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  1. waiting for my ride to get the shot...i have a new worry
  2. Quietcook -- Do you know what this could be??
  3. ok, my lumbar shot is tomorrow and i have no idea if its a cortisone shot or an ...
  4. Sharing story and hoping for advice
  5. Nerve pain vs arthritis?
  6. Walking Hurts
  7. What are my first few weeks of recovery going to be like?
  8. Hello all and how are you?
  9. artificial disc replacement problems
  10. ADR on July 5th plus bone spurs / question about spurs
  11. Question for Quietkcook
  12. Now having more trouble
  13. When you were told you needed a fusion.......
  14. Question about ADR
  15. How to find a spine specialist in your area
  16. Stabbing nerve pain You?
  17. Nerve Pain ???
  18. Please read my first post-Thanks!
  19. Quietcook & Carol632, I am taking your advice, still need help
  20. Sensitive Questions for Women Only
  21. Questions regarding spinal surgery
  22. Well, my surgery is scheduled.
  23. Thanks for the great info... here's my background
  24. Thank you
  25. nerve sensitivity
  26. Post op and going back to work
  27. Should I be worried or is it nothing?
  28. got a question for you all
  29. Question about a myelogram
  30. questions about a discogram
  31. ruptured disk l4 l5 no leg pain just back pain HELP!!!
  32. First post - any suggestions?
  33. Anterior approach for Fusion?
  34. Needing a Fusion and Fibromyalgia
  35. Surgery for cysts/spurs in back
  36. MedX Problem
  37. Wasted money, new diagnosis
  38. small lump under incision?
  39. Any Ideas??
  40. cervical epidural
  41. looking for honest opinion
  42. Scoliosis?
  43. Running/Biking/Gym Advice
  44. Great Microdiscectomy!
  45. Walking after microdiscectomy
  46. Still back is getting worse!!!
  47. Please help..Chiropractors..
  48. Intradiscal Injections, OK or Harmful?
  49. One week after back surgery
  50. never had surgery-nervous!!
  51. How long is too long to wait?
  52. any help please!!!!!
  53. My MRI report/ results
  54. PLEASE...can someone help me figure this out?
  55. Surgery a week from Tueday - terrified
  56. back surgeries and losing weight.
  57. any info please
  58. Post microdiscectomy sleeping
  59. Pins and needles still after microdiscectomy
  60. Neurontin effect on EMG and nerve conduction study
  61. Ok, this is scaring me...Ever since I was diagnosed with two rupturing....
  62. whats the diffrence b/w a regular sterioid epidural injection in the lumbar and a...
  63. cervical injury now neuropathy
  64. DDD->SI->Hip pain?
  65. Transforaminal Lumbar Epidural Steriod Injections
  66. When do you start PT after surgery? Water?
  67. I am looking for hope.
  68. Has anyone heard of...............
  69. MRI report and doctor visit
  70. Doctor says it is my choice, any recommendations
  71. dislocated disk in neck
  72. tlso?
  73. All knotted up..
  74. Join a support group?
  75. vitamin B2 injections?
  76. Came Home On The 11th From My Surgery On The 8th...
  77. Old at back pain with new diagnosis Hating WC
  78. Old at back pain with new diagnosis Hating WC
  79. Neurotin and Weight Gain
  80. Siactic Nerve (sp?) right AND left?
  81. SSD hearing//I think they're nuts!
  82. Quick question about pain meds
  83. scanning xrays onto your computer ??
  84. Lee6kids - I Have Camphor Question...
  85. what do you guys think?
  86. So Confused!!!
  87. duragesic Side Effects
  88. Fusion surgery June 28th - Scared of not getting Pain releif after
  89. Piriformis Diagnosis with Limited Insurance?
  90. So much pain, help please!
  91. Myelogram / CT
  92. i am so mad at these dr.for work comp
  93. curious
  94. 7days post op - i'm sore! rough day...
  95. On the road to recovery?
  96. need stronger pain meds.please reply anyone
  97. Mri result for disc?
  98. Pain Free book
  99. Bodily functions
  100. Bulging discs?
  101. SI joint fusion..if you've had it, results please
  102. dd disease and collapsed disc
  103. back pain-feet-legs and the weather
  104. Charite Disc - Help!?
  105. When Will The Pain Go Away
  106. Scar tissue problems..
  107. severe hip and buttocks pain after a year of back pain
  108. Permanent Nerve Pain
  109. Muscle wasting at SI joint
  110. It's been awhile....been going through hell....
  111. When do I ask for pain killers
  112. Metal Screws & MRI
  113. any advice please
  114. what did you DO while recovering?
  115. Scheuerann's (shermans) kyphosis help
  116. new and different pain after fusion
  117. Help Recent Back Pain
  118. pain meds after surgery
  119. Another post-surgery pee question...
  120. Surgery when not in bad pain?
  121. I need different opinons on how to deal with Sciatica Pain!
  122. Physical Therapy for DDD
  123. Counting days
  124. Follow up on epidural Q..Is extreme electrical pain, concentrated on shin/ankle/foot
  125. Are there any new pain meds
  126. is surgery my only option
  127. walking after surgery...
  128. face feels thick
  129. back pain after one year post op
  130. Frustrated, just a vent
  131. When is it an emergency?
  132. 6 days post surgery - i'm peeing on the floor! help!
  133. Skin Sensitivity in Feet after Back Fusion Surgery?
  134. Sciatica question
  135. Interesting fact about the lumbar spine
  136. What we've learned
  137. what causes
  138. The house of needles
  139. tens
  140. Microdiscetomy
  141. My discectomy was a success! Stairs?
  142. Sciatica and itchy foot???
  143. Spinal Cord stimulator and stenosis
  144. Doctors in Northern Virginia?
  145. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction - numbness in toes/feet?
  146. partial foot drop?
  147. Getting an epidural for two rupturing discs in lumbar , what should i expect? TY
  148. How long do you have incision pain after microdiscectomy?
  149. vicoden OR darvocet (?)
  150. Recovery time after car accident
  151. Alternative Scoliosis strong pain meds?
  152. test results
  153. help painful lump! PLEASE!
  154. June 10th surgery
  155. mid-back pain
  156. Update: post-fusion problems
  157. Laying down pain
  158. serious back pain...im only 24!!!!
  159. Popping feeling and sound when I bent a little.
  160. Artificial Disc Replacement:Info needed?
  161. xray results (narrowing of spine) what does this mean?
  162. Realignment of the cervical vertibre
  163. question about back problem
  164. IDET & Perc disc.
  165. My foot?????
  166. Neck pain associated with low back pain?
  167. What exactly is over doing it?
  168. Knee pain
  169. Back pain years after spinal fusion
  170. SOMEONE? ANYONE? large lump in back
  171. Disc Replacement surgery?
  172. What to do....
  173. Surprised with something yesterday to take my mind off things.
  174. Can Mri Detect Si Joint Problems?
  175. Surgery tomorrow (YIKES!) .... question.
  176. failed fusion anyone not re do it?
  177. Fragments Left After Disckectomy???
  178. Jacuzzi For Back Pain Or Not
  179. What does this mean?
  180. Had ACDF Wed, and Hate the brace!!!!!
  181. pain meds ??
  182. large lump in back?? scared!!!
  183. Survey: Injury or no explanation?
  184. Will they postpone surgery if you are sick?
  185. Hello Everyone...it's been awhile
  186. Help with mattress please
  187. Its been awhile and I need to vent
  188. I HATE my numb butt...help!
  189. Anyone else have excruciating pain upon waking every morning?
  190. Exercising after surgery to lose weight- how soon?
  191. Foot Drop
  192. mri report
  193. New to board
  194. social security
  195. Post op Fusion ?'s
  196. Transitional vertebra S1
  197. Microdiscectomy on Tuesday
  198. Found A Pretty Good Alternative to Medical Insurance!!
  199. any suggestions- what is this? scared!!
  200. 3 wks/3days post op with worse pain
  201. side effects of baclofen
  202. Back problems from purging
  203. Scars - Post Fusion/Back Surgery
  204. Return of pain, PLEASE HELP!
  205. Now a Laminectomy...
  206. Update - XRAYs Okay .. Still having pain
  207. Can a pinched nerve "unpinch" itself or does it only get worse?
  208. Question re: pain doctor
  209. Epidural or MicroDiscectomy.....?
  210. pirformis syndrome
  211. Nucleoplasty
  212. PLIF Surgery
  213. Calcification
  214. Any Info On Drop Foot
  215. Raleigh, NC spine specialists
  216. Help with MRI results??
  217. TLIF surgery
  218. Mylegram is it really necessary?
  220. Anyone else up all night? Need to vent!
  221. Going on vacation!!!!
  222. Lidoderm Patches, found a use
  223. Good Days & Bad Days?? Any Advice...
  224. When COBRA runs out and others wont cover pre-existing condition, What do you do!?!?!
  225. back surgery and blindness
  226. L4/L5 L5/S1 problems
  227. Please post successes!
  228. Disc Replacement Multilevel
  229. questions about esi
  230. Orthopaedic Surgeon or Neurosurgeon?
  231. Anyone Naturally Fused like me !?!
  232. Back/Hip Pain
  233. Nursing possible after laminectomy/discectomy?
  234. Failed fusion quesions
  235. Scar tissue following back surgery
  236. Post-Op Pain
  237. What exactly does this mean?? Dan Robinson, Do you know??
  238. 15 weeks after l5 s1 fusion question
  239. quietcook hello!
  240. Hip and Leg numb
  241. flat back?
  242. what do I ask the doctor?
  243. Facet block tomorrow, scared
  244. Who should I see??
  245. Decompressive Laminectomy w/ modified Gill procedure L4-5
  246. What is Laminectomy ?
  247. acupuncture for lower back pain
  248. Diva ~ Hi!
  249. Orthopedic corset
  250. Discogram&EMG???

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