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  1. Spinal Cord stimulator and stenosis
  2. Doctors in Northern Virginia?
  3. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction - numbness in toes/feet?
  4. partial foot drop?
  5. Getting an epidural for two rupturing discs in lumbar , what should i expect? TY
  6. How long do you have incision pain after microdiscectomy?
  7. vicoden OR darvocet (?)
  8. Recovery time after car accident
  9. Alternative Scoliosis strong pain meds?
  10. test results
  11. help painful lump! PLEASE!
  12. June 10th surgery
  13. mid-back pain
  14. Update: post-fusion problems
  15. Laying down pain
  16. serious back pain...im only 24!!!!
  17. Popping feeling and sound when I bent a little.
  18. Artificial Disc Replacement:Info needed?
  19. xray results (narrowing of spine) what does this mean?
  20. Realignment of the cervical vertibre
  21. question about back problem
  22. IDET & Perc disc.
  23. My foot?????
  24. Neck pain associated with low back pain?
  25. What exactly is over doing it?
  26. Knee pain
  27. Back pain years after spinal fusion
  28. SOMEONE? ANYONE? large lump in back
  29. Disc Replacement surgery?
  30. What to do....
  31. Surprised with something yesterday to take my mind off things.
  32. Can Mri Detect Si Joint Problems?
  33. Surgery tomorrow (YIKES!) .... question.
  34. failed fusion anyone not re do it?
  35. Fragments Left After Disckectomy???
  36. Jacuzzi For Back Pain Or Not
  37. What does this mean?
  38. Had ACDF Wed, and Hate the brace!!!!!
  39. pain meds ??
  40. large lump in back?? scared!!!
  41. Survey: Injury or no explanation?
  42. Will they postpone surgery if you are sick?
  43. Hello Everyone...it's been awhile
  44. Help with mattress please
  45. Its been awhile and I need to vent
  46. I HATE my numb butt...help!
  47. Anyone else have excruciating pain upon waking every morning?
  48. Exercising after surgery to lose weight- how soon?
  49. Foot Drop
  50. mri report
  51. New to board
  52. social security
  53. Post op Fusion ?'s
  54. Transitional vertebra S1
  55. Microdiscectomy on Tuesday
  56. Found A Pretty Good Alternative to Medical Insurance!!
  57. any suggestions- what is this? scared!!
  58. 3 wks/3days post op with worse pain
  59. side effects of baclofen
  60. Back problems from purging
  61. Scars - Post Fusion/Back Surgery
  62. Return of pain, PLEASE HELP!
  63. Now a Laminectomy...
  64. Update - XRAYs Okay .. Still having pain
  65. Can a pinched nerve "unpinch" itself or does it only get worse?
  66. Question re: pain doctor
  67. Epidural or MicroDiscectomy.....?
  68. pirformis syndrome
  69. Nucleoplasty
  70. PLIF Surgery
  71. Calcification
  72. Any Info On Drop Foot
  73. Raleigh, NC spine specialists
  74. Help with MRI results??
  75. TLIF surgery
  76. Mylegram is it really necessary?
  78. Anyone else up all night? Need to vent!
  79. Going on vacation!!!!
  80. Lidoderm Patches, found a use
  81. Good Days & Bad Days?? Any Advice...
  82. When COBRA runs out and others wont cover pre-existing condition, What do you do!?!?!
  83. back surgery and blindness
  84. L4/L5 L5/S1 problems
  85. Please post successes!
  86. Disc Replacement Multilevel
  87. questions about esi
  88. Orthopaedic Surgeon or Neurosurgeon?
  89. Anyone Naturally Fused like me !?!
  90. Back/Hip Pain
  91. Nursing possible after laminectomy/discectomy?
  92. Failed fusion quesions
  93. Scar tissue following back surgery
  94. Post-Op Pain
  95. What exactly does this mean?? Dan Robinson, Do you know??
  96. 15 weeks after l5 s1 fusion question
  97. quietcook hello!
  98. Hip and Leg numb
  99. flat back?
  100. what do I ask the doctor?
  101. Facet block tomorrow, scared
  102. Who should I see??
  103. Decompressive Laminectomy w/ modified Gill procedure L4-5
  104. What is Laminectomy ?
  105. acupuncture for lower back pain
  106. Diva ~ Hi!
  107. Orthopedic corset
  108. Discogram&EMG???
  109. How can I ease the pain?
  110. Post-fusion problems
  111. Help!! Bad muscle cramps!!
  112. would you opt for surgery or not....
  113. Glucosamine Chondroitin
  114. Numbness in quadraceps
  115. Post op sciatica question
  116. EPI...Relief???
  117. Topamax and depression
  118. Is there surgery, are do I have to live with it
  119. lower disc bulge
  120. lower back pain, SI discomfort, muscle spasm, l4l5 buldge...who knows???
  121. ROWBOAT-I am doing better
  122. Back again
  123. Has Lori J posted in awhile?
  124. Help?? Been With This For A Year May!
  125. awful backpain effecting my life :-( long but I need your help!
  126. Back xray report
  127. neurontin for back pain
  128. Hanging
  129. Conflicting Info--Help!
  130. weird thing happened today
  131. EMG? or Myleogram?
  132. injured betty-shed some light
  133. I Don't think things could get any worse!!!! Don't know if I can take anymore!!!!
  134. Successtory - Where are you ?
  135. Bad spine situation.Im so scared...!
  136. What does this mean?
  137. Vicodin Vs. Ultraset?
  138. Hi All, an update and more questions
  139. rsd doc
  140. Pain confusing
  141. RACZ Procedure (Lysis of Epidural Adhesions)
  142. can anyone help me
  143. neck pain
  144. Pain Medication Question after Back Surgery
  145. Female exam and the back
  146. unexplained lower back pain? :(
  147. Injured Betty-Please Read
  148. BionicWitch, how are you?????
  149. Upper back pain is worsening over time...why?
  150. Pulled Muscle?
  151. got a question for you guys
  152. Diva..I went to spine center
  153. hellllllllllllllllllp
  154. Help, pain is moving around
  155. In Pain - Help?
  156. It would be great
  157. Lumbar Curve
  158. back pains
  159. Tell me about your microdiscectomy-recovery, etc.
  160. extreme pain
  161. Surgery???????si or no ?Dr.Camissa?
  162. Serious Problem And Question About Vicodn And Back Problems!
  163. update on my microdiscectomy
  164. post op question
  165. Any news about mlachowicz?
  166. Discogram Question
  167. I feel good!!!!
  168. confused, stuck and anxious
  169. Anyone know any good neurosurgeons in Cleveland/Pittsburgh area please?
  170. Should I take this lying down?
  171. back and neck problems - help!
  172. Problems with my teeth
  173. Depressed-Attacked by Family-Long Story
  174. Straight Leg Test Vs Femoral Test
  175. SI joint issues - advice please...
  176. Ultrasound to "shatter" bone spurs?
  177. Tommorow Nerve Root Block Injection ......
  178. Burning sensation front of hips
  179. Question for friend
  180. L4L5 fusion questions
  181. strange question
  182. Taking WC to the courts
  183. how many of you
  184. It's so hopeless!
  185. What meds are people taking?
  186. back problems
  187. Help - got my MRI results - nothing too bad so why am I having problems???????
  189. How long after microdiscectomy do you have to wear a back brace?
  190. Is the MRI the definitive test?
  191. Question
  192. Dr. Jho-thoracic
  193. Please Help...Burning foot has me in tears
  194. Meds Question
  195. don't want to but I should,
  196. Restrictions after surgery
  197. Is a lot of walking OK 1 1/2 weeks after microdiscectomy?
  198. scoliosis surgery
  199. To confused patient and others
  200. how long til fusing begins?
  201. Toe Spasm
  202. my mri result a year later/how serious is this, HELP
  203. spinal fusion scheduled for June 8th
  204. left leg restless, relieved by rubbing lower back
  205. Thanks so much to everyone
  206. questions about bad back
  207. Headed to Spine Spec. I need some advice
  208. Does anyone know
  209. Third Discectomy...Will it last?
  210. Don't know what to do??? help!
  211. Have 2 ? rolled out of place
  212. StMishl...I'm so proud of you
  213. Unprofessional Doctor
  214. Anyone with DDD, Fusion & Facet Joint Pain?
  215. spasms rollercoaster
  216. Let's post one good thing...
  217. Cervical MRI report and need help undestanding it.
  218. Lower Back Troubles
  219. lumbar mri report (diagnosis)
  220. Antidepressants
  221. SI Injury AND DDD
  222. Posture Fixers
  223. artificial disc surgery
  224. post-op fusion question
  225. ortho vs neuro?
  226. Headaches, dizziness, numbness in fingers
  227. upper back and neck
  228. I need help...still no success relieving pain,
  229. cant figure out whats causing the pain
  230. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  231. Fracture Following Spinal Fusion
  232. Weird symptoms/pain
  233. Inflammation following surgery....
  234. Post Surgery Stories .. Life AFTER Fusion (or ANY back procedure)
  235. Pain in the neck
  236. reconstructive fusion
  237. Update, Good Doctor Visit today
  238. Our Children & Our Pain
  239. Any Info On Broken Back Screws ?
  240. what can be done
  241. Lump on Lumbar MRI
  242. I made it through But oh it hurts
  243. Fiona Jo....how are you doing lately????
  244. Pain Meds Resistance
  245. any idea on what this could be
  246. hi all back from holidays...................and feel???????????
  247. Some questions about Chiropractic visits?
  248. intradiscal injection
  249. Anyone here have degenerative bone disease in the back?
  250. Low Low chronic back pain - all scans negative - HELP

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