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  1. Spinal athritis/ facet syndrome
  2. Minimal nerve enhancement
  3. Central Canal Stenosis Insights Please
  4. SI Joint or Sciatic
  5. back trouble
  6. Leg Cramps & back issues
  7. Additional surgery?
  8. Chronic Numbness After Cortisone Injections
  9. 5 level fusion done....still have SCIATICA!!! WHY?
  10. auto accident and spinal injuries
  11. Herniated disc surgery and now....
  12. Need lumbar surgery
  13. MRI results on back pain
  14. Too young to be in this much pain
  15. Wrong procedure done... ESI vs. Nerve Block
  16. lower back pain
  17. MRI thoracic/cervical region HELP
  18. Recurrent upper back/neck strain
  19. Isthmic Spondylolithesis, 1 month post-op PLIF
  20. Steroids?
  21. Dr changed treatment plan! Please read!
  22. Post Op 12/20 laminectomy, partial facetectomy w nerve root decompression
  23. Decompression Lumbar surgery results?
  24. T5-T6 Herniated Disc Extrusion
  25. Cervical spine; Spasms without nerve symptoms?
  26. L5-s1 microdiscectomy
  27. Pelvic rotation leads to compression/decompression of diaphragm/lungs. Normal?
  28. Post discectomy L5/S1 Pain
  29. Possible Piriformis Syndrome?
  30. Anxiety as a result of Nerve Block
  31. Back pain
  32. L4-L5 Herniated Disc with Bone Spur
  33. Post ACDF Surgery
  34. New Post Lumbar Fusion Problems
  35. what are my options
  36. Possible herniated disc, c-7
  37. Disc Fragment-Experiences?
  38. kyphoplasty problems
  39. Feeling Better, but have some questions...
  40. Can someone help me interpret my MRI?
  41. Any idea why I have pain
  42. Back and Stomach Pain
  43. anyone help any ideas about what's causing pain numbness
  44. Spine advice?
  45. Neck Issues
  46. Intense leg pain when standing 5 minutes
  47. ALIF post 3 months bad pain advice please
  48. any advice ?
  49. Back Pain
  50. MRI findings... HELP!!!
  51. Gastro to Intestinal to..Back??
  52. Spine pain
  53. What could pain in my back from taking a deep breath mean?
  54. should I see signs of fusion at 5 months?
  55. any pumpsters with morphine
  56. Does your back problem affect your ability to walk?
  57. Cervical spine
  58. Baclofen
  59. Are these symptoms normal?
  60. Help with MRI Results
  61. well tomarrow is the big day
  62. There is something that can be done if you are still having symptoms discecgtomy
  63. Ice or heat? What do you prefer for:
  64. what medication to try
  65. please help L5-S1 fusion
  66. Someone stole my pain meds, pls comment
  67. Has been there and back
  68. Not sure what to do next
  69. norspan patch in Australia
  70. talk again to doc
  71. Return to activity post lumbar fusion?
  72. I'm only 19 and I have to get spinal fusion from L-3 to S-1
  73. general question
  74. Herniated Disks C5-C6-C7
  75. Lumbar decompression (laminectomy, foraminotomy, discectomy)
  76. SEVERE pain in my back
  77. BACK PAIN suggestion
  78. back problem
  79. 3 level lumbar fusion.... first post
  80. microdiscectomy
  81. Problems after Lumbar Surgery
  82. Never going to be the same L5 - S1 spinal fusion
  83. neurostimulator
  84. Intense sciatic pain 7 days post op, is this ok?
  85. 7 weeks post op S1-L5 ALIF fusion
  86. Getting ready for cyst removal on December 20. Advice?
  87. When back pain comes out of nowhere (no injury, etc)
  88. 5 herniated discs in my t spine :(
  89. first back surgery
  90. Extreme numbness and weakness after spinal surgery
  91. Nerve study...
  92. l4 l5 s1 fusion
  93. Straight spine Syndrome
  94. Not sure what it means?
  95. about to go to the ER
  96. Doc said L5/S1 won't heal on its own
  97. sciatica or what?
  98. Lower back, scar tissue or Sacrum?
  99. Diagnosis: please comment
  100. Back pain - what to do?
  101. Update
  102. vibration in heel
  103. sondylitis
  104. work suggestions post fusion please
  105. One day post op L3-L4,L4-L5 Laminotomy
  106. Super hard back knots
  107. How Bad Is It To Have a Desiccated Disk?
  108. I just lost my surgeon before my post op appt!!!
  109. back injury
  110. Mid Back Pain
  111. Lower Back Pain for 6 Months
  112. Need help someone to read spine mri
  113. Herniated disc question
  114. middle back pain
  115. mri results understanding please!
  116. Help preparing for Neurosurgeon appt.
  117. Leg swelling after Microdiscectomy?
  118. Post fusion pain! Slept on stomach. Help!
  119. Guiltyfeeling taking medications?
  120. MRI shows no cause for my back pain
  121. Need help reading my mri
  122. Back problem - A Hyperbulged disc
  123. Neurostimulator for Arm Pain
  124. Harrington rod complications
  125. L5-S1 vs Sacroiliac Joint Pain and other issues in a Runner
  126. Low back pain for over a month now
  127. pain in the back
  128. Understanding my MRI results?!?!
  129. Help ?
  130. Lumbar spine
  131. l5-s1 extrusion
  132. Natural Herbal Treatment For Emphysema
  133. Mattress suggestions post lumbar fusion
  134. Epidural Steroid Injections
  135. Pain in lower spine
  136. New here
  137. Opinions on treatment for disc tears
  138. Lower back pain, worse in AM, long lasting..
  139. Third opinion?? HELP
  140. Please help with MRI results
  141. Middle and Lower Back Pain, Abdominal Pains
  142. Post Surgery-Back and Ab spasms
  143. relationships with significant other
  144. acdf
  145. I have a back problem and i cannot get out of bed in the morning, they call me 'lazy'
  146. Lung Cancer, Pain from Choking, OR Thoracic Herniated DISC?
  147. Calf Cramps after Discectomy and Partial Laminectomy of L5?
  148. I'm new and need advice PLEASE....
  149. Can someone help me fully understand my Dx?
  150. Stellate Ganglion Blocks, always successful?
  151. 3 herniated discs L3,4,5 AND only 17 years old
  152. Upcoming Micro-laminectomy
  153. Loathe & despise laying in bed! Anyone else?
  154. Dull and Moving Back Pain?
  155. L4, L5, and S1
  156. Post Microdiscectomy pain
  157. Help Me Please, Need Answers.
  158. Worried about my life being over for the most part
  159. Difficulty walking for last 2 months
  160. fusion vs micro-discectomy
  161. Pain Medicine For Back
  162. Having additional fusion
  163. Thanksgiving
  164. Possible Coccyx Fracture (I have photos) Need some help
  165. I need help guys
  166. Thanks giving turkey
  167. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. Post Microdiscectomy question
  169. Recovery from L4/S1 PLIF
  170. 2 Days post hemilaminectomy and foraminectomy
  171. typhoid
  172. antibiotics help joint pain?
  173. Disectomy l5- s1 post op 1 week
  174. Cervical MRI Results
  175. surgery for synovial cyst
  176. Spinal cord injury c5,c6,c7 complete/incomlete
  177. cervical spinal fusion and discectomy
  178. Is there really "no cause" back spasms/pain?
  179. T1 anterior surgery
  180. dont see anywhere else to ask?
  181. New poster
  182. Restrictions after discectomy, and incision question
  183. Spondylolisthesis questions (teen)
  184. Herniated disks, tarlov cysts and now nerve pain
  185. shortness of breath
  186. The Back and now the Neck...
  187. L4 L5 spinal fusion
  188. Best therapies for osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, bulging discs
  189. Cervical Disc Replacement at 2 levels
  190. Chronic thoracic back pain!
  191. still sore l4-l5
  192. New to SI Dysfunction
  193. trial stimulator
  194. anterior and posterior cervical surgery
  195. Could this be sciatica?
  196. three discectomies within a year and sciatica returns!
  197. Please Help Me Understand MRI Report
  198. 8 weeks alif still hurting
  199. Trial Intrathecal pump date
  200. Microsurgical lumbar laminoplasty? Or open? Seeking opinions
  201. Back specialists in Southern Cali?
  202. 2months post op disc replacement, any help appreciated
  203. MRI query? Lower Back / Lumbar spine
  204. When yoga goes wrong
  205. Golf after plif
  206. Newbie
  207. Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) L5-S1 8 months Post-Op
  208. Ouch! Back Problems
  209. MRI results & waiting to see doctor
  210. C5 disk collapsed
  211. lower back sore
  212. Back pain...
  213. Post ALIF walking and right leg GAVE OUT!
  214. Weight Discrimination w/NeuroSurgeons?
  215. ugh hurting almost 3 weeks post op ALIF
  216. Help with MRI Lumbar Spine -Report
  217. Pain going down my thigh
  218. PLEASE HELP cervical hernation right sided but having left sided pain??
  219. PLEASE HELP cervical hernation right sided but having left sided pain??
  220. MRI question
  221. Gymnastics injury
  222. Gymnastics injury
  223. Using a walker post discectomy, mobility issues
  224. ESI Experiences
  225. Mri results for spine
  226. lumer lordosis lost causing back pain
  227. Flare up???
  228. Suggest any home remidies for back pain.
  229. Painful coccyx area - not broken despite fall
  230. Physical therapy frustration
  231. ALIF 2 weeks ago leg still hurts
  232. Need Help Please Understanding MRI Report!!
  233. Repeat micro discectomy
  234. Going to the Neurosurgeon
  235. XLIF Surgery in 2 weeks, I'm 31 and scared!
  236. Bulging, desiccating L5-S1 disc in teen male
  237. Cervical ESI
  238. Slipped disks advice from mri report
  239. 9mm protusion at my L5-S1
  240. Piriformis Syndrome or something else causing back pain?
  241. If its not a herniated disc, then what it is?!
  242. SI Joint
  243. SI Joint dysfunction
  244. adding a level to my current fusion
  245. Post-op pain for Posterior Cervical Laminectomy & Foraminotomy
  246. New here- bedridden week 7!
  247. Neck pain... ugh
  248. Please help, advice needed!!
  249. Extreme pain in upper butt
  250. I'm back and worse. Now scared!!

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