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  1. coughing and its killing me.
  2. Ginger root for inflammation
  3. Years of Sciatica?
  4. I need your help!!!!
  5. Need help with cervical MRI results
  6. Horrible back pain
  7. I don't even know what to title this...
  8. Where to go next?
  9. 25/female with Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis and other."Sorely" need advice on treatment
  10. For females with problems at L3
  11. Need some info on epidural injections
  12. Disc Nucleoplasty?
  13. If not Sciatica....then what?
  14. Paula Abdul interview
  15. Now what??
  16. How do I prepare my kids?
  17. Please Help!!!
  18. Does anyone else have numb areas on feet?
  19. Upcoming fusion surgery
  20. I'm back from first post-op apt!
  21. Terribly severe foot pain.... Anyone else have it??
  22. Nerve Pain Post-Microdiscectomy
  23. Quietcook-please Explain These To Me!!
  24. Posterior Annular Tear
  25. Can taking pressure off of the nerve cause muscle spasms?
  26. I think the chiropractor made me worse.
  27. back pain
  28. compression fractures - help - advice
  29. Workers comp question-STILL in new different PAIN
  30. Need someone to listen...Please
  31. PsychLea ? for you ~
  32. New Info for lots of you!!
  33. My situation and need advice please!! :)
  34. Anyone have this back problem?
  35. New Here..ACDF@ C3-C7 with hardware..
  36. Physical ability after ADR
  37. still nervous after surgery
  38. Does anyone crack their back?
  39. How Do You Know...
  40. Horrible Back Pain
  41. ADR Decision Time - help
  42. 25/female with Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis and other."Sorely" need advice on treatment.
  43. ? opinion, saw spine specialist
  44. Back home after op & feeling good!!
  45. Spine Fellowship
  46. How long before nerves are badly damaged?
  47. And The Doctor Said.......
  48. MRI questions.
  49. Has anyone heard of Dr Edward Heres new procedure
  50. Two questions: ADR / Pain symptoms
  51. Isn't waiting the worst part!
  52. Depressed need to vent
  53. so much pain!!!!
  54. hi guys.
  55. Sciatica Pain
  56. Doctors Appointment Today
  57. The powers that be really have it in for me..
  58. other options
  59. Thank you all
  60. swim without arching back?
  61. need some help understanding
  62. Back turning for the worse.
  63. Pain medication question
  64. Thanks for sharing everyone
  65. 3 surgeries already, 4th recommended
  66. Scoliosis
  67. Got news from Doc Yesterday....but......
  68. discogram ???
  69. another question/one week post op
  70. Please Help
  71. 1 week post surgery
  72. Myelogram side effects
  73. Dont think I can take much more
  74. Questions on Topamax and neurontin
  75. cortisone shot for tail bone
  76. Sticking my neck out
  77. Sciatic Pain
  78. Another ESI today - wish me luck...
  79. Rowboat??
  80. Post-Op Wound Infection?
  81. High Volt Pulsed Stimulator vs Interferential Stimulator???
  82. Advil after surgery
  83. IMPORTANCE of asking TONS of ?'s
  84. Dr. Jho
  85. oxycontin and lortab
  86. Back From Pm Doc Appt.
  87. I finally got smart and took a stand....it worked!
  88. post surgery problems, need help
  89. A suggestion for back pain sufferers
  90. what is your opinion on my docs info
  91. Decision taken...nurse charges??
  92. Lesion on T10
  93. I think I've decided, so now what should I expect?
  94. Thoracic questions
  95. Fusion and PT question?
  96. Doctors appointment w/ Artficial disc doctor
  97. Scared and Anxious
  98. saddened
  99. Can Drx 9000 Help With This?
  100. Help I was called for JURY DUTY -
  101. Getting depressed!
  102. Emergency Question Need Answer Asap Please!
  103. Update On 2nd Opinion
  104. Inversion Boards
  105. Low back pain, seeking direction
  106. Anybody having restless leg syndrome?
  107. Diva, ? Myelogram update ??
  108. Lower back knots
  109. Back and Leg Pain
  110. ongoing pain
  111. Pm Doc Appt.
  112. Anyone here with scoliosis??
  113. Chiropractors work MIRACLES
  114. Help w/ MRI results....
  115. Only 16 with back problems!
  116. numbness after surgery/question
  117. upper back and neck pain with pressure headaches
  118. Depression from pain, what helps you?
  119. Recliner/Hospital Bed and Sitting
  120. Lower Back Lump - Hot to touch
  121. will it ever go away?
  122. Illiac crest donor site pain - 15 years on help
  123. botox injection in butt?
  124. Teaching an old dog
  125. Injured Betty ? for you~
  126. Myrna
  127. Confused & need advice for post-op leg pain.
  128. How long does epidural pain relief last for everyone?
  129. fever after 2 level fusion/question
  130. What is the difference between a MRI and a CT scan?
  131. forget the doc's i need your help and opinion
  132. Quiet Cook?
  133. lower back pain- home remedies
  134. How long before you began to feel better after fusion??
  135. Clamshell Brace
  136. ew, it still hurts
  137. Had my appointment today in pgh pa
  138. Thoratic spine prolapse
  139. Back from Disco!! Thanks
  140. Had My Appt. Today For Scar Tissue???
  141. Need life ring to sit on...help
  142. What would YOU do??
  143. How Bad Is This
  144. Cauda Equina Syndrome
  145. Teen Back Pain
  146. Okay, I have decided we all need.....
  147. Anyone taking Robaxin(methocarbamol) as a muscle relaxant?
  148. Tight neck and shoulder muscles causing dizziness
  149. fusion hardware and airport security
  150. Possible Tailbone (coccyx) injury
  151. 12 yr old daughter with scoliosis
  152. Problems Again
  153. Finally have date for surgery!
  154. Please help me understand this
  155. Posterior Lumbar Fusion W/ Spinal Instrumentation L5/S1
  156. Boyfriend's Newest Symptom - Getting More Worried
  157. need help understanding mri results please
  158. Myleogram information
  159. Massage Therapy Question!!
  160. Drs. appointment for spinal cord stimulator
  161. Upper back spasms...help! Doctor have no clue!
  162. Anybody working?
  163. ? Total back a mess, what is the future?
  164. Update 6 weeks visit-More PT
  165. Tight hamstrings
  166. Doomsday, May 10th
  167. Diva ~ Are u out there?
  168. Consultation questions
  169. Lower back pain
  170. used to be a nurse
  171. Very Loud Squeaking Noise When I Rollover In Bed
  172. Quietcook Update
  173. Pain
  174. Numbness
  175. Concerned, in pain & depressed
  176. my legs keep going out any ideas?
  177. Driving after surgery
  178. Help! Major Pain in right Leg/Mylegram-CT Scan Next Week
  179. Question for L5/S1 Post-op Fusion people, UPDATE!!
  180. Thanks for advice-here is an update
  181. ADR, anyone have it done and where?
  182. spine popping with deep breath?
  183. Grade 4 Spondylolisthesis
  184. Why no treadmill???
  185. Wierd Posture
  186. sciatic pain
  187. L1 injury
  188. Anyone have stinging pain in leg?
  189. Soooooooooo Frustrated!!!
  190. cosamin DS article Glucosamin
  191. BAD back pain, but nothing has changed....
  192. Update on Husband's neck fusion
  193. Neck Pain
  194. Si Joint
  195. Discogram Please Respond
  196. Vioxx, Celebrex, Bextra
  197. Disc Decompression????????
  198. W/C denial
  199. ?? for all who have had back surgery
  200. Is this the best it's going to get?
  201. Spinal Stenosis - New Diagosis- Help!!!
  202. Am I walking too much ????
  203. Please Try To Help Me Understand These Terms!!!
  204. Can Anyone Help
  205. Lumbar Decompression Therapy
  206. Dizziness/Lightheadedness Anyone??
  207. Snowbound, I have some questions for you.
  208. unstable pelvis?
  209. Life after physical therapy?
  210. Bad week all the way around!!
  211. Lower back pain
  212. si joint
  213. New problem!
  214. Question for L5/S1 Post-Op Fusion People
  215. Pharmacy tried to rip me off
  216. Glucosamine Chondroitin supplements
  217. fusion and fusion accelerator
  218. They made me feel like a drug addict
  219. Mattresses??? Any rec's
  220. Duration from DDD to collapse
  221. Having sharp pains when getting up
  222. Benign Hemangioma
  223. [B]cold water feeling
  224. Were you all very athletic prior to this?
  225. some pain but doing okay
  226. pain while sitting after fusion
  227. Weak legs??!!
  228. Is Recovery different?
  229. All you need to know about chiropractors
  230. Vax d or nothing?
  231. Thank you all!!
  232. Question? How do you put on socks
  233. Fired PM, now she's getting last laugh
  234. Dontcha Love Deception?
  235. Anyone have shots that got rid of pain?
  236. Dye Injected During Mri After Back Surgery??
  237. I love old people.......
  241. Did You Keep Your Instrumentation??
  242. Weakness..
  243. 4 week post op appointment this am with good news
  244. Lumbar fusion after one year.....
  245. Sacroillitis
  246. Spine Center
  247. ortho or neuro?
  248. si joint
  249. cold water feeling
  250. Has anybody heard from Rebelgurl??

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