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  1. Spinal Fusion NEXT WEEK!
  2. Well. Wish me luck.
  3. muscle spasms in lower back....
  4. june 22 fusion
  5. New Here.. Had Question About Mri
  6. Pre-op tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Starting to get scared
  7. I'm starting to chicken out of surgery
  8. My experience with sciatica
  9. Pressure after fusion??
  10. erector spinae stretches?
  11. anyone with new fusion within the last month or so?
  12. I think i pulled a muscle but....
  13. Leg Cramps
  14. DDD problems, working out?
  15. Dent in lower back
  16. lower back pain numnbess
  17. what can I do about this?
  18. back muscles weakness
  19. surgery report, and other questions
  20. What causes a *failed fusion*?
  21. Fusion and weight gain or loss?
  22. What should I say to the doctor!
  23. What to say to my doctor
  24. need advice please
  25. Tammy, Sheri, Schragie, Lorie, Suzy-Q and anyone I may have missed: How are you?
  26. More good news!
  27. nerve hit during myelogram, help?
  28. ok this may be a dumb question
  29. needing another back surgery for a failed lumber fusion
  30. Types of Spinal Fusion
  31. Just home from hospital
  32. I'm having a diskography done on 6/12/06
  33. Getting ready for fusion, need advice!!
  34. Help Leg Discoloration after Fusion
  35. Where to go from here
  36. causes lumbar straightening?
  37. Help for contesting workman's comp./IME findings.
  38. HELP!!! leg problems
  39. After Fusion Question - Do you still have nerve pain?
  40. Just so as not to have to hijack someone else's thread...
  41. beware, long-winded... but input appreciated.
  42. KT41577- One year update- TLIF!
  43. Sympathetic Block and RSD
  44. medial branch block sedation?
  45. Good news update!!
  46. Will PT really help?
  47. discogram Pain?
  48. New Symptom after L5S1 Fusion
  49. Spondylolthesis & Hard Lump On Spine
  50. MRI results: Is this normal?
  51. Constant Hip Pain
  52. wondering about injections
  53. super duper back pain
  54. tell me why
  55. IDET for L4,L5 and S1
  56. Nerve in Back ? ?
  57. Joint and tendo pain, back pain
  58. Steroid injections could cause diabetes?
  59. Post fusion and worried??
  60. Back's hurting
  61. Back just weak?
  62. Over 2o Trigger Point Injections!!!!!
  63. Been Inactive Since 02 , Where Do I Start?
  64. SO scared!!
  65. TENS Unit
  66. Mysterious back pain
  67. Hump on upper back neck area... anybody have?
  68. Name of the nerve chart?
  69. Radiofrequency Lesioning
  70. To drive or not to drive?
  71. Ladies.....Have You Ever Noticed If "That Time Of The Month" Has Affected Your Pain??
  72. New here..Have intense lower back pain..
  73. Post Fusion and driving is killing me!
  74. Charite Disc Replacement
  75. post op nerve pain
  76. Another Case of Ultram Withdrawal Problems
  77. Sciatica? Four months, is this possible?
  78. Spinal Fusion Surgery in July
  79. Back problem or spinal problem
  80. MRI Results Of Neck
  81. Injections
  82. Need Advice from fellow PLIF folks !!!
  83. Lumbar and Cervical Problems?
  84. pulled neck muscle
  85. Dynesys outcomes, please??
  86. Reason for pains...
  87. At Wit's End
  88. The Dirty Chiropractor Place
  89. Microdiscectomy / Open Discectomy
  90. Pain when I lie down.
  91. shaky hands
  92. Ibuprofen/Vicodin/Soma - Questions
  93. Thorasic Back Pain for 10+ Months, Doctors not helping
  94. laminectomy recovery questions
  95. 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE II
  96. taking out instrumentation/more fusion?
  97. Trust your gut
  98. New device to protect dura from scar tissue
  99. post ALIF surgery
  100. What are readings of my MRI ?
  101. Update from: toe pain stopped, more serious problem
  102. help?
  103. To all those waiting for fusions
  104. Post Fusion Surgery
  105. Long-lasting muscle spasm/tightness???
  106. 4 Weeks Fusion Chapter 3: The saga continues
  107. Need help understnading MRI results
  108. Mixed symptoms still no answer
  109. Finally! But what does it mean?
  110. I need to know if this happened to anyone
  111. After Fusion Question - How long do you sit ?
  112. Fusion Surgery #2 here I come - ugggghhh
  113. Home From Fusion Surgery
  114. Went for pre op yesterday
  115. Possible Teres (upper back) injury... question.
  116. Infection from shot??
  117. back ache, tingly hands weakness! HELP :(
  118. Back pain and tingling
  119. Toe pain stopped, maybe more serious problem occurring.
  120. New treatment for back pain
  121. I finally Fired my Dr after almost 2 years
  122. Breathing issues due to Back????
  123. Another epidural thread
  124. Ever had spinal stenosis surgery??
  125. C5-C6, C8-T1 radiculopathy - Scar tissue after fusion L5-S1.Lami l4-5
  126. Spinal Stenosis or Fusion?
  127. Reduce MRI costs
  128. Bulging Disc L4-L5
  129. One Neurontin Experience
  130. can back problems cause sharp HEEL Pain in foot
  131. hi everyone, been back in hospital again..!!
  132. couple questions please
  133. Work Comp IME Dr's vs Every other Dr I've seen
  134. Back pain on my side???
  135. Leg Pain After 3 months fusion
  136. Having new pain, need some input please.
  137. Can walking do more damage than good?
  138. Myelogram over.....
  139. I may have a serious problem. Help!!
  140. put on weight due to spine injury
  141. epidural
  142. WHat does this mean?
  143. Complete Cervical,Thoracic, and Lumbar Spinal Fusion
  144. Can Someone Provide Information
  145. Back brace for 3 months?
  146. Harrington rods removed after 14 years?!?!
  147. what do these symptoms mean?
  148. One year post op; Doing well
  149. Has anyone Ever had scar tissue removed from back ?
  150. How long????
  151. Four months post op fusion/update
  152. Hope we can get to the bottom of this...
  153. could a ankle make a person back act up
  154. Lower back problems
  155. Neurontin and diarreha
  156. After Fusion Question - Is it okay to squat to pick something up ???
  157. Failed Fusion (L-4, L-5)
  158. Working with Prolapsed Disc (Advice Needed)
  159. Upper Back Pain
  160. Dynesis (Dynamic Stablization)
  161. Hi...
  162. back and leg pain
  163. ?? Fusion ??
  164. Having a BAD day, mood wise that is.
  165. clothes and weather while recuperating
  166. raised toilet seat question
  167. Laminectomy Concerns
  168. Need answers PLIF situation
  169. 7 wk post-op fusion and I fell last night
  170. Help!! Has Anyone Else Had This Problem After Plif???
  171. toe pain
  172. Emg And Scared!!!!
  173. celebrex question
  174. laser spine info
  175. New symtoms??HELP!!!
  176. myelogram
  177. Back Surgery
  178. Question
  179. Constant Back ache
  180. fusion coming soon
  181. Anyone ever take Ultram?
  182. Please Help With Questions
  183. 9+ hours airplane trip
  184. Back from surgery
  185. Fusion for mild central disc protrusion
  186. Bad or Really Bad?
  187. Flying After a Fusion?
  188. Back spasms :(
  189. Hardware removal recovery time
  190. Acute lower back pain
  191. acupunture(maybe mispelled)
  192. Xodol...anyone ever heard of it??
  193. Collapsed disk
  194. questions to ask the doctor
  195. How to prevent further Degeneration?
  196. Constant sciatica w/ back pain
  197. DDD vs OsteoArthritis. Are they the same?
  198. 6 weeks post op l4 l5 s1 fusion
  199. back ache achy legs, any1 help me :(
  200. pre op assessment ....
  201. Can nerve root block injection help with nerve damage pain?
  202. Ultram
  203. bulging discs and arthritis......
  204. Please help translate MRI report
  205. Sciatica....
  206. is there anyone who knows what's wrong?
  207. anterior/posterior L5 S1 surgery
  208. pulled a neck muscle
  209. Why now? New pain 6 weeks post fusion
  210. L4-L5 micro D
  211. Back To Boston - New Surgical Approach for Revision Fusion L4-5
  212. Intro and a few questions
  213. updating SS on your condition??
  214. HELP - I'm not sure what's wrong !
  215. degerative disc and annular tear
  216. Is It Normal To Hurt More Some Days Than Others?
  217. What is going on???
  218. Has anyone had successful back fusion
  219. 18/DDD getting first epidural injection thursday
  220. L5/S1 fusion pain issues
  221. displaced
  222. Lost
  223. Back Fusion in Malaysia or India or ?
  224. MRI results from low back pain
  225. Weird back issue
  226. morphin enjection in back
  227. recovery time after facet injections
  228. Hemangioma ? Has anyone experienced this ?
  229. Getting rehab and other types of assit, how do you do it?
  230. workman comp and social security
  231. It's been awhile
  232. tightness
  233. Is this pain really osteoarthritis?
  234. SSD and Medicare??
  235. TLSO Brace and 2 level lumbar fusion question
  236. Having surgery ...
  237. Can bones change?
  238. biopsy T-11
  239. Titanium Chip For Fusion?
  240. Pain when it Rains on the Plains....
  241. Small Back Pain
  242. Pain but no numbness?
  243. upper back /base of head pain
  244. epidural and nerve block injections
  245. need advice
  246. morning lower back mild spasms kidney area
  247. MRI results, Am I Crazzy ?
  248. 7 months Post Op Micro D l5s1 - Foot issues
  249. I need post op advice from people who have had successful PLIF
  250. ADR verses Anterior lumbar fusion

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