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  1. vaginal massage
  2. any hope
  3. Buying a car - manual or automatic - need quick answer/opinion
  4. New Post from a Concerned B/F
  5. S1 problem, Its fractured, some help please!
  6. Long Time No Talk...
  7. Darn the pain :(
  8. What are the symptoms of nerve damage from sciatica?
  9. need advice surgery on 2/23
  10. My husbands bad back
  11. lower back pain
  12. 3 weeks post op and getting kinda scared :(
  13. Suspect Drug Side Effects?
  14. Should I check with daughter's dr?
  15. post 360 fusion
  16. arthritis in back
  17. ? for those w/neck problems
  18. acupunture didn't work for me
  19. last hope for now
  20. How long does a Fusion last
  21. Update - pain management clinic
  22. Pain Med Question
  23. Heating pad to back problem?
  24. What are some good back stretches?
  25. Need help! Please respond..
  26. Very nervous about appointment tomorrow!!!!
  27. Questions about recovery?
  28. Low back pain with food?
  29. Tail-bone sore! Feels out of place.
  30. Louisville, ky
  31. Diagnosing A Failed Lumbar Fusion
  32. Easy questions... It'll only take a few minutes of your time. Please answer!!!
  33. Please help, problems with upper and lower back/sides.
  34. 2 days before surgery -RADIOFREQUENCY ABLATIONof the lower back
  35. Settlement-(to put a price on a back injury)
  36. Can anyone help my back pain?
  37. What does all of this mean?
  38. two weeks since fusion surgery now thigh pain and feet feel like weights
  39. Tramadol withdrawal - support needed
  40. The Truth About Disc Replacement: Help!
  41. Lyrica - Anyone taking?
  42. Artificial Disc Replacement
  43. HELP PLEASE!!! ***AN EMERGENCY*** I'm going into the hospital in 2 hours!!!
  44. Amitriptyline
  45. Need some advice.
  46. Physiologist rather than surgeon for spondylolisthesis???
  47. If you're on this board it's for a reason and I think you should read this
  48. Has anyone with back problems developed fibromyalgia?
  49. cervical epidural and now lower back pain
  50. Lower Back Pain and my Neck
  51. Bed problem
  52. Hey Tim - how ya doing?
  53. Doc says I shouldn't have pain
  54. Back problem for my girlfriend, odd one...help please!
  55. spondylothesis and true muscle weakness
  56. Can muscle pain actually hurt to touch?
  57. 8 months post fusion
  58. Wish me luck, 2nd microdiscectomy on wed!
  59. Why!!!!!
  60. L4,S1 fracture anterior with bowel trouble
  61. Wait, wait, wait, wait... Pain Management Clinic = PSYCHIATRIC CARE?!?!
  62. Need Aerobic Exercise Help!!!
  63. Ddd
  64. congential scoliosis
  65. Rib Fracture
  66. L5,S1 Joint fracture w/CES?
  67. DIZZY.......WEAKNESS... whats causing it?
  68. Cannot lift my left foot up past 90 degrees?
  69. neck and shoulder pain
  70. Can you feel instrumentation in your back after spinal fusion??
  71. more surgery-update
  72. Help understanding?
  73. Seems like more than one surgery is common
  74. W/C approved surgery!!!
  75. Back Problem and need some advice
  76. Anyone starting to have "unrelated" problems?
  77. Hello Everyone (new and old members) Havnt been here for months
  78. Bmp vs. rods and cages WHO HAS THIS?
  79. home from surgery
  80. Percocet and alcohol?
  81. anyone out there have aching in thighs??
  82. Poliradiculopathies and a lot of paon
  83. spondylolisthesis/stenosis/aching
  84. no showers
  85. attention all......
  86. What is this neck problem?
  87. SI joint suffers/new exercise
  88. Att Mel:
  89. ESI injections. Problems anyone ??
  90. Lyrica
  91. Update on Almost 3 months Post-Op and OUCH!
  92. All In My Head?
  93. energy to work out
  94. Pain management clinic??
  95. Leg cramping...7 months post op
  96. Who has had more then 1 Microdiscectomy?
  97. support for spouse with aging husband
  98. Chronic back pain
  99. Alif Surgery?
  100. Lower Back...what else?!
  101. Son's fiance diagnosed with Scoliosis
  102. What To Expect If Hardware Is Removed
  103. Almost 3 months Post-Op and OUCH!
  104. What else could it be??
  105. ohhhh my back and neck!!!!
  106. Mayo Clinic Scottsdale Az
  107. Back Problems and Yoga.
  108. Cervical yuck, anyone?
  109. Chriopractor vs Physotherapist
  110. I need help any help plz
  111. Today is my big day
  112. Fusion on 10/31/2005: Questions?
  113. Back Pain
  114. 4 hours left till fusion
  115. Torque
  116. no change??????
  117. Dancing -- good exercise or making things worse?
  118. Bedtime tea - horrible nightmares
  119. MVA & Physical Therapy
  120. Microdiscectomy vs. Fusion?
  121. 16 hours left till fusion
  122. Can someone help me with understanding my Mri report ?
  123. Disk problems, exercises that help...?
  124. Pain between my shoulder blades that radiates through arms: Normal?
  125. Discogram Recovery Period
  126. Sciatic Nerve
  127. Sciatic Nerve
  128. muscle pain and backs
  129. To Quietcook and all my back friends
  130. Revision Microdiscectomy...?
  131. Lumbar corset!
  132. atten: charliecat31
  133. INSOMNIA (Yes, I know I'm on the Back board!)
  134. tell me about Suboxone for pain/not just addiction
  135. just had L-1 lumbar fusion and bone spur surgery
  136. Back pain
  137. Anyone tried DRX-9000?
  138. what % fused?
  139. ques: back brace after surgery
  140. Degenerative disk -- surgeon can't help me
  141. Looking for go*big*red
  142. 3 days left
  143. Newbi post- please read. R neck/back/shoulder problems.
  144. Just got home from Hospital
  145. Please ,please, read
  146. I hurt my back doing deadlifts yesterday.
  147. atten: kristy
  148. ques: mobility
  149. ques: cathera
  150. for the ladies (please)
  151. Advice for Mid Back Pain, and pressure
  152. Fusion tomorrow- what do I really need to bring with me?
  153. about fusion
  154. Will the right mattress make a difference?
  155. ADR Denial/Appeal
  156. Count down begins... 1 more day until fusion!
  157. looking for help with i believe tailbone problem...
  158. Second Opinion Dr Confused
  159. Pulled muscle...or more????
  160. Can someone explain radiculopathy,myopathy and neuropathy
  161. Good News About Surgery
  162. To Spondy's
  163. how does the surgeon fix stenosis causing radiculopathy
  164. stabbing "electric shock" pains lower back...scared
  165. Continued problems
  166. mylegram questions
  167. tailbone area-shooting pain-symptoms listed please help!
  168. new member - snowmobile accident
  169. vertrebra sore????
  170. Lower back pain
  171. atten: rlsmas
  172. ques: about new symptoms
  173. ladybird988
  174. Accupunture
  175. Cervical stenosis surgery or wait?
  176. Shoulder Blade pain
  177. To Cut or not to Cut?
  178. ENTIRE back sore...
  179. Advice please
  180. The FDA approved artificial discs 10/2004 for lumbar spine, Cervical to follow
  181. chronic pain lessons learned part 2 of 2
  182. chronic pain lessons learned..Part 1 of 2
  183. 1 year out on Level 4 fusion - how long on Pain med's
  184. pre suregery anxiety!
  185. Help! I had a Fusion level 4 - now I have stinging at the site
  186. Can anyone diagnose this latest problem??
  187. spine pain????
  188. question about meds
  189. need advice
  190. question regarding MRI's and treatment...
  191. Sprained Back?
  192. Snap, Crackle, POP! goes my aching back!
  193. Did you go to a rehab center or home after fusion surgery?
  194. Need Help!!!
  195. Quietcook, any info that might help ?
  196. Aquatic therapy
  197. 2 weeks post 360 lumbar fusion
  198. Need help!!!!!
  199. WooHoo A New Doc.......
  200. Frustrated...... Need Advice
  201. Questions about Morphine
  202. What was recuperation like with your 3 level PLIF?
  203. Fusion -vs- artificial disc implants
  204. neck problem
  205. sleeping problem
  206. How to not gain any weight after fusion
  207. Scheduled surgery for sometime in June
  208. What is the recovery time on multi levels
  209. New to the board, MRI?
  210. Pilates: good or bad for your back?
  211. 360 fusion ???
  212. question
  213. L3/4,L4/5 problems wit leg pain
  214. Right shoulder to back pain
  215. Will I need someone with me all the time?
  216. wacko low back pain?
  217. Reply to Davetheplantman concerns
  218. back pain from epidual gone wrong
  219. Dynesys
  220. Tx question
  221. Found Dr for Second Opinion
  222. Ultram Warning
  223. Atten: 360fusion where are you?
  224. lower back pain
  225. Emg Results!
  226. danguvt.. Where are you ??
  228. numbness after surgery?
  229. Lower back pain questions
  230. Why does it hurt the most in the morning? (Sciatic pinch)
  231. 2nd surgery on L5/S1, questions...
  232. Worried about getting off of Dilaudid
  233. One hip higher than other one and...
  234. Upper back pain, please help!
  235. L5 S1 fusion 1 week away - could use some success stories and words of wisdom
  236. New Member, Need Adivce on muti back problems
  237. Date set for surgery
  238. left arm muscles twitching/spasming, sore/heavy/weak feeling
  239. Treatment for Sacrailiac Joint Irritation?
  240. Tylenol 4 for back pain
  241. Inversion table and surgery
  242. Fusion surgery interfearing with monthly
  243. Who Has Or Having This Done ???radio Frequency Ablation Of The Facets Surgery?
  244. Calf Muscle Spasm
  245. Some help or advice please:
  246. Artificial disc replacement
  247. 72 Hours And Plyus And Still --0 Pain After The 6 Injections
  248. sharp back pains!!!!!!
  249. please help me, advice needed
  250. 2 Weeks After Surgery

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