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  1. PT for Spondylolisthesis
  2. Question for Suzy Q
  3. muscle atrophy
  4. Tingling in neck, shoulder and face
  5. Spine Specialist...can they do anything for u besides surgery?
  6. Do you feel bad about feeling good?
  7. Need help interpeting newest ct
  8. large lumps in back
  9. What to do? . . . What to do?
  10. The next step
  11. A wasted year!!
  12. [b]why Do We Get Muscle Cramps/tightness Post Op????[/b]
  13. Thinking about you, Suzy-Q
  14. Back pain and weather changes
  15. Exercise with SPONDYLOLISTHESIS
  16. Exercise with SPONDYLOLISTHESIS
  17. My neck
  18. going to see new doc.
  19. Transitional Vertebrae
  20. Dystonia anyone?
  21. Please some one help!!!!
  22. More studies to be done after my fusion surgery
  23. lumbar disecetomy
  24. How important is this? What do you think?
  25. back pain, hurts when i bend down
  26. Does anyone also experience groin pain?
  27. Types Of Spacers/cages ?
  28. BMP Questions for QCook and All
  29. Knee problems after Fusion?
  30. Pinched Nerve
  31. I need help interperting my MRI report
  32. A "Glitch" in my back!!! Need Advice
  33. back pain is starting to worry me
  34. How long to fuse/go back to work?
  35. Back X Rays in UK
  36. HELP excruciating tail bone/leg pain
  37. Middle of the back pain
  38. Please Help
  39. The flip side
  40. ESI inection and Spinal Headaches!
  41. Low back pain
  42. Lower Back Pain
  43. hardware removal thorasic
  44. Does anyone ask themselves, "Why me?"
  45. Ouch! What did I do?
  46. Can epidural injections cause synovial cysts?
  47. How long will I be out for a FUSION?
  48. Is my cart before my horse?
  49. Lower back pain moved to hips, doctor visit?
  50. Anyone suffer with there upper back????
  51. Cant sleep
  52. Cymbalta and nausea
  53. lfoster21 -when is your surgery?
  54. Has anyone ever experienced this ?
  55. nerve healed but still in pain
  56. New to the Board... An Intro.
  57. Any suggestions to help fight the depression we all have from time to time?
  58. Does anyone have any suggestions....
  59. Question for all who has had surgery
  60. Any help with the McKenzie Method anyone?
  61. Core exercises for women
  62. Question: 2nd surgery years after L4 fusion
  63. Feeling better w/therapy
  64. Osteopenia & Degenerative Disk Disease!
  65. TENS unit success
  66. Toes trouble with back pain
  67. Source of pain
  68. LOOKING FOR justjustine,Callyann,jeanlyon
  69. An interesting thought re. failed fusions
  70. Modern Miracles
  71. Microdisectomy - Pinched Nerve
  72. Pain Management Question
  73. Update-escaped surgery for now...
  74. Can't sleep in the bed
  75. Nausea, Vomiting! Please Help Guys!
  76. don't know for sure what to do!!
  77. 18 days post op leg pain
  78. Mri-please Comment
  79. Is it a typical shoveling incident?
  80. pregnancy and back problems
  81. how much weakness
  82. What Is a Year According To FMLA?
  83. Pain meds
  84. muscle stimulator
  85. Anybody had fusion and then needed an anterior surgery?
  86. Fetal Movement
  87. Neck & back pain.
  88. Fusion Confusion ALIF/PLIF
  89. Introduction
  90. ... in The Dark!!!!!!
  91. Radiology report - do you think I'll need surgery?
  92. Successful surgery I hope
  93. Back,Sacral injury.....Leg Swelling?
  94. Darvocet. ANyone taking this??
  95. methadone or spinal cord stimulator
  96. Spinal Fusion Surgery - two weird questions! : )
  97. L5-S1 pinched, weakness, numbness!
  98. Ibuprofen Question
  99. Update...from orthopedic doctor
  100. 3 year old had abnormal xray
  101. Suzy-Q, Ibuprofen after fusion???
  102. Anyone have success with Disability?
  103. I haven't been here since May
  104. Susy-Q
  105. Cervirite - TCM - Spondylosis Does this work?
  106. - - -
  107. lower back pain,miserable
  108. 14 days post op
  109. how long to wait?
  110. 4 weeks post-op, still pain
  111. Pinched Nerve - Disc
  112. So I Thought I Was Ready!
  113. Kyphoplasty
  114. VERY nervous about BONE SCAN!!!
  115. weird pain in middle right side
  116. Chiropractor or Doctor?
  117. fda approval for 2 level artificial disk?
  118. Thanks everyone!
  119. Still waiting on results...
  120. need help in decisions....
  121. 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
  122. Injections
  123. Weights causing back problems?
  124. Goobly ****,,, HUNH
  125. SI muscle problems
  126. Looking For Help With Test Results - Fusion Failure?
  127. Having Anterior Cervical Fusion on Thurs.
  128. back injection question
  129. Step down of pain meds after surgery
  130. Possible Disk Injury in Upper Back?
  131. beware of this type of matress
  132. New and needing advice
  133. Blood Clots, anyone deal with them?
  134. Gabapentin depletes these nutrients...
  135. MRI Results
  136. X Stop
  137. When do you take your pain meds?
  138. hi can somebody help
  139. Fusion Vs Disc Replacement
  140. Fusion anyone?
  141. Another?? Need tips for not taking my pain out on the kids
  142. Addiction V"S Pain?????
  143. Terrible Lower Back Pain
  144. Morphine pump implant
  145. snowmobile acrobat (update)
  146. Kristy G
  147. back, leg and sciatic nerve pain "AGAIN"
  148. Occupational disease
  149. questons about scoliosis
  150. What is the least expensive Anti-Depressant for those without insurance!?!?!?!
  151. Pregnancy post fusion and possible c-section
  152. MRI...then more waiting
  153. post op cramping
  154. Message for Kristy
  155. lower back pain radiating down the upper front of my legs
  156. lower back pain
  157. Anyone had a disogram???
  158. Lidoderm Patch
  159. Where did the disc go? Quietcook where are you?
  160. Hey All It's Been A While!!
  161. Questions to ask doctor/questions the doctor will ask about back pain
  162. confused,scared any advice
  163. What to do next???
  164. neck pain
  165. ADR in Germany
  166. I want my career back.
  167. I have spondylothesis grade 2
  168. Blue Cross won't pay for Percatanious Discetomy
  169. Question regarding excercise after fusion
  170. Between Work Comp and This DAMN pain.
  171. Methadone--for pain management???
  172. Intoducing myself
  174. 3 weeks post-op still in pain/answers anyone
  175. very discouraged
  176. vaginal massage
  177. any hope
  178. Buying a car - manual or automatic - need quick answer/opinion
  179. New Post from a Concerned B/F
  180. S1 problem, Its fractured, some help please!
  181. Long Time No Talk...
  182. Darn the pain :(
  183. What are the symptoms of nerve damage from sciatica?
  184. need advice surgery on 2/23
  185. My husbands bad back
  186. lower back pain
  187. 3 weeks post op and getting kinda scared :(
  188. Suspect Drug Side Effects?
  189. Should I check with daughter's dr?
  190. post 360 fusion
  191. arthritis in back
  192. ? for those w/neck problems
  193. acupunture didn't work for me
  194. last hope for now
  195. How long does a Fusion last
  196. Update - pain management clinic
  197. Pain Med Question
  198. Heating pad to back problem?
  199. What are some good back stretches?
  200. Need help! Please respond..
  201. Very nervous about appointment tomorrow!!!!
  202. Questions about recovery?
  203. Low back pain with food?
  204. Tail-bone sore! Feels out of place.
  205. Louisville, ky
  206. Diagnosing A Failed Lumbar Fusion
  207. Easy questions... It'll only take a few minutes of your time. Please answer!!!
  208. Please help, problems with upper and lower back/sides.
  209. 2 days before surgery -RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATIONof the lower back
  210. Settlement-(to put a price on a back injury)
  211. Can anyone help my back pain?
  212. What does all of this mean?
  213. two weeks since fusion surgery now thigh pain and feet feel like weights
  214. Tramadol withdrawal - support needed
  215. The Truth About Disc Replacement: Help!
  216. Lyrica - Anyone taking?
  217. Artificial Disc Replacement
  218. HELP PLEASE!!! ***AN EMERGENCY*** I'm going into the hospital in 2 hours!!!
  219. Amitriptyline
  220. Need some advice.
  221. Physiologist rather than surgeon for spondylolisthesis???
  222. If you're on this board it's for a reason and I think you should read this
  223. Has anyone with back problems developed fibromyalgia?
  224. cervical epidural and now lower back pain
  225. Lower Back Pain and my Neck
  226. Bed problem
  227. Hey Tim - how ya doing?
  228. Doc says I shouldn't have pain
  229. Back problem for my girlfriend, odd one...help please!
  230. spondylothesis and true muscle weakness
  231. Can muscle pain actually hurt to touch?
  232. 8 months post fusion
  233. Wish me luck, 2nd microdiscectomy on wed!
  234. Why!!!!!
  235. L4,S1 fracture anterior with bowel trouble
  236. Wait, wait, wait, wait... Pain Management Clinic = PSYCHIATRIC CARE?!?!
  237. Need Aerobic Exercise Help!!!
  238. Ddd
  239. congential scoliosis
  240. Rib Fracture
  241. L5,S1 Joint fracture w/CES?
  242. DIZZY.......WEAKNESS... whats causing it?
  243. Cannot lift my left foot up past 90 degrees?
  244. neck and shoulder pain
  245. Can you feel instrumentation in your back after spinal fusion??
  246. more surgery-update
  247. Help understanding?
  248. Seems like more than one surgery is common
  249. W/C approved surgery!!!
  250. Back Problem and need some advice

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