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  1. Back operation that went wrong
  2. Coccyx pain and how to cope
  3. has anybody tried acupuncture?
  4. Can this be a cervical disc problem?
  5. Done the Chiro route, is it time for a 2nd Opinion???
  6. Help! I am in need of Anterior/Posterior L4/L5 Fusion!
  7. Scoliosis...I need help NOW
  8. Prescribed valium for trapped nerve. Worried.
  9. have you had surgery for a disk bulge?
  10. Help for New Member - Insurance on Charite
  11. Follow up from last post about l4-5 s1 2 level discecto..looks like round 2 for me...
  12. A Good Night's Sleep
  13. synovial cyst in the thoracic area?
  14. Please Can Anyone Help Me!
  15. Some Doctors are so mean!
  16. Back surgery = back pain relief?
  17. any help plsssssss
  18. Neurontin and weight gain
  19. Concidering Disk Replacement
  20. Lumbar and Cervical Stenosis?
  21. do magentic pads work?
  22. How long were you down after a level one fusion?
  23. lower lumbar results need help reading this mri
  24. Nerrve root compression - what kind of surgery?
  25. Spinal Fusion and What If's....
  26. To Reduce or Not to reduce..that is the ??
  27. Very frustrated!!
  28. Looking For Jayboy, You Out There?
  29. Scoliosis.
  30. Please Help - I'm scared
  31. Micro Discectomy
  32. Question for those who had a Fusion
  33. What medications?
  34. A Newbie needs help!
  35. what to do about back spasms?
  36. Options for Dehydrated Discs?
  37. Just when you think your on your way...
  38. Cookie51 in here please!
  39. what is the differance between buldging disc and low back sprain
  40. Spinal Stenosis and Fibromyalgia
  41. Tired of hurting and need to vent
  42. I had my mri and got the results
  43. 3rd Discectomy on Tuesday...Question
  44. There's an ice pick in my back OUCH!
  45. Mri Report- Conflicting Md Opinions
  46. Tail Bone Pain
  47. about to get staples out from M-discectomy ...will it hurt ?
  48. Extreme groin/hip pain
  49. Please help, I need info on anterior fusions
  50. Back Problem its big concern !
  51. Doc says my injury could be torn tendons and/or ligaments
  52. Survived the Mylegram...
  53. Another Neurontin question
  54. Transforaminal epidural & returning pain
  55. I think my hip has a problem of its own...Help needed asap ..concerning doc and mri
  56. ct scan reports bone fragment
  57. Need Neurosurgeon in San Francisco area for Cervical surgery
  58. Crossroads
  59. Anybody out there with si joint problems in lower back?
  60. Looking for info on anterior thoracic fusions
  61. Did anybody have problems later in life from a fusion
  62. Piriformis Syndrome
  63. how is everyone?
  64. 26/F post microdiscectomy, need advice on suing and other. Warning: Long post
  65. Can anyone help with this MRI report?
  66. RACZ catheder procedure?? Stim??
  67. Looking For Re-hurniation Buddies-3rd Time
  68. Just began DRX9000 Tx yesterday
  69. Help with MRI Results
  70. Tired, Depressed, and Struggling
  71. MRI Question, please help!
  72. Alot Of Questions
  73. tailbone ache
  74. Spine Specialist In Wisconsin
  75. How to carry MRI films
  76. 24 yrs old 1 surgery down / more to go?
  77. Vitamins or other for nerve damage/ pain
  78. please help
  79. badpain having a bowel movement :(
  80. post surgery (microdiscectomy w/ extra incision) dangers? Walk, sit, stand, bending??
  81. Ankylosing Spondylitis
  82. Lower back pains...
  83. Thoracic Back pain
  84. Vax-d
  85. Ruptured disc L5-S1 pain question
  86. Help!!Desperately need some Cervical Fusion advise
  87. Im sorry, i forgot to mention one thing (very short post this time)
  88. 26/F 12 days post two level discectomy surgery. Warning: Long post
  89. How did you feel right after fusion?
  90. Level of activity right after fusion?
  91. Any Canadian on this Forum Dealing with WSIB..?
  92. Mpullee Update
  93. Searching For The Name Of A Diagram
  94. Scoliosis pain please help someone cant sleep cant lift ect
  95. DDD(Degerative Disc Disease
  96. Bulging disc
  97. HELP:Lidocaine shots in triggerspot/having adverse effects?anyone?
  98. ACDF tips and flying question
  99. new to this page - debbie(debi76)
  100. My saga continues...
  101. how many ppl have ask thier doc this question
  102. need info on a back problem please
  103. Moccadlk42
  104. Q for those who had both M-discectomy + fusion
  105. What is Normal after fusion - Please Answer
  106. fusion after vertibre moved, now what?
  107. Please help! Does nerve damage also mean the muscle won't work?
  108. follow up with spine dr.
  109. 8 weeks post-op....still in pain....
  110. Longterm results of Instrumentation Removal
  111. Please Help
  112. how long does a mri take?
  113. neurontin
  114. Looking For Boobooback!!!
  115. Chiropractic question
  116. ADR question / concern
  117. Had my epidural - thanks to all who responded and more ??'s
  118. Need Answers, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
  119. Jdlfmc Question??
  120. Cant get a diagnosis, stuck! Any ideas?
  121. post fusion appointments
  122. Any information on new flexible fusion technique?
  123. Nerve Block for diagnosis (Does it help?)
  124. DRX9000 or VAX-D
  125. Advice for friend
  126. ADR question/cooncern
  127. 3 yr. post fusion pain
  128. ADR Insurance Problems
  129. Great News about my Social Security Disability!!!
  130. The Disco Diva returns in one piece.... but with more questions!
  131. Need help.
  132. Neck Pain - What Types of Pillows are Best?
  133. Scar tissue problems or not?
  134. How to find a great PT who specializes in backs
  135. describe you lumbar sprain symptoms
  136. Comfortable vehicle for short person - finally found one!
  137. back pain Getting out of car , driving , sitting
  138. Update
  139. What is epidural procedure like?
  140. Lying on side, propped up on elbow - is this bad?
  141. Once again !
  142. unknown symptoms
  143. Back Pain.........
  144. fbss:needs redefined redefined
  145. A (sorta) back problem, muscle-related
  146. Laminectomy/Diskectomy
  147. Riding on the back of a motorcycle 3 months after a microdiscectomy?
  148. Rib out of place ?
  149. DDD who has had surgery
  150. Dealing with the pain, physical and emotional...
  151. spinal decompression: an alternate to surgery
  152. Mpullee Update
  153. Any 3 level fusion lumbar friends out there?
  154. Are MRIs really any use?
  155. Bulging Disc With Very Bad Leg Trembles....please Help!!
  156. 20, and consistant back pain
  157. Question about discograms
  158. troubles walking / burning feet & legs
  159. how many cortizone shots....
  160. chronic cervical spine pain with pins and needles sensation
  161. Need advice for lower back and tailbone injury.
  162. My back/Neck hurts..
  163. A pain-relief tip for people with lower back pain.
  164. Hi everyone
  165. Back to the Boards and Need Help
  166. help with this question?
  167. Would Like To Know "Before"??
  168. Help, Pleasssssse!!!
  169. Long Term Lumbar Fusion Results??
  170. Radiofrequency Nuerolysis
  171. Laminotomy surgery..Recovery time?
  172. Morning Back Pain
  173. Tickling sensation in Upper Back around to upper stomach?!?
  174. i need a spine specialist/artificial disc replacement not working so far
  175. ?? for those with leg pain
  176. Fly: Are there updates on your health?
  177. Question on epidural shots.
  178. How do you measure your pain?
  179. When Will It Go Away????????
  180. Discogram tomorrow...really scared
  181. disk replacement
  182. Burning sensation in foot after fusion
  183. Recommend a back doctor in Seattle, WA area?
  184. Miracle cure?
  185. Looking for advice - Spasms and soreness
  186. Is this Truly Sciatica
  187. Post Microdiscectomy - can't walk, should I worry?
  188. Please Help I Begg You Please Help
  189. New and in need of advice, input, any help at all!
  190. crazy??????????
  191. heat therapy and pain control
  192. Neural decompression
  193. Bruised & swelled lower back
  194. Mpullee Update
  195. Constant Aching Pain - Meds
  196. Anyone with hyperparathyroidism and ddd?
  197. 360' two level lumbar fusion
  198. disqusted with medical facilities
  199. Can Someone Explain A Nerve Root Block To Me?
  200. Nerve de-compression ..... what does it involve?
  201. Overseas ADR options-- Any Suggestions?
  202. One year update. Some good news.
  203. Should Cortisone bring faster relief than this?
  204. Muscle spasms...?
  205. know what +POLYS means on EMG report?
  206. How Many Of You
  207. Pain in the back after carrying a heavy object...
  208. Please help me.
  209. 1 year post op, still suffering
  210. Anyone Out There Had Back Surgery But No Leg Pain
  211. could a mri miss any details?
  212. pinched nerve?
  213. Looking For Faywoi
  214. ? about difference in 2 OTC pain relievers
  215. Horrible back pain when laying down
  216. Reactions to steroid injections
  217. Discectomy SP? doesnt help back pain???????
  218. back injury
  219. Need to find out name of a test!
  220. Got a second opinion on a bone fusion and now I'm confused
  221. question about TENS unit
  222. Cervical epidural steroid injection PRIOR to physical therapy?
  223. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  224. I'm confused ......
  225. Who'd of thought it?
  226. Nucleoplasty In Docs Office?
  227. Pain management doctors
  228. Had Microdiscectomy yesterday - update and pain advice
  229. do facets
  230. Looking for Advice
  231. Surgery
  232. Upper and lower back pain
  233. Concerning finding a spine specialist
  234. Buldging discs....what pains can that cause?
  235. Graston Technique
  236. Is this normal for sciatica?
  237. Myelogram question
  238. I thought i had it bad before.....
  239. Ischial Tuberosity Pain...sit Bone Pain
  240. lower back pain
  241. Double Fusion
  242. Physical Therapy
  243. WC....So much pain and denial
  244. Saw SS today and am relieved!!
  245. Yoga or Pilates
  246. spinal tumor surgery
  247. three weeks post artificial disc surgery
  248. Had discogram done today!!
  249. Need help with pain medications
  250. Chair and Lumbar Support Recommendations

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