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  1. Third Discectomy...Will it last?
  2. Don't know what to do??? help!
  3. Have 2 ? rolled out of place
  4. StMishl...I'm so proud of you
  5. Unprofessional Doctor
  6. Anyone with DDD, Fusion & Facet Joint Pain?
  7. spasms rollercoaster
  8. Let's post one good thing...
  9. Cervical MRI report and need help undestanding it.
  10. Lower Back Troubles
  11. lumbar mri report (diagnosis)
  12. Antidepressants
  13. SI Injury AND DDD
  14. Posture Fixers
  15. artificial disc surgery
  16. post-op fusion question
  17. ortho vs neuro?
  18. Headaches, dizziness, numbness in fingers
  19. upper back and neck
  20. I need help...still no success relieving pain,
  21. cant figure out whats causing the pain
  22. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  23. Fracture Following Spinal Fusion
  24. Weird symptoms/pain
  25. Inflammation following surgery....
  26. Post Surgery Stories .. Life AFTER Fusion (or ANY back procedure)
  27. Pain in the neck
  28. reconstructive fusion
  29. Update, Good Doctor Visit today
  30. Our Children & Our Pain
  31. Any Info On Broken Back Screws ?
  32. what can be done
  33. Lump on Lumbar MRI
  34. I made it through But oh it hurts
  35. Fiona Jo....how are you doing lately????
  36. Pain Meds Resistance
  37. any idea on what this could be
  38. hi all back from holidays...................and feel???????????
  39. Some questions about Chiropractic visits?
  40. intradiscal injection
  41. Anyone here have degenerative bone disease in the back?
  42. Low Low chronic back pain - all scans negative - HELP
  43. Hey Diva
  44. Back and lower right quadrant pain
  45. Acupuncture Questions (LBP)
  46. pain from Lumbar spinal stenosis
  47. Can sneezing mess things up after surgery?
  48. Pills and more Pills !
  49. Who should I see?
  50. New Here. Degenerative Disk
  51. MRI pictures
  52. Ways to improve Posture.
  53. straight leg test
  54. He survived!
  55. Old fusion new problem
  56. Bionic....where are you?
  57. I'm home!!!
  58. A ? about discs on the neck
  59. Who has problems with MRI's??
  60. Tens Unit
  61. IDET Procedure
  62. Still Not Much Stamina
  63. Caring for a loved one in pain... the spouse of the chronic pain patient.
  64. Answer this if you can.......
  65. home from l5 s1 fusion
  66. WC Will It Ever End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. Frustrated! Now W/C??
  68. I'm afraid something is wrong !!
  69. Things r looking up
  70. Upper Back Pain
  71. Car rides!!
  72. If you've had a EMG for your neck-Please Read
  73. my back hurts for a week now and..
  74. Strange pain
  75. Oh no...what did I do??!!
  76. Steroid Injections For Scar Tissue???
  77. unsure discogram?
  78. is it true? and has anyone?
  79. Buzzing sensation on tip of penis
  80. Question on MRI-HORRIBLE PAIN
  81. I NEED HELP...anyone know about 10 level fusions?
  82. Is it OK to wear my back brace laying down?
  83. SI joint block injection today
  84. is ir true?
  85. Back pain(verylow)radiating to buttocks and hips
  86. Anyone /w problems from workmans Comp?
  87. any thoughts
  88. Dr. Puumala, Sioux Falls
  89. Hey Shoreline
  90. Can only wear old shoes. New shoes cause back pain
  91. Is there any way to determine a pinched nerve besides MRI?
  92. seeing new surgeon
  93. Fusion or Discectomy??
  94. Sometimes I just want quit.
  95. Surgery Experience!!
  96. does this make sense? what do you think?
  97. update:doctor visittoday and mri results
  98. What do you think! i cant take no more
  99. FYI...radiology reports
  100. Ortho Spine Doctor Visit
  101. Car Accident!
  102. ROWBOAT, BBACK- Tomorrows the day
  103. PT suggestions/LoriJ?
  104. How claustrophobic is an MRI, really?
  105. Please Help
  106. Help
  107. Disc Replacement Surgey Questions
  108. Way to young for this..please advise
  109. tingling in foot
  110. Snowball effect??
  111. Got Disco results
  112. Having a bad day today
  113. ? about Zelnorm
  114. Dear All...when will I ever get good news?
  115. Tomorrow is my surgery day
  116. Post Op Expectations
  117. For Quietcook...re "May I vent, please."
  118. Sweating from pain meds
  119. Meltdown....
  120. Leg Cramps Bad at Night
  121. 1st PM Appt. Thursday
  122. Strange Smells?
  123. Not fair to spouse. no life.
  124. Question
  125. How can I get MRI report?
  126. Post ACDF surgery are Tempurpedic beds good?
  127. Teenager with spondy
  128. Need your opinion!!
  129. twitching in leg/foot
  130. Tuesday is THE DAY
  131. Well, I think the pain is slowly coming back
  132. Clicking Back Rib
  133. Want to cry....
  134. May I vent, please?
  135. Confused
  136. How Long Does It Take For Muscle To Heal After Surgery???
  137. I am off to another appt.
  138. tell me your stretching routine
  139. Pump Programme
  140. Red line on skin on spine area?????
  141. Finally some progress
  142. lingering pain after surgery.
  143. post op
  144. I'm Back & Everything went GREAT!!
  145. BMP research?
  146. Leg and foot feel dead.
  147. Restless Leg Syndrome?
  148. 3 Level Cervical Fusion surgery done 4-21-05
  149. Mothers Day Wish
  150. Muscle spasms after microdiscectomy?
  151. MRI showed different disc that has the beginnings of degeneration
  152. Mel... I need you!!!
  153. How many people have been told
  154. annular tear
  155. misread MRI?
  156. Instead Of Neurontin???
  157. 3 weeks post -op now and still feeling good?!
  158. Pinched Nerve in Neck
  159. After microdiscectomy cutting toenails
  160. Pain meds help my pain but..
  161. Scheduled Fusion Date
  162. Broken pedical screws anyone ?
  163. 3 weeks post op..what should she be doing
  164. 2 days past ESI and...
  165. Wearing a corset after microdiscectomy.
  166. Have you had Endoscopic Discectomy? Microdiscectomy?
  167. Numbness & Pain
  168. Intense nerve pain right after fusion surgery
  169. Smoking and microdiscectomy soon
  170. Post-surgery microdiscectomy tips please
  171. cortisone for tailbone update
  172. Anyone Here Ever Done McKenzie Therapy?
  173. How much may U move after disk fusion?
  174. I saw surgeon today. Says I need a microdiscectomy
  175. A Sad Day
  176. Stomach Pain
  177. Question! Sex after PLIF
  178. Texas Diva ?? PM ??
  179. still upset over right leg
  180. going to the bathroom a lot?
  181. Neurontin Articles
  182. So confused
  183. OMG -I'm in pain with more numbness
  184. can anybody shed some light&
  185. Your experiences with ESI
  186. Muscle spasms - Suggestions???
  187. Anybody what to guess what this means??
  188. A call from W/C today
  189. Had my steroid epidural for my back
  190. Post op sciatica pain
  191. Six Weeks Post Fusion and a Little Discouraged
  192. Had my first pre-surgery meltdown...
  193. First Time With Major Back Pain, Any Suggestions?
  194. New Pain!
  195. Back problems and only 18 years old
  196. How long can a nerve be pinched before there is permanent damage?
  197. Not sure what to do
  198. Failed Fusion
  199. Burning pain in left shoulder blade, anyone else??
  200. Can't sleep........
  201. Pm drs??
  202. Having an ESI tomorrow, have a ?
  203. scared of surgery
  204. Need some advice..please read and reply
  205. Post injection
  206. Been scheduled for Discography....
  207. Don't know what to do....any suggestions?
  208. Prolotherapy??? Has anyone heard of this?
  209. emg next
  210. Disco Results {finally}
  211. muscle pain or lung cancer?
  212. hmmmm, now what?
  213. sciatica or something else?
  214. Got Fired Today
  215. Positive Feedback for Cortisone/Steriod Injection
  216. Has anyone had "Lysis of Adhesion"?
  217. Bad News!
  218. Relafen - siede effects?
  219. How/where do I find out my Dr's credentials?
  220. I have my MRI results and it's bad.
  221. Am i over aggcegerating
  222. Cervical Traction
  223. posture taping
  224. Drs Office low chairs
  225. HELP........Calf Pain/Cramps 1 week after surgery
  226. Radiofrequency Neural Ablation?
  227. Harrington Rod 1969
  228. Q: Oral corticosteroids...what dose?
  229. Experiences with fluoroscopy microdiscectomy
  230. any idea's or advice please
  231. Scoliosis treament for a 16yr old?
  232. Vicodin, Neurontin, Muscle Relaxer, Prednisone, Injections...
  233. My Aching Back
  234. MVA - Having problems 6 months later
  235. Missed a stair - new pain
  236. Pain on my left side - please help!
  237. Does anyone have any advice please
  238. question about Neurontin after surgery
  239. I think something is wrong, scared
  240. Oral steroid cortisone working wonders
  241. back stiffness?
  242. Pldd
  243. Successtory ???????????
  244. Help Me!!! I Can Barely Walk !!!!!
  245. $$$$$ Discogram
  246. General tightness in upper back
  247. SomethingTo Smile About
  248. Pain starting to get to me emotionally
  249. 6 Months After Accident- Having lots of Problems!!
  250. Will any Dr. perform surgery on scar tissue?

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