/Recent Fusion
  195. SI injections
  196. what have I NOT done?
  197. Human Again
  198. I just don't get it...
  199. lower back pain and taking Arthotec 75
  200. 18 and back hurts after working
  201. After Fusion Question - How long do your use a brace???
  202. Post Fusion and XRAYS
  203. Did a little raking, boy am I sorry now!
  204. 4 Weeks Post Fusion
  205. Foot numbness and possibilities of reversal
  206. Hmmm, this has got me thinking?
  207. spimal cord stimulator
  208. Stenosis and Vitamin D deficiency have something in common
  209. cancer head is back from fusion surgery L4-S1
  210. Can LIPITOR cause back problems
  211. Quietcook Motor Nerve
  212. DRX 9000 long term effects
  213. New Member - my story
  214. Suzy-Q Home from Boston and Have I got Some Stories For You!
  215. Im really not sure what I have..
  216. Thoracic back pain and benign vertebral hemangioma
  217. Scrotal problems
  218. Rollover Car Accident 1 1/2 years ago, still in pain. HELP.
  219. new...L1, L2, and S1 slightly bulged.....L3 and L4 bulged pretty bad...just lost here
  220. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis in My 30's
  221. Shoes after Surgery
  222. work comp question
  223. 9 weeks post op and worried
  224. Question about sleeping after fusion...
  225. anyone here have surgery for LUMBAR SPINAL STENOSIS ???
  226. Stenosis Surgery
  227. CT Myelogram ?s
  228. Hey Tammy, burning the midnight oil???
  229. Back Pain
  230. A Screw Loose??
  231. Anyone taking Lyrica
  232. Foraminectomy L4-5 Please Read and HELP
  233. Thoracic Pain--What to do?
  234. ME AGAIN--forgot another question!!!
  235. After years of back pain--surgery--is it too late??
  236. Questions re. multiple failed fusions
  237. Questions about EMG?
  238. Non-surgical treatment?
  239. Muscular pain
  240. S1 Joint Disfunction?
  241. Post Fusion Myelogram and CT Scan Report - What does this all mean?
  242. Anyone know what foot drop is?
  243. Sick & tired of my back
  244. Blood around spine?
  245. Yeah! 1 year post op appt.
  246. Facet Injections
  247. Hellllp!
  248. Recieved Disability Approval Yesterday !!!
  249. I always have backpain
  250. Completely lost....

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