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  1. Who can tell me about Sciatica or irritated nerve?
  2. fusion has worked!
  3. disk replacement vs. fusion ?
  4. Liver lesions
  5. OCTOBER Surgery Prayer List
  6. Should I have an Epidural before an EMG? This is my first post
  7. Oh NOW what?
  8. Can anymore be done for excruciating back problems?
  9. The Difference in Right and Wrong
  10. Chrioprator? Any opinions or feedback on using one???
  11. Slipped Disk not a big deal? (m)....
  12. newbie here,need advice
  13. myelogram CT Scan
  14. Neck Problem...Please, please help!
  15. Back pain and no help!
  16. New Sleep Medication
  17. Cervical ESI question
  18. Back pain often.
  19. Foraminal narrowing
  20. Woke up with Sciatica pain???
  21. What can I expect from a discogram?
  22. Las Vegas Spine Surgeon?
  23. ? after 4 months - surgery
  24. Hip Pain When Standing
  25. I need advice about surgery!
  26. Residual Pain after a Micro Discectomy
  27. How do MRI's show neural compression?
  28. When pins and needles turns to pain and burning in legs
  29. Help! I need medication advice!
  30. can not lie lower back flat
  31. Ortho not sure what's causing numbness/pain since epidual failed - help!
  32. Pain in middle of back on right side...
  33. Cat Scan vs. MRI for Sciatica
  34. How far can neck pain go down too?
  35. New Back Pain from Car Accident
  36. new back pain, what caused it?
  37. Epidural Steroids
  38. Bulging Disc's w/radiculopathy
  39. Cat Scan Results
  40. Recovery is slowing
  41. Pinstick test and reflexes?
  42. Mid Back Pain and Numbness on right side
  43. How many of you have this with back problems?
  44. help me read a recent MRI
  45. Can a Nerve be unpinched, if so-HOW?????
  46. Instability of the spine question
  47. Second Fusion Sugery
  48. Extreme Pain/epidural Fibrosis
  49. Severe Insomnia!!! And On Ambien! Still Can't Sleep.. Help!!!!
  50. you guys ever try a inversion table????
  51. Why won't this go away?
  52. Q about numbness on front of thigh
  53. Worried-post op fusion with knot on back?
  54. 2 years post spinal fusion--still having pain
  55. Finally having surgery
  56. Neurosurgeon reccomendations in NY
  57. New here
  58. Hi, newbie here...considering surgery..
  59. What is Disc Decompression?
  60. Fearful of lifting long after surgery
  61. Toe sensation trying to come back...
  62. Muscle spasms/cramps in calf
  63. Hi!! Been a longtime all!!
  64. Bionic, Long time . . .
  65. Alphaklinik -vs- Clinic International?
  66. Drop Foot
  67. Neurontin Information
  68. Doctors!!!!
  69. TENS unit
  70. 24 year old Post Lami/discectomy problems! Help, i'm going crazy!
  71. Neurotin question
  72. SI Joint Injections without Steroid
  73. anybody give some ideas
  74. Bowel movements and back pain!
  75. Hello, an introduction
  76. Sacroliac Joint And Cortoizone Shot
  77. Insurance won't pay for disc replacement!
  78. College and back pain
  79. Lower back pain
  80. Male or female;who ails more fm.back problems ?
  81. What feelings do you get when you come out of spinal shock?
  82. How Long Have You Taken Pain Meds After Fusion?
  83. Info on cortisone Shots Please
  84. Signs of cauda equina? Please help!
  85. Sister in pain
  86. when your back goes out
  87. back pain in the 30's
  88. Surgery Success
  89. and the tables were turned
  90. I have a Major Dicision to Make
  91. back pain
  92. Low Back Pain - Questions
  93. Looking For Faywoi, Debbie63,or Mmglobal!!!
  94. lower back again..cant stand up
  95. Si Joint
  96. My Mom is hurting
  97. please can anyone help
  98. Check up for spondylolisthesis
  99. Post surgery exercise
  100. Second Fusion Operation
  101. Dynesys System (back Surgery)
  102. Broken back and lots of questions
  103. Lumbar Discectomy Tomorrow
  104. First IME
  105. Opinions please (back surgery, diagnoses) etc. (m)..
  106. lower back or hip?
  107. please can someone help me
  108. temporary paralysis
  109. Spinal Cord Stimulator frustration
  110. Help!!!!!!!
  111. Cervical Spine MRI Results
  112. Ache in back...cause: unknown
  113. back surgery/numb toe
  114. Confusing Pain medication advice
  115. Will spinal stim work on facet pain?
  116. Lower leg pain
  117. Any Advice On How To Get Doctor's To Listen?
  118. Dr. John Chi u?
  119. Back Problems are ruining my life.
  120. L4/5 fusion pending (second post)
  121. Question about back pain and pain meds?
  122. Frustrated in OHIO
  123. Intro, Kendo and a Mattress
  124. L4/5 fusion pending
  125. Back Pain Along Right Shoulder, Traveling Across Back
  126. What to do about not working (No Pay)
  127. Need Diagnosis-chronic back muscle soreness
  128. 2 questions concering sciatica
  129. Please Help Me!!
  130. posture
  131. Discectomy recovery question
  132. Really bad pain
  133. Questions to ask the surgeon before surgery!
  134. right bulge left pain and numbness?
  135. Dr. says a double cervical fusion is in order...
  136. Need insight from those w/failed fusions
  137. MRI and confused by drs suggestion
  138. Facet Injections
  139. Nerve conductivity test?
  140. Not sure what to do
  141. Please Help Me
  142. Can thoracic back problems cause shortness of breath or chest heaviness?
  143. The Neve of some people... grrr
  144. work comp mmi rating? what is standard for neck problems?
  146. As Surgery Looms....Somebody Help Me
  147. Just Wondering
  148. Back Pain from a Car Accident
  149. Going back to sedentary work
  150. Try Putting It In God's Hands!!!
  151. Lower left side back pain
  152. Anyone Try Facet Joint Injections Prior to Having Fusion? And....Changing emotions
  153. Surgery Scheduled
  154. Doesd anyone suffer from middle back pain that hasn't had surgery?
  155. Anyone know of any good stretchesfor the middle back?
  156. questions regarding nerve root block.
  157. Question about med
  158. paralysis
  159. arthritis on spine causing severe back pain
  160. Standing Mri
  161. disc problems doctors not helping
  162. working out & pain
  163. Back Pain After An Epidural
  164. MED Recovery Time
  165. Epidurals and Diabetes
  167. lower back pain
  168. Fusing L5
  169. Back Surgury Recovery Time?
  170. Killing Nerves at L5-S1
  171. Please help the pain is to much
  172. Spinal Fusion at age 23 and no info,please help!!
  173. Post-microD and still having back pain
  174. MRI Report Translation?
  175. 18 hour flight, not such a good idea?
  176. question on lower lumbar mri results
  177. Anyone Have An Emg Test
  178. How they evaluate your disability percentage..?
  179. question
  180. Help translate please!!!!!!
  181. Ok How Much $$$ For Spinal Fusion???
  182. Topamax Just Prescribed
  183. Shouldn't this be a surgical target?
  184. Back and leg pain!
  185. BMP questions
  186. Back operation that went wrong
  187. Coccyx pain and how to cope
  188. has anybody tried acupuncture?
  189. Can this be a cervical disc problem?
  190. Done the Chiro route, is it time for a 2nd Opinion???
  191. Help! I am in need of Anterior/Posterior L4/L5 Fusion!
  192. Scoliosis...I need help NOW
  193. Prescribed valium for trapped nerve. Worried.
  194. have you had surgery for a disk bulge?
  195. Help for New Member - Insurance on Charite
  196. Follow up from last post about l4-5 s1 2 level discecto..looks like round 2 for me...
  197. A Good Night's Sleep
  198. synovial cyst in the thoracic area?
  199. Please Can Anyone Help Me!
  200. Some Doctors are so mean!
  201. Back surgery = back pain relief?
  202. any help plsssssss
  203. Neurontin and weight gain
  204. Concidering Disk Replacement
  205. Lumbar and Cervical Stenosis?
  206. do magentic pads work?
  207. How long were you down after a level one fusion?
  208. lower lumbar results need help reading this mri
  209. Nerrve root compression - what kind of surgery?
  210. Spinal Fusion and What If's....
  211. To Reduce or Not to reduce..that is the ??
  212. Very frustrated!!
  213. Looking For Jayboy, You Out There?
  214. Scoliosis.
  215. Please Help - I'm scared
  216. Micro Discectomy
  217. Question for those who had a Fusion
  218. What medications?
  219. A Newbie needs help!
  220. what to do about back spasms?
  221. Options for Dehydrated Discs?
  222. Just when you think your on your way...
  223. Cookie51 in here please!
  224. what is the differance between buldging disc and low back sprain
  225. Spinal Stenosis and Fibromyalgia
  226. Tired of hurting and need to vent
  227. I had my mri and got the results
  228. 3rd Discectomy on Tuesday...Question
  229. There's an ice pick in my back OUCH!
  230. Mri Report- Conflicting Md Opinions
  231. Tail Bone Pain
  232. about to get staples out from M-discectomy ...will it hurt ?
  233. Extreme groin/hip pain
  234. Please help, I need info on anterior fusions
  235. Back Problem its big concern !
  236. Doc says my injury could be torn tendons and/or ligaments
  237. Survived the Mylegram...
  238. Another Neurontin question
  239. Transforaminal epidural & returning pain
  240. I think my hip has a problem of its own...Help needed asap ..concerning doc and mri
  241. ct scan reports bone fragment
  242. Need Neurosurgeon in San Francisco area for Cervical surgery
  243. Crossroads
  244. Anybody out there with si joint problems in lower back?
  245. Looking for info on anterior thoracic fusions
  246. Did anybody have problems later in life from a fusion
  247. Piriformis Syndrome
  248. how is everyone?
  249. 26/F post microdiscectomy, need advice on suing and other. Warning: Long post
  250. Can anyone help with this MRI report?

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